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Updated: January 10, 2022


Tai Lopez Net Worth

+ 7 ways Tai Lopez makes money online

Every day, almost 1,500 people search online for “tai lopez net worth.” 1

In this article, we dive deep to figure out how much wealth Tai Lopez has accumulated over the years, and how he continues to make money online.

What is Tai Lopez’s net worth?

  • Tai Lopez has stated publicly that his net worth is more than $50 million.
  • We have acquired a written statement (see below) by an accountant in Los Angeles specifying that “a conservative estimate of the net worth of Taino A. Lopez is $60 million USD
  • Tai Lopez has also stated that earning only $3 million in a month would be bad for him, implying that he usually earns much more than that.

So we’re all on the same page, here’s a quick definition of net worth: 2

net worthnoun
the ​value of the ​assets (= property and money)​ that a ​person or ​business has, after any ​debts are taken away.

Tai Lopez Net Worth – Growth Over Time

YearAgeTai Lopez Net Worth
199822$47 3
200832$1,000,000+ 4
200933$5,000,000 5
201741$50,000,000 6
201943$60,000,000 7
2022Awaiting new info
Tai Lopez net worth
Is Tai Lopez really worth $60 million?

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Tai Lopez Net Worth

Tai Lopez speaks about his net worth on Logan Paul’s podcast

In a March 2019 appearance on Logan Paul’s podcast, Tai was asked about his net worth. 8

Tai’s response to the question about his net worth:

“Online it says $5 million. I think that was 10 years ago. I always say underestimate your net worth, so let’s just say [my net worth is] $50 million.”

Los Angeles CPA estimates Tai Lopez’s net worth

We received the following email after first publishing our report on Tai Lopez’s net worth:

Tai Lopez net worth email

We replied that we would indeed like to see a CPA letter, and later received the following via email as a PDF document.

Tai Lopez net worth: CPA letter

We wanted to verify this information so we did a little digging.

The name and CPA license number checks out upon a search of the California Board of Accountancy online listings… 9

Tai Lopez net worth: Jim Govas CBA listing
Worth noting that the license status shows here as “inactive”

We found a LinkedIn account that would appear to be for the same CPA… 10

Tai Lopez net worth: Jim Govas LinkedIn

And we found a phone listing for Mr. Govas online: 310-737-1727. 11

However, our attempts to verify the information regarding Tai Lopez’s net worth by contacting Mr. Govas directly – via phone and LinkedIn – proved unsuccessful.

We replied to the original email – from the person who supplies marketing services to Tai Lopez – asking for contact information for Mr. Govas so we can contact him directly and verify the authenticity of the letter.

We have yet to receive that contact information.

Tai Lopez net worth
Above: Tai posing with luxury vehicles and a private jet.

Earning $3 million a month not good enough for Tai Lopez

At the 43:30 mark of this webinar – most likely filmed in 2018 12 – he responds to a live question:

Someone says “Tai only makes $3-5 million a year.” Is that true? People are always trying to figure out how much money. You can multiply that by a big number. $3-5 million would be bad for me. In fact, if I make $3 million in a month I might have a heart attack.

If Tai is to be believed there, he’s earning more like $5 million per month, or $60 million per year.

Which would fit with his claim that $50 million is an underestimation of his net worth.

(And yes, Tai does live in a big mansion in the Hollywood Hills, which is estimated to be worth as much as $23 million 13, but he’s admitted to leasing that property, so it can’t be considered part of his net worth.)

7 ways Tai Lopez makes money online (and 1 way he doesn’t)

Before we get into this, it’s worth noting that much of the information we’ve found relating to how Tai Lopez makes money online comes from Tai Lopez himself.

And Tai Lopez is known to be somewhat flexible with the truth, as detailed in these two articles:

With that in mind, let’s run through 7 ways Tai makes money online, and 1 way he doesn’t.

(And no, this is not a comprehensive list.)

Dating websites

Best we can determine, this was how Tai first started earning significant sums of money online.

He ran a fleet of dating websites that were especially active from 2010 to 2015.

All of the sites appear to be offline now, but here are a few we’ve been able to link to Tai:

  • 14
  • 15
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
A photo of Tai alongside the name “Adrian” – Tai’s middle name – at the now defunct (source)

It’s unknown how much money Tai’s fleet of dating sites earned, though listed their revenue as $2.8 million with a staff of 14.

(Note: we also found a number of scam accusations and critical reviews of Tai’s dating websites. More about that here.)

Online courses

Tai sells a bunch of online courses, primarily related to self-help and entrepreneurship. 

Best we can tell, he launched his first course – The 67 Steps; read our review here – in 2014.

According to a sales page for the course, more than 224,000 people have signed up so far.

There are several price points for The 67 Steps and also several upsells, including a VIP program with a monthly fee.

Our pessimistic estimate for the lifetime value of each person who has bought the course is $30, 23 which would mean at least $6.7 million in revenue to date.

Here’s an attempt to list all of Tai’s online courses: 

We’ve seen the prices of those courses range from $10 to $3,988, and Tai seems to be constantly offering discounts on one or more.

