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Commission Hero Review 2020

17 things to know about Robby Blanchard's affiliate marketing course

robby blanchard commission hero phone

Welcome to my Commission Hero review for 2020.

I recently spent 7+ hours researching Robby Blanchard’s affiliate marketing course so you don’t have to.

If you want to know:

  • What Commission Hero is all about
  • If it’s legit or a scam
  • Common complaints about the course
  • Hidden costs you should be aware of
  • If students are actually getting results

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s dive in…

Robby Blanchard's Commission Hero – Key Points

A popular affiliate marketing course from the #1 affiliate on ClickBank.

💰  Price

One payment of $997 or two payments of $597 (discount info, join now)

😍  Pros

Taught by an expert, plenty of impressive student testimonials.

😩  Cons

Hidden costs, overly focused on ClickBank, unpopular refund policy.


Some significant flaws but still the best affiliate marketing course we’ve seen for paid traffic.

Overall Rating

About the Author

Niall Doherty

Hey, I’m Niall Doherty.

I quit my last 9-to-5 job back in 2010.

Since then, I’ve earned my living online doing a variety of things:

  • Blogging
  • Web design
  • Online courses
  • Advertising
  • Ebooks
  • Affiliate marketing

I’ve bought and reviewed many online courses over the years, ranging in price from free to $3600.

Some of those courses were awful and earned me no money. Some were excellent and gave me a great return on investment (see my top picks here).

Commission Hero looks like a decent training program, but it’s not without issues.

What is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is an online course by Robby Blanchard that promises to teach you how to make money online via affiliate marketing.

Here’s how the program is described on the sales page:

commission hero sales page 2

That same sales page makes some big claims:

  • The program will show you how to make $1000+ per day online
  • You don’t need any experience to get started
  • You can “be on track for 6-Figures online in the next 30 days”

We’ll examine those claims and more in this review.

How can you make money with Commission Hero?

You don’t make money directly from Commission Hero. Instead, the program lays out a system you can use to make money online. Specifically, it teaches you how to:

  • Find other people’s products that you can promote
  • Advertise those products on Facebook
  • Convert those advertising leads into sales
  • Collect a commission for each sale

Selling other people’s products and collecting a commission is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can be done with organic (free) or paid traffic.

Commission Hero teaches you how to do it with paid traffic via Facebook ads. This leads to faster results but is also more expensive due to the advertising expense.

When successful, the entire process looks like this:

How affiliate marketing works – Commission Hero

Something you’ll see mentioned repeatedly on the Commission Hero sales page is the “3-step system”…

commission hero sales page 3

At a high level, the 3-step system looks like this:

  • Pick an offer to promote (usually via ClickBank)
  • Create a landing page (usually via ClickFunnels)
  • Create your Facebook ads

The promise of Commission Hero is this: if you follow the training to pick the right offers and create compelling landing pages and Facebook ads, you should be able to generate big profits.

Course creator Robby Blanchard gives a quick overview of how the Commission Hero system works in this video…

Is Commission Hero legit or a scam?

Commission Hero looks to be a legit course overall, and many students appear to be having success with it. However, there are some questionable elements to the training.

Commission Hero can’t be considered a scam because you do get access to the training when you sign up, and there are many believable reports of students having success with the program…

commission hero review testimonial 3
commission hero review testimonial 2
commission hero review testimonial 1

However, there are a few noteworthy issues with the training, such as: 

I cover those problems and more later in this review.

However, in spite of those issues, Commission Hero is still the best affiliate marketing course I’ve found that focuses on PAID traffic.

If you’re looking for an affiliate marketing course that teaches you how to get FREE traffic, check out my top recommendations below.

(Fair warning: making good money from free traffic usually takes a lot longer)

Course Rating Review
Authority Hacker's TASS 4.6/5 Authority Hacker review
Income School's Project 24 4/5 Project 24 review
Commission Hero 3.6/5 Commission Hero review
Udemy affiliate marketing courses 2/5 Udemy affiliate marketing courses review
Affilorama 1.5/5 Affilorama review
Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing 1.5/5 Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing review
Wealthy Affiliate 1/5 Wealthy Affiliate review
Six Figure Mentors 0.7/5 Six Figure Mentors review
ClickBank University 0.5/5 ClickBank University review
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Commission Hero Price + Discount Info

You can get full access to Commission Hero for one payment of $997 or two payments of $597 (billed 30 days apart).

