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John Crestani Super Affiliate System Review – Scam or Legit?

Researching and reviewing John Crestani's affiliate marketing course

john crestani money scam

This article was supposed to be a Super Affiliate System review.

Instead, after spending 10+ hours researching the program and its creator, I’ve ended up writing more of a John Crestani scam investigation.

If you want to know:

  • What the Super Affiliate System is all about
  • If you can trust John Crestani
  • Common complaints about the training
  • If students are actually getting results

Then this review should give you something to chew on.

Let’s get it.

John Crestani's Super Affiliate System – Key Points

An affiliate marketing course from John Crestani.

💰  Price

One payment of $997 or three payments of $397 (discount info)

😍  Pros

Nothing significant that I can see.

😩  Cons

Questionable success stories, unclear refund policy, and I find John Crestani completely untrustworthy.


Seems as bad as ClickBank University at 10x the price. I recommend avoiding at all costs.

Overall Rating

About the Author

Niall Doherty

Hey, I’m Niall Doherty.

I quit my last 9-to-5 job back in 2010.

Since then, I’ve earned my living online doing a variety of things:

  • Blogging
  • Web design
  • Online courses
  • Advertising
  • Ebooks
  • Affiliate marketing

I’ve bought and reviewed many online courses over the years, ranging in price from free to $3600.

Some of those courses were excellent (see my top picks here).

Some kinda sucked. 

And John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System is one I’m extremely wary of 😕

Table Of Contents

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani is an internet marketer from Los Angeles who, in my view, has a history of selling questionable products and services online.

Here’s a short bio of John from the about page on one of his websites:

According to my research, John’s backstory includes a stint as a medical test student, getting kicked out of university due to a cheating scandal, and making lots of money online by selling pseudoscientific health products.

According to a video posted to his YouTube channel in 2017, he earns “roughly $5 million per year” and would very much like to be your mentor…

(That video links to the promo webinar for his course, but I don’t think it’s worth your time)

More than 300,000 people have subscribed to John’s YouTube channel.

They write comments like this:

john crestani youtube comments

What is John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System?

Super Affiliate System is John Crestani’s premium course that promises to teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

super affiliate system art

Here’s how the course is described on one of John’s sites:

Unfortunately, my strong impression is that Super Affiliate System fails to live up to those lofty claims, as detailed below.

How can you make money with the Super Affiliate System?

From what I’ve seen, not many students of Super Affiliate System (SAS) earn much money. And I get the feeling that those who do earn significant income are mainly doing so like this:

  • They become affiliates of SAS
  • They promote SAS in a variety of ways 
  • They convert those marketing leads into sales of SAS
  • The collect a commission for each sale

Selling other people’s products and collecting a commission is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can be done with free or paid traffic, and you can use it to promote many different products.

Based on my research, it seems that one of the primary teachings inside SAS is how to promote the course itself with paid traffic from Facebook ads. 

If that is indeed the case, the process would look something like this:

how affiliate marketing works john crestani

Is the Super Affiliate System legit or a scam?

I won’t go so far as to call SAS a scam, mainly for legal reasons. But based on what I’ve learned about John Crestani and his students, my advice would be to steer clear of his Super Affiliate System.

As detailed below, I’ve seen so many red flags with this program that it seems foolish to invest any significant time or money in it.

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Super Affiliate System Price + Discount Info

Super Affiliate System usually costs $997. There is also a payment plan option, where you can buy the course for 3 monthly payments of $397.

John Crestani will tell you that the course usually costs almost $5000…

super affiliate system discount

…but my research failed to find a single verifiable case of a student paying that much for the training.

Super Affiliate System Discount

The $3,988 discount you see in the screenshot above appears to be available to everyone indefinitely, and $997 is the cheapest price I’ve seen for the program.

To save money I highly recommend that you NOT buy the program and consider some alternatives instead.

20 Reasons Why I Don’t Trust John Crestani

Here’s where I usually give you a list of things I like about the course, but the things I don’t like about Super Affiliate System are so overwhelming that we’d best start with those…

Is Super Affiliate System a pyramid scheme?

Strictly speaking, I don’t consider Super Affiliate System to be a pyramid scheme, since students are free to promote whatever products they like.

