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Start Earning Online

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Welcome to Start Earning Online, a free crash course to help you build an online business.

The course consists of 11 videos and accompanying articles. Scroll down to get started.

"I have been on this journey for more than two years, and never have I listened to anything so clear, concise, helpful, useful and which has led me to take concrete action. Thanks for breaking it down so clearly." – Joyce U

Let’s begin.

There’s an important question in this 3-minute video I’d love to get your answer to…

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  1. I Want Some Quality Time With My Family And With My Partner I Have Business but I m Getting Rid Of It So That I M Here To Earn Online

  2. I want freedom of time to spend with my kids and financial freedom so I don’t have to worry about providing for them.

  3. Biswas Prasana Swain

    I want the life of 4 hour work week so that I can travel the world, make my physique awesome, having no problems regarding money, financial independence, time independence also. I want this lifestyle also because I want pursue my hobbies and a lot of other reasons are there which I don’t remember.


    I want the freedom, sick and tired of being chained to the office, want to be able to work and earn from anywhere in the world, I also want to control my livelihood, in my current job I’m always wondering if I’m going to be the next layoff…

    thanks for putting these videos together.. karma!

  5. Hello, my name is zaid i am a student who study business administration on Turkish Istanbul and my goal is to stop wasting and start working on my self by improving my skills or make something new

  6. I want to get out of the financial povety in which I am. Is killing me and my hopes. I want to be able to be free financially and to travel around the world or when I want to. As well as to leave where I want to. I could say more but this is enough.

  7. I am deaf. I know it sucks right now because i lost my job two weeks ago. Filing the unemployment benefits and other bullshit sucks.

    The #1 reason(s) are freedom and financial stablility in life will give me to processing in self love. It’s been very hard during this Pandemic craziness. I am more like a visionary, kind of hands on person. I feel going to work at the warehouse and back home daily feels like a prison of my mind. I feel from times to times to be trapped. I felt i needed to be free somehow. Sure, now i’m free all the time but financially? that’s the problem of keep going on living. Honesty, I’m exhausted inside of my mind and my heart.

    I think that is why i want to able to work on climbing the mountain and see the beauty of the world. At this point, “How and where can i find a online work that is passive income? How can i travel and get more money out of it?” it’s the financial that get me nowhere and i’m broke on a little money right now and have Doordash side gig but it’s not enough for the living situation.

    So… there’s that reasons of the freedom and financial stability. I hope one day i’ll able to travel and see the beauty of the countries.

  8. I spent over $40K going to college just to earn a degree and end up doing a job that I now loathe going to. It’s monotonous, boring, lonely, low-paying (despite the idea that it wouldn’t be during school), very sales-y, and far too much responsibility for the compensation. This on top of never feeling like I’m getting ahead as well as s terrible commute. I’m not afraid of working hard, I consider myself intelligent, dependable and genuine, but this is not what I had in mind for my life. The more I look online for other work, everything seems to send you back to school for another 4 years and $40K … there has to be an easier way besides grinding out a meaningless existence without getting anywhere for decades. I’m not looking for a “quick-fix” or “get-rich-quick-scheme” or anything like that, but something that delivers purpose and results within a time frame that allows me to enjoy today without too many grey hairs would be nice.

  9. I want to earn money online because I want to bring in some extra cash. My husband doesn’t make a lot of money and I want to be a stay at home mom and make an income. I want flexible hours.

  10. I always have to find new job after every 3/4 years as i finished my project job. And its a painful and full of fear being unemployed after some time. This time due to pandemic of COVID-19, i could not move to Project, hence my all savings gone.Now i decided to make money online

  11. Enough for the routine office works and would like to build a passive income through an online business to have extra money for retirement.

  12. I have always had a dream to make money online and have a flexible schedule. But now making money online with a flexible schedule has become a necessity because my wife has Parkinson’s disease, and her needs have become more time consuming for the both of us.

  13. I want to just have some extra money to start. Keep saving to buy a home with a yard for my toddlers so they’d have a safe place to play. We live in a 3rd floor apartment, there is no yard, and now with COVID, we haven’t been taking them out to places like we used to. That is my main goal to start.

  14. I believe in FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY than OFFICE to work with. I don’t want to barter my individuality for a “designation”. ONLINE is a boon here and mostly of the GOODS from both world.

  15. Well, most of the reasons are widely covered and the unexpected event which pulled me here is COVID LOCKDOWN. Before luxury I need to feed on something now!

  16. I’m 60 y/o and would like to build an online business to have extra money for retirement and if I can quit my job earlier.

  17. Hi Niall, I’m 54 and been working since I was 15. My current job is the first job I’ve had where I’m not lifting heavy weights or taking stress home with me at night. The wife and I want to move to the country, but keeping an income is extremely important. If employment isn’t an issue then it won’t matter where we live, or what kind of employment is available.

  18. Steph Notrouble

    Hi Niall,
    For me it’s about finding a new way of life. The 9 to 5 has become unbearable. I’m so bored. There is no way I can keep doing this for another 20 years. And I’m lucky that I have a relatively easy job working for a good company and with brilliant people. Working remotely is not an issue for me. My main motivation is to have more free time. I’ve started the process of relocating to Wales. Why Wales? It feels safe and I like green. The plan is to sell my house in England, buy a small place with gorgeous views, be mortgage free and left with a bit of cash in my hand to quit my job and take few months off to work out how to make a living. I’m looking at generating different sources of income like project management consultancy, getting a Shepherd’s hut for holiday let and maybe resurrect my little French pancakes business for private parties. Not looking for millions, and I don’t want to be stuck on a laptop for too many more hours of my life. So I’m here to explore potential income from online business without being a slave to my laptop. I came across ebizfacts when looking for Six Figure Mentor reviews, which was very helpful. I understand why I feel hunted relentlessly to join their community- thank you . I have been looking at affiliate programs but they seem too good to be true and I suspect require a lot of work and effort to get it going.
    Ok so to summarise why I’m here: I want to work less. I’m happy to earn less too. I don’t need to buy stuff but it would be good to travel the world properly at some point.
    I really like the info I’ve seen on your website so far. I’m grateful is available. Thank you. I’m looking forward to learn more.

    1. Hi Steph, thanks for the kind words, and for sharing your story.

      I would agree that most affiliate marketing programs are too good to be true. In my experience, earning a living from affiliate marketing is much more difficult than most of those course creators would have us believe!

  19. Howdy Niall,
    As a 51 year old in a good steady, but time for wages job, I am yearning for ‘geographical’ and ‘time’ freedom. Those 2 buzz words I learned from the 2 weeks I spent going through another course before I read your research on The 19 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses. In fairness I was getting the vibe of them being mainly self serving in approach but you definitely confirmed that for me, cheers.
    I,m now opting for your No 1 choice, Authority Hacker’s TASS but only when I,ve read all you have to say here.

    1. Hey Dermot, thanks for the comment.

      TASS is a great course but affiliate marketing is quite difficult to succeed with if you’re new to working online. As you’ll see in this video series, I generally recommend starting with freelancing or a remote job.

  20. Due to recent world events my wifes’ travel franchise has taken a beating. This year would have been her first where she would have made an acceptible wage, unfotunately all the commission earned has been handed back to her customers. Added to this, I had a decent bank built up from matched betting, which has now gone to support the family and household bills. Very slowly customers are booking again, however commission doesn’t come in until a few weeks before they travel…that’s if they are allowed to travel at all. We have taken on a government bounce back loan to hopefully invest and pay the full amount back next year. Making money online is not for nice cars or holidays, it’s to get us back on our feet and give our two daughters pocket money now and then without worrying

  21. Having just turned 80 yrs, looking for a way to re-build financially.

    Background: Having been wiped out financially (through no fault of my own, a former business partner that betrayed trust leading to financial collapse [2006-07] that “The Great Recession” in the US [2007-09] after which age and available opportunities to re-build were scarce to non-existent where I was living at the time] was further complicated by a career-ending injury to my spouse [a cardiac nurse] requiring me to be at home full time to provide care – all seemed to combine into a “perfect storm” of issues to resolve simultaneously at a time when my age, demands on my time, and income-producing opportunity all became barriers to rebuild.