Which makes it hard to estimate how much he’s earning from courses overall.

From the prices we’ve seen, however, if each day he was to make just 1 sale of each of the courses listed above, he’d earn something like 

$691 average sale price x 23 courses = $15,893/day

Or approximately $5.8 million per year.

That’s a conservative estimate.

Given the size of Tai’s audience, he’s more likely generating 100+ total sales of his courses every day, which would put that income stream at something like $20-30 million per year.

Expenses would have to be subtracted from that.

And since many of Tai’s courses are created and taught by multiple instructors, it’s likely that he only ends up keeping a fraction of the revenue.

That said, at the 2:05 mark of the following video, Tai claims that he and his business partner have spent more than $500 million on advertising over the years.

Presumably, they’re getting a decent ROI on that ad spend or they wouldn’t have spent so much.

Given all that, it’s a safe assumption that revenue from selling online courses is Tai’s biggest source of income.


MentorBox is a company that Tai co-owns with Alex Mehr.

Customers pay a monthly fee and are sent a new book each month to “improve your financial and social life.” In addition, they get access to exclusive video courses, audio lessons, workbooks, and cheat sheets via the MentorBox website.

Tai has tweeted that the company has done a deal with WalMart:

Tai mentioned MentorBox several times in an August 2017 live stream on YouTube:

Some claims made by Tai in that video:

  • 16:20 – Says he launched MentorBox “seven months ago” (i.e. January, 2017)
  • 16:26 – Says he owns 50% of the company.
  • 16:49 – “We are now in 100 countries shipping books”
  • 16:58 – “We have the Netflix of books. It now makes $50,000 a day.”
  • 17:14 – “I spend one hour a month on this business”
  • 27:03 – “I invested $100,000 into it seven months ago.”

Tai reports lower earnings for MentorBox in a March 2018 video on YouTube, showing on screen that MentorBox had earned $17,384 that day and “$715,000 in the last month.”

Tai’s claims differ again in this webinar with Alex Mehr, which was most likely also filmed in 2018 24.

At the 43:45 mark of the webinar, Tai claims that MentorBox is “doing” $1.5 million per month, and later (at the 58:00 mark) reads from his phone that the company earned $65,000 in a recent 24-hour period.

Given all that, MentorBox would appear to be generating revenues of between $17,000 and $65,000 per day, which works out to between $6.2 million and $23.7 million per year.

No information is available on company profits.

But assuming there is a healthy profit and it’s split 50/50 between the owners, we can assume that Tai is earning a few million dollars from this business each year.

Sleep glasses

In the same video mentioned earlier, Tai shows a screenshot from an e-commerce store that has apparently earned $17,850 in a month.

Tai says beforehand in the video that the store sells “sleep glasses.”

At the 2:24 mark he claims that the same business sells $3,000 to 4,000 per day via Amazon, “so about $5,000 a day” total.

Most likely, this business is a partnership with James Swanwick of Swanwick Sleep.

Tai mentioned within the first two minutes of an October 2017 podcast that he and James had become business partners, and there used to be a testimonial from Tai displayed on the Swanwick Sleep website (see it here via

As per that linked podcast episode, Swanwick Sleep was on pace to earn $2 million in revenue in 2017.

However, the numbers Tai showed in the above YouTube video fall far short of $2 million per year, and once again it’s not clear how much of that is profit and how the profits are divided between partners.

Podcast sponsors

Tai has been publishing “The Tai Lopez Show” podcast since 2014, putting out an average of 100+ episodes a year. 25

Since June 2018, Tai has been promoting sponsors on the podcast, usually telling listeners to go to a special URL on the sponsor’s website to receive a bonus offer or discount.

Here are a few of the sponsors he has promoted on the podcast: 26

  • ZipRecruiter – hiring
  • NetSuite – business management services
  • SquareSpace – website builder
  • Skillshare – elearning platform
  • TalkSpace – online therapy
  • ForHims – hair care
  • LightStream – loan service
  • StockX – buy and sell clothing, accessories

Some sponsors likely pay a flat fee for each promo spot.

Tai claims on his website that his podcast “gets around 800,000 downloads per month.” 27

Averaging approximately 8 episodes per month, that works out to 100,000 downloads per episode.

According to this calculator, at those numbers, 2 mid-roll ad spots (which is what Tai usually has) would generate an income of $225,000 to $375,000 per year.

However, not every sponsor pays per promo spot. Some of Tai’s podcast sponsors likely pay him a commission for each customer he refers (i.e. affiliate marketing).

LightStream, for example, pays a $60 commission on every funded loan, while TalkSpace pays a $20 commission for each referral. 28

So if 20,000 people listen to an episode of Tai’s podcast, and 100 of them end up getting loans on LightStream via a promo link mentioned on there, Tai would receive $6,000.

But it’s difficult to estimate how much money Tai is earning via his podcast sponsorships overall.

Our best guess here is between $200,000 and $400,000 per year.

Affiliate marketing

As just described, Tai earns money as an affiliate for several businesses he promotes on his podcast.

He’s also known to use affiliate links when recommending books.