However, it seems to me that many of the “success stories” John Crestani shows from his Super Affiliate System are students recruiting other students to buy the same training.

According to money.howstuffworks.com:

The main characteristic of a pyramid scheme is that participants only make money by recruiting more members.

If you watch John’s primary webinar promo for the Super Affiliate System, the first four “success stories” he shows you ALL appear to be from students selling John’s training…

john crestani super affiliate system testimonial 1
SAS = Super Affiliate System
john crestani super affiliate system testimonial 2
Vendor code highlighted above is j1r2c, which is John Crestani’s vendor code on ClickBank.
john crestani super affiliate system testimonial 3
Sales amount for this one is the same as previous, so most likely another commission for selling Super Affiliate System.
john crestani super affiliate system testimonial 4

Here’s another student reporting earnings from selling John’s training:

john crestani super affiliate system testimonial 5

And another:

john crestani super affiliate system testimonial 6

And another:

john crestani super affiliate system testimonial 7

By now I’ve seen a few dozen “success stories” and testimonials for John Crestani’s course, and about 80% of them are either:

  • Students reporting sales of Super Affiliate System
  • Students reporting sales of products they prefer to keep secret

The likes of Tyler Ellison and Josh Morico fall into the latter category.

They could be earning affiliate commissions promoting lots of different products. Or they could be generating most of their income as big-time affiliates of John Crestani’s training.

No way to know for sure.

But check this out: when students buy the Super Affiliate System, they get access to a resources section filled with promo materials. 

Many of those promo materials are for SAS itself…

john crestani super affiliate system promo resources 1
At least 3 of the first 5 “Ad Swipes” resources are for promoting SAS.
john crestani super affiliate system promo resources 2
The first 2 “Presell Pages” resources are for promoting SAS.

Given that, I get the distinct impression that the primary purpose of John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System is to turn students into salespeople for the Super Affiliate System.

So it’s not a pyramid scheme, since you can use John’s training to promote whatever products/services you want, but students seem to be heavily encouraged to become affiliates of SAS and given lots of resources to help them succeed with that.

Unfortunately, it appears all those resources sometimes aren’t enough…

john crestani super affiliate system promotion fail 1
A post on Warrior Forum showing one of John’s students struggling to earn commissions by promoting SAS.

Outdated Testimonials

When John Crestani does show you success stories that seem legit, be sure to check the dates. From what I’ve seen, many of his best success stories are from 2016 or earlier, which I consider old enough to be meaningless.

Here’s an example:

john crestani super affiliate system testimonial 8
Source: John Crestani’s promo webinar for Super Affiliate System

John has a testimonial from Carlos posted on YouTube back in 2015, in which Carlos says he started affiliate marketing 1.5 years earlier.

Similar story with this guy:

john crestani super affiliate system testimonial 9

Tyler also has a testimonial on YouTube from 2015, in which he says he got started with affiliate marketing 10 years prior.


john crestani super affiliate system testimonial 10

John Walton’s testimonial on YouTube is from 2016, in which he said he’d been doing affiliate marketing since 2011.

So all of those students started in 2013 or earlier – when affiliate marketing was still the Wild West – yet here we are in 2020 and John Crestani is still telling their stories.

It makes me wonder if he’s lacking more recent success stories to talk about 🤔

John’s Students Doing Shady Things?

A couple of John’s more successful students seem to have no problem promoting controversial products and/or using questionable marketing tactics.

Take Ronnie Sandlin, for example:

john crestani super affiliate system testimonial 11
Source: John Crestani’s promo webinar for Super Affiliate System

Here’s a 2015 video from Ronnie:

Among other things in that video, Ronnie happily shows you how to fool people with a Facebook page that looks like a legit company (9:25), and runs Facebook ads with a fake account (13:20).

More notably, he reveals four of his own websites throughout the video:

  • smartpenny.club
  • ventureinsider.club
  • ventureinsiderreport.com
  • leveragefunding.org

During my research I found two more sites of his:

  • temetnosceagency.com
  • hiddenknowledge.school

As of this writing, ALL SIX of those sites are offline.

