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Udemy Coupon Hacks

4 Ways To Get Udemy Courses Free / Cheap

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Looking for Udemy coupon codes?

Udemy instructors can create coupon codes for their own courses, but those codes only work for a maximum of 31 days.

Udemy itself will regularly publish a sitewide coupon code. Each one expires within a few days/weeks.

Latest Udemy Coupon Codes

These are the most recent sitewide coupon codes (aka promo codes) released by Udemy:

Note: you’ll find many “Udemy coupon code” sites online, but almost none of them actually provide valid coupons. Instead, they show you a list of Udemy courses that are free for everyone.

4 Ways To Get Udemy Courses Free / Cheap

Check This Ultimate List Of Free Udemy Courses

Here are the 10 best-rated free courses on Udemy right now (minimum 50 ratings):

Sorry! We couldn't find any matching courses in Udemy's database. You can try searching on udemy.com.

Or view free Udemy courses by category:

Find A (Legit) Udemy Coupon Code

As mentioned, Udemy coupon codes / promo codes come from one of two places:

  • Course instructors
  • Udemy itself

Instructors sometimes create codes to promote their own courses, but each code they create only works for a maximum of 31 days.

Meanwhile, codes from Udemy HQ are pretty rare. When they are released, they tend to coincide with sitewide sales, so they don’t give you any discount beyond the regular sale price.

Udemy used to post course preview videos on their YouTube channels – here and here – and include a coupon code with each video, but they rarely do that nowadays (and all the old codes have expired).

With all that in mind, the most reliable way to score a coupon code for a particular Udemy course is via the instructor.

Three things you can try…

Check the instructor’s social media

Go to the instructor’s profile on Udemy and check for links to their social media accounts.

If the instructor has created a coupon code for their Udemy course within the last month, there’s a good chance you’ll see it posted to their social media.

🔥 Hot tip: some instructors post a selection of their course content to their YouTube channels, so you might find what you’re looking for there, for free.

Subscribe to the instructor’s email list

Go to the instructor’s profile on Udemy and check if they have a website.

Visit their site and look for a way to join their email list or newsletter.

There’s a good chance they’ll send out a discount coupon to their list whenever they’re running a promotion for their course.

They might even have it automated so you get a discount coupon by email as soon as you join their list.

Ask the Instructor

If you still haven’t found a coupon code for the course you want, you can try asking the instructor directly.

If you previously bought another of their courses, you’ll see a Send Message button on their Udemy profile and can contact them that way.

udemy instructor profile3
Example: Mike Volkin’s instructor profile on Udemy

Failing that, try to find a way to contact them via their website or social media accounts.

Here’s a template you can copy/paste to ask an instructor for a discount coupon:

Hi [Instructor Name],

I’d really love to take your course on Udemy.

This one: [Name of the course / Link to the course]

Unfortunately, money’s a bit tight for me at the moment. Would it be possible to get a coupon code from you so I could buy the course at a lower price?

If not, I understand and no reply needed.

But if you can send me one, I promise to go through all the course materials and leave a detailed review.

Thanks for your time.

[Your Name]

Important note:

Udemy courses aren’t always cheaper with a coupon code!

For example, I found a working coupon code for the following course via the instructor’s website:

But I noticed that the course was actually CHEAPER without the coupon code!

udemy coupon code box after

So don’t assume you’re getting the best deal on a Udemy course just because you found a working coupon code.

The next two hacks may actually land you a bigger discount.

Ethan Hunt Technique

So called because you’ll be disguising yourself like Ethan Hunt from the Mission: Impossible film series…

But instead of masks, you’ll be using different browsers, devices, and perhaps even a VPN.

This takes advantage of the fact that Udemy displays different prices for the same course, depending on a few factors:

  • What country you’re connecting from
  • Whether you’re signed into a Udemy account
  • What web browser you’re using
  • If you’re using the Udemy mobile app

(Read more about Udemy’s oft-criticized pricing policies here)

It’s impossible to say which combination of the above factors will land you the best price, since there’s no clear pattern. You’ll have to test and see for yourself.

Here are the different prices I saw while searching for copywriting courses on Udemy:

udemy price change
udemy price change 2
udemy price changes 3
udemy price change 4
udemy price changes
Udemy app, not signed in, app store set to USA
udemy price changes 6
Udemy app, signed in, app store set to USA

For the copywriting course I ended up buying – The Complete Copywriting Course – there are four different prices shown in the above screenshots:

  • $19.99
  • $18.99
  • $11.19
  • $10.44

As you can see, the most expensive price was almost 2x the least expensive.

