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1,300 Emails In 2 Years

A deep look at Tai Lopez's email marketing + evergreen sales funnel

Love him or hate him, Tai Lopez reaches a lot of people and makes a lot of money online.

One of the primary ways Tai does this is via email marketing. According to his official website, he has almost 2.5 million email subscribers (or “members” as he calls them).

We signed up for Tai’s email updates and here’s what we learned.

How often does Tai Lopez email his list?

We ended up on Tai’s list via a landing page for his 67 Steps program3 and received 19 emails in the first 7 days.

The 19 emails we received from Tai Lopez’s mailing list in 7 days.

In the following video, a long-time subscriber to Tai’s list shows (at the 4:45 mark) that he received 1,300+ emails from Tai in two years, which works out to approximately 12 emails per week.

Two types of emails

Looking a little closer, we found that we received two types of emails from Tai’s list.

Type 1 – Automated Emails

These emails were clearly part of an automated sequence (also known as an autoresponder) designed to convince us to buy some of Tai’s products.

When ReceivedEmail Subject
ImmediateHey Niall — it’s Tai (let’s get started)
1 hour laterHey Niall 🙂
6 hours laterYour welcome gift (free video lesson)
2 minutes laterThe SECRET To My First Million…
1 day laterHow To Reach The Good Life In Months (Not Years)
2 minutes laterAnother gift (how to surround yourself with the right people)
1 day laterNiall, it’s Maya 🙂
1 day laterNiall’s Three Steps…
2 minutes laterthis box can change your life
1 minute laterThe Smartest Man In The World
2 days laterQuick Question Niall?
1 day laterBye Niall 🙁

This sequence is “evergreen” in the sense that each email was probably written months or years in advance. The emails are dripped out automatically to new subscribers.

Type 2 – Daily Emails

These emails looked to have been written only a few hours or days in advance.

This is “fresh” content for Tai’s subscribers, to keep them engaged and let them know about any new content, products or special offers he has available.

When ReceivedEmail Subject
1 day after joining listZero To One (Book-of-the-Day)
1 day latermy resolutions in 2019
1 day later4 rules for 2019 (my BEST advice)
1 day laterBad news… (but also great news)
1 day laterHow to get anything you want (follow this advice)
1 day laterHow to meet me and Grant Cardone (plus 10 more millionaires)
1 day laterHow to have your haters help you

Tai’s 67 Steps evergreen funnel

Let’s go through the Type 1 emails listed above.

(Note: we opted not to post full email copy here as that feels a little too much like stealing content.)

1. Hey Niall — it’s Tai (let’s get started)

This is the first email we received from Tai. In it, he does the following:

  • Introduces himself.

I’m an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor to more than 20 multi-million dollar businesses. But I wasn’t born rich.

In fact, I was once completely broke.

  • Advises a series of steps to ensure you continue to receive his emails.

For now, because you’re a new subscriber, it’s important you complete these steps:

  • Add tai@tailopez.com to your Contact’s list
  • Star or favorite this email
  • [Gmail Desktop Users] Drag this email to your Primary folder
  • Reply to this email with: “Done!”

These are important. Do not skip them.

  • Tells you what he did to “upgrade” his life.

You see, instead of pursuing a formal education, I…

  • Invested in courses
  • Started reading a book a day
  • And — most importantly — learned from mentors

Once I began to self educate, my life’s been better ever since.

  • Teases upcoming content he’ll be sending you, including a “welcome gift.”
  • Invites you to unsubscribe if you like.

P.P.S. Did you subscribe by accident? No problem. Just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of my emails.

Note that there no links in this email.

2. Hey Niall 🙂

We received this email an hour after the previous, and it sounds like he’s introducing himself again for the first time.

I’ll be sharing with you the biggest lessons I’ve learned from running more than 20 different multi-million dollar companies.

This may actually be the start of a second automated sequence running in parallel with the first. The aim of this one is clearly to sell you on his 67 Steps course (reviewed here).

There’s a system I created called the 67 steps, which is in my opinion, the best place for you to start. And…

Since you’re new, I wanted to give you a special link where you can get $30 off the regular price for the next 7 days!

Tai then links you to the course and teases his next email:

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a more thorough intro and a great story about who my first mentor was and the secret he taught me that has made me MILLIONS!

3. Your welcome gift (free video lesson)

This email arrived in our inbox six hours after the previous.