Note that with the 2-payment option you’ll end up spending $197 more for the same thing.

So if you do want to sign up, the one-time payment is the better way to go.

Commission Hero Discount

Sorry, there is no discount available for Commission Hero.

I searched high and low but couldn’t find any legit coupon or special offer.

That said, if Robby ever does run a special offer on Commission Hero, you’ll likely hear about it via his email list, which you’ll be added to when you sign up for his free webinar.

If you’re eager to get started today…

You might want to read about the refund policy first though.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard is the creator of Commission Hero.

He’s a former personal trainer and gym owner from the USA who in 2015 began selling his own digital products and then moved into affiliate marketing.

In 2019, he was named the top affiliate for ClickBank, one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks in the world.

Robby tells his own story in this video…

Robby apparently grew up in a small town in Massachusetts and attended Fitchburg State University.

Here’s his bio from his old CrossFit gym website:

robby blanchard fitness bio

Robby mentions in the above video that he got started with online business by running Facebook ads to promote his gym.

Here’s an old YouTube channel of his with various videos related to his fitness business, most notably this fresh-faced effort from 2009:

Robby says that he later created his own fitness program and sold it online.

Most likely that program was 6 Week Shred, which went live in 2015 and is still available…

robby blanchard fitness product sales page

Robby claims that his fitness program was generating $10,000 per week in revenue via ClickBank at its peak, and that seeing the success his affiliates were having inspired him to try affiliate marketing himself.

Fast-forward to 2019, and Robby was named the #1 affiliate by ClickBank after a month-long contest to see who could generate the most commissions…

robby blanchard clickbank leaderboard top affiliate
Source: ClickBank.com

At the 2:45 mark of this April 2019 video, Robby shows that he’d already earned almost $1.8 million in ClickBank affiliate commissions in less than 4 months…

According to his LinkedIn profile, Robby also started a digital advertising agency in 2017…

robby blanchard linkedin profile

I’ve read from numerous sources that Robby’s media company has worked with clients such as Fit Body Bootcamp, Paleo Secret and Jason Capital International, but I haven’t been able to find confirmation for any of those.

Lastly, of course, Robby is the creator of Commission Hero, which seems to have been launched in early 2019, soon after he was named the #1 affiliate on ClickBank.

Good timing there, Robby 😉


Robby’s the real deal

There’s no denying that Robby has been very successful as an affiliate marketer. ClickBank has confirmed this by naming him their top affiliate, and Robby also regularly shows big earnings from his accounts.

Here’s a screenshot Robby shared from early 2019:

robby blanchard clickbank commissions screenshot

That’s a five-week stretch during which Robby racked up $1,012,533 in affiliate commissions, including one day where he generated more than $50,000.

Anyone who can do that clearly knows their stuff.

Furthermore, Robby seems to have done well promoting affiliate products in many niches, which gives him even more credibility.

All that to say, if you want to learn how to make big money with paid ads and affiliate marketing, it’s hard to find someone better or more experienced than Robby Blanchard to teach you.

Many testimonials from successful students

Robby’s own success would mean little if he wasn’t able to help others become successful. But I’ve seen enough positive reviews and testimonials from his students to believe that his training is legit.

For example:

commission hero review testimonial 4
commission hero review testimonial 5
commission hero review testimonial 6
commission hero review testimonial 7
commission hero review testimonial 8

You can also see a bunch of video testimonials from students of Commission Hero on this page.

commission hero video testimonials

I even found this report from a student saying Robby’s training helped them sell more of their own product:

commission hero review testimonial 9

So when Robby claims that Commission Hero can help you earn $1000’s per week or even per day, he’s not wrong.

Because clearly a good number of his students are doing just that.

No Flash

Despite Robby and his students having achieved plenty of success, you won’t see any flashy “millionaire lifestyle” imagery used to promote Commission Hero.

