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My goal was to cut the fluff and share reliable, tried-and-tested tips and strategies to help you start earning online as quickly as possible. Hopefully you’ve already taken action on what you’ve learned, and seen some encouraging results.

Working online the past several years has enabled me to travel the world, live where I want, be my own boss, and work on a flexible schedule. And there’s no reason why you can’t achieve the same kind of freedom through an online business of your own.

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  1. Just a quick thank you Niall for a very informative and well put together series.
    At my age I have a lot of life and business skills but know very little about online earning.
    However after watching all the great content I’m going to make a success of what I have planned and this has helped me immensely.

  2. Zsolt Szerencsi

    Hi Niall,
    First of all congratulations for this superb series. I found it very, very informative for first view. You could show us a lifestyle what possible to reach, the door is open for all of us no matter where we are, which situation we are standing. Important to be determinate. All lessons I learnt something and I need to see them again, and again to have more amd more informations. Honestly every chapter of your series are brainstorming, well built and also funny. Thanks my friend.

  3. The course was very clear and concise, this was money worth spending and it was free. I have started courses in web development through Udemy and have a long way to go as only starting out. Once I am comfortable (not perfect) with it, I will start applying for freelance jobs. My other option on the list was copywriting, but will focus on web development as I have more interest in that. Hope I am doing the right thing, but am going all in.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the course, Romano.

      You plan sounds solid. I’m mostly self-taught as a web developer and what helped me a lot was building my own hobby website. It was about my favorite basketball team, and I learned a ton from it. So if there’s some hobby or interest you have that you could built a website about, that would probably help you learn much faster.

  4. The course was really really helpful! It´s funny and honest. Thanks a lot. I have already taken the first steps, thanks to you I have changed a little bit my priorities, the plan is to focus at the beginning on different things, and I am already making good progress. Wish you the best always!

  5. Great course! I watched all the videos in a short space of time. I like how you keep things simple. Your delivery is concise and done in plain language. Thanks for putting it together. I now feel empowered to give this a try in a smart and methodical way.

    Something I wish you could touch on a bit more would be how to successfully navigate maintaining your 9-to-5 while still learning/starting your online business. E.g. I really want to start an online business and have been thinking of it for some time now but am concerned that increasing my social media and internet presence in the pursuit of my online business could eventually put my steady 9-to-5 in jeopardy. I am not yet ready to leave my job at the present moment given my family commitments. My employer has the standard policies that in theory allow you do some private business activities of your own, provided you aren’t competing with them etc, etc. I do, however, wonder if my commitment to them might come into question if my internet presence becomes significant as I gain traction with the online business. I am generally not very busy on social media but maintain a LinkedIn and Facebook profile.

    I don’t want this to become an excuse but it is a genuine concern as someone looking to take that first plunge.

    1. Hey Sim,

      I could only see this being an issue if the online business you want to build is dependent on having a strong social media presence. But only very specific types of businesses are dependent on that. If you want to do freelancing, there’s no real need to be active on social media, unless you’re trying to be a social media manager or something. A freelance copywriter friend of mine is practically invisible on social media and doesn’t have any website, but he regularly earns 6-figures a year.

      Figure out what kind of business you want to build and then focus on ways to build it without relying on social media.

  6. kathleen Edwards

    Well I got to the end and have to say it has been one of the most if not THE most informative, honest, fun and interesting courses I have watched since lockdown (and before).
    I now have the incentive to get things done and have thrown affiliate marketing out the window, told those guru’s to ******** and start from the begining of this course again but backwards.
    firstly free up time
    Then I can get on with choosing what freelance buisness I can start with and set my goal and work out how I get from start to goal.
    Thanks Niall, I really enjoyed this and watched it pretty much from start to finish in one hit, although I have to admit, I did have to sleep in the middle.
    Just to let you know. My comment on the last video didn’t show up so not sure if you got it. No problem if not.
    In the words of one of your other readers
    Ready …. steady ……. GO GO GO
    oh I have shared on facebook 🙂

  7. Uplifting helpful and insightful I will come back and watch again, thank you for your valuable experience and humour.

  8. Wow…I really liked this series! Very well done Niall! 🙂
    It’s great content that offers so much helpful info for beginners and everyone at any stage in life! Plus a bit funny with all the inserts that made me laugh. I shared this on Twitter. Thank you, Niall!!

