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Updated: January 19, 2023


How to Find Remote Jobs

7 ways get a remote job, ditch the commute, and work from home

Find remote jobs

Pretty much any job that can be done from an office can be done remotely these days.

Here are seven legit ways how to find remote jobs:

Remote Job Boards

We’ve spent 100+ hours researching and reviewing remote job boards.

These are the best we’ve found…

🏆 Best Remote Job Boards 🏆

Best overall


Best for US-based

Virtual Vocations

Best for anywhere

Dynamite Jobs

Best for corporate jobs


Best for startup jobs


Some people who found a remote job via FlexJobs

  • Kaurie Albert

  • Remote Executive Assistant
  • $35k – $70k estimated annual salary
  • Chris Nolan

  • Remote Accountant
  • $40k – $71k estimated annual salary
  • Art M.

  • Remote Health Coach
  • $32k – $67k estimated annual salary

Apply Directly To These Companies

Many companies post remote job openings on their own websites.

For example:

FlexJobs lists dozens more companies that hire remote.

Check their job listings and apply direct for whatever tickles your fancy.

Make Your Current Job Remote

If you currently work a regular office job, you may be able to negotiate a remote work agreement.

Jake was able to do just that and now works from home instead of a cubicle…

  • Jake Bartlett

  • Remote Customer Success Manager
  • $41k – $104k estimated annual salary

For tips on negotiating a remote work agreement with your current employer, see chapter 12 of The Four Hour Workweek.

Use Your Network

Words from Steven Rothberg of

About 90 percent of job openings go unadvertised, yet about 90 percent of candidates apply only to advertised job openings.

A recent survey also found that 45% of job seekers hear about job openings through friends, and another 31% through professional connections.

With that in mind, your network can be very important when it comes to finding a remote job.

Use your network in the following ways:

  • Use social media to let your network know that you’re looking for a remote job.
  • Reach out to friends and acquaintances who might be able to connect you to a remote job.

The idea is to let your network know that you’re looking for a remote job. That way you’ll be tapping into “the hidden job market,” which works through personal connections and recommendations.

António Silva found his job as a remote software engineer via his existing network. His manager at a previous job reached out to António and invited him to interview for a remote position with a new company…

As the saying goes: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know 😉

Check These Facebook Groups

Check these well-moderated Facebook Groups that post regular remote job opportunities:

🔥 Hot tip: In many of those groups you’ll see freelance as well as remote job opportunities. If you’re looking for a job that pays you a regular salary, you’ll probably want to avoid freelancing.

Pitch Your Favorite Companies

Who says you can only apply for remote jobs that actually exist? Why not pitch a company to create a remote job especially for you?

Here’s how:

  • Pick a company you’d love to work for
  • Pitch them your services directly

You can do this via email. Find the email address of the person at the company who is in charge of hiring.

Reach out and tell them:

  • Why you want to work with them
  • How you can help the company

For the second part you can take inspiration from Ramit Sethi’s briefcase technique:

The key thing here is that you’re not asking them to give you a job. Instead, you’re showing them why they’d be better off if you joined the team 💪

Create your own remote job

Did you know that there are many ways to make money online besides finding a remote job?

In fact, a remote job is only one of 19 types of online business.

So if a remote job isn’t happening for you, rest assured that here are plenty more ways you can work from home.

How to find remote jobs: you tell me!

Do you know a clever way to find a remote job?

Let me know in the comments below.

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