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Online Contests – 5 Things To Know (2021)

Here's how much money you can win with online contests...

Win money online contests

What is a contest business?

With an online contest business you’ll be competing with others online to win cash prizes, typically by providing a service to clients who pick the winners. 

You do the work upfront and get paid if your performance is deemed good enough.

Some contests are considered “spec work” and are controversial.

Contests are one of 19 types of online business and considered a Level 1 online business, according to our framework.

How can you make money online with contests?

Here are the legit ways I’ve found to make money online with contests…

Enter Naming Contests

Come up with a great name for a business on Squadhelp and you’ll get paid…

  • Scottie Squadhelp

  • Naming Creative at Squadhelp
  • $100 – $300 per contest won

Enter Branding Contests

Squadhelp also hosts branding and identity contests. The prize money for these can be even bigger…

  • Stella Squadhelp

  • Branding & Identity Creative at Squadhelp
  • $100 – $500 per contest won

Enter Design Contests

If you have some web or graphic design skills, a design contest might be right up your alley.

99designs is the most famous site for design contests…

  • Nina Ninety-Nine

  • Design Contest Participant at 99designs
  • $271 average per contest won

DesignCrowd is similar but the prize money’s a little less…

  • Danny DC

  • Contest Participant at DesignCrowd
  • $215 average per contest won

Pros and Cons of Contest Businesses

  • Can help you build a portfolio.
  • The prize money for some contests can be significant.
  • Flexible schedule. Work when you want.
  • Some contests have an entry fee.
  • Highly unlikely to earn you a consistent living.
  • Most people competing in a contest don’t win any money.

Are contests a good way to earn a living online?

You might earn some pocket money and build up some good work samples, but I’ve seen very few examples of people earning a significant and consistent income via online contests.

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