    All during that time until only recently, although having searched for “home-based” employment (such “opportunities” are never as represented), I was never aware of “Affiliate Marketing” and although from my research and reading to date clearly reveals it is a “business” that must be approached seriously and with dedication to not only lay the necessary groundwork but also constantly maintained due to competition and constantly evaluating (judgment) by Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc as to the success or failure of one’s effort (such as appearing on the first page in response to a “Search” or page 100 where noone ever goes so your effort fails) so there is more to “Affiliate Marketing” than just putting up a website and sitting back while a fortune magically appears in your mailbox.

    So – with all that, Niall Doherty, I’m here to evaluate this “free training”.

  22. Hello Niall,
    I’m English (I hope you won’t hold that against me? LOL) aged 63 and am SO jealous of the opportunities that all you ‘youngsters’ have these days! 🙂

    I spent 40+ years doing a ‘real’ job as a vehicle mechanic and have precious little to show for it – other than some good memories – so for me making a good wedge online is driven by my desire to do so before the Grim Reaper finds out where I’m living at present! 🙂

    I came across your site whilst doing some basic research and was drawn in because of the review you did on WA.

    I’m one of the people who signed up to WA for 12 months and although I don’t regret it as such, I feel sure that, after the 12 months is over – and unless there are major updates on the platform – I’ll be moving on and doing my own thing (for better OR for worse!)….

    As an ‘old timer’ I feel I’m unlikely to sign up to your courses, as I believe in the old ‘once bitten, twice shy’ adage – nothing personal, just wrong person wrong time is all. 🙂

    In closing, may I wish you and your team the very best for the future. NEVER has it been so ‘easy’ for the small man to become successful. Keep on keeping on!

    Stay safe and stay well.

    Kindest regards

    PS – Don’t get TOO excited, but I have signed up for your eBiz Weekly email. 😉

    1. Hey George,

      Thanks for the comment, good to have you here 🙂

      As an ‘old timer’ I feel I’m unlikely to sign up to your courses, as I believe in the old ‘once bitten, twice shy’ adage

      That sounds like a smart move. I wouldn’t recommend you sign up for any more courses until you have a better feel for the online business landscape and where you might best fit into it. I’ll have some new content publishing in the coming weeks that should help you with that. All free.

  23. Cristina Cuevas

    I want to learn on how to make money online is to be free from debt, have my own house and retire early and have a quality time with my family. And also I want to help my relatives that are mostly in need because of this pandemic. Thank you very much.

  24. I’m 16 and want to have an independent full time income stream by the time I leave school so I can work on my own projects and travel the world

  25. I have been sifting through all kinds of affiliate marketing courses…. I have successfully been selling real estate in Costa Rica but the country has been closed since March. I am now being forced to seek out other forms of income online. I found your approach to be refreshing and honest so I am looking forward to the information.

  26. I want to be able to achieve financial independence to be able to provide plentifully for my family to live a plentiful life and travel more often and spend more time with my daughter who lives in another city.

  27. I want to make extra money and be able to move out of the city and continue to work in the country without having to worry about finding a full time job first. I also want financial freedom.

  28. Hello I want to explore the sweet and free life potentials that are in the online bussiness world while earning a living and saving time for other day to day activities.

  29. The pandemic is the reason why I was made to think about what I want to do in the future … at this moment the internet is an opportunity for me

  30. To have time with my wife and children.
    To become financially secure.
    To buy my dream home.
    To vacation where I want, when I want.

  31. Clifford Archer

    Thanks for the welcome
    I would like to:
    1. Get out debt
    2. Have Financial freedom
    3. Help people get out of poverty

  32. Danae V. Lambros

    Hello Niall,
    First of all, thank you for the warm welcome! I’m happy I found your website and signed up for your weekly business letter. The main reason I want to work online with my own business is the flexibility and lifestyle advantages of having an online business. I’m TIRED of being a traditional employee and the tradeoffs in time, stress and commuting, and fixed wages. I’m tired of devoting so much of my energy, passion and talent towards someone’ ELSE’S enterprise and not receiving credit for it. I also feel the traditional 9-5 Industrial Revolution model is biting the dust as we are facing more and more automation, the covid pandemic has hastened this process I believe, and also we must find new ways to adapt to this rapidly changing digital revolution. At almost 60 years of age, I realise the need to be relevant in a rapidly changing digital world and educate myself. So the bottom line for me is I would like to get out of the traditional employee time for money ratrace and lead a more fulfilling work lifestyle that can allow me to travel anywhere I want and have a richer lifestyle and more freedom. Thank you :).

  33. I’ve got two answers/thoughts:
    1. I want to have more flexibility to be open to life’s adventures. If I want to go camping for a few days, or go on a road trip, or just go out hiking one afternoon, I have the flexibility to do that.
    2. I want to provide real value to others that is also in alignment with my own personal goals and impact that I want to make on the world.

  34. Hi Niall,
    I was looking into this initially to help pay some debt but as I have researched deeper, I feel a buzz (and butterflies!) at the potential of having the freedom to be in control of my working life and to further challenge myself.

  35. Full time mother looking for flexibility job in that way i can take care of my family. Hassle free and managing my own time.

  36. Merriam Ocden

    I need flexibility at the same time, i have time for my family. No hassle waking up in the morning preparing to go to work. Plus, financial freedom of not too dependent to my husband.

  37. I would like to start making money online because I’m sick of being broke and having nothing I want to work less and earn more I want to do this

  38. Caroline Thomas

    Hello everyone! My main motivation is flexibility. I want to have more control over what I do and when. I also want to work at something more congruent to me and my interests. Lastly I want to have more time for family and hobbies!

    1. Danae V. Lambros

      Hello Caroline,
      Your comment totally resonates with me. I also want more flexibility and more time well spent on pursuing passions and interests while building a meaningful business. Wishing you the best!

  39. Hey! My reasons for diving into this ‘making money online’ world are the following; I do not want my partner and I to solely rely on his income anymore ( his income is good but it would be better if we have more income streams, to take the pressure off him) plus I personally do not want to depend on his income anymore, if something happens to him, I would be in trouble. And, I just want to utilise my talents again ( it’s been a long time that I used them for generating an income) , develop new skill, grow etc. And last but not least, it would be so great when (not if 😉 ) I would become financial really successful so I could build a new amazing shelter for the shelter where I volunteer now, which is a really sad place for the dogs and cats living there now (I already moved to the sunny south of Europe and I can choose what to do when I want to, mas o menos 🙂 )

  40. Deborah Barbi

    I want time, location and financial freedom! Lost my job due to Covid19 and need to find a solution to work from home and earn a minimum of $10,000 a week to meet expenses. I have the motivation to succeed.

  41. Hi Niall and people around the world. The reason why I want to earn money online is to be independent of the place where I am working and also. All my life I was working for somebody and I get to the point, where I start to think about how it would be if I would be the boss of my own life and time, is there anything that I can offer to this world? Whats is my skills and abilities? and many many questions. And this is what I am doing here, getting out from my comfort zone, facing my own fear if I would be successful and trying to find my potential 🙂 Easy yeah?!:D Let’s crack on your course and figure it out:)

    1. Danae V. Lambros

      Hello Niki,
      I can totally relate to your post as these are the reasons that are propelling me into this challenge, including challenging my comfort zone and pushing myself to go beyond that. Wishing you the best in your journey!

  42. I am from India, recently here in Prague for my studies purpose. it’s difficult to get a job here for my living so I am looking for a job online so that I can earn some money and help myself here in this city without my parent’s help.

  43. My number 1 reason for wanting to start earning online is to make pocket money. I am a university student and my bursary does not cover personal allowance. I struggle throughout the month and that means having to depend on my dad who is a sole breadwinner at home. Earning online would mean being able to fend for myself so that I reduce the load off his shoulders.


    I’m 52 and I feel like my life is over, Life seems hopeless. I go to work at a dingy hot warehouse. I’m making someone else dreams come true, but never mine.

  45. Hey Niall,

    I want to start earning online so I don’t have to leave my house and earn an income. I never thought it would be possible for someone like me.

  46. Hi Niall – I would like to start earning online to firstly create a 2nd stream of income. I would like have the opportunity to grow it and be able to work for myself, allowing me to work and travel where I want.