It’s a short message linking to an 11-minute video of Tai talking in bed, with some links to follow him on social media at the end of the email.

You can watch the video on this page.

The video is titled, The #1 Thing You Should Focus On To Get The Good Life (Health, Wealth, Love, & Happiness).

Tai promises in the email that it “gets straight to the point!” But, as we wrote about in elsewhere in this series, that is rarely the case. This video is no exception.

4. The SECRET To My First Million…

We received this email just a couple of minutes after the previous.

It begins:

Hey Niall, I wanted to share with you one of the biggest lessons my first mentor taught me.

It’s the #1 reason I made my first million and it’s going to be the #1 reason you make yours!

Tai goes on to say how, at 16 years of age, he learned “the secret” via his grandfather.

The secret is this:

You become what you think about most of the time and the people you surround yourself with have the greatest influence over this.

Tai also notes in this email:

I didn’t start out with a silver spoon in my mouth. In fact, at one point I had just $47 to my name and was living on my moms couch!

He ends with a call to action:

P.S. I’ve taken everything I learned about health, wealth, love, and happiness and summed it up into just 67 steps you need to take to live the “Good Life.” If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can see it here…

5. How To Reach The Good Life In Months (Not Years)

We received this email a day after the previous.

In it, Tai expands on the importance of surrounding yourself with certain kinds of people.

I’ve learned that you need to surround yourself with 2 types of people…


your team, the army of people who believe in you and your vision.


Your mentors.

These are the people who can help you grow the fastest, help you avoid unnecessary pitfalls, and help you to take your ideas and turn them into reality in record time.

A little further on in the email, Tai pitches his 67 Steps program again (reviewed here):

If you’re not sure yet, then you can always let me mentor you by starting with my 67 unconditional steps here…

The same link is repeated right before he signs off.

6. Another gift (how to surround yourself with the right people)

We received this email at about the same time as the previous.

It’s a short message with an image of Tai standing in front of four fancy cars and linking to a 3-minute video.

You can watch the video on this page.

The video is titled, Which Friends Should You Keep?

The core message:

Everything you want to know about somebody, can be found out in one simple way: ask them to do something small for you.

7. Niall, it’s Maya 🙂

We received this email a day after the previous.

It’s not from Tai, but from Maya, who introduces herself as Tai’s cousin.

Halfway through the email, she writes:

I didn’t want this email to end up being an ego puffing piece for me to convince you to trust Tai.

But that’s exactly what it appears to be.

Maya also writes:

It wasn’t until 2009 that [Tai] asked me to come work for him that I realized how amazing he really is!


we have a running joke that I should be paying him to work for him 🙂


Being around him opened my eyes to notice things and opportunities that I never saw before. I’m literally a completely different person because of what Tai’s taught me!


Even though he may appear on video to be someone who has a bit of an ego, that’s just the “public” appearance of Tai. In reality, he’s not only a real person but a humble one.


He’s not just teaching you something that he’s never practiced. Tai is the real deal

Later in the email, Maya shares “perhaps the biggest lesson that Tai has ever taught me.”

Tai told me that when faced with a decision to ask myself, “What’s the downside?”

If there is no substantial downside, why not go after it! After all…

The #1 reason people become stagnant and end up accomplishing nothing with their lives is because they are afraid to take the first step.

This leads to the strongest sales pitch yet for Tai’s 67 Steps program. Maya makes sure to address three common objections prospective buyers may have.

  • Cost:

The link below get’s [sic] you $30 off AND, we have a 60-day money back guarantee so if you don’t feel like you’re on your way to improving your financial life, there’s still no risk for you to try it out. AKA, no downside.

  • Time:

It’s broken down into 67 easy to digest lessons in audio and video format so time really isn’t an excuse either.

  • Not sure it will work:

the reality is… Over 82,000 people have used Tai’s 67-Steps to transform their lives!

There are two links to the 67 Steps sales page at the end of the email.

The last one:

P.P.S. Until then, remember to try out the 67-Steps so your life can be transformed (just like mine)!

This email is quite clever (or manipulative, depending on your perspective).

Given that it’s an automated series, there’s no practical reason why Tai couldn’t have sent us another email himself here.

But having this message come from someone else – a family member whose life he transformed, no less – allows him to toot his own horn and pitch his program again without coming across too egotistical or salesy.

(By the way, we were skeptical that Maya was actually Tai’s cousin – or even a real person – but we fact-checked that along with many other claims related to Tai. We couldn’t 100% confirm that she’s his cousin but did confirm that she’s a real person. More info here.)

