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Updated: August 7, 2023


Ecom Freedom Review

12 things to know about Dan Vas' Amazon FBA and Shopify training

Ecom Freedom
3.5/5 3.51
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This is the ultimate Ecom Freedom review.

Ecom Freedom is a series of ecommerce courses by Dan Vasiljevs, better known as Dan Vas. My team and I have researched the training thoroughly and shared our insights below.

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If you want to know…

  • What exactly they teach you in the course
  • Price and discount info
  • What are the common criticisms of Dan Vas
  • Are students getting results?

Then you’re in the right place.

Ecom Freedom – Key Points

Amazon FBA and Shopify ecommerce courses from Dan Vas.

💰  Price

From $297 to $1997 (details, discount info)

😍  Pros

Free 7-day trial, comprehensive training, weekly live calls, regularly updated.

😩  Cons

Lacks more recent testimonials, somewhat expensive, Dan Vas seems a bit mysterious.


Recommend for fans of Dan Vas who aren’t on a tight budget.

Overall Rating
3.5/5 3.52

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About the Author

Niall Doherty

Hey, I’m Niall Doherty.

I quit my last 9-to-5 job back in 2010.

Since then, I’ve earned my living online in various ways. Over the last 3 years (through 2022) I’ve earned $536,000 from my laptop.

I’m on a mission to accurately rate and review all the best online business courses. My team and I are spending many hours investigating these courses and getting feedback from real students.

All that to say: we know a thing or two about such courses and making money online.

The Best Ecommerce Course?

We’re on a mission to find the best ecommerce course, based on feedback from real students combined with our own extensive research.

I consider Ecom Freedom to be a solid course, but it doesn’t quite make the top of our list…

🏆 Best Ecommerce Courses 🏆

How does Ecom Freedom help you make money?

Ecom Freedom is a series of online courses that aim to teach you how to build an ecommerce business.

The two main courses are…

ecom freedom review two main courses

There are multiple strategies you can use for selling via both Amazon and Shopify, and Ecom Freedom teaches you specifically about private labeling. This is when you create your own branded physical products to sell on either of these two platforms.

With Amazon FBA, customers will be finding your product and buying it via Amazon. With Shopify, you will essentially be setting up your own website and trying to drive customers to it.

Given the size of their respective communities, it seems Amazon FBA is the more popular route for Ecom Freedom students.

Who is Ecom Freedom for?

The sales page for Ecom Freedom doesn’t specify exactly who will benefit the most from the training. But it’s a safe assumption that it is intended for both ecommerce newbies and veterans, as they say…

We have members that joined 4 years ago and are still benefiting from updated course material.

I found the course to be regularly updated and quite comprehensive, so I tend to agree with the above.

Does Dan Vas have a good reputation?

For the most part, yes.

Dan’s training, Ecom Freedom, seems solid. It is well put together and doesn’t focus just on Amazon and Shopify. There’s a big focus on mindset and also on various legalities, including taxes in the US, UK, EU, Canada, and even Australia.

I believe Dan’s training saves most students a lot of time and frustration when building ecommerce business.

One thing that gives me pause is that Dan Vas is a bit mysterious. Not much is known about him, apart from his apparent success as an Amazon seller…

Dan Vas Amazon sales graph
Above: screenshot of Dan’s “latest numbers,” as shared by his support team.

Dan does have a big following on YouTube however. Here’s a video from his channel so you can get a feel for his style…

I have seen numerous claims online that Dan Vas is a conman, but my research has revealed little substance to these accusations. Dan has enrolled 11,000+ students in his paid courses, so I’m not surprised to see a few disgruntled customers.

That said, I’m not a fan of this claim on the sales page for Ecom Freedom’s Amazon FBA course…

There has never been a better time to start an Amazon FBA business.

As covered in our FBA starter guide, I consider 2016 to 2018 to be the golden age of Amazon FBA. People starting today can still definitely make money with this business model, but IMO it’s not as easy as it used to be.

Are Ecom Freedom students getting results?

Browse through the official Ecom Freedom websites and you’ll find no shortage of student testimonials.

