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My goal was to cut the fluff and share reliable, tried-and-tested tips and strategies to help you start earning online as quickly as possible. Hopefully you’ve already taken action on what you’ve learned, and seen some encouraging results.

Working online the past several years has enabled me to travel the world, live where I want, be my own boss, and work on a flexible schedule. And there’s no reason why you can’t achieve the same kind of freedom through an online business of your own.

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I put a lot into creating this series, so if you have a few minutes I’d love for you to leave a comment below telling me what you thought of the series and what you plan on doing next.

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Thanks again for your time and attention. Please do keep in touch and let me know how everything goes with your online business 🙂

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  1. Thank you for taking your time to put this together.
    This course is a great stepping stone for taking action in a way that can be done ————————————————-> NOW!<————————————————–

  2. Gregory Prince

    This is not a free course. It is costing me plenty. Now I am rearranging my time, taking stock of all my actions, and working to change my outlook on doing business online. The price is steep and well worth it. I’m very fortunate to find this course and your blunt, energetic, quite frankly fun teaching.
    Thank you Niall.

  3. I read the whole course like in 2 days and I got a lot of ideas. I’m gonna’ share some of them; earlier this day I was thinking of cleaning out my closet and to donate the clothes that I don’t use anymore but then realize that there’s a lot of opportunities going online on that simple home duty. And then I created my profile on Upwork and realize that actually there’s a lot of projects on Data Science (my passion and speciality) and also I’m going to take a chance with the Billboard Method promoting R lessons to colleagues and students that are having trouble with subjects that involve statistics and programming.

    So, wish me luck, I hope to come back here with great great news.

    Thanks a lot, Niall

  4. it was a superb series. one thing I liked the most is your free and jolly nature which helped to understand the content quickly. the other thing is your traveling to a different place in each video. I love the freedom of money and time it has been on the top of my goal list from the last 5 years but I was not able to figure out why this was happening to me. but after watching this series I got a sense of clearance of what obstacle was really blocking my way and now I am going to work really well on that. thanks a lot, Niall bro. you are awesome. Thanks once again for such a great and free guidance.

  5. Jeff Caulfield

    Great course! Really helped narrow my focus. Especially great for beginners looking to start earning right away! Posted to my facebook!

  6. Thanks Niall,

    I’ve been following your videos for a while now and they have really lifted my spirits even in my 9 – 5 day job!

    Everything that comes out your mouth is incredibly inspiring. If I hadn’t thought about moving to Amsterdam and watching your video, I would have missed out on a world of opportunities.

    I’m currently stuck in my 9 – 5, but after reading your book I am confident that I would like to take the leap within the next few months.
    I’m an interior designer / 3D concept designer by trade, I’m hoping that this could be my way into the Freelance world. It would be great to also learn new skills and really put myself to the test and try new things as well.

    Thank you for all your time and effort in being completely transparent and sharing all your wise juicy goodness.

    P.s I never moved to Amsterdam but its still something I’d like to achieve.

    1. Hey James,

      Thanks so much for the kind words, and I really appreciate you going through this whole course 🙂

      I’m an interior designer / 3D concept designer by trade, I’m hoping that this could be my way into the Freelance world. It would be great to also learn new skills and really put myself to the test and try new things as well.

      You’ve got a headstart with those design skills. Lots of design work available online, and I suspect there’s more and more these days in the interior design niche.

      Add some new, complementary skills to what you’ve got already and you’ll be off to the races. Generally speaking, you can earn more by combining a few skills, especially in unusual ways, so long as there’s a demand for those skills.

  7. The course was very insightful, you really showed that it is possible to get work online just by taking baby steps and putting in a slight bit of time management to upskill fast and efficiently and cut out unnecessary time consumption on leisure activities (I’m currently spending 2 hours a day on my phone/social media, that needs to go).

    Thank you for putting the time into making the small course.