  47. Hi Niall
    I started an online business a couple of years ago but found that the e-commerce space was not for want the freedom to stay home with my kids and the income my job already provided.

  48. The #1 reason would be my family. After since I have stayed home cause of Covid-19. I get to spend a lot of time with them and I am happy. I love the feeling of not having to worry about work and financial hardship. I want to show my kids that there is more to life than just having a 9 – 5 job. I want to show them hard work pays off on the long run.

  49. Main motivations:
    1. Extra income to get rid of some very expensive debt.
    2. Eventually… expend more time with my children and leave all the politic games and drama at the office
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  50. To Live Life on my own Terms.
    To be with my Family and not have to go into work, to work for someone else.
    I want to put all my energy and sweat into something that is mine!

  51. We will pay off our mortgage, alleviate the suffering of others, make improvements to our property, volunteer in the community, vacation with family and friends, tend to our health, hire people to do take care of the maintenance of our property, and teach others how to do what we do.

  52. Linda Strebeck

    We want to build a legitimate, respectable, honest online business that leverages our time, that consistently generates an abundant income no matter where we are and no matter what the macro and micro economy is doing.

  53. Hi,
    I have been working for a 8-4 job in my country for the past 23 years. when I look at what I have achieved, I have nothing to show for. I’d like to start go around the world and see different places. The last thing would be I don’t want to have any worries about money as I currently do. These would be someone of the reasons I want to start an online business.

  54. I am now 65 years old, having perfect physical, mental and spiritual tools to live a healthy, fit, and long life. Ready for the 2nd inning of my life, where I want to achieve, first thing first, financial freedom. I am not left with much money and would like to start earning money online, with little investment, and as early as possible. but of course in reasonable practical time.
    I look forward to a fruitful association with you.
    Thanks & regards

    1. Looking forward to financial freedom, the first priority, to achieve it as early as possible in reasonable practical time.

  55. Lost everything I have, even joined an affiliate course and seems like that is out of my league monetary wise didn’t know about the hefty behind the curtain surprise costs until the ‘suprise but wait there is more’ call. Anyway, need to do it to feed my family on my terms!

  56. I need to have a change in my life. Would not want to be the same in 2, 3, 5 and 10 years time. Definitely I want to be financially well off and money will not be a worry at all. Not forgetting about freedom and control of my own time.

  57. Zsolt Szerencsi

    Hi Niall,
    I would like to answer the question above what is my #1 reason to earn online, I can work wherever I want to work… there are also many other reasons what I will discuss later.

  58. Nice!
    My reason to earn online is to be financially free, do the things I want to do, buy the stuffs I want to buy… To live life!!

  59. I am a former banker who lost my job due to restructuring and find it challenging to secure a good permanent job. I am therefore now interested in earning a comfortable living working online and creating my own path towards a rewarding future.

  60. Anton Grantham

    Congratulations Niall!
    You are one of few who have actually lived. Most people live their lives as though they will live forever, not realizing the cloak of death is tightening it’s grips. There is NO time to ponder and procrastinate.
    I quit my job 6 years ago and pursued a business (drink and snack vending) in which I was working part-time while working a full-time job. Today I still work the vending business, but the covid 19 pandemic has taken a toll on my business. It is now producing at about 30% capacity.
    The good news is, I have enough time to focus on my online ventures. Thanks to inspirational people like yourself, I know I can do it.
    To your success!
    P.S. Keep traveling. It builds character. 🙂

  61. With everything in the world and how things and gone in my life recently I need something where I can control my financial future.

  62. I want to earn money online to supplement my pension, as I’m retired. If I earn any money I will travel certainly, but retirement gives me too much spare time and I want to use it doing something I enjoy – making money!

  63. After almost 30 years “in the field”, I need something rewarding. Something that allows me to use my time to benefit my family without having to abandon them to do it. I’ve seen the world outside and want to show that to my children. I cannot allow them to live the life I’ve lived…

  64. I just want to be myself.
    I could think of so many reasons why I want this, but that has to be the root of it all.
    I’m tired of working for someone else, having to get up at specific hours and being tethered to a single location. I want the flexible time to be whoever I want to be, work when I want to work and have no one else to answer to but myself. Bonus is that I can see my daughter whenever I want.

  65. I desire to have time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom to enable me to spend time with my family and friends in my own terms

  66. Hiya bud,
    I just want to show my wife and kids the world and all the lovely cultures it has to offer. Gotta be more to life than 9-5 for another 30 years in a job that doesn’t make you feel like you’ve really accomplished anything worthwhile.

  67. Patricia Burnett

    I want to earn on line as I’m middle age and I want to make my life easier by not doing hard physical work anymore , want some quality time as I love tech and spending time on my computer so why not make this my living

  68. I want to start earning online so that I have more time for my girlfriend, and things I love to do. I want to be able to do those things without stressing about getting up in the morning to head back to work for another 8 hours.

  69. I want to achieve financial freedom so that I can
    1. Travel the world
    2. spend more time with my family
    3. Give to causes I believe in.

  70. If I am able to earn a lot online then I am able to stay at home meanwhile looking after my children also be financially independent and freedom to divorce my current husband. ! This is huge impact for my life. I can only move forward and put the vision on my future instead of my past… \^0^/ I need FREEDOM in overall.

  71. I’m looking for ways to make myself productive during this pandemic since we’re just home and I really want to start earning to help my mom. I’m saving up for materials I’ll need once online classes start.

  72. Hi Niall, I’m Cathy. I am 41 years old and have three children. Right now, I’m staying at home because our company stopped us from working. I’m newbies to online activities but I’m willing and love to learn. I used to do something, so I thought about studying online opportunity that I might have a future in this industry. I hope I will find whatever I am looking for. Thank you.

  73. I am retired and living in Thailand. I have a small job pension and am looking at ways to supplement that pension so that I can live stress free.

  74. First to work–further my knowledge with relevant knowledge & earn money online at ease and comfort while having the luxury of being able to share facts about what I learned.
    (Having the ability to do so from anywhere in the world.)

    Second to travel to places I have always wanted to go, without worry of expenses.

    Third to make people happily jealous!

  75. Niall, I find your posts and videos humorous and truth driven. My hats are off to you (well, one at a time that is) for all the good work you’re doing. I haven’t joined yet. Am still going through all your videos. You might want to consider making a video for those who recently were released from being incarcerated; those looking to get ahead and make a living for themselves so they too can provide for their loved ones. Everyone needs forgiveness, and I’m one of them. Again, thanks so much for all you’ve done for all your followers. God Bless…

    – Trent

  76. Hi Neil, I would like to earn enough money to buy the products to build my own small Senior’s bungalow.

  77. Hi Nigel john bolton here from Sunderland ne UK.
    I’m just a old kitchen fitter age 62 and would u believe still grafting hard. To cut to chase it’s time for easy work to finish up working life. I’ve had my fingers burnt a few yrs back and lost a considerable amount of money durring a property mentor route I took so to be blunt I’m up on most scams now and for my research. Speak soon John.

  78. Hey Neil.

    Great first Vid. My number reason for wishing to have an online business is so I am not location dependant. I have been travelling for the last 10 months, 9 months volunteer work in England, Scotland, Italy and here in Israel where I am stranded. I have enough funds to last several years, though at some point I will need an income to continue to travel so like you, I can continue to post on Facebook my amazing journey to inspire people, er I mean make them jealous 😉

  79. I would like to work online where corruption wont affect my work and also get money through freelance, am tired of being torn between, what i am qualified to do and how i can make a good worker.

  80. I am 55 retired now and after having worked for 25 years I am again at zero level as I spent all earning in paying monthly Bills…Now I want to work from home, earn lots of money for my family by learning to earn online.

  81. I am fed up with having to work for and obey to unprofessional and not serious people. I feel I wasted too many energies in the years, at their command. I finally cane to feel I can do much better with my brains other than putting them on standby in order to comply with uninteresting jobs that are even poorly taken forward. I have to emancipate myself from mediocrity.

  82. I want to be on full control of my time and space getting to continuously invest in knowledge.
    I want to deliver value to as much people as I can.