For example…

ecom freedom review students results
ecom freedom review students reviews
ecom freedom review student testimonials

Such screenshots are great, but many are from 2019 and 2020. I found much fewer from recent years. Which means: either the Ecom Freedom folks are slow to update their marketing materials, or students haven’t been reporting quite as many success stories lately.

Also, keep in mind that pretty much every screenshot you see here is reporting revenue and not profit. As noted in our Amazon FBA primer, a 20-30% profit margin is typical for an FBA business. So anyone reporting $10,000 in revenue is likely earning $2000-3000 in profit.

All that said, compared to other ecommerce courses I’ve reviewed, the testimonials for Ecom Freedom are still quite substantial and impressive.

How much does Ecom Freedom cost?

All parts of Ecom Freedom come with multiple payment options, and all of them give you lifetime access to the training. Which means you get free updates.

(And remember, you can get a good taste of each course via the free 7-day trial offered by Ecom Freedom.)

Here’s how much the Amazon FBA course costs…

  • $1997 one-time
  • Two monthly payments of $1098 ($2196 total)
  • Three monthly payments of $799 ($2397 total)

In addition to that cost, Dan notes in a video on the course sales page that you should have a budget of at least $1500 – and ideally $3000 – to give yourself a fair chance of success with the course.

You would be using that budget to sign up for premium software (eg. Jungle Scout), buy inventory, pay for advertising, etc.

Here’s how much the Ecom Freedom Shopify Course costs…

  • $997 one-time
  • 2 monthly payments of $547 ($1094 total)
  • 3 monthly payments of $397 ($1191 total)

I couldn’t find any information about additional costs on the sales page for the Shopify course. But there’s a lesson in the first module where Dan lays out three budget options…

  • Low Starting Budget ($750 – $1,000)
  • Medium Starting Budget ($1,500 – $2,500)
  • High Starting Budget ($2,500 – $5,000)

Lastly, Ecom Freedom also has a kind of Shopify mini-course called The Shopify Blueprint, which costs $297.

Ecom Freedom Discount?

One sure-fire way to get a discount for Ecom Freedom is to sign up via someone else’s referral link. Here are my referral links if you’d like to use them…

Aside from that, there seem to be occasional discounts available for Ecom Freedom, so it’s good to check their sales page occasionally for info on this. You’ll usually see a clear notice atop the page when there is a discount available.

As far as I know, you can’t combine discount offers.

Refund Policy & Free Trial

Ecom Freedom offers a 7-day free trial for both their Amazon FBA and Shopify courses…

To show you the quality of our training, we are offering a completely free 7 day zero risk trial.

The free trial of each program gives you access to the first 3 modules.

However, you are required to enter your payment info BEFORE you get access to the free trial. It’s then up to you to cancel your trial within 7 days if you don’t want to be charged for the full course.

Within the training, they are pretty good about showing you how to cancel the free trial if you wish. They also show you how you can upgrade ahead of time, thereby charging your card ahead of schedule and getting full access to the training before 7 days have elapsed.

I’m a bit torn about this free trial approach. It’s great that people can sample the course without paying anything up front. But at the same time it’s quite easy to forget you’ve entered your payment details at the beginning and get surprised by a big charge 7 days later.

Ultimately, I’d rather pay up front and have a simple no-questions-asked refund policy that lasts for at least 30 days.

But for both the Amazon FBA and Shopify courses, it is stated on the Terms of Service page

After the initial 7 day free trial period, we have a strict no refund policy due to the abundance of time giving to you during the 7 day free trial to make an informed decision on keeping the course or not.

Also, not that there is no free trial or refund policy for the Shopify Blueprint training…

Due to the information we are giving out in the blueprint, the Ecom Freedom Shopify Blueprint is Final sale.

How is Ecom Freedom structured?

Once you’re logged in, you’ll first be prompted to select a course. Here’s what the training looks like afterwards…

ecom freedom review course traning page

The calendar’s primary purpose seems to be to show you the dates of mentorship calls. Underneath it is a field where you can write your goal and complete achievements. 

Once you click into a lesson, you’ll see an interface like this…

ecom freedom review course lesson
There are also additional materials below the video

The Amazon FBA Course has 12 modules, while the Shopify Course has 10. 

Both courses have videos that can last from 2 to 40+ minutes.

