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How To Speed Up Video Online

YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Etc.

The easiest way to speed up video online is to use a free browser plugin called Video Speed Controller.

Get it for:

Here’s what it looks like once installed:

Video Speed Controller

The plugin will work with Vimeo, YouTube, Netflix and pretty much every other video player online.

You can watch many audio-heavy videos online at 2x speed and not lose any comprehension. For a two-hour video, that’ll save you a whole hour.

Looking for more ways to save time?

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  1. You should change the quotes to not be smart quotes or you should caution people that they may need to change the quotes to not be smart quotes.

  2. Note to others who may be struggling: copy the javascript into notepad and replace the existing quotes with single quotation marks (‘). Then it should work fine. example : javascript: var v = document.querySelector(‘video’); var t = prompt(‘Set the playback rate’); v.playbackRate = parseFloat(t)

    1. Thanks for this! I’ve had the same issue come up copying/pasting T-SQL code with those funny single quotation marks. Didn’t even consider that was the problem here.

  3. Thanks for this. I converted to 1.5x or 2x YouTubing whenever possible, but hadn’t looked into how to do the same for the Vimeo. This will probably cut down my watch later list by years 😀

  4. There is a Chrome extension called “Vimeo repeat & speed” that shortens this process. I’ve just confirmed it works. No bookmarklet needed.

    Also, YouTube’s native speed options are very limited. 2x speed is often not the upper limit of your listening/watching ability. The Chrome extension “RightSpeed for YouTube” allows up to 4x/

      1. You’re welcome, River Niall. 😉

        FYI, I think your “Notify me of followup comments via email” comment feature is not working. I only knew you had responded to me by checking back here. I checked my spam folder, but there was nothing in there.

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