  83. hello. I am Moni, a student trying to earn pocket money and get extra new experiences that would be beneficial for future assistance in job. I have been writing and have interests in trying to share this and make use of it. Since the global pandemic, I’ve decided to search for online paying jobs I can get from writing but currently can’t get any particular result.
    I need help.

  84. To answer your question: I have many reasons, to regain my freedom an self identity – escape my toxic marriage. I’d love to be able to earn a living at my age an beyond without any more hard labor, even if my body goes down. I’d like to also pay off the mortgage etc. An buy some really nice timberland to keep wild with my hand built hermit cabin in the middle. I just bought my 1st ever laptop an am trying to learn to use it. I see potential in affiliate marketing. Bought a course an ended up getting a refund. They just wanted to clean me out an have me doing endless courses for a lot of money each. Maybe I can learn from your courses here an have a bit more clarity. Thanks

  85. Hi Niall
    I need an income from affiliate marketing!
    To create it myself will give me great satisfaction. To have control over how I do it is my aim so I can do a happy dance when I succeed. (I won’t celebrate by eating porridge).
    Thanks for your help Niall.

  86. kathleen Edwards

    My reasons for wanting to make a living online are these
    1. I have lost my job due to Covid 19 and can’t afford to live on benefits
    2. I have health issues so need a flexible job that fits in when I am not feeling my best
    3. I am coming up to retirement so I don’t want to have to find another job when all this is over
    4. On the topic of retirement, I would like to make some descent money now to help with making my life a little more tolerable when I do retire, like being able to travel etc
    5. I quite like being at home now, so I have no intention of going back to work …. unless this doesn’t work of course

  87. Hi Niall,

    My reason is to be able to spend more time with my family and also to learn something new….to adapt and create a more secure financial future. Ok, that might be more than 1 reason.

  88. Hi Niall!
    I love to travel so my #1 reason is to be able to run my business from wherever I am in the world.
    Let’s do this. 🙂

  89. Ultimately I am bored i would like to explore and learn to hopefully see if I can succeed and to prosper from my ventures, a few quid would be a bonus but to be part of something with like minded people would be most rewarding, ohh and hopefully do a bit of travelling.

  90. Hi Niall,
    It’s a strange question. The reason I want to learn this stuff is that I don’t know how to do it yet. It’s a no brainer. World is changing fast and we have to change with it or get left behind. I guess it boils down to having to acquire another skill to secure a livelihood in the event change tries to eliminate one’s ability to do so.

  91. Niall,
    1. Pay of my bank loans more fast.
    2. Continue my vocal studies with a teacher (via Skype).


  92. Hi Niall. You catch me trying to find out if SFM is a scam or not. I will not join them so
    don´t worry. Right now I listen to wonderful music (Music of Cathedrals and Forgotten Temples).
    OK back to the course…

  93. Hi Niall,
    My life is full and interesting 🙂 and I need to grow and be more. My primary motivation is to LEARN and if I get to earn and have fun at the same time that would be a great plenty.
    I am attempting to do my due diligence and find out for myself to make my ow informed choice, however there is SO MUCH!!! so I am doing the things that resonate for me and seeing what happens from there.

  94. I’m 51 years old and uncertain about my retirement. I wasted most of my early years working unfulfilling dead-end warehouse and retail jobs. I just recently (about 6 months ago) started putting money into an IRA and investing. I’ve been thinking about ways to rapidly increase the size of my IRA. Also, I’ve always been interested in working from home.

  95. Hey Niall
    I am Hamid from the indian subcontinent which is not the richest part of the world and the best part is I am just 16 and attending high school in the Middle eastern country of Oman, which…um is a very great place to live in…but since we are not back home as in India so there is always a fear of job security even though i have enjoyed my life as a member of a fairly well to do middle class Indian family…….and i am the eldest in my family…eldest to 3 other siblings…so i would really like to earn online, help other people earn online too…i just want to make a change in this world….be my own boss…..and lead a very good life in all…

    Also Niall i really look up to you and your work and the kind of in depth and honest reviews that you write…thanks a lot for that though…..really hope to get in touch with you too
    Talkkkkkk to you soon

  96. Hi Niall
    I just want to do something interesting and be my own boss again. I was a self employed litho printer for 22 years and then digial print came in – bang went my business – heyho. Now, I really do work in a job I hate (no lie, not hype) and it’s my aim to get back to doing something I want to do instead of something I have to do. I was thinking of joining Wealthy Affiliate, then saw your review – thanks for the heads up! I was none too sure anyway, so thanks again.
    George Wilkins

  97. I was planning on retiring in two years from a profession that I have loved but with the market tanking, my planned retirement is as well. My job is very risky in these times could be shut down again at any time once we start opening up in a little over a week. Time to create wealth for myself and not depend on anyone else! I’m not looking to get massively wealthy, just want enough to meet my needs and desires without being at the whim of anyone else, and the satisfaction of knowing that I did it on my own.

  98. Hi, I started this journey to start having more control in my life. If I control my working hours and income, I have security. I need that.

  99. I want to leave the 9-5 rat race and start living life on my terms. That way I will be able to live a more fulfilled life and take better care of my family.

  100. I do not have job at the moment, been difficult to get a job. My main reason is to help myself and my family have a better life.

  101. I’m disabled and got totally screwed over regarding disability. Suffering from guilt from having to rely on hubby for single income. Then with the stock market tanking, that put a bite on us, so yeah, need some extra cash in a job I can work at when I’m too weak to walk.

  102. hillel batafik

    Survival. My money supply is from social security benefits which will only last as long as the gov’t allows. Then what?

  103. Hey Niall,
    Amazing website, clear with a pretty incredible intro video of your trips. My online course that I am working on is about cancer and ”What I’ve learned from cancer” after being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2018. My main motivation is to make a difference through my experience by an online course(early stages)website(also early stages of development) and being an international motivational speaker so I need to be time flexible.

  104. I need to broaden my income perspective. The global pandemic has brought into sharp focus how completely dependent I (and most people) are one just one income source and so I’ve decided that I need a wider portfolio of income sources to hedge against the chance of being caught short when (rather than if) something like this happens again.

    1. Major wakeup, wasn’t it. I mean we had a decent stock portfolio, but that tanked. We bought 5 acres for homesteading, but setup is expensive. And the work involved! Oh well, lesson learned.

  105. Nelson Edward Montz

    My life is fulfilled by living in Central America for 3 years. I have a book to offer. I am not the consummate tourist. Times change; shit happens; our livelihood must grow. I am worn by the quality of posts that go viral on social media. At least they stuck their necks out!

  106. I want to build dome homes where people will be safe from the drastic changes in weather that may be coming in the next few years. I want my own dome home so I can live with no mold, mildew, electronic safe and fireproof environment so I can sleep securely at night with no excess radiation. I also want to build homes to save people’s existing homes they already know will not last through a hurricane, fire or tornano. There are ways to do that. I must be financially stable to do this and want to be ready to do this now, rather than no help people to be safe and secure in their own homes. Times a awasting. Social security checks, stock markets do not crack it for me. Thanks. Wonder Ann founder of Wonder Dome Homes for those that want to save their families and friends.

  107. Thank you Niall I am inspired by you. My no.1 reason why i sign up here or why i want to start earning online because i want to have own income to help my parents financially even im still studying and also to pay for my studies and to explore my creativity and talents and to start boost my confedence.

  108. Thank you Niall. I want to grow a business online,to have some passive income, So I too can live exploring my Creativity and Talents and living to my Full Potential .Not being bound by 9-5 ,Pray when I want to , travel when I want too ,Earn so that I can take care of my family and loved ones and secure pension. I want the same as we all want …financial freedom … and of course to help others in the future …. I wish You That your cup continues to flow and so that we can fill more cups.

  109. There are a lot of ways on making money online whether it is by blogging, affiliate marketing, article writing, freelancing or whatever it is, there is only one thing you must bear in mind. You must provide value to your potential client or audience. If you are able to provide your audience needs or giving solution to the problem of your clients, you will surely make money.

