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Jake Bartlett – Remote Customer Success Manager

  • Jake Bartlett

  • Remote Customer Success Manager
  • $41k – $104k estimated annual salary

How does Jake make money online?

Jake has a remote job as a customer success manager, working from home for a company called Atlassian.

Here’s how he described his work in a January 2020 interview:

How much money does a Remote Customer Success Manager make?

We don’t know how much Atlassian pays for this position.

As of this writing, Glassdoor puts the salary range for a Customer Success Manager at $41k – $104k per year, with a $65k average.

The salary range for a remote Customer Success Manager may differ slightly.

What’s Jake’s background?

As per Jake’s LinkedIn profile, his qualifications include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Entertainment Industry Studies and Business Administration from Belmont University
  • Customer Success Manager certification from SuccessHACKER

Looks like he’s had jobs in project management and customer support since 2010-2011. He was hired as a Customer Advocate by StatusPage.io in 2016, and that company was later acquired by Atlassian.

According to the aforementioned interview, Jake was initially doing his job from the company’s office every day, before successfully transitioning into a remote work agreement.

As Jake tells it:

I was working with Atlassian/Statuspage for a few years and was getting burnt out on the San Francisco lifestyle.

I wanted to keep my job, but I didn’t want to live in San Francisco anymore.

So I started looking into the possibility of working remotely. I’m thankful to have a remote-friendly boss and to work for Atlassian—they’ve been taking a lot of steps to be more remote focused.

Where to find remote jobs like this?

If you’re currently working a regular office job, you may be able to follow in Jake’s footsteps and start doing the same job from home.

For tips on negotiating a remote work agreement with your current employer, see chapter 12 of The Four Hour Workweek.

Here are the best remote job boards to find a remote job fast.

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What type of online business does Jake have?

According to our framework Jake has a remote job, which would be considered a Level 2 online business.

Other ways to make money online

There are many other ways to make money online, to work from home or anywhere in the world.

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