I had to add this section after reviewing another affiliate marketing course called Six Figure Mentors, which is all about showing off that “millionaire lifestyle”…

six figure mentors homepage
The top of the Six Figure Mentors sales page

That course is all style and no substance.

Mercifully, Commission Hero takes the opposite approach.

You’ll find no images of sports cars or tropical islands on the CH sales page – instead, all you see are images of screenshots showing actual student results…

Be wary of any course that tries to sell you on a particular lifestyle.

If the course really does help people make money, they should have lots of earnings screenshots to prove that, rather than trying to woo you with images of smiling models and spectacular sunsets.


Hidden Costs

The base price of Commission Hero is already expensive compared to other affiliate marketing courses. But that’s just the start, because it’s recommended within the program that you spend a lot more money to achieve success. Unfortunately, these additional costs are not made clear on the sales page.

The hidden costs within Commission Hero can be broken down into three categories:

  • Ads
  • Tools
  • Upsell


In fairness, this isn’t exactly a “hidden” cost, because the Commission Hero sales page does make it clear that you’ll need to spend money on Facebook ads to follow the training.

But I would argue that the amount of money they say you need to spend on ads is severely underemphasized:

commission hero faq how much capital
Source: FAQ section on the Commission Hero sales page 

From the reports I’ve seen from CH students, the typical profit margin they get from generated sales is 30-50%.

At that, a daily ad budget of $20 will bring you a profit of $8 to $20 per day ($240 to $600 per month).

Which is fine, because you can reinvest profits and scale up gradually from those humble beginnings.

But students should be aware that generating $1000 in affiliate sales every day at a 40% profit margin means spending $600 per day on ads!

That’s a hefty additional expense to fulfill the promise of Commission Hero…

commission hero sales page 4

After subtracting your advertising expense, that $1000-a-day would be down to $400-a-day.

Still good money, but not as good as the sales page leads you to believe.

Keep in mind as well that ClickBank’s payment schedule means that you won’t actually see any of your earnings in your bank account for 2-4 weeks.

So even if you’re spending only $20 per day on ads, that’s a $280 expense before you’ll see any return on your investment (assuming your ads actually prove profitable).

Spend $600 per day on ads, and you’re looking at a $8,400 expense before getting paid.


Several paid tools are recommended throughout the Commission Hero training:

  • ClickFunnels – $97/month after 14-day free trial
    Software to help you quickly build landing pages and funnels. If you want those pages on your own domain it’ll cost you an extra $20/year via ClickFunnels or less than $10/year through a registrar like Namecheap.
  • ClickMagick – $27/month after 14-day free trial
    Software to track and optimize your campaigns. 
  • Aweber – $29/month after 30-day free trial
    Mailing list software so you can collect email addresses and pitch offers to people more than once. (Popular alternative to Aweber listed here.)
  • Fiverr – starting at $5 per design
    Marketplace for finding and hiring designers to help you create images and videos for your ad campaigns.

You don’t necessarily NEED any of those tools to succeed with Commission Hero – and it sounds like Robby does mention some free and cheap alternatives within the course – but those particular tools are said to give you the greatest chance of success.

If you buy them all, you’re looking at an additional cost of about $150/month.

And yet the only additional cost mentioned on the Commission Hero sales page is this:

commission hero faq how much capital


I’ve seen multiple reports that you are pitched an upsell for something called the Inner Circle right after you join Commission Hero.

You can see what the Inner Circle looks like from the 8:35 mark of this video…

Inner Circle membership apparently costs an additional $297 per month.

Here’s what you get for that price:

  • One new done-for-you campaign every month (product, landing pages, ad copy, etc.)
  • Special group just for Inner Circle members
  • A weekly Q&A webinar with Robby

It may be worth it, but I’ve read reports that some people find it annoying to be pitched a $297/month upsell right after spending $997 on a program that claims to have “everything you need”…

Given all of these additional costs, I cannot in good faith recommend that you sign up for Commission Hero if you’re on a tight budget.