  110. Gregory Prince

    My number one reason for being here is to learn everything I can about earning a great living online to get out of my lawn care business and provide an excellent life for me and my family. I’m a writer and a creator but I don’t have the energy after physical work all day to produce books and poetry at the level I desire. I write on Medium.com but the income from that is sparse. Change and progress are my focus. My reason is to take action now to earn the great online income which will give me time for a new life.

  111. Thank you Niall. I want to work honestly online, and possibly in the future,to have some passive income. i’m a professional photographer and i’m selling my photos at shutterstock so far, but there was no great success there for me yet, even though i already have 3000 photos there…. Well I also do not have a guaranteed pension. I want to the same as we all want …financial freedom … and of course to help others in the future …. i wish You all the best

  112. Niall, the reason I want to do what most people call living the dream! It is for a few reasons. I wanted to always have financial abundance and to live with freedom by doing the things I love. While also being able to travel the world and have that prosperity. I am a man of many skills and have been doing what you have for years. But I always seem to end up in the same rut every time. They always seemed to fail and couldn’t find that right route. But coming by and seeing some of your work and you seem very genuine compared to all the other people that I have learned from. You don’t have a big head or make it look easy as some other people do. I hope to hear from you and maybe get me back into doing this to where I can and you can succeed in the end.

  113. I want to begin a journey to learn new methods, new ideas to earn a living, that does not require my presence at work which then defines my ultimate happiness. I am tired of trading my time on a clock, for a monthly paycheck that makes my boss richer and richer.

  114. Abdulwasiuadesina

    Because I’d love to earning online without cheating and I thought that it will also help me to start my oeln business

  115. Paul Galing Frankie

    Making money online is a new platform that i would devote my life in transforming my old me to a brand new version of myself make fully use of digital-age tools that i would always only dreaming of back then. No boundaries they say. I just wanna live a life that outsource a passively crazy resources. Thank you for remind myself.

  116. Hi there,
    I want a starting client to work with to make cash and sustainable career as a means to create my own business where I can provide for my family needs and stay happy. The video is areal move towards life decision

  117. I’m tired of busting my ass in retail only to answer to less than stellar management. Also tired of scheduling and want to set my own hours.

  118. Camilo Trujillo

    I want my financial independence to start enjoying life and boosting the development of my human potential (mostly: the mental)
    I’m 25 years old: I have no living accomplishments
    work between 9 and 12 hours a day.
    I feel in my heart as a waste of the gift of = LIFE. I really feel pain (emotional) for this, as I write my eyes become water.

    my conscience opened up and I understand that the most valuable thing on this physical plane is: time, knowledge and health.

    I’ll make it! I will be reading-learning and applying your guide, niall.
    Thank you, greetings from Colombia

  119. I am surely excited to start it enjoy all of the perks you mentioned in the video. I love travelling, and doing some interesting work at the same time. This only “What if” intrigues me to follow this course. 🙂

  120. I am curious to see if I could make money online. I gave all I had to employers who only used and abused my skills. I’m tired of being the last person picked on a team. I want more than that.

  121. Hi Niall, I’ve been a fan for years. I have a small retirement income and live in Mexico. Now I have some money to invest in (dividend) stocks for my family, but I don’t want to deplete my savings. So am thinking of motivating my lazy, not very ambitious, but creative and talented self to earn some money.

  122. I want so many of the things you mentioned: being a digital nomad is a long-life dream, not being dependant on my boss, not being stuck in traffic on my way to work, and work on my own terms and schedule. There are so many things I want to do in my spare time

  123. I’m looking to have more control over my career by being flexible enough to explore my career interests further as well as have multiple sources of income to allow me to travel and do all sorts of things that interest me.

  124. Hi,
    I hate to travel a long distance to my 9-5 job and rather travel to someplace I like every month just like you.

  125. Hi,
    I was interested in cargo ship travel and as an old retired guy who is learning everyday, I am interested in how a person, you, are so comfortable in your own skin and roll with the waves life sends us.
    I found your presentation very effective in teaching me what I wanted to know.
    Thank you,
    PS I taught on line for 14 years, one of the first. When I retired I kept my clam phone. Hey, I live on an island.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Alvin!

      I am interested in how a person, you, are so comfortable in your own skin and roll with the waves life sends us.

      Just practice, I guess. I was very shy growing up, and purposefully put myself in situations that would push me out of my comfort zone. That helped me a lot.

  126. Typing this with my left hand as cat is asleep on my arm.
    Just bought my ticket to Malaysia. will be moving there next July to be based in s.e.a.
    Turned 40 and can no longer ignore the need to spend the next 40 years based nearish Singapore, creating supportive online communities and making money by helping people be happier.

  127. Mohammad Rezaur Rahman

    I want freedom and good money. I have a great desire to travel the world which I am unable to do because I am stuck in a boring office job.

  128. Gerda Strydom-Bell

    I want to be able to determine my own schedule and earn money to support my family and add to my retirement funds.

  129. Aneliya Zheleva

    Traveling, seeing the world and flexible working hours is my main motivation to switch to a freelance job. After working for different companies my whole life, I quit my last job a few months ago and since then I am looking for freelance opportunities to be able to enjoy some more freedom.

  130. Job security is a thing of the past. You can be a good worker and still get downsized. It’s been a year since I was downsized. It’s time to be my own boss, which is something I’ve always wanted.

    1. A life hiccup leaves me seeking ways to live life on my terms while making money… still defining ” my terms”, but it isnt just survival and rebounding!

  131. I am a recently separated mother of an 11 year old living in Iowa City, Iowa. I have been freelancing since 2005 and started working part-time when my son was born. I used to work as a writer and editor in educational publishing, but I wanted out of that and began doing editorial work for other kinds of clients. Now that I need to work full time again, I want to diversify my income, build a stronger client base, and add some new marketable skills. I need to make more money. Once my son goes to college, I want to be free to travel while I continue working.

  132. I want to be in control of how much I earn, and want the time freedom to do what is important to me, when I want to do it.

  133. Happy New Year Niall and really Happy to see a worthy video in this time of scripted bombarding of social media and online content :-).
    I am 27 years old and I have worked 3.5 years in big corporate houses and during my this whole journey I have felt that rather than following path of others and wasting your life in 9 to 5 job aka rat race all I want to create my own path, write down my own story, whether successful or unsuccessful, but mine. But being the only child of my parents I have certain responsibility towards them which requires a way where I can have certain income to support them and also find out my way.

    Happy to hear back from you.

  134. I want to learn how to become more online savy, and maybe add the 1:1 and group teaching I do to online teaching. Work my own flexible hours.

  135. Working online will provide me with more freedom and allow me to increase my earning potential. The present 9-5 to the environment does not suit me and I would prefer to be my own boss.

  136. I really want to work online from home on my own schedule as I have spent the past 30 years working in some cases over 100 hours per week practically killing myself in the rat race yet never getting ahead always working for someone else and seeing them get rich while I barely can make ends meet.

    I want freedom to spend time with my children and my family and support them and their needs without always being away from home and not being able to support them

  137. I hate having to ask another man for time off.
    I hate being told what to do.
    I hate doing anything I’m not emotionally invested in.
    I hate that I’m setting such a poor example for my son.
    I hate that I’m a wage slave.
    I hate that I’m terrified to leave.

  138. The reasons keep growing for me as to why I want to start earning online. The original reason for me I have a medical condition that makes it hard for me to work in an office environment. I would also like the freedom to work when ever I want to work and not someone else’s schedule that tells me when I have to work. I’ve also just started to be interested in moving to and living in Galway, Ireland to be close to my family and get to know my families history better then from what I can learn online from searching.

  139. I’m having a gap year and this seems like the best way to earn some money doing something I’m good at, but unfortunatelly I have no experience so it would be awsome to learn more about how this all works

  140. As a mid 20 year old i would love to be able to make enough money and see all the world has to offer. later in life having the ability to settle and work wherever i want. city life is sluggish and i dont feel i resonate well with the 9-5 rushing, high rent, loose change left over after monthly expenses paid. the countryside is where i feel at home, but finding work there is difficult. hoping this will open doors for me.


    Hi Niel,
    I am Nikhil and I am just a fresher. Actually I have no idea about my perfect career ,then to I am trying best to build it and for this I need to have some financial support ,and try not to involve that pressure on my father and myself earn it . If try to work part time by visiting some office my college hours comes in between which are not constant .So I have choose for this online earning.

