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588 Best Udemy Courses

Top-rated Udemy courses to help you make money online

Bad news: we’ve all been lied to about the best Udemy courses.

You’ve probably noticed that some courses rated 4-stars or better on Udemy are actually pretty bad or outdated.

That’s because Udemy’s course rating system is flawed.

If you want to know:

  • A better way to find the best Udemy courses (3-Factor Formula)
  • How to save time and money on Udemy
  • Which Udemy courses we personally recommend

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s get started.

🏆 Best Udemy Courses 🏆

These are the best Udemy courses related to online business that we’ve personally reviewed:

See below for more recommendations.

Table of Contents

3 ways to find the best Udemy courses

I’ll briefly describe them here before diving deeper below.

👍 Use our handpicked recommendations
We regularly buy and evaluate courses on Udemy, and keep a shortlist of the best.

🧪 Use our 3-Factor Rating Formula
We can’t personally review every course, so we came up with a formula you can use to better evaluate any Udemy course in 3 minutes or less.

⭐️ Use Udemy’s ratings (not recommended)
As mentioned, Udemy’s default rating system is flawed, but we’ll show you the best courses according to that system anyway.

Best Udemy Courses – Handpicked Recommendations 👍

The most reliable way to find the best courses on Udemy is via recommendations from people you trust.

  • If your best friend knows a lot about copywriting and she recommends a specific copywriting course on Udemy… take that course.
  • If you already found a really good instructor on Udemy and they come out with another course you’re interested in… take that course.
  • And if you trust us here at eBiz Facts, you can see our list of recommended Udemy courses below.

The Complete Copywriting Course


A top-rated course on Udemy for learning copywriting.

πŸ’°  Price

$10-20 during frequent Udemy sales (check price)

😍  Pros

Taught by a pro. Concise and well-presented info. Real-world examples and assignments.

😩  Cons

Doesn’t cover how to find clients.


Buy it on sale and it’s ridiculously good value. An excellent way to learn a fundamental skill.

Overall Rating

The 6 Figure Freelancer


A short, top-rated course on Udemy to help you find more clients on Upwork.

πŸ’°  Price

$10-20 during frequent Udemy sales (check price)

😍  Pros

Proven tips from a freelance marketer who consistently bills +$150/hour on Upwork.

😩  Cons

Short course. Chunks of the material freely available on the instructor’s YouTube channel.


Great value when bought on sale. Fast way to learn some pro tips for Upwork success.

Overall Rating

Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer


A highly-rated writing course on Udemy by an ex-Wall Street Journal editor.

πŸ’°  Price

$10-20 during frequent Udemy sales (check price)

😍  Pros

Expert instruction, clear explanations, practical examples.

😩  Cons

Longer than it needs to be, presentation a little dry.


Excellent value for money and perhaps the best writing course on Udemy.

Overall Rating

Best Udemy Courses – 3-Factor Rating Formula 🧪

We’ve come up with a simple formula to better evaluate courses on Udemy, without relying on Udemy’s flawed rating system, and without having to spend any money or waste hours looking through course materials.

The formula can be applied to any popular Udemy course in ~3 minutes.

(Note that this formula works best on popular courses that have lots of ratings/reviews. It’s not so good for evaluating new courses on Udemy.)

Here’s a quick video showing how it works (more info below):

Access the spreadsheet here, make a copy of your own, and then you can apply the formula to any Udemy course you like.

According to our 3-Factor Rating Formula, here are six of the best courses on Udemy related to building an online business…

Disclaimer: it’s best to run the above courses through the 3-factor rating formula yourself before signing up for any of them. Your ratings might be different depending on the date and what exactly you’re looking to learn.

580+ Best Udemy Courses – By Udemy Rating ⭐️

Udemy’s own rating system is not to be trusted, for reasons detailed in my full Udemy review.

Regardless, here are the top ten courses on Udemy related to business (minimum 4-star average rating, at least 50 ratings)…

Disclaimer: the prices shown on this page are auto-updated from Udemy's database every 24 hours. Prices may change at any time. Be sure to double-check the price on the Udemy website or app before signing up for a course.

For more top-rated Udemy courses, check the category pages listed below. You’ll find up to 20 courses in each category.

Not sure which skill or category to choose?

Two things that might help:

DIY Guide: How to find the best Udemy courses 🔎

You can never waste money on Udemy, thanks to their 30-day money-back guarantee.

But what you can waste is time.

It’s no fun spending 2-3 hours on a top-rated course only to realize that it sucks.

With that in mind, use the following 5-step process to quickly evaluate any course on Udemy (step 4 is optional).

Check the average rating

Ignore anything with less than 4-star rating

Best ignore anything with less than 50 ratings as well. Those courses are still unproven.

Our lists of the best courses on Udemy (see above) show you only the courses that fit those criteria.

Watch the first preview video

You’ll find a handful of preview videos for every course on Udemy.

Watch at least the first one to get a feel for the course.

