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Cheap Lottery Tickets: Where To Get Them?

Where to find the best cheap lottery tickets (online and offline)

If you’re looking for cheap lottery tickets, these are the best places to get them:

  • At your local store that sells official lottery tickets
  • At the official website of your local lottery (if available)
  • At 3rd-party online lottery sites

As you go through that list, the tickets tend to get more expensive.

Gambling problem? See our guide about how to stop gambling.

Buy cheap lottery tickets from your local store

You should be able to buy traditional paper lottery tickets like this at your local lottery retailer…

EuroJackpot tickets

For example, if you’re in the USA and want to play Mega Millions, you should be able to play the lottery at local retailers like 7-Eleven or Circle K.

Such stores are the main distribution channel for big lotteries and you’ll find the cheapest prices there.

Not sure where to find a lottery retailer near you?

Check the official website for the lottery you’d like to play and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Buy cheap tickets on official lottery websites (if available)

Illinois lottery website

Some lotteries allow you to play online via their official websites, though you usually have to be in the same state or country to do this.

Examples of lotteries you can play this way:

Some US states also allow you to play various lotteries online:

Buy cheap tickets from 3rd-party lottery sites

theLotter homepage
Homepage of theLotter (reviewed here)

3rd-party sites like theLotter and Lotto Agent will buy lottery tickets on your behalf.

The advantage of such sites is that you can play your favorite lotteries from anywhere in the world.

The downside is that this is usually the most expensive way to play 🙁

To find out which sites offer the cheapest tickets, I calculated how much it costs to buy one ticket for 5 popular lotteries on each site.

Price of Tickets for 5 Popular Lotteries

5-Ticket TotalMark-up MultipleMark-up Percentage
Official Price9.501.000%
Lotto Smile23.102.43143%
Lotto Agent23.282.45145%

As you can see, buying lottery tickets from one of these sites will cost you at least 59% more than buying tickets in one of the two aforementioned ways.

  • Important note: many 3rd-party lottery sites offer discounts when you buy more than one ticket, sign up for a subscription, or avail of other special offers. The prices above and below show only the cost of a single ticket with no discount applied.

Here’s how the prices break down for each individual site and the same 5 popular lotteries…

Price of Popular Lottery Tickets

 🇺🇸 Mega Millions🇺🇸 Powerball🇮🇹 SuperEnalotto🇪🇺 EuroJackpot🇪🇸 EuroMillions
Official Price$2.00$2.00€1.00€2.00€2.50
Lotto Smile$5.00$5.00€2.50€5.00€5.60
Lotto Agent$4.98$4.98€2.65€5.14€5.53

Where to buy the cheapest lottery tickets?

Get the cheapest lottery tickets:

  • At a local store that sells official lottery tickets
  • At the official website of your local lottery (if available)

If neither of those are an option, try one of the following 3rd-party sites…

Lottery Site Rating Review
TheLotter 4.6/5 TheLotter review
Lotto Agent 4.4/5 coming soon
BuyLottoOnline tbd coming soon
Jackpot.com tbd coming soon
LottoKings tbd coming soon
Lotto Smile tbd coming soon
Multilotto tbd coming soon
WinTrillions tbd coming soon
Full list of best online lottery sites »

Gambling problem? See our guide about how to stop gambling.

Know somewhere else to get cheap lottery tickets?

Let me know in the comments below.

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