So if you’d like to save some money, it’s definitely worth checking the price with multiple browsers, connections and/or devices.

Some things to keep in mind when you’re doing this:

  • New customers are usually offered the best prices
    So if you’re an existing Udemy customer and you really want to save money on some courses, it might be worth signing up for a new account. As of this writing, there’s nothing in the Udemy T&Cs saying you can’t have multiple accounts, but you will need a different email address and possibly a different payment method for each account.
  • Don’t bother using a VPN with the mobile app
    The Udemy app recognizes your location as whatever it’s set to in the app store settings, so a VPN doesn’t make any difference. To change your app store location, you’ll probably be asked to provide a valid payment method for the new location.
  • If you don’t have a VPN…
    See my recommendations for free and paid VPNs here.

Wishlist → Subscribe → Wait

If you’ve tried all the above and the course you want is still too expensive, follow these steps:

Add the course to your wishlist on Udemy

Do this by clicking the heart icon alongside the course you want:

udemy course add to wishlist
This is just one example. You can add a course to your wishlist a few other ways.
See support.udemy.com for more examples.

You will need to have an active Udemy account before you can create your wishlist.

Sign up for a Udemy account here if you don’t already have one.

Subscribe to promotional emails

Sign up for Udemy’s promotional emails via your account settings:

udemy notification settings

You may also want to sign up for the course instructor’s email list. If they have one, you should be able to find it via their website.

Wait for the course to go on sale

Whenever Udemy has a sale, you’ll now get an email announcement like this:

udemy email sale notification

When see that, go check your Udemy Wishlist and there’s a good chance the course you wanted will be part of the sale.

If you signed up to an instructor’s mailing list, keep an eye out for a promo code in the emails they send you.

Udemy Coupon FAQs

How often does Udemy have sales?

Udemy has a sitewide sale running for customers in the USA approximately 60% of the time, and they rarely go more than 10 days without a sale.

Those numbers are based on my own observations of an entire year’s worth of Udemy sales in the USA.

I’ve seen them run up to six different sitewide sales in a single month, and the longest I’ve ever seen them go without a sale of any kind was 17 days.

They’ll use any excuse to run a sale:

  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • World Teachers’ Day
  • Singles’ Day
  • Etc.

And they often run sales for no obvious reason.

Given that, you never have to wait very long to grab a Udemy course at a discounted price.

Why are legit Udemy coupon codes so hard to find?

If you’ve spent any time searching online for Udemy coupon codes, you’ll have noticed that very few of them actually work. This is because all Udemy coupon codes expire within 31 days.

Udemy used to issue coupon codes semi-regularly on their social media channels, but the most recent I could find on there was from 2017.

Nowadays, they seem to prefer offering discounts via sitewide sales, no coupon codes needed.

Udemy instructors can also create coupon codes, but only for their own courses, and those codes always expire in 31 days or less (source).

Numerous websites claim to list hundreds or thousands of Udemy coupon codes, but in reality:

  • The vast majority of those codes have already expired.


  • You’re told to click a link to apply a coupon code, but really you’re just directed to a sitewide sale on Udemy that’s available to everyone.

While doing research for this article, I spent an hour looking through several of those websites and found not a single working coupon code. 

A friend later sent along a legit resource that didn’t show up in search: this thread on boards.ie listing legit coupon codes for a few courses every day (no login needed).

The codes posted there tend to expire fast, so it’s only worth your time checking the links from the most recent couple of days.

How do I use a Udemy coupon code?

You can enter a Udemy coupon code on the course details page, or on the shopping cart page. You cannot enter a coupon code on the checkout page, and coupon codes are not supported on the Udemy mobile app.

Look for a box like this to enter your coupon code:

udemy coupon cod box checkout

You can find more info about Udemy coupon codes here: Udemy Coupons: FAQ (support.udemy.com)

Where do I enter a coupon code on the Udemy mobile app?

Coupon codes aren’t supported on the Udemy mobile app. Sorry!

Here’s the official word from Udemy:

udemy coupon codes mobile app
Source: Udemy Coupons: FAQ (support.udemy.com)

I paid full price for a Udemy course and now it’s on sale. WTF?

Don’t worry: Udemy “will honor the best price available for any courses purchased up to 30 days after the initial purchase date.”

More info via support.udemy.com:

udemy coupon price match

Your Udemy coupon hacks

Do you have any additional tips for scoring free or cheap Udemy courses?

Any questions about the advice shared in this article?

Let us know in the comments below.

Make the most of Udemy

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