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Earning Online = Freedom

Start Earning Online – Lesson 2

Course Progress

Here’s a quick dose of inspiration for you before we dive into the meat of the course.

I made the video below to celebrate the seven-year anniversary of quitting my old 9-to-5 job. It speaks to the freedom you can achieve when you’re able to earn a living online.

To date, the video has racked up more than a million views between Facebook and YouTube.

In the comments below, tell me what items you’d be able to cross off your bucket list once you’ve built a successful online business.

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  1. I only have 1 item on my Bucket list. Get a Life.
    Not saying I didn’t have a life earlier on. Travelled Europe and Asia for a couple of years. Spent years travelling my own country.
    It would be nice to do stuff like that again.

  2. The first thing I’d be able to cross off my bucket list after building a successful online business is… FINALLY building a successful online business!! And from there, buying a home, traveling (once it is safe again), and being able to provide for my kids without worrying about money all the time.

  3. HEllO mr.Doherthy sight up for eBiiz weekly looking to earn online but not so much that not can see the world if doctors let me.had ok job but 2001 everthing changed stress of money not took care blood pressure kindeys stop working.i saw video on wealth affiate wow also i am one
    of the i cant or dont have thank you.

  4. That video brought a tear to my eye…
    The old bucket list… I’ve had severe dental problems since I was 12. I’ll be getting dental implants. I have friends in the US that I’ve never met in person, I’ll be meeting them. I teach and train Karate, Okinawa for some in depth training and a grading or 2 is right at the top of that list. A sizeable property in the country is a must have, with alpacas and sheep, along with a garage full of cars… That’s some of what I’m doing this for…


  5. Amazing video! Thumbs up on the style and the narrative! I have been to a few countries but I would definitely like to travel to more, and this time include my family with me. I want my daughter to have the best possible life that she deserves and she can get to know the world like I wish I would have done.

  6. About the only thing I would like to do is pack up my current home, buy a new one in the country for my parents and maybe travel to the USA and Japan.

  7. Danae V. Lambros

    Hello again Niall and everyone in the community. I loved what you said at the end of this video: “You have to take chances because taking no chances is the riskiest thing to do.”. Wow, just wow! I’ve been going through a shift in my mindset for the past year about the 9-5 grind, and all that we sacrifice for that, and the things we don’t get to experience because we’re either tapped out in terms of energy, or depressed because of unrewarding jobs, or lacking more choices because of the time for money trade-off of a traditional job. My Bucket List is long, so I’ll just post a few: I would trek through the Swiss Alps, go to Hokkaido to ski some of the best powder snow in the world and enjoy the wild beauty of the island and sample all the amazing home brewed beers and food; tour the Andes and live in one location for several months at a time. Some of my dream live/work destinations include: Portugal, Morocco, Rome, Athens, New Zealand, Zanzibar, Peru and Uruguay. I also want to do a live-aboard sailboat cruise in either Papua New Guinea or Polynesia. I also want to learn some new languages such as Italian (understand about 60%), brush up on my Spanish and maybe even learn Russian and develop my photography and writing skills. (PS: I loved your clever limerick-ode to what you’ve been able to experience so far.). Best wishes to you and the e-Biz community.

  8. Great video! I have been to quite some countries myself ( the US, South-America, Mexico, Thailand, Laos, several countries in Europe, but there are some places I would still like to go to, like Africa ( not sure which countries), Russia, Canada. I want to cross off my bucket-list building a dog/cat shelter, having bought land and building my own house from ecological materials (hemp etc) , build an sanctuary on my land for old dogs and cats ( which have hardly any change to be adopted)

  9. Bucket List, I don’t have one. But if I did.
    It’ll be everything in your video. I want to be FREE, free to do whatever I want. To Travel without worrying about how much money I have left in my pocket. To Travel together and live life with my family. To see and meet all walks of life that exist in this World. Without money worries.

    Thank You for your video, its very inspirational.