Not a good sign.

Brian Pfeiffer is another star student John Crestani likes to talk about:

john crestani super affiliate system testimonial 12
Source: John Crestani’s promo webinar for Super Affiliate System

Here’s a 2018 video from Brian:

Brian talks a lot there about promoting products that you can “probably get away with on Facebook.”

One such product he mentions is Ted’s Woodworking:

ClickBank marketplace product 2

That product is so infamous it gets a special mention on ClickBank’s Wikipedia page:

ClickBank product negative review 2

Brian also recommends a numerology product that you can promote via ClickBank:

ClickBank marketplace product 3

I made a whole video exposing that shadiness:

Also, while John Crestani seems to take credit for teaching Brian affiliate marketing, here’s Brian back in 2016 attributing much of his success to Ronnie Sandlin’s training:

Watching videos like that, I get the impression that some of John Crestani’s students are willing to promote ANY product by almost ANY means so long as they can make a quick buck.

Is one of John Crestani’s Students a Supervillain?

Look closely at a collage of John Crestani’s students and you’ll see a familiar face.

John flashes up this slide at about the 29-minute mark of his promo webinar:

john crestani super affilaite system students faces

The implication here seems to be that everyone pictured is a successful student of the Super Affiliate System.

John’s words while showing that slide:

“Hundreds of people all over the world are making their dreams come true and it’s really exciting, seeing the success. I know every one of these faces.”

At least four of those photos are of very young children, which I find weird.

But not as weird as this:

john crestani super affiliate system students faces cable deadpool

That’s a photo of Josh Brolin’s character from the movie Deadpool 2:

Perhaps this was an honest mistake.

Perhaps John hired an intern to create a collage of his successful students, that intern included a photo of a Marvel movie character for whatever reason, and John simply failed to notice.

But seeing that photo along with photos of young children in a collage that’s supposed to show John’s successful students… well, that has me doubting the legitimacy of the whole thing.

John Crestani asking you to lie to friends and family?

In one of his most popular YouTube videos, John Crestani recommends that you tell all your friends and family that his training taught you how to make money online, even if you’ve never taken his training and have no idea how to make money online.

Here’s the video, with more than 1 million views:

John tells viewers of that video that they can make money online by becoming affiliates for his training and promoting it to everyone they know.

Key quotes:

5:40 – “Make a post inviting people to a free training. Say, ‘Hey, here’s a free training which taught me how to make money online. Check it out.'”

6:12 – “You’re using your social networks. What you’re doing is you’re selling to friends and family. This is an asset you have that you can use to make a lot of money.”

6:30 – “Now when people click that affiliate link, and if they go through the training and buy the product, you’ll earn $450. So you do this on every social network you have. Or you create an email, and you send that email to every person that you’ve ever talked to, via email. Send out 200 emails, send out 400 emails, text it to people, email it to people, put it on Facebook, put it on Instagram, put it on SnapChat, put it on Twitter, put it on LinkedIn.”

To me, that sounds like nothing more than a great way to ruin relationships 👍

John Crestani banned by PayPal

An article on Forbes.com reported that John Crestani once sold products that “PayPal didn’t approve of” and had his account shut down as a result.

From the article:

john crestani forbes paypal banned

(Worth noting that Crestani links to the same Forbes article from an “in the press” page on his website. To me, that would seem to indicate that he doesn’t take issue with anything printed therein.)

John Crestani’s University Cheating Scandal

The same Forbes article reported that John Crestani got suspended from university for hacking the exam system and selling answers to other students.

From the article:

john crestani forbes university cheating scandal

John Crestani Sold Homeopathy Products

The same Forbes article reported that John Crestani was at one point “minting money” by selling homeopathic products.

From the article:

john crestani forbes homeopathy

In case you’re unfamiliar, here’s a video explaining (and debunking) homeopathy:

Basically, it’s an alternative medicine that’s not FDA-approved and widely considered a scam.

(I should note that it’s not illegal to sell homeopathy products, though some countries do have specific legal regulations regarding them. It’s just that I find it difficult to trust anyone who sells or promotes homeopathic products.)

Exaggerated Income Promises?