  142. My main motivation will be getting out of the rat race and convert the time I spend commuting into family time, looking after myself by keeping fit and pursuing my outdoors hobbies.

  143. I don’t want to work someone else’s schedule and live by someone else’s rules. I want to make my own schedule and rules.

  144. the reason why i want to earn money online because i need extra income to support my daily needs and i want to work with my own time..

  145. Fexible hours and work from anywhere. I have plans to travel for few years, this would provide me perfect way to work.

  146. Living in a rural location means that any job that pays well eats up several hours a day in drive time. By working online it allows me to work from home and be available to my family. I love the ability to choose my projects, my work hours, and challenges. I love to learn and self-teach whatever it is I need to know to excel on the project. Being able to work at home is a blessing!

  147. Hi Niall – I want to start this career because I’m 68, not able to retire easily, and I love the world and all that’s in it. Well, most of it. I want to bust out of my life here and share it with folks. I do live in a beautiful place, I’ve got to tell you that. It’s the northern coast of California and the beauty doesn’t quit. But there’s so much more! And I’m basically tired of rolling out of bed here on the lovely north coast and not earning enough money. So I’m ready to travel. I want to git out of town and make enough money to retire.

  148. Hi Niall,
    I have recently retired and am looking to develop new skills. Also i feel I need something productive to do at a time and place that suits me. It is also about exploring new opportunities that might exist for people who live in remote rural areas.

  149. I recently started watching and following your post and videos. Thank you.

    I have wanted to become more independent and flexible with my time and life for a long time. But have battled to make significant progress. In large it’s because I haven’t commited the energy to it.

    I don’t have family commitments so there really is no reason for me not to be location independent and start working for myself.

    I would love to travel more and be able to move and live in more places.

  150. Emmanuel Lefa Kgosiemang

    Family one of the most important thing one most look after. Without financial one lives with stress and fear. Will be helpful if one can break that

  151. Hi Niall.
    The reason I want to do this is because I love to explore new things and I want to create more opportunities for myself.
    I’m young and willingredients to explore in order to secure a great future.

  152. As a young mother I want to be able to be hands in with my daughter and not miss out on any developmental stages. Creating an income online allows you to work from home or remotely and therefore will enable me to provide for my family as well as build a stronger bond with my daughter. It will enable me to not miss out on living because I’m too busy trying to make a living.

  153. Hi Niall,

    I’d love to work online so that I could push the boundaries to what I percieve as attainable. I think travelling would broaden my horizons and give me clarity and courage to dream big !


  154. I’m unemployed and helping my parents around the house.
    It would be nice to earn money online to buy things for my parents and also things for me.

  155. Hi Niall,

    I am fond of travelling and in order to do that is to have save a lot of money by doing the daily office work but still on budget type of travel. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong I don’t intend to have luxurious travel. I just love to experience the culture and mingle with people. But I have limited time/ flexibility to experience it since office jobs gives me a month off once every year. I want to travel with no time frame to chase to. I want to help others as well. In fact I made a blog just to keep my travel memories.

    With your lessons I am hoping to improve my writing skills for my blog. 🙂

    Thank you

  156. Flexibility is the biggest thing. I don’t enjoy having to go to work to do a job I don’t like. I would also love to travel often

  157. Stuck in a job that is stifling me – at a desk, same hours every day, same clothes, bored out of my mind! I want freedom to do what I love and be passionate about what I do, life is too short.

  158. I am still a student but I have great aspirations and I have no interest in being in a job that teaches me nothing and every time I have to go to work I am irritated and bored because I don’t like my job. I also just want to get started on opening my own business whether online or on other expects. One of the main reasons right now that I am interested in starting an online business is because I would like to start finding other areas in business that I am interested.

  159. Hello just to tired to work on contracts. That don’t pay and really need extra money so that I can be able to give more to my mum. The freedom of living with no financial worries

  160. Travel,travel, travel… Away from here (Ireland) where i am 3 years trying so many jobs, losing my time, losing my mind and vibe and all… It is time for a change,i need a big change as far as possible… Kinda the answer would be #1 reason: travel and run away..:)

  161. Already earning a bit as a nomad, but not online. Mostly occasional contract projects in person to supplement retirement income. Looking to convert to more of an online presence to have more flexibility to travel when, where, and how long I want in order to make the most of my retirement. Not nearly ready to retire to sit on the porch and watch the world pass by and not at all interested in a basic social cycle of coffee shops and shopping malls.

  162. For me just finishing high school, I want to create a life of adventure for myself and my family and work on my own terms ,The thought of Designing my Life the way i want it to be is the greatest ever and living my best life possible financillau secure ,motivates me.

  163. I quit my job because I no longer had the ability to be alive. I want to live.. be alive. Taking time off was a huge issue at our company and I could take it any longer.

  164. I need to redesign my life completely and I want to have the means to control the future I envision for myself and for my family and also in the long term, for my community. The flexibility to set my own hours – yes. The opportunity to travel and experience the places that inspire me – definitely. To take full accountability for the goals I have set for my future and not ever have to say “I couldn’t achieve that because…”

    I am at a crossroads in my life – I am only 27 years old but all the pressures of living up to everyone’s expectations but my own is already beginning to eat away at me because I know that I am worth so much more than my circumstances. It’s time for me to take a leap, even if I fall. I want it all for all of the reasons in this video.

  165. I am a recent graduate staying in a foreign country. Language barrier is my biggest challenge since I just moved here. So it’s not easy for me to get a job I have trained for. So I can focus on my other dream which is travelling to different places and earn a living online with flexible timetable.

  166. My biggest motivation is my family. I value my time with my wife and kids and being stuck in the office for hours on end is counter productive for me. I would like to be at a place where I can live my life at my own pace which creates ample time for my family and to take them forward financially.

  167. Hey my main reason is I want to work around my kids and bring the two older ones travelling next summer without trying to beg for time off from my employer.

  168. G’Day how you doin,
    If you haven’t guessed I’m an Aussie and here’s the deal. Australia is way too over priced, over taxed and over goverened, yes it’s now a nany state. I do travel, been to Thailand 5 times this year Chiang Mai and Phitsanulok, I now have a fiancé over there. I am old enough to get a retirement Visa and plan to do that on the next trip but I need a feasable way to earn an income online so I can stay in Thailand. I no longer wish to live in this god foresaken place they call Australia. Yes you’ll hear many Aussies call Australia the lucky country, those are the one’s that haven’t been anywhere else.
    I am a Structural Cad Draftsman and that particular industry has not yet opened itself up to working remotely in full, trust me I’ve tried.
    Great Videos keep em coming,
    Check out thekiltedaussie on Youtube if you feel inclined to do so.

  169. I recently started a transport business on a wing and a prayer. However my cars been unoperational for the last few weeks, no car equals to no money therefore I’m looking at different ways to earn

  170. Bolani Simbabaliwe

    I’m a student and I come from a disadvantage background so I wanted to do At least some legal to earn money for the things that my family cannot afford for me.

  171. I wrote software for a living for over 40 years. Did well, saved a lot — until my 401(k) got turned into a 101(Fail) over a period of less than 9 months…

    I’ve made some of that back. I’ve had several very challenging, enjoyable, and reasonably well-paid jobs, and a very supportive wife (who, BTW is a big fan of yours – she’s the one who told me I need to learn more about you). But not enough to actually retire in anything like comfort. Social Security isn’t going to be enough of a supplement, either. So basically, I can’t retire.

    …but I will soon have to. I have found out that my health is failing, and I have maybe 6-8 more years of reasonably independent living (assuming I don’t die during my upcoming surgery), and it is not likely that I will be able to work productively in my chosen profession for more than about 3 of those. The next place I reside can’t have stairs, because it’s getting hard to climb them — and harder to come down them. Soon, I’m going to need a walk-in tub — or give up bathing.

    So, that’s why I’m here.