  10. (Spoken on an unknown future day): We are ready for our obituaries. We have became one with each other and with our Savior Jesus Christ. We joyfully served others. We learned how to love, forgive, and repent of our weaknesses, mistakes, and sins. Our children, grandchildren, and friends know how much we love them. We are grateful having them in our lives. Niall has become one of those special friends; he mentored us through the scam ridden murky waters of online business offers and we are forever grateful to him! Having the financial component taken care of, we were able to focus the rest of our lives on what we valued most.

  11. In my bucket list I’d like to go around the world and see different places, do a bungee jump, maybe write a book or two, conquer my fear and sky dive. most importantly afford anything and everything.

  12. Zsolt Szerencsi

    Bucket list if mine to grow up my children in the best way and create opportunities for our family to see all the world, help people all around the globe, teach people to be independent financially and choose life.

  13. Honestly, I’ve watched too many “I came from where you are to live this impossibly awesome life” videos. I looked you up…

    1. Alright… I stand corrected. That was a great video. Not what I was expecting. I was going to skip it. I audibly groaned when it came up and wrote that comment with no intention to watch it (I can be a bit of a curmudgeon). But at the last minute I hit play… well done. Moving on!

  14. Hey loved the life video, my main goal is rather odd to a lot of people but here goes, Iv had an obsession with castles for many many years and my dream one day would be to build my own castle, I have many more dreams but this one eats away at me I think it’s because so many people say oh you will never be able to afford building a castle but it gives me more drive to prove them wrong!
    I’m feeling very inspired now that I come across your videos, means I can pursue my dream and build a magnificent castle in bonnie Scotland!

  15. I would cross off one of the most important one on my list which is to spend as much time with my family and friends in my own terms. And all of the rest, great things..

  16. I would be able to cross off traveling around the world, learn and try new skills and hobbies, train for a marathon, and learn to slow down and be at peace.

  17. What items you’d be able to cross off your bucket list once you’ve built a successful online business.
    Hmmm, good question. Being a better provider for my family is #1 on my agenda Niall. Other than that, treating myself right for a change, doing what I want to do and go where I want. Help get me there Niall. And Thanks Ahead of Time. 🙂
    – Trent

  18. Loving your life story so far, I’m ready to take chances and pursue, thanks for reinspiring & sparking the flame within

  19. Hi Niall, I really loved that beautiful poem which reflects your love for travel and financial freedom…I would like to follow your footsteps(except that crazy skydiving) for achieving the financial freedom

  20. Remarkable and powerful poem. Compliments. I used to travel too, and it was fun, but it’s not really traveling possibilities I am looking for in this change of working style I want to try. I guess what I want to scratch off my bucket list is being able to say “No thanks” whenever I feel a job is not my cup of tea. And learn to play drums.

  21. Truly inspiring. That’s the freedom I’m chasing; I guess, that’s what all of us who follow you want to learn. Thank you for taking the risk and encourgae us to do it as well… at least to reflect on how risky might be to no taking any risk at all.

  22. Love your poem. Made me realize how much of me I’ve lost to this 21 yr an counting toxic sludge. “Trudge”. Made me remember alitte about how open an adventurous I was back when I was still horse logging an working the forestry. Used to love traveling. Yep, I need to learn… I used to live for sharing. Not running to hide… Good job.

  23. kathleen Edwards

    Travel to many parts of the world. Buy my own house at last. Help my kids have a better life
    Retire knowing all will be well financially

  24. Currently running my own ‘offline’ business at the moment.
    I will scratch being ‘tied’ to one location on my bucket list.

  25. After watching that video I just realized after all these years I’m really a zombie with a wasted life. I would normally not take this video too seriously but you make it look possible.

  26. Hi Niall,
    This is Nilesh here. I am reading all the reviews on your blog after that clicked on, you are your start earning online option. I am amazed after watched this video. Never seen such types of video its simple superb. Thanks for sharing this video.
    Now I am following you 🙂

  27. I loved this! You’re a poet and don’t know it…lol! I really like how you made this rhyme! 🙂 What I’d be able to cross off is: no longer having someone else dictate my time and money! And to stop building someone else’s dream instead of my own. I want to be able to travel and see other parts of this world on my time.