  9. Thank you so much for doing this online course as I needed this information to get my butt in gear and move forward. I have a Spanish final. I have an art project to complete. This has been my easiest semester in all my years of going back to school. (2012-2020) I got a certificate for completing the electricians course in our Junior College. Now I am doing the 4 year gig for my CPA. I want to be financially stable and not have to chase the money or job after graduation. I am 82 years young and will not take some young man or woman’s job if I am able to keep myself employed/have a business on line. That is truly rocking my boat. Thanks for your fun inserts and your travel logs of where you have been living. Very exciting.

  10. Thank you for taking your time to put this together.
    This course is a great stepping stone for taking action in a way that can be done ————————————————-> NOW!<————————————————–

  11. Gregory Prince

    This is not a free course. It is costing me plenty. Now I am rearranging my time, taking stock of all my actions, and working to change my outlook on doing business online. The price is steep and well worth it. I’m very fortunate to find this course and your blunt, energetic, quite frankly fun teaching.
    Thank you Niall.

  12. I read the whole course like in 2 days and I got a lot of ideas. I’m gonna’ share some of them; earlier this day I was thinking of cleaning out my closet and to donate the clothes that I don’t use anymore but then realize that there’s a lot of opportunities going online on that simple home duty. And then I created my profile on Upwork and realize that actually there’s a lot of projects on Data Science (my passion and speciality) and also I’m going to take a chance with the Billboard Method promoting R lessons to colleagues and students that are having trouble with subjects that involve statistics and programming.

    So, wish me luck, I hope to come back here with great great news.

    Thanks a lot, Niall

  13. it was a superb series. one thing I liked the most is your free and jolly nature which helped to understand the content quickly. the other thing is your traveling to a different place in each video. I love the freedom of money and time it has been on the top of my goal list from the last 5 years but I was not able to figure out why this was happening to me. but after watching this series I got a sense of clearance of what obstacle was really blocking my way and now I am going to work really well on that. thanks a lot, Niall bro. you are awesome. Thanks once again for such a great and free guidance.

  14. Jeff Caulfield

    Great course! Really helped narrow my focus. Especially great for beginners looking to start earning right away! Posted to my facebook!

  15. Thanks Niall,

    I’ve been following your videos for a while now and they have really lifted my spirits even in my 9 – 5 day job!

    Everything that comes out your mouth is incredibly inspiring. If I hadn’t thought about moving to Amsterdam and watching your video, I would have missed out on a world of opportunities.

    I’m currently stuck in my 9 – 5, but after reading your book I am confident that I would like to take the leap within the next few months.
    I’m an interior designer / 3D concept designer by trade, I’m hoping that this could be my way into the Freelance world. It would be great to also learn new skills and really put myself to the test and try new things as well.

    Thank you for all your time and effort in being completely transparent and sharing all your wise juicy goodness.

    P.s I never moved to Amsterdam but its still something I’d like to achieve.

    1. Hey James,

      Thanks so much for the kind words, and I really appreciate you going through this whole course 🙂

      I’m an interior designer / 3D concept designer by trade, I’m hoping that this could be my way into the Freelance world. It would be great to also learn new skills and really put myself to the test and try new things as well.

      You’ve got a headstart with those design skills. Lots of design work available online, and I suspect there’s more and more these days in the interior design niche.

      Add some new, complementary skills to what you’ve got already and you’ll be off to the races. Generally speaking, you can earn more by combining a few skills, especially in unusual ways, so long as there’s a demand for those skills.

  16. The course was very insightful, you really showed that it is possible to get work online just by taking baby steps and putting in a slight bit of time management to upskill fast and efficiently and cut out unnecessary time consumption on leisure activities (I’m currently spending 2 hours a day on my phone/social media, that needs to go).

    Thank you for putting the time into making the small course.