For example, this link in a message to his mailing list is an Amazon affiliate link:

Amazon affiliate commissions are small for books, however: only 4% for digital and 4.5% for physical. 29

Which means that for every $1000 of book sales Tai generates on Amazon, he only receives $40-45 in commission.

That said, whenever someone arrives on the Amazon website via Tai’s affiliate link, Tai receives a commission on anything that visitor buys there within 24 hours, and commission rates in some departments on Amazon run as high as 10%.

Still, we doubt this is a big earner for Tai.

He also seems to pass up the opportunity to affiliate link to the many third-party products and services we’ve seen him recommending within his premium courses (see our reviews here and here).

Coaching and consulting

Tai has a website at which funnels people to a sales page written in 2014.

Tai’s coaching fee as listed on that page is $9,750 a month.

In an October 2017 podcast with a former client, Tai said that the client had paid him $25,000 for a year of coaching in 2013. 30

Meanwhile, on a sales page for Tai’s Private VIP Mentor Coaching System, he writes:

the coaching and consulting I do now is also simply too expensive for most people. I charge up to $1 million a year for one-on-one consulting and my average fee is $50,000-$100,000.

We haven’t been able to determine how many people (if any) are currently paying those prices for Tai’s coaching and consulting services.

YouTube ads

One way we expected to see Tai earning money online was via ads on his YouTube channel.

According to one calculator, his total estimated earnings via YouTube ads could have been $655,055 to date.

Estimated earnings for Tai’s official YouTube channel (source)

Except Tai doesn’t show ads on his YouTube videos.

Instead, he’s usually the one running ads on other people’s YouTube videos.

As mentioned earlier, Tai claims to have spent $500 million on paid advertising over the years, along with his business partner. A large portion of that ad spend has undoubtedly been on YouTube.

An ex-business partner of Tai’s named Gary Kramer has claimed that at one point Tai was spending $1 million per weekend running ads on YouTube for his “Here In My Garage” video.

(Relevant part of the above video: 23:30 to 25:30)

Given that, it seems it’s much more profitable for Tai to forego showing ads on his own channel, and instead focus on pushing viewers to sales pages for his own courses.

Tai an investor in multi-million dollar businesses?

Tai’s website notes that he is “an investor, partner, and advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses.” 31

Unfortunately, the names of most of those businesses remain a mystery.

Rumors abound that Tai owns real estate and even some nightclubs, but we’ve been unable to verify such claims.

All we can say for sure is that becoming an investor in a multi-million dollar business is not a hard thing to do, if you count buying stocks as investing.

For example, you could buy 1 stock in each of the following companies for less than $500 total:

  • Bank of America
  • Coca-Cola
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Nike
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • The New York Times
  • Twitter
  • Under Armour
  • Walmart

Given that, we’re a little suspect of Tai’s claim here, especially considering how he’s no stranger to bending the truth, as detailed in these two articles:

Key Points: Tai Lopez Net Worth

  1. Tai Lopez’s net worth is not public knowledge – and we’ve been unable to verify specific figures – so the best we can do is speculate.
  2. Tai himself has claimed his net worth is in excess of $50 million, while we have received an unverified report from a Los Angeles CPA that estimates Tai’s net worth at $60 million.
  3. Tai has indicated that earning $3 million in one month would be subpar for him. If he’s to be believed on that, we can assume he’s earning more like $5 million per month, or $60 million per year gross.
  4. Tai makes money online in a variety of ways, but his biggest source of income is most likely online courses. At least a dozen courses are available to buy via his website, ranging in price from $10 to $3,988, and some require monthly payments.
  5. Tai claims that he and his business partner have spent more than $500 million on advertising over the years, which suggests that they have earned much more than that.
  6. An ex-business partner of Tai’s has claimed that at one point Tai was spending $1 million per weekend running ads on YouTube for his “Here In My Garage” video.
  7. Another big earner for Tai is probably MentorBox, a company which he owns 50% and has claimed to generate revenue of $1.5 million per month.
  8. Tai has written that he charges $1 million a year for one-on-one consulting, but it’s unclear if anyone has actually paid that much for his services. One former client named James Swanwick has confirmed on video that he paid Tai $25,000 for a year of coaching back in 2013.
  9. Tai claims to be “an investor, partner, and advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses.” Unfortunately, the names of these businesses are unknown.
  10. Notably absent from all of Tai’s money claims are details relating to profit. $50,000/month in revenue sounds good, but not so much if expenses are $45,000/month. Given that Tai has stayed in business for several years and appears to live a lavish lifestyle, we can assume his businesses generate a healthy profit, but we can’t to know for sure.

Read more about Tai Lopez

This article is part of a 9-part series:

What’s your best estimate for Tai Lopez’s net worth?

Is there any key information we missed in our research that you can share?

And what about the different ways Tai makes money online? Do any of the numbers sound exaggerated or hard to believe? Does Tai have another online income stream that should be included?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  2. Great research Niall. I believe that we have something to learn from everyone. Hating a person based on preconceptions as many people do with controversial persons like Tai, Donald Trump, or other people doesn’t make sense. You can get the good, and the bad of what they’re doing.

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