  172. Marchalaine Roberts

    I wana be able to work on my own time and have enough time for my other duties: wifey and mother, without being too tired…

  173. my key reason is the flexible hours. I have recently chosen to move back closer to home so I can take care of my father whom I so dearly love. I want to be able to spend the last days with him, so I need a flexible schedule that allows me both worlds. Earn and still have some time

  174. Hicksonia Kubheka

    I’m a new mother. I need flexibility to set my own hours, my own terms and freedom to be able to take time off if the baby is sic or other things that pop up constantly.

  175. Need to get out of the slump that I’m in and spend more time with my kids. Current job situation is not allowing me to do so. Really need this. Need financial freedom!!!!

  176. Hello,
    Well I Am A Student And The First Born Followed By Two Brothers,Growing Up O Didn’t Had It All Still Don’t.

    I Guess I Need Stability For My Son , Brothers And My Mother To Enjoy Being Pampered, Spoils, Not To Worry Bout Going To Work Ever Again I Want To Provide For Everyone.

    And I Need To Start Paying Back My Tuition Fees.

  177. Hi Niall I already work from home so already enjoying the freedom of working for myself and working flexible hours. What I do presently doesn’t provide the income I desire and also find that I have plenty of hours in the day to do something else. I need something challenging and exciting to compliment what I am already doing! Hope you are going to help me achieve this 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment, Karen. What kind of work are you doing currently? Do you think it’s possible to earn more doing that or would you prefer to do something different?

  178. I would love more flexibility so I can be there for my kids, be able to fetch them from school, watch their sport after school and stay at home with them when they are sick. I feel as though I miss out on so much in their lives due to work.

  179. Freedom to be there for my kids and hubby when they need me. As a mom of 4 and a cancer fighter it’s becoming more and more difficult to have a stressful full-time job and a hectic family schedule including a crazy commute every single day. There has got to be a better way of life for me and my family. We only have one life to live. Need to apsolutely make the most of it.

  180. I need this opportunity for my health reasons. Cant do office setup anymore, already had lower back surgery. Also would prefer to work drom home, been searching a while but to no avail. Hope you can help

      1. Hi… I currently and for the last 22yrs been working for South African government compiling maps manually and then from the late 90s started doing it digitally….i really need a change and to work from home please

  181. Hi Niall,

    I’ve recently given up working a typical 9-5 marketing job for a software company to look after my baby. Every bit of money I can earn around looking after her means I get to spend more days and years with her instead of paying nursery fees and missing out on those precious moments. I’m also tired of working for ever changing management in businesses who seem to be only concerned with turnover, self promotion instead of producing quality through inspiring and developing their people. I want to learn more about what I get passionate about and how I can turn that into pounds to help provide for my family. I hope in the process I can improve my self confidence and worth so I can have the guts to be my own boss.

  182. I would love to show my mom that there is more to life than her gruelling 9-5 and to give her a better life, if I can do it she can do it too!

  183. Hi Niall – thanks for offering the video series. I escaped from the corporate world several years back to chase my dreams of sailing and traveling. I’ve been doing that, and freelancing along the way… but I need to step it up a bit. I am not achieving the earnings I would like to have through the work I’ve been doing, so finances are getting a bit low. I do NOT want to go back to the soul-sucking reality of corporate, nor do I want to go back to working a fixed location job. Ideally, I would like to continue traveling, being location independent, work from anywhere, earning enough so that I can cover my basic needs and put money away for those rainy days, and manage my own schedule. Is it too much to ask? I don’t think so… and that’s why I’m here, ready to make some changes.

  184. I am currently working an eight hour shift job requiring me to wake up early six days a week. I want to be able to work for flexible hours and also be able to do full my dream of traveling the world.

  185. I am a full time student so I barely have time to go out there and work due to my study work load. working on line will be much better because I get to work according to my schedule, I get to save transport money, dressing codes and all that.

    I get to do multiple thing all at once

  186. Margaret Khumalo

    At the moment I am not working and I am struggling with the day to day basis and I can’t give my children the best that I know they deserve.

  187. I am busy with a Masters degree in English and want to write and edit for a living- I think carving a career for myself online is perfect. I am already writing and editing for an online company and loving it. But I need to develop my profile and ensure that I am aware of opportunities and gain the correct experience so that I can sustain myself in the long run.

  188. I want to work remotely so I can travel and no longer have to punch in and out for people who do not value me or my energy. I want to build a better life for me and my family. I have had enough of being told what I can and can’t have as a member of a society that is more about lining the pockets of the rich rather than creating a society that is fairer and more balanced for all. If that means more of us going out on our own to do it, then so be it and let’s roll.

  189. Precisely, to disrupt the rabblement!
    From an Oxfordshire/Malagasy free spirit, with attendance at a technology backround upperschool during the 90s.
    I’ve researched and connected with multiple online entrepreneurs, digital nomads and online business opportunities since, 2013-2014.
    Very ready to take the next steps to freedom and life long travel.
    Coincidentally, I’ve just returned from volunteer work in Gran Canaria for 8 months (nice use of the Island in your video 🙂

  190. The number one reason for me to earn online is to have that extra income that will allow me to travel more and see friends of mine that are in other countries, from New Zealand all the way to Chicago. And also being able to send money earned to my mom, she has helped me so much in life and now it’s time to help her out.

  191. Want to travel more, be able to work from anywhere, not be stuck in traffic every day and also have more flexible working hours.

  192. To be able to travel and get inspiration from different places and people. And to get rid of the bureaucracies and “it has always been done like this” type of mentality.

  193. I would like to earn online because I find it cool to work on the internet and probably I love to explore new places and their environment so of course to travel different sides.

  194. I worked in an office job and had long hours, more than 12 hours per day, and everyday including Saturday. I had no time to do anything else. I want to be able to work online so that I can travel, and just free up my time to do the things I really love.

  195. I work long hours but don’t get any satisfaction out of it, mainly because of no paid overtime and no gratitude from superiors. I need a life and I crave to see the world.
    I hope this will give me that opportunity 🙂

  196. I want to learn how to earn an income online, because I would love to keep on travelling the world. Meeting new people from all over the globe, experiencing different cultures, eating the best food, being in the most stunning nature, doing things that scare me. Travelling allows me to continuously step out of my comfort zone and experience a steep learning curve. By having location freedom when it comes to earning an income, I can go and see so much of this beautiful globe that we only have one life on. Besides that, I value having responsibility and being able to make the decisions for myself.

    I am by the way from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and would love to get in touch with anyone who is chasing the same goal. We might be able to help each other out and share experiences!

      1. That’s a pity! I really hope you enjoyed it ~ looking at your videos it seems like you have 🙂 I hope you will visit again and I hope next time I have picked up a skill and have started my own online business. I am now in the phase of discovering what skills would fit me best and what type of jobs on Upwork sound interesting.

  197. All the Reasons that you mentioned in the above video, but not the last one!.
    I want to find Freedom! to do what ever i like, to get what ever i need, to go where ever i want to go. that my reason, nothing more… i have seen some bad times in my life. but i want to change that….. That’s what I want…..

  198. For all the same reasons you have said except for showing off of course hehe. I really want to travel around the world but i can’t with my current budget and stupid low salary so i hope i can manage to earn some Dollars ( at least the plane ticket) online.

  199. Maria Carmencita Toledo

    Hi! I want to earn from an online job it is because I want to sustain and help our daily needs in the family. I’m already 52 yrs old and no company will accept at my age for work.

  200. Hi, i am a single mother. I need an extra income plus i want to spend more time at home with my daughter. (Ad yes, off course…..want ti travel, show her ythe world)…

  201. I want to work online so tgat I can have more time for my family. I would also like to move my family from where we live now, as it’s become real dangerous by the day with all the shooting and innocent people getting killed on a daily basis. Ive given up my job so that I can drop off and collect my children at school, so to get an online job now, where I earn enough to take care of my family would really be a true blessing. Thank you for this opportunity, I will be eternally grateful.

  202. My reason is that Iam unemployed after 20 years of being a swimming coach .
    With long hours and have always dreamed of working online so I can travel and make extra income at the same time

  203. Hi i am curently studying and working and support myself, the extra income would help me alot. And would love to be able to just break away and just have fun sometimes. Lol

  204. Hii
    This is amit from india,from a small town CALLED mcleodganj
    for me the reason to start earning online is i want to travel around the world.
    i just dont want to spend my whole life here

  205. My number motivation is my background. As a graduate, I want a flexible job that will not hold me back from taking good care of my health, saving enough money to relocate (I really want to relocate) to Canada/New Zealand, and learning new skills.

