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Earning Online = Freedom

Start Earning Online – Lesson 2

Course Progress

Here’s a quick dose of inspiration for you before we dive into the meat of the course.

I made the video below to celebrate the seven-year anniversary of quitting my old 9-to-5 job. It speaks to the freedom you can achieve when you’re able to earn a living online.

To date, the video has racked up more than a million views between Facebook and YouTube.

In the comments below, tell me what items you’d be able to cross off your bucket list once you’ve built a successful online business.

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  1. Nelson Edward Montz

    You said it, Niall!
    1) What is the app that you use in this video that delivers your voice-activated message in script?
    2) In Video 1, how did you get by with using the slightest sliver of “The Sound Of Music?”

    1. Hi Nelson,

      1) I don’t think I used it when I recorded this video, but nowadays I use a simple app for my iPhone called Teleprompter. It cost about $15.

      2) You mean how did I get by the copyright issue? It’s usually not a problem if you keep the clips short.

  2. The #1 thing ill able to cross off my bucket list once I have built a successful online business is.
    Helping my family live the life they would like to, so they can show the future generations that they can too.

  3. Gregory Prince

    Take an intense martial arts bootcamp for 6-8 weeks solo vacation.
    Buy a cabin in the mountains for a retreat.
    Have a great sports car.
    Take my wife to Italy and Greece.
    Travel the world with my children.
    Get a great new house and large property.
    Live without the bonds of credit and financially on my own term then provide this path for my children.
    And, so much more.

  4. See all the national parks, monuments and battlefields.
    Go to Alaska
    See my grandkids at least once per week, and go to all of their events.
    Go on a cruise.
    Have a new car.
    Have a maid and a cook
    Do a spa vacation
    Go to Normandy and do a Band of Brothers tour.

  5. Hello Niall
    All I want at this point in my life is to enjoy my retirement, take care of my wife and spoil my children and grandchildren.

  6. Travel the world. Go to countries like Japan, Peru, Brazil, Iceland. Meet new people, experience different ways of living, learn new languages such as Japanese, Latin, Italian. Take my family on trips and helping them financially when they need it. To live a life where I can take care of my friends and family!

  7. Demetrius Nalls

    I would travel abroad, Isreal, Africa, Brazil, to name a few. Take Jet Kune Do from a certified trainer, have the wedding my wife and I never had.

  8. Demetrius Nalls

    Call me old school but I just need to provide for my family as a man. Outside of the family trips, what about doctors and dentists visits, buying them a reliable vehicle (gas and repairs included), making sure they have decent health care. All those things that wreak havoc on a tight budget. I NEED to be the man that sets the standard for the life that my daughters should have after they’ve left the nest. That’s what I NEED an online business to do for US!!!

  9. just to know that I would not have to pray to get to the end of the month, and also work from home would by a dream. I am a very Good translator EnglishSpanish but do not know how to advertise my work and obtain clientes.

  10. I was bron in Sri Lanka.then I came to France for my studies,so now i live in Italy after my marriage.so i have already some experience with different countries and different Culture.hope to get more experience around the world

  11. Aneliya Zheleva

    See more of the world’s different cultures, use my language skills and gain new ones, stay in Spain, Portugal, visit Dublin, Vietnam, Brazil, and the US, preferably warm exotic places, find new friends around the world, do some crazy things I never knew that existed.

  12. See Stonehenge, travel to somewhere sunny every year, train and do an ironman, walk the Camino, get outdoor instructor qualifications (not to work as one just to get the skills to take friends), create content to help suicidal people, run a marathon, learn to swim, give my parents an awesome life, make the best AIPA (artificial intelligence personal assistant… just a hobby) and train and fight in an amateur MMA fight. To name a few I started this list earlier today.

  13. Hi Niall, I have already travelled quite a bit. My interest in making a living online is to cease being a prisoner of geography. I live and work in Dublin, Ireland and as you probably know, the cost of renting a basic apartment in Dublin would buy something much more comfortable in many parts of the world. My dream is to live by the sea in a warm and sunny place. I would go for a walk along the beach every day before work and tend my garden during my free time. When I lie down to sleep, I would listen to the waves breaking on the shore through an open window.

  14. Strength-Understand the needs of clients,take projects too sincerely personally.
    weakness-low confidence,no prior experiance of online work.