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Praise for eBiz Weekly

“I love your email newsletter, it is by far the best newsletter I receive and certainly the most value I receive from anyone. I even have a folder to file them all, I read every one and often forward your advice to others too – so thank you!” – Molly, freelance graphic designer

“Absolutely loving these emails. They’re incredibly useful.” – Brendan in Ireland

“For weeks and weeks I wanted to say so much that I still looooooove all the content you produce and support your community with. Thank you! I started following you while you were traveling without flying then did your course as well. You were/are a true inspiration for me, and I quit my full time job and started my own successfully a couple of years ago.” – BK in Amsterdam

“As usual, your updates are incredibly informative and full of great resources.” – Úna-Minh, freelance travel writer

“I just wanted you to know this email is filled with a lot of useful information. Please keep putting out content like this in your weekly email!” – Tray in Texas

“Love this capsule! This is the best way for me to see what’s up and consume content. This way I don’t have to spend hours (don’t do that any longer) to find quality content. Thanks for sharing.” – Elmer, online entrepreneur

“I love your emails. So informative. I’m learning to code so as to be able to work from anywhere. Your content has given me lots of inspiration.” – Oisin, future coding ninja

“These emails have been brilliant of late. Thanks again for the continued inspiration.” – Conor, online English teacher

“I’ve recently done a big clean-out of all the people/businesses that I was subscribed to in order to make my inbox more peaceful. I ended up keeping just the three subscriptions which I get the most value from, Emma Email Marketing, Tim Ferriss and yourself. Your emails are always perfectly curated and while being a digital nomad isn’t the life for me, I read every email you send religiously and get at least one little nugget out of each and every one (which I can’t say about the other two that survived the cull).” – Cali, not a digital nomad

“I like your new style of email. Tons of good info in it.” – Darragh in the USA

“Your emails are always so great. Also I suppose due to knowing you, I read them with an Irish accent, which is enjoyable.” – Laura in England

“Just thought I’d drop you a quick message to hope things are well with you and thank you for putting out the eBiz Weekly.” – Craig, digital marketing consultant

“So much great content in these newsletters lately, Niall! Always wish I had more time to dive into it all, but I try to at least skim and share when possible.” – Katie in Arizona

“Thank you for another jam packed email.” – Sean in Ireland

“I’m loving your newsletter, a very good read, reminds me a bit of Tim Ferriss.” – Louise in Hawaii

“Just read the newsletter, great stuff πŸ™‚” – Rebecca, freelance copywriter

“Thank you for the last week edition… there’s a ton of useful and interesting information in here.” – GC, freelance graphic designer

“Your weekly newsletter is excellent! Really interesting!” – Robert in Ireland

“As always, phenomenal content. Love the value you put out.” – MD in the USA

“Niall! Love your emails! I appreciate the value of the information you share.” – Leslie, online marketer

“Hi Niall, just wanted to thank you for your e letters, very interesting to read and a lot of information, saves so much time when someone is in search.” – TZ in Russia