Because, aside from the $997 fee for the program itself, you’ll probably have to invest at least another $1000 before you start seeing a good return.

If you don’t have much money to invest but do have lots of time, check out the free and cheap alternatives to Commission Hero listed here.

In particular, you might want to consider a couple of courses that teach you how to earn affiliate income using free traffic from Google (ie. no paid ads):

Almost exclusively focused on ClickBank

Commission Hero teaches you how to find and promote products from the ClickBank marketplace, but ClickBank is quite controversial.

I’ve covered the issues with ClickBank in detail here.

In brief:

  • The ClickBank marketplace lost 50% of its products in only three years, and there are fewer and fewer products listed on there each week.
  • Many of the products that remain are highly controversial, and some are considered outright scams.

Robby mentions several ClickBank products you can promote in these two videos:

One product Robby mentions is Ted’s Woodworking:

ClickBank marketplace product 2

That product is so infamous it gets a special mention on ClickBank’s Wikipedia page:

ClickBank product negative review 2

Robby also mentions a numerology product that you can promote via ClickBank:

ClickBank marketplace product 3

I made a whole video exposing that shadiness:

Robby also refers to ClickBank University as “a good one” to promote.

But after buying and reviewing ClickBank University myself I found it to be a borderline scam.

In general, Robby recommends promoting products in the “food, sex and money” niches.

Accordingly, here are some products listed on ClickBank that I’ve seen Robby recommending:

Robby has said that he earned “the vast majority” of $1.8 million from the last of those products in only four months, and has also said that many of his students did well promoting Leptitox.

Personally, I wouldn’t be comfortable spending $100’s and $1000’s trying to convince strangers on the internet to buy such questionable products.

But that’s just me 🤷‍♂️

Also regarding ClickBank: the refund rate is known to be quite high.

I’ve read that the average refund rate of products sold through ClickBank is 10%.

It will of course vary by product, but be aware that you will NOT get to keep all the money you earn promoting ClickBank products. And if you promote something really shady on there, the refund rate could be as high as 30%.

Apparently even Robby Blanchard himself sees a refund rate of almost 10% on ClickBank, as per the bottom of this earnings screenshot he shared:

robby blanchard clickbank commissions screenshot

All that said, there’s nothing stopping you from taking what you learn from Commission Hero and promoting less-questionable products that you find on ClickBank or elsewhere.

And, in fairness, Robby does have lessons on alternatives to ClickBank inside the training, such as MaxWeb and A4D.

Unpopular Refund Policy

I’ve seen numerous complaints about Commission Hero’s refund policy, which works like this:

  • You have to wait 12 months before requesting a refund.
  • You must then make your refund request within 7 days.
  • Before getting your money back, you may be asked to show proof that you gave the program your best shot.

From the Commission Hero sales page:

commission hero guarantee refund

And some small print from the Commission Hero terms and conditions:

commission hero guarantee refund 2

I get the “tire kickers” reasoning but I’m not a fan of this refund policy. If you could ask for a refund after 3 months or even 6 months, fine. But a year is far too long, IMO.

Especially given fast-ROI claims like this on the sales page:

commission hero sales page 6

By contrast, an affiliate marketing course called The Authority Site System (reviewed here) has a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

3 More Things You Should Know About Commission Hero

What exactly is included in the course?

Commission Hero mainly consists of text and video lessons, along with done-for-you templates and a very active private Facebook group.

This video gives you a quick look inside Commission Hero:

You can only get access to the private Facebook group once you’ve bought the program…

commission hero facebook group

The group looks to be quite active, with dozens of posts each day and hundreds of new members joining each month…

commission hero facebook group activity

Will this work in every country?

Copy on the Commission Hero sales page claims that the program will work for you “no matter what country you live in,” but this is unlikely.

commission hero faq which countries
Source: FAQ section on the Commission Hero sales page 

I say that’s unlikely because ClickBank is known to be banned in dozens of countries, and neither might you be able to sign up for a Facebook ads account in certain places.

As such, I’d recommend you try sign up for a ClickBank account and a Facebook ads account and ensure you can use both before investing in Commission Hero.