8. Niall’s Three Steps…

We received this email a day after the previous.

It’s from Tai, and it begins like this:

Today I wanted to reveal 3 steps from my 67 Steps program that I feel are invaluable for you to use in your daily life. But first…

Just a quick reminder that you can still get the full 67 Steps program for $30 off for another 48-hours!

After linking to the 67 Steps sales page again, Tai goes through the 3 steps.

STEP #1 – Read A LOT Of Books!

Because reading exposes you to best minds and ideas in whatever field you’re interested in.

STEP #2 – Developing Thick Skin

The message here is that you will encounter critics and cynics whenever you try to make a positive change in your life. You must develop a thick skin to deal with this.

STEP #3 – Everything Is Your Fault

Tai explains:

If something in your life sucks, it’s not someone else’s fault, it’s your fault!

This is the kind of brutal honesty that you will need to create the path to your version of the “Good Life.”

The email ends with another link to the 67 Steps sales page:

P.S. If these 3 steps were helpful to you, then imagine what effect the other 64 steps will have on your life. If you’re ready to get started, I’ll show you the way to the “Good Life”…

9. this box can change your life

We received this email at about the same time as the previous.

It begins:

The average person regrets 3 big things in their life:

  1. The career they chose
  2. Who they marry
  3. The education they received

Number three is surprising to me, but it actually does make some sense.

(Note: we fact-checked this claim – and many others made by Tai – and found little basis for it.)

Tai goes on explain how traditional education (i.e. university) is slow, expensive and seems to be becoming obsolete.

His proposed solution to this problem is MentorBox, a company he co-founded to help accelerate your learning.

The product the company offers is described as:

a box delivered to your door with the latest, cutting-edge technology for learning so you can accelerate your growth as a person.

This is the future of education.

Later in the email, Tai gives an example of this “latest, cutting-edge technology” and “future of education.”

Here’s what we sent in one of our latest MentorBoxes:

1x Copy of Disrupt You! By Jay Samit
1x Copy Of How To Win Friends And Influence People
1x USB Stick with Behind-The-Scenes Videos
1x Disrupt You! Workbook made by Jay Samit
1x Magnet With Quote
1x Bookmark
1x Study Guide
1x Cheat Sheet

He also explains:

The cool thing about this is that we have actually read the book for you and compiled notes and worksheets. We’ve done the work and summarized everything great about the book that you should know. The book just becomes a reference that you can go back to. The resources it comes with is where the actual value is.

In the email, Tai links three times to this MentorBox landing page.

After entering your name and email address there, you are immediately invited to sign up at a discounted rate of $497/year or $69/month.

The MentorBox discount offer

For reference, we found both books in the example above available in paperback on Amazon for less than $30 combined.

Which means you’d be paying approximately $39 per month for “the resources it comes with.”

Sounds a bit much, but judging by these words from author Cal Newport, those resources are nothing to sneeze at:

A few weeks ago, a group of producers from a fascinating startup called Mentorbox spent a day at my house in Silver Spring, MD, filming me talk about my fourth book, So Good They Can’t Ignore You. The interview was for their subscription service in which they send you a new business book each month, along with detailed notes and both audio and video interviews with the author that dive deep into the core ideas. I was really impressed and honored to be involved. 4

Despite this glowing endorsement from one of our favorite authors, we decided not to sign up for MentorBox.

(Related: If Tai is to be believed, MentorBox does quite well as a business, generating approximately $1000 per hour in revenue. More info in our article about how Tai makes money online.)

10. The Smartest Man In The World

We received this email at about the same time as the previous two.

It’s an introduction to Tai’s “Book-of-the-Day” series.

(In case you’re unfamiliar, Tai rather famously claims to read a book a day, a claim we found lacking upon closer inspection.)

The book Tai talks about in this email is Poor Charlie’s Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger.

Munger is best known as the billionaire business partner of investor Warren Buffet, and Tai considers him (Munger) to be the smartest man in the world.

He quotes Munger advocating the importance of lifelong learning, which leads to another sales pitch for his 67 Steps program…

Like I said in the beginning of the first email I sent you, I’m grateful that you gave me the opportunity to be your mentor. Today’s big lesson is…

Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you!

If you’re feeling alone and uninspired by the people around you, then come join the 82,608 people who have already surrounded themselves with smart people in my 67 steps community.