John Crestani will tell you it’s easy to make a lot of money online very quickly, as much as $1000 per day within 30 days. I consider this to be very misleading.

Sign up for John’s promo webinar and you’ll see this on the confirmation page:

john crestani super affiliate system income promise 1

Right at the beginning of that webinar, he says he’ll show you how to earn affiliate commissions that same day…

john crestani super affiliate system income promise 2

Later in the webinar he invites you to buy his course and says:

“By the end of the first week [of the paid training] you are going to see everything you need to start making commissions.”

As of this writing, I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for 1.5 years and have gotten my income to $4000/month consistently. I’ve also spent 100’s of hours going through many of the top affiliate marketing courses.

I can tell you that probably only 1 in 1000 people who try affiliate marketing are able to turn a significant profit in their first month.

And those who do usually spend A LOT of money on ads.

As noted in my review of Commission Hero, generating $1000 in affiliate sales every day at a realistic profit margin means spending about $600 per day on ads. And you’d end up spending $8,400 before getting paid a cent.

Given that, I consider John Crestani’s promises of quick riches to be ridiculous.

Well, unless you’re willing to start selling John’s course to others…

Bait & Switch

At the start of his promo webinar, John Crestani promises to show you a “simple 5 minute trick” to quickly earn your first $460 online. More than an hour later, he tells you he’ll only show it to you once you buy his training.

His exact words at the start of the webinar:

“I’m going to show you a trick that takes 5 minutes that you can do tonight that can make you your first $460.”

If you take him at his word there, you might sit through the next 80 minutes of the webinar, only to be told that he’ll reveal the trick once you buy his training:

john crestani super affiliate system income promise 3

Worse still, the “trick” is obviously to become an affiliate for the very training he’s urging you to buy, and then recruit your friends and family to buy it as well.

Which is exactly what John outlines in this free video on YouTube:

Do that and you might make $460 in commissions as soon as tonight, but only by convincing a friend or family member to spend $997 on John’s training.

If that sounds like your idea of a good time, you can sign up here.

It’s Really Easy! (But It’s Also Hard)

John Crestani will tell you that affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money online and you can do it in only 4 hours per week. But then he’ll turn around and tell you that it’s NOT easy and it actually takes a TON of work.

For example, five minutes into his promo webinar, John flashes up this screen and says his model for making money online is “extremely easy”…

john crestani super affiliate system easy 1

Literally three minutes later, he shows you this screen:

john crestani super affiliate system not easy 1

Later still, in a follow-up email, he’ll change his mind and tell you it’s super-easy again:

Don’t Be Skeptical

Do you get the impression that John Crestani’s training might suck? Well, according to John Crestani, that skepticism will only hold you back.

From the 1:53:30 mark of JC’s promo webinar:

john crestani super affiliate system dedication

At the same time he says:

“If you’re going to go after this, if you’re going to become one of my students, if you’re going to take this opportunity and apply it, you need to not go into this with skepticism, you need to go into this with dedication, with positive anticipation, okay? That’s a big key. Also you need to go into this with commitment.”

Here’s a rule that has served me well: be skeptical of anyone who tells you not to be skeptical.

Affiliate Marketing 90% Success Rate (WTF?)

John Crestani claims that affiliate marketing businesses have a 90% success rate. This is completely untrue.

At the 18-minute mark of his promo webinar, John shows you this slide:

john crestani affiliate 90 percent success

He says there that affiliate businesses are essentially the same as franchise businesses, and points to an article on Entrepreneur.com which apparently shows that franchise businesses have a 90% success rate.

Except it doesn’t show that at all.

In fact, the article on Entrepreneur.com that John cites says that such a stat is completely unproven, based on a discredited study, and an attempt to sucker people…

entrepreneur franchise stat 1
entrepreneur franchise stat 2

The way I see it, either John got very confused here and misread the article, or he’s intentionally misrepresenting what the article says to make his training sound more appealing.

Either way, I find it disturbing.

But what do you think?

Let me know in the comments below.

Fake Scarcity

John Crestani says you can only access his training or buy it at a discounted price for a limited time. But from what I’ve seen, it’s always available at the same price.