There are apparently over 100 hours of video training in each course. I believe this includes the live call recordings.

I found both courses to be well structured and comprehensive, with a handy text summary of each lesson. But I wish there was a search function to make referring back to certain lessons and topics easier.

Both courses also offer “Unlimited Mentorship with 7 Figure Sellers via Private FB Messenger.” So you can message other people from the private community with any questions or struggles you have.

You also get access to 2 bonus courses when you sign up for either the Shopify or FBA program…

ecom freedom review two bonus courses

Both courses are quite short – about 2 hours of video content combined – but I think they’ll prove especially helpful to anyone new to entrepreneurship. In them, Dan covers a lot of the mindset shifts that are required to succeed in business, and also topics such as taxes, registering a business, budgeting and setting up bank accounts.

Regarding the community aspect of the training, Ecom Freedom has private Facebook groups for both Amazon FBA and Shopify courses. 

There are 7000+ members in the FBA group and 4000+ in the Shopify group. Dan rarely posts or comments in either, but I found the admins and moderators in each group to be knowledgeable, helpful and responsive.

Both groups are quite active, but I actually expected them to be more active given the thousands of members.

Green Lights 🟢 

Some positive points for Ecom Freedom…

  • Surprisingly comprehensive core training.
  • 7-day (limited) free trial
  • Regularly updated, with free updates for existing students.
  • Weekly live group calls.
  • Helpful and supportive private community.
  • Looks like Dan Vas walks his talk.

Red Flags 🚩 

A few things to be wary of regarding Ecom Freedom…

  • Somewhat expensive compared to other ecommerce courses.
  • Lack of significant success stories from students who started after 2020.
  • No search functionality; hard to find specific lessons.
  • Aside from his sales numbers, Dan is a bit of a mystery.

Other things you should know

  • You can get to know Dan Vas better via the many free videos on his popular YouTube channel. Some people claim that Dan’s content there is better than the training offered within Ecom Freedom. I personally wouldn’t agree with that, as Dan’s premium training is much better laid out and easier to follow overall. Plus, you get access to the private community.

Should you join Ecom Freedom?

If you’re a big fan of Dan Vas and eager to learn Amazon FBA or Shopify from him, then his Ecom Freedom courses are likely a worthwhile investment for you. You’ll find some good tips, processes and mentors within the training and private community.

If you’re on the fence, give the 7-day free trial a shot. Just make sure to set a reminder before you get charged, so you can cancel if you’re not seeing enough value there.

Lastly, if you’re on a tight budget or don’t particularly want to learn ecommerce from Dan Vas, I’d recommend starting with some lower-priced courses (see below) to test the waters and see if this kind of business is a good fit for you.

Ecom Freedom – Key Points

Amazon FBA and Shopify ecommerce courses from Dan Vas.

💰  Price

From $297 to $1997 (details, discount info)

😍  Pros

Free 7-day trial, comprehensive training, weekly live calls, regularly updated.

😩  Cons

Lacks more recent testimonials, somewhat expensive, Dan Vas seems a bit mysterious.


Recommend for fans of Dan Vas who aren’t on a tight budget.

Overall Rating
3.5/5 3.53

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1 Questions & Answers

  1. Hello Niall,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Dan Vas e com business. I have a question with regard to the course you are taking about. “Where is the course?” So far I have listen to what he says it’s all video, “COMPLETE Amazon FBA Tutorial In 2022″, and everythings he talks about is given for free. And he even provides the links like ” Jungle Scout”. I understand that some of these link are at cost but I have not found anywhere from his video that there is a course mentioned.

    Thank-you for your help in this matter.

    Bernie Savard

    • Hi Bernie, thanks for the comment. Dan puts a lot of free content out on YouTube. Many course creators do that to show they know what they’re talking about and to build trust. Some people are happy with that free content and make good use of it. Usually with a paid course the lessons are better structured and lined up in a logical progression. There is also usually a community aspect so you can get help and support.

      My advice would be to start off using free content on YouTube. It may be enough for you to succeed. And even if not, you’ll have learned from implementing that free advice who seems to provide the best guidance. And then you could sign up for their premium training if you wanted to.


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