There are two links to the 67 Steps sales page at the end of the email, along with a reminder that the $30 discount is only available for another 2 days:

You only have 2 more days left to save before you miss out.

11. Quick Question Niall?

We received this 374-word email 48 hours after the previous.

It begins:

Are you ready to unlock your true potential?

To become a smarter, stronger, happier, and wealthier version of who you are right now?

If so, Tai encourages you to sign up for his 67 Steps program.

He emphasizes the 60-day money back guarantee and reminds you about the $30 discount.

There are two links to the sales page in the email. The last one:

Last Chance –> Save $30 On The 67-Steps (No Downside)

I hope you take action and choose to better your life with me!

At this point, we were confused about the deadline for the $30 discount.

In the previous email – received 48 hours earlier – we were told that we only had “2 more days left to save,” but according to this latest email, the “$30 Discount Ends In 23 Hours.”

That doesn’t quite add up.

12. Bye Niall 🙁

We received this email 24 hours after the previous.

We still hadn’t signed up for Tai’s 67 Steps program, so we must have missed out on that $30 discount, right?

Apparently not, as the email begins:

Hey Niall, it’s Maya from 67stepsprogram.com

Tai asked me to go through and email everyone who didn’t grab the $30 discount on our 67 Steps Program so I could remind you that the deal ends tonight!

Maya links to the sales page three times in the email and ends with…

P.S. Tai never discounts his programs so this is your one and only chance to get this for just $37. In just 12 hours the price will go to $67 and you’ll miss out.

Procrastinators that we are, we didn’t jump at the chance to join the program right then and there.


We Waited 13 More Days

308.5 hours, to be precise.

Then we clicked the link in Maya’s email and were shocked (😱) to discover that the $30 discount was somehow still available!

More shocking still, it seemed the discount would be available for yet another week!

Lucky us.

So we went ahead and bought Tai’s 67 Steps program (read our review here).

Then we went and did something a bit mad…

We Signed Up To Tai’s Email List Again

Using a different email address and a different name (Raymond).


Because we wanted to see if Maya held true to her claim:

P.S. Tai never discounts his programs so this is your one and only chance to get this for just $37. In just 12 hours the price will go to $67 and you’ll miss out.

Fast-forward a week and we got another chance:

More Discounts From Tai

We also noticed that, within our first week on Tai’s list, he offered us a discount on some other programs in six of his “daily” emails:

  • my resolutions in 2019
  • 4 rules for 2019 (my BEST advice)
  • Bad news… (but also great news)
  • How to get anything you want (follow this advice)
  • How to meet me and Grant Cardone (plus 10 more millionaires)
  • How to have your haters help you

The offer:

Save $2,291 on my top programs

For a limited time, I’m lowering the cost of my top 4 programs — Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0, Ecommerce Blueprint, Real Estate Mentor, and Credit Mentor.

In fact, when we added up all the links in Tai’s first 19 emails to us, we found 53 that led to various sales pages for his products, and every single one of them had a discount offer.

Which somewhat destroys the claim that “Tai never discounts his programs.”

(By the way, we ended up buying Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0. You can read our review of that here.)

Tai’s daily disclaimer

This wasn’t in any of Tai’s automated emails, but did appear in slightly smaller text below his signature in each of the “daily” emails:

***Tai is a professional internet marketer. His success, and the income possibilities mentioned by his students, are not typical and are not a guarantee you will make money. You could make more, less, or none at all.***

How often does Tai sell to his list?

We went back through all the emails we received during our first week on Tai’s mailing list and tallied up the numbers:

  • 19 emails received
  • 15 emails contained pitches to Tai’s products
  • 53 total links to sales pages for Tai’s products (all discounted)
  • 8 other links (2 to Tai’s videos, 5 to Tai’s social media, and one affiliate link to a book on Amazon)

What email marketing software does Tai Lopez use?

There are three links at the very bottom of each of Tai’s emails (we didn’t count these in the previous section):

  • Manage Email Alerts
  • Unsubscribe From All
  • Unsubscribe From Tai’s Emails Only

Clicking the first brought us to a page on Tai’s website with this form:

Given the URL and source code of that page, it would appear that Tai is using custom-built email marketing software.

Read more about Tai Lopez

This article is part of a 9-part series:

P.S. Have you ever been a subscriber to Tai’s mailing list?

We’d love to hear your experience below – good or bad – doesn’t matter so long as it’s helpful to our visitors. Thanks for your support!

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