If the preview videos don’t resonate with you, it doesn’t matter how good the ratings are: skip it.

Use the 3-Factor Rating Formula

This formula can be applied to any popular Udemy course in ~3 minutes, and will save you having to go through 2-3 hours of course material to figure out if it’s worth your while.

The 3 factors:

  • Is the course actually up to date?
  • Are students of the course getting good results?
  • Is the instructor a legit expert on this topic?

Answering those three questions about a course will often give you a better sense of it than the average rating displayed by Udemy.

(Note that this formula works best on popular courses that have lots of ratings/reviews. It’s not so good for evaluating new courses on Udemy.)

Here’s a video showing how you can quickly apply the 3 factors to rate any Udemy course:

Make a copy of your own, and then you can apply the formula to any Udemy course you like.

Below you’ll find more info about how to fill out each factor in a new row of the spreadsheet. Refer to the above video for visuals.

Up to date?

Is the course actually up to date?

  • If it’s an evergreen topic, mark this as YES and move on.

Otherwise, check the “last updated” date.

  • If the “last updated” date is more than 2 years old, mark NO and move on.

Ignore the date if it’s recent. That’s not a true indication of the last time the course was properly updated.

Next, search the reviews for these keywords:

  • outdated
  • update
  • [current year]

From those searches you should get a sense if the course is up to date. (This only works for courses with lots of reviews though.)

  • Mark YES or NO as appropriate, or UNSURE if you’re still not sure.

Success Indicator – Students

Are students of the course getting good results?

You want to check for real results, not just generic praise.

First, search reviews for these keywords:

  • result
  • success
  • proof
  • improve
  • work
  • thank

If students are truly getting impressive results…

  • You should see it in those search results and can mark YES

That’s assuming you see enough of these kinds of reviews. You be the judge of how many is enough.

  • Mark as UNSURE if you don’t see any clear indication of students getting results.

You’ll rarely choose NO for this. 

Because the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence (ref).

There could be successful students out there who simply haven’t bothered to leave a review.

Success Indicator – Instructor

Is the instructor a legit expert on this topic?

To find out, click through to the instructor’s Udemy profile.

If multiple instructors are listed, choose the one who teaches all (or the majority) of the course.

  • Mark UNSURE if they don’t have any external links

Mark YES if they have one of the following:

  • 5000+ followers on any one social media

Sure, they might have bought followers, but this is still a decent indication that they are seen as an expert beyond the Udemy platform.

  • 20+ LinkedIn endorsements for the skill they’re teaching

Again, that’s a pretty good indication that they’re seen as an expert.

(If they only have 20+ for semi-related skills on LinkedIn, mark as UNSURE.)

This only works if the site is related to what they teach in the course. Assuming it is, the site should have a domain rating of 50 or better if they’re seen as an established expert.

  • Mark NO if they fail all the above.

3-Factor β­‘ Rating

Once you’re done filling out those three factors in the spreadsheet, it will automatically calculate a star rating for you.

Compare this rating to the official rating on Udemy.

Most of the time, the 3-factor star rating will be a better indicator of course quality.

Limitations of the 3-Factor Rating Formula

This formula was born out of frustration with Udemy’s flawed course rating system.

But this system ain’t perfect either.

For example, here’s how a Udemy course called The 6 Figure Freelancer fared using different rating systems:

Udemy’s Rating3-Factor RatingMy Rating (after taking the course)

In that case, Udemy’s rating was far more accurate than the 3-factor rating.

But the opposite is more often the case.

So don’t take the 3-factor rating system as gospel. The best use for it is to help offset the bias in Udemy’s own rating system.

Read 1-2 star reviews (optional)

If you’re still unsure about a course, jump down to the reviews section and check out the 1- and 2-star reviews.

Udemy filter reviews
Source: Career Hacking course (udemy.com)

Why the 1- and 2-star reviews?

Because they tend to be more raw and honest. Such reviews plainly state the drawbacks of the course, as opposed to the generic praise and platitudes you’ll see in more positive reviews.


At this point, you know as much about the course as you’re going to know without buying it.

So it’s time to decide.

Three options:

  • Forget about it
  • Buy now
  • Add to wishlist (to buy later)

You’ll mainly want to do the last one if you like the course but it’s too expensive for you right now.

Add a course to your Udemy wishlist by clicking the heart icon:

Udemy course add to wishlist
This is just one example. You can add a course to your wishlist a few other ways. See support.udemy.com for more examples.

You will need to have an active Udemy account before you can create your wishlist.

Sign up for a Udemy account here if you don’t already have one.

Then check out these tips to make sure you’re alerted as soon as the course goes on sale.

Have you found a great course on Udemy?

There are thousands of courses on there, so it’s impossible for our small team to review them all.

If you’ve found a great course on Udemy – particularly a course related to building an online business – let us know in the comments below.

Please include:

  • The name of the course
  • A link to the course
  • Why you found it so helpful

Make the most of Udemy

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