Banned Facebook accounts

It’s not uncommon for students of Commission Hero to have their Facebook ads accounts shut down for violating Facebook’s advertising policies.

Although there’s nothing in those ad policies that explicitly forbids affiliate marketing, Facebook doesn’t approve of ads that link directly to affiliate offers.

This is why Robby teaches students in Commission Hero to first drive leads to a landing page, and then persuade those leads to click on an affiliate link from there.

Even so, CH students still seem to regularly get in trouble with Facebook, to the point where there’s an entire lesson inside Commission Hero advising how to deal with account shut-downs:

commission hero deadling with account shutdowns

Here’s a student of Commission Hero alluding to account struggles…

commission hero review testimonial 10

In fairness to Robby, it looks like he does try to play by Facebook’s rules.

But, as he explains in this video, those rules can be quite fuzzy:


Are students of Commission Hero actually getting results?

Judging by the screenshots Robby Blanchard shares from students, a significant number of them do seem to be getting solid results with the training.

For example:

commission hero review testimonial 3
commission hero review testimonial 2
commission hero review testimonial 1
commission hero review testimonial 7

As mentioned previously though, the above numbers aren’t quite as impressive as they first seem.

If we assume a 10% refund rate and a 40% profit margin (both about average), every $1000 in those screenshots works out to roughly $360 profit.

Which is still pretty good, especially given the consistency.

Who should join Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is the best affiliate marketing course I’ve found that focuses on PAID traffic.

I’d recommend taking the course if you want to go the paid traffic route AND…

  • You’re willing and able to invest another $1000 or more after buying the course
  • You can devote at least 10 hours per week to building your business
  • You’re happy to spend your time building and optimizing sales funnels
  • You don’t expect to become rich from this thing overnight

If that sounds like you…

How to join Commission Hero

Go here and click the button that says “Get Access Now”

You’ll end up on a page like this where you can fill in your details…

commission hero checkout

Or, if you’re not sure Commission Hero is right for you, you can give Robby’s free training a try…

commission hero webinar free training

Alternatives to Commission Hero

While Commission Hero certainly isn’t perfect, it remains the best affiliate marketing course I’ve found that focuses on PAID traffic.

If you’re looking for an affiliate marketing course that teaches you how to get FREE traffic, check out my top recommendations in the table below.

(Fair warning: making good money from free traffic usually takes a lot longer)

Course Rating Review
Authority Hacker's TASS 4.6/5 Authority Hacker review
Income School's Project 24 4/5 Project 24 review
Commission Hero 3.6/5 Commission Hero review
Udemy affiliate marketing courses 2/5 Udemy affiliate marketing courses review
Affilorama 1.5/5 Affilorama review
Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing 1.5/5 Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing review
Wealthy Affiliate 1/5 Wealthy Affiliate review
Six Figure Mentors 0.7/5 Six Figure Mentors review
ClickBank University 0.5/5 ClickBank University review
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Your Commission Hero Review

Have you ever signed up for Commission Hero?

Please consider leaving a review below – good or bad – doesn’t matter so long as it’s helpful to our readers.

Thanks for your support!

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  1. Thanks for this stunning review as I’m starting to put money on the side to get this training. I have already my clickfunnel account and autoresponder, been through the one funnel away challenge and want to focus on affiliate marketing with paid ads. As I have got a good understanding of the clickfunnel platform and how affiliate marketing works, do you thing it would be a good training to learn a bit deeper how Affiliate marketing with clickbank and FB ads works ?(I’am willing to pay the 997 plus an extra 700 for ads)
    But your review is absolutely great
    Fantastic job

    1. Hey Charles,
      Thanks for the comment, and the kind words.
      It sounds like you’ve already made a solid start and know what you’re getting into. Commission Hero is the best course I’ve seen for doing affiliate marketing with paid ads, and given that you have the extra $700 to spend on ads then I think it will serve you well. You could probably start out spending the $10-20 per day on ads and learn the ropes that way, then scale up once you start seeing consistent results.
      If you do sign up for CH, I’d appreciate it if you could follow up in a few weeks and let me know how you’re getting on with it.