John Crestani will tell you that his webinar is free for the next few days…

john crestani super affiliate system webinar free

…but, according to the Way Back Machine, it’s been that way for several months already.

John will also tell you that his offer is available for an extremely limited time…

john crestani super affiliate system limited offer

…but it seems he’s had the same offer running for at least a year now.

He’ll tell you that only the next 30 people will receive a $4000 discount…

john crestani super affiliate system next 30 people

…and that you’ll pay just $997 for his training, today only…

john crestani super affiliate system special price today

…but, as far as I can tell, his course is always priced at $997.

If you can’t afford that, no worries: he’ll tell you that you can join with a special, never offered payment plan today only…

john crestani super affiliate system payment plan never offered

…but it seems you can get the same payment plan tomorrow, next week, and pretty much forever.

John Crestani’s Fake News Websites

John Crestani has pages on his own site that look like articles from news websites. But to me they’re nothing but a ruse to get people to watch his webinar.

Here’s one of the pages, screenshotted below with annotations.

john crestani fake news website 1

Included on that page is a video of John appearing as a guest on a TV show.

But right at the beginning you can see that it’s nothing more than an ad he paid for…

john crestani paid tv sport

Just like this small-town bowling alley paid to be featured on the same show:

John even goes so far as to have fake “related articles” at the bottom of the page that don’t link anywhere…

john crestani fake news website 2

Here’s another of John Crestani’s fake websites, screenshotted below.

john crestani fake news website 3

Same deal there: fake site name, fake menu, paid-for media interview… and everything linking to JC’s webinar.

John Crestani Wants You To Spam The Internet?

It seems to me that much of John Crestani’s advice for making money online boils down to this: spam your affiliate link everywhere and hope some sucker clicks on it and buys something.

Here’s a prime example, where John promises to show you how to make $100 per day from Facebook with one simple trick…

In short: he advises you to find Facebook pages in your niche and post your affiliate link to them.

You might notice at the 10:30 mark that JC cuts off the screen recording BEFORE he finishes posting his example.

Presumably, that’s because he knows full-well that Facebook doesn’t allow such blatant spam to be posted on their platform, as one commenter found out the hard way:

john crestani youtube comment facebook policy

Oh, and nowhere in the video does John show proof that he earned even $1 per day with his “simple trick,” let alone $100.

Same deal with this video, where he advises spamming blog comments with your affiliate link:

Meanwhile, in his paid training, John provides swipe files that you can use in your advertising. He shows a few examples of these in his free webinar…

john crestani super affiliate system ad swipes

I don’t know about you, but those examples look pretty spammy to me.

Unclear Refund Policy

It’s unclear what the refund policy for the Super Affiliate System actually is, and some students report that they’ve had trouble getting a refund.

Sometimes, when you go to buy the Super Affiliate System, you’ll see mention of a 60-day refund policy:

Other times you’ll see copy which seems to imply a 30-day guarantee:

Another time you might read that you have to complete certain goals within the course before you can get a refund:

super affiliate system refund policy 3
Source: SAS Refund Policy Google Doc, linked from footer of this SAS sales page.

Or you might stumble across the terms page on JohnCrestani.com, which states that the company doesn’t offer refunds of any kind…

super affiliate system refund policy 4
Source: JohnCrestani.com/terms

Meanwhile, I’ve seen reports from two students that it’s difficult to get a refund from John Crestani.

Here’s one:

Taking all that into consideration, if you are interested in signing up for Super Affiliate System, I’d highly recommend contacting John Crestani’s support team beforehand and ask them to confirm in writing what their refund policy actually is.

Does John Crestani sell your data?

Pay $997 for the Super Affiliate System and John Crestani will give you the email addresses of everyone else who has bought his course. Presumably, your email address will also be made available to every other paying student.

Students can download the list of email addresses from the resources section:

super affiliate system buyers list

Here’s someone reviewing John’s SAS course on YouTube, and talking about the SAS Bizopp Buyers List at the 5:30 mark:

As the reviewer notes there, the intention is for students to use that list of email addresses to create lookalike audiences with Facebook ads, and then try sell John Crestani’s course to those audiences.


“You cannot take these [emails] and put them into your autoresponder and start emailing them, because that’s spam.”