  28. Nelson Edward Montz

    You said it, Niall!
    1) What is the app that you use in this video that delivers your voice-activated message in script?
    2) In Video 1, how did you get by with using the slightest sliver of “The Sound Of Music?”

    1. Hi Nelson,

      1) I don’t think I used it when I recorded this video, but nowadays I use a simple app for my iPhone called Teleprompter. It cost about $15.

      2) You mean how did I get by the copyright issue? It’s usually not a problem if you keep the clips short.

  29. The #1 thing ill able to cross off my bucket list once I have built a successful online business is.
    Helping my family live the life they would like to, so they can show the future generations that they can too.

  30. Gregory Prince

    Take an intense martial arts bootcamp for 6-8 weeks solo vacation.
    Buy a cabin in the mountains for a retreat.
    Have a great sports car.
    Take my wife to Italy and Greece.
    Travel the world with my children.
    Get a great new house and large property.
    Live without the bonds of credit and financially on my own term then provide this path for my children.
    And, so much more.

  31. See all the national parks, monuments and battlefields.
    Go to Alaska
    See my grandkids at least once per week, and go to all of their events.
    Go on a cruise.
    Have a new car.
    Have a maid and a cook
    Do a spa vacation
    Go to Normandy and do a Band of Brothers tour.

  32. Hello Niall
    All I want at this point in my life is to enjoy my retirement, take care of my wife and spoil my children and grandchildren.

  33. Travel the world. Go to countries like Japan, Peru, Brazil, Iceland. Meet new people, experience different ways of living, learn new languages such as Japanese, Latin, Italian. Take my family on trips and helping them financially when they need it. To live a life where I can take care of my friends and family!

  34. Demetrius Nalls

    I would travel abroad, Isreal, Africa, Brazil, to name a few. Take Jet Kune Do from a certified trainer, have the wedding my wife and I never had.

  35. Demetrius Nalls

    Call me old school but I just need to provide for my family as a man. Outside of the family trips, what about doctors and dentists visits, buying them a reliable vehicle (gas and repairs included), making sure they have decent health care. All those things that wreak havoc on a tight budget. I NEED to be the man that sets the standard for the life that my daughters should have after they’ve left the nest. That’s what I NEED an online business to do for US!!!

  36. just to know that I would not have to pray to get to the end of the month, and also work from home would by a dream. I am a very Good translator EnglishSpanish but do not know how to advertise my work and obtain clientes.

  37. I was bron in Sri Lanka.then I came to France for my studies,so now i live in Italy after my marriage.so i have already some experience with different countries and different Culture.hope to get more experience around the world

  38. Aneliya Zheleva

    See more of the world’s different cultures, use my language skills and gain new ones, stay in Spain, Portugal, visit Dublin, Vietnam, Brazil, and the US, preferably warm exotic places, find new friends around the world, do some crazy things I never knew that existed.

  39. See Stonehenge, travel to somewhere sunny every year, train and do an ironman, walk the Camino, get outdoor instructor qualifications (not to work as one just to get the skills to take friends), create content to help suicidal people, run a marathon, learn to swim, give my parents an awesome life, make the best AIPA (artificial intelligence personal assistant… just a hobby) and train and fight in an amateur MMA fight. To name a few I started this list earlier today.

  40. Hi Niall, I have already travelled quite a bit. My interest in making a living online is to cease being a prisoner of geography. I live and work in Dublin, Ireland and as you probably know, the cost of renting a basic apartment in Dublin would buy something much more comfortable in many parts of the world. My dream is to live by the sea in a warm and sunny place. I would go for a walk along the beach every day before work and tend my garden during my free time. When I lie down to sleep, I would listen to the waves breaking on the shore through an open window.

  41. Strength-Understand the needs of clients,take projects too sincerely personally.
    weakness-low confidence,no prior experiance of online work.

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