  206. I want to live start living in netherlands and i’m still a student so i want to earn some money beforehand so i don’t run into financial problems
    It’s always good to be prepared.

  207. I want to have the flexibility of working my own hours so I can complete my honors qualification as well as start building the foundation to financial freedom.

  208. Claudia Cecilia Guaristy Copa

    Hello! Im Claudia from Bolivia, I am here because your video that funny and poetic that you made it and was viral in the newsmedias, about how you gave up your job to travel so Im here to try to make all those items that you mentions possible but mainly learn how is the business of working online 🙂

  209. I have been struggling for over two years trying to freelance but it isn’t easy. I am also living in a country where 1 person gets hired to do 5 people’s jobs, you end user burnt out and not paid your worth.

    I really want to be happy working everyday, I want the freedom to get to the gym, climb a mountain or even go to the bank when I want or need to. I also want to travel, I would like to travel for half the year.

  210. I am initially looking to make a bit of extra income. However, would love to be totally self sufficient by March/April next year 🙂

  211. Salome Rachidi

    My #1 reason for considering earning online is to set my own work schedule and to be able to travel the world more, and spend time with family and friends.

  212. I want to do this because I want to spend more time with my family and do more than what I see myself doing at the moment

  213. I need an Online Job because of 3 things:

    > Financial Freedom
    > I get to manage my own time
    > I get to be with my family anytime I want to

  214. The reason I would like to work online is that I want to work for myself, be flexible and create something outside my 9-5 job, this will allow me to leave my 9-5 job once.

      1. i don’t what i am gonna be like from here till that day, but the present me would be disappointed, happy but disappointed.

  215. working day and night to make your boss vision and dreams come through,is not real to me. i love to read and learn from others and also i want to be able to solve some problem in the world as a whole. And by working for someone i can’t do all this thing. so that is the reason for join.

  216. Yooo !

    I am young belgian-Italian backpacker, one of those kids who go on a gap year and say “No worries I’ll start my studies next year!”. The coolest year of my life is now coming to its end and I’m realising I want my life to be just like these months have been. I have worked at home, travelled India and Nepal, got back, got bored, went to Australia to work for a bit and nom I’m enjoying the last weeks in Bali. I’ve worked on a Facebook page while I was on the road and realised I really love sharing my experiences by writing, shooting photos/videos and just calling my friends and family from time to time.

    Although I wanna travel, I also want to complete my studies. I would like to use those years to develop a sustainable income that will hopefully last until I decide I want to settle down and build up a family (or until I get bored). That’s why I subscribed to your course.

    Thanks !


  217. Aleksandar Jankovic

    As long as you are working for someone, you are breaking your back to make their dreams happen.Exploitation is rampant and so many of us are overworked and underpaid. I want to have the freedom of being my own boss and determining my own life. My real passion is music. I have wunderlust. So if I can do what I really love and have the freedom to travel while I’m at, I will live a much more fulfilling and enjoyable life. We should not be working to live. That is not living. That is dying.

    1. Living your passion(s) is the dream for entrepreneurs. The key to success is figuring out how those passions have commercial import, enabling power, and financial value to others. Find that brass key and the path will be worn to your door. ©2018

  218. I want to be my own boss, to choose my working hours and my projects. I want to have the mornings to myself and I want it to be my choice whether I work 4 hour/day, or 12, or whether I take a week off to lay on the beach. My only concern is that as a freelancer I will get to spend more hours working than I do now.

    1. Niall Doherty

      Hey Jayson,

      In the beginning you may have to work more hours than you do now. That was true for me. Though I’ve known many other freelancers who were able to work less right from the start. I’d say it largely depends on what skills you have already, and how comfortable you are selling your services.

  219. First of all, I still have to see how much of an altruist you are, dishing promises of better life for nothing. And I mean it in a friendly way.

    To answer your question, I pretty much want all of it before I “feckin” die (I just love that feckin, picked it up from another Irish guy – Tactical Potato…but I digress), ‘cept the social flash thing, I’m an introvert who keeps to himself.

    So, see the world, get to know other mentalities, feel the freedom to just “be” in the world and explore it. One catch, though – once you have your family thing going, all you can hope for is a way to not just wither away in the work – wife – kids – parents, but to achieve something bigger for your own sake.

    Sorry for my english, and..that’s it. Do you even reply to these?..

    1. Niall Doherty

      Hey Tomislav,

      I read them all and reply to some 🙂

      I hear you on the family thing. One of my greatest concerns about starting a family is feeling I need to work so hard and long to support them, and then I don’t get to spend any time with them. That fear is surely part of the reason why people settle for regular jobs rather than “risk” doing their own thing. In the long-run though, I trust that I’ll be better off doing my own thing, and my family will be, too.

      As for “dishing promises of better life for nothing,” it’s not all for nothing, as I have a premium course that I sell, but I give away a ton of information for free first to build trust. And this kind of work is also very fulfilling to me because I’ve seen how it changes lives.

      All the feckin best 😉

  220. Have been in and out of work for a year now since leaving a pretty awful job as a Field Sales Representative and am now looking for a new opportunity. Main reason is to have a decent income along with time to travel and see children more.

  221. Hey Niall, the main reason and motivation for me to do this is that in the past four years I have been working on a office job even shifts that caused myself having the worst nightmare in my life that I almost got a heart attack due to insufficient rest. Everyday I spend at least 4 hours going back and forth to work and the stress from these is causing me unable to even rest at night and finally I’ve decided to quit my job because I was admitted to the hospital. Now I am hoping that I can get myself to earn online spending more time resting as well as travel around the world as life is short!

    1. Niall Doherty

      Wow, that’s a serious commute, Dave! Glad you’re not doing that anymore. And good on you for quitting. Life’s too short for a job like that.

  222. I need to decrease my involvement in my present career as the hours and stress of the work are slowly killing me. Having suffered a recent spinal fracture in an accident has really brought the message home that I need alternative ways to make money to live

  223. Absolutely hate being stuck in an office and need more free time to spend with friends family and to travel more ….

  224. I want to start earning to live a less stressful live , to make me live in comfort not worrying about the future .

  225. Hi Niall,

    There’s so much world out there to explore, and THE biggie for me, FOOD! I want the freedom to travel, and eat, and develop recipes to inspire people to COOK again. We don’t all have the pleasure of amazing street food culture. Also, I want to break free of the constructs of society that were enforced on me: job, house, car, and all the unnecessary mental, financial, and time obligations that come along with that lifestyle. Improving my vocabulary would be nice, too!

    1. Nice one, Vanessa! Are you familiar with Sam and Audrey on YouTube? They do travel and food videos. I met up with them in Hong Kong years ago. They’re still going strong 🙂

  226. I like the idea of generating income online.
    I want to be mobile so I an go Kiev or Amsterdam or Paris for a week or two and not miss about.
    But it is not all about money only.
    People do not think things through. I want to challenge their critical thinking subtly. They do not have to think like me as long as they understand and can support their position.
    I want to entertain my readers. Spread the humor–it is the spice that keeps knowledge fresh.
    And, would it be grand to have a positive influence on people and society.
    I like the ‘net. Let’s getting pumping the money pumps!! ©2018

    1. Hey Tom,

      “People do not think things through. I want to challenge their critical thinking subtly. They do not have to think like me as long as they understand and can support their position.”

      That’s actually one of my main motivations as well with the content I put out there online. Glad to hear I’m not the only one 🙂

  227. I’m 25 years old, and I had been working in the corporate world for 3 years after graduating from college. I couldn’t help but think how much I would hate my life if I had to do this for the next 40+ years of my life.

    The fact that we are obligated to be there between a set amount of hours (whether or not you actually need that much time to get your work done) and the only incentive you get for working your ass off is a measly percentage raise every year.

    Sure, it adds up. But, it also plateaus.

    I am doing this because I want to be in control of what I work on, who I work with, how I do the work, where I work, and when I work. Because this path, even though it is uncertain, is the only one that makes sense to me.