In reality though, there’s nothing to stop anyone who buys SAS from doing exactly that.

(And as we’ve seen, some of John Crestani’s students are suspected of doing some shady things.)

But aside from that, the intended use of that list – to create lookalike audiences on Facebook – is itself problematic.

TechCrunch reports:

techcrunch facebook custom audiences

I sincerely doubt that John Crestani giving you a list of everyone who’s bought his training qualifies as “proper user consent” being obtained.

Also, the following has me wondering if JC might also be selling his students’ data elsewhere…

super affiliate system sales calls
Source: trustpilot.com

John Crestani caught stealing content?

According to Neville Medhora on Twitter, John Crestani was caught red-handed stealing content.

Neville’s tweet about the incident:

john crestani neville medhora criticism

As far as I can see, there has been no acknowledgment, denial or apology from John Crestani regarding Neville’s accusation.

Instead, it looks like John just deleted his video and moved on like nothing happened.


Given everything above, one could make a compelling case that John Crestani is prone to lying, cheating and stealing. And yet he insists that students use his training ethically.

Here’s John on his promo webinar saying you can only join his paid training if you promise to be ethical…

john crestani super affiliate system ethical

Given everything I’ve learned about John Crestani, I find this to be the height of hypocrisy.

Praise for John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System 👍

In case it wasn’t obvious from all of the above: I strongly recommend that you be skeptical of any claims John Crestani makes, and that you steer clear of his premium training (see my list of alternatives below).

But, in the interest of fairness, I’ll now list a handful of positive things I found regarding the Super Affiliate System.

Some Legit Testimonials

While I find the the majority of testimonials and “success stories” for John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System to be suspect, a few do look legit.

Here’s one student doing a video testimonial for SAS in 2019:

He shows earnings of about $5000 in two weeks on a reported $1000 ad spend. He doesn’t mention what products he was promoting, but judging by the amounts it doesn’t look like he was mainly making sales of SAS.

Here’s another promising success story:

john crestani super affiliate system

Again, the details are lacking here, but the numbers indicate that this student was earning $37 commission per sale, so he couldn’t have been promoting SAS.

This student shows that he earned $10k in a few months selling books:

john crestani super affiliate system testimonial

And Tony here also seems to be doing quite well:

john crestani super affiliate system testimonial 15

But, if you ask me, it’s rare to find students of John Crestani achieving (seemingly) legit results like those.

More often you’re going to see questionable “success stories” like the many I listed earlier, or forum posts like this:

john crestani super affiliate system promotion fail 2
Source: warriorforum.com (that’s one of the most popular internet marketing forums, btw)

By comparison, I consider a course called Commission Hero (reviewed here) to have far more screenshots from students who look to be achieving legit results.


After first publishing this review, I sent it to John Crestani’s support team for feedback. They responded that my assessment of John’s testimonials was unfair, and noted that there are lots more testimonials for John and his training posted at johncrestani.com/testimonials.

I went and looked through the first 20 testimonials on that page and skimmed the rest, but nothing I see there changes my assessment. Many of the testimonials appear to be for John’s old Internet Jetset course (released in 2017), and many of the students are reporting only that they liked the training, or had recently earned their first commissions.

By comparison, very few students featured on that page seem to be reporting that they’re earning significant or consistent income from affiliate marketing, and fewer still show any evidence to back up such claims.

Lifetime Access, Free Updates

Once you’ve paid for Super Affiliate System in full, you get lifetime access to the course, and a free upgrade to future versions of the training.

I’ve heard this from multiple SAS students, and here’s a screenshot from within the course showing that you can access older versions of the training:

super affiliate system archives

Buy 1, Get 1 Free

Apparently, if you buy Super Affiliate System, you get one additional login for a friend or spouse.

At least that’s what John Crestani states during his promo webinar:

super affiliate system bring a friend

So if for some reason you do want to buy SAS, you could split the cost with a friend.

I think you’d be crazy to buy it even like that, but if you must…

Multiple Languages

John Crestani claims that the videos inside Super Affiliate Systems are subtitled in 12 languages.

I was skeptical of this but I’ve read reports that there are at least subtitles for several languages in the training, including Russian:

super affiliate system language subtitles


Are John Crestani’s students actually getting results?

It’s impossible to know how well John’s students are doing overall. But the impression I get is that a few of his SAS students seem to be earning good money with the program, while many of them appear to be doing so only by recruiting other people to sign up for SAS.

That’s what prompted the “pyramid scheme” section earlier.

The training does have some legit success stories, but those are few and far between, and they pale in comparison to the success stories I’ve seen for affiliate marketing courses I consider superior.

Who should join John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System?

I can’t in good conscience recommend that ANYONE sign up for Super Affiliate System.

After all my research for this article, I have a hard time believing anything John Crestani says, and I’ve seen no indication that his training regularly produces successful students.

Given that, I consider it foolish to invest any significant time or money in Super Affiliate System.

Especially when there are so many other options available…

Alternatives To John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System

I’ve reviewed many other affiliate marketing courses that I’d consider better alternatives to SAS.

You can see the full list in the table below.

Two courses in particular are likely to be of interest to readers of this review:

Here’s the full list of affiliate marketing courses I’ve reviewed to date:

Course Rating Review
Authority Hacker's TASS 4.6/5 Authority Hacker review
Income School's Project 24 4/5 Project 24 review
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Your Super Affiliate System Review

Have you ever signed up for John Crestani’s affiliate marketing course?

Please consider leaving a review below – good or bad – doesn’t matter so long as it’s helpful to our readers.

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  • This review was amended on 8 May 2020. It originally stated that superaffiliatesystem.org was John Crestani’s website, but this was incorrect. Mention of that site has been removed. Parts of the review have also been amended to clarify where the author is presenting facts vs. opinions.
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    1. Not sure I understand what you’re getting at. Why would having our affiliate link there be a bad thing? There’s a clear notice on the page saying that we may earn a commission if someone buys through the links on the site.

      Maybe you think we should only affiliate link to products we recommend? And not link at all to products we don’t?

      Quoting from our full disclosure:

      we do sometimes affiliate link to products or services we DON’T recommend.

      For example, all the links to wealthyaffiliate.com in our Wealthy Affiliate review are affiliate links, even though we state clearly in our review that WA sucks and advise you not to join.

      Our thinking goes like this: since we’re going to link to WA in our review anyway, we might as well earn a commission in the event that someone has a brain fart and signs up through one of our links.

      Inevitably, we rarely earn a commission that way

  1. This is exactly what people need nowadays, there are so many people trying to get rich off of people that aren’t financially stable or that are looking for a career change. It’s nice to see someone be honest about these scam artists !! Thank you !!

  2. Crestani seems to have bought wisdomfuel management too. They gave a bad 2.3 rating earlier and suddenly he is showing at 3.9 there. Don’t know when this site will follow suit.

    1. If Crestani stops with the shady marketing and actually produces a legit affiliate marketing course, I’ll happily rate his training higher. I don’t see that happening anytime soon though.

      Also, eBiz Facts isn’t for sale

      1. Right! And thank you!! I just responded to your affilorama review, which I felt was honest.
        I don’t agree to all your reviews though because I have a mind of my own. 😉

  3. Thank God for this article! I was really really considering to join Super Affiliate System. Is there another program that you could recommend me?

    I’m a newbie who just got started in this whole internet marketing thing. Was initially keen to try creating videos on youtube and ranking them after watching some youtube guru teach how he was able to generate $30,000 a month.

    Would you recommend this method to a newbie like me?

    I also stumbled across a website that is promoting Rankzpresso, a tool that helps me rank my videos higher. Do you have a review on that?

    I’m definitely a newbie so I really appreciate if you could give me some direction as to how I should get started.

  4. Yes, the man conned me. I felt emotionally connected after watching his videos. I thought there’s no harm trying it out since I will get a refund if it does not. The terms of refund were not clear and they confused me. I did not buy the costly affiliate purchases. Ended up blowing $1200. The only good thing that happened was he recommended STM forum, which is the best place on earth to network and connect with the industry leaders. I got Tai Lopez SMMA 3.0 for $49 which is again the best quality material on earth and for this price! I am expecting my first client (and many more!) from stm easily and will with Tai’s training. I am sure in a matter of days to weeks as soon as I complete. I also test rode TASS and will buy it during the black Friday sale. And yes Cretani gave “free access” to his updated version and I did not bother to open the course. He gives credible information but withholds important stuff for his even more expensive upsells. Someone has said, “a little learning is a dangerous thing… ” I kept convincing myself that I did right this time. But no he indeed conned me and m any more!
    He was talking bad about wealthy affiliate and suddenly he is talking good about them and posted their link. I also saw a thumbnail of him praising Tai Lopez but I felt to sick to watch what he to say. Yes, he does send a “thank you” card within 30 days of the first installment to play with your emotions so you pay another $800 more Conman Crestani go away!

  5. Sounds like he’s a charlatan who exploit the ignorance of others to get rich. Thanks for being a scam detective Niall.

  6. Thank you so much for your article and you thorough review of the different programs!

    I am actually looking into learning affiliate marketing and was interested in the SAS by Crestani. After your review, I will NOT look into it further and move on to another one.

    Thank you for saving me time and money!!


  7. Thanks Niall for the review. I bought the course already and i actually found the program from Crestani that is basically promoting his stuff and again most of the thing really seems to be outdated. The success stories are also outdated. But he has shared most of the templates to use, which can be customized and bring fruits… that’s what i think.
    I can give advice for the newbies to start with free courses and coming up with ideas on how things works first.

  8. Giliam Verster

    Excellent review about John Crestani. He must have studied at the BS university, like 90% of these gurus online. There are only a few online like Wealthy Affiliate.
    Giliam Verster

  9. Jarkko Johan Söderström

    I just joined SAS. I only read positiv posts about John. So I hope that you are wrong.
    Best regards Jarkko

      1. I think he is Crestani’s private coaching now. 🙂 The chosen few who’d succeed. Apologies for the sarcasm. I see you have given a low rating to Tai’s 67 step training. But you have some good points there. Yet, I am a die-hard fan of Tai Lopez now. So, am doing the 67 steps and “drinking” every word. Reading lots of books (especially his suggestions) and my life is in for a HUGE transformation. Find his insights way more powerful than the “four hour work week”, “millionaire fastlane” or “unscripted” It’s Tai Lopez and Evan Kimbrell (of Udemy now) to lead me through for the rest of year with ALL their courses. 🙂

    1. Hehe, yes. I also read only the positive. And was angry with anyone who spoke negatively about him. I also saw reviews of people who said that they had been trying affiliate marketing for years and finally Crestani’s course worked for them. There will be former “successful students” teaching lessons too to provide social proof. I woke to the harsh reality…
      The only good thing he advised was to join the STM forum. And you have that information from me now already if he is not recommending them in his updated course. I have woken to the harsh reality and how he is manipulating people with his stack loads of cash and playing on your emotions and selling his “story of success” Anyways you can Tai Lopez SMMA 3.0 for $49. It is a better deal than udemy with about 100 hours of super high quality information from experts in every field. Tai Lopez is an expert in his subject social media. And wherever he has a bit of doubt he gets the very best on earth. He also has a few novice succesful students teach at his e-commerce courses as a social proof and has lots of upsells. But EVERY word he says is worth it! TASS is also good but it is expensive like conman crestani’s course. Twice costly but the information is worth it.

  10. Hi it’s me MeanGirl again,

    What an excellent review about John Crestani.

    You held nothing back. He thinks flashing all that money on YouTube lures people to buy his training. I get it that people do fall for that type of sheit, I guess those students will have to learn the hard way.

    I also saw an infomercial with him and Chris Hansen…

    …and all they kept saying was… buy John Crestani’s book. I was so disgusted by that video. He tries to fool everyone with this important persona, but people will learn from his expensive unethical service the truth.

    I’m sure he paid Chris Hansen to make the infomercial video so he can look important without being the center of the story.

    If you notice in the title of that video, it says, “2020 Work at Home Scam Report with Chris Hansen and John Crestani.”

    To me, they made it look deceiving… it appear as if that video is the evening news show, 2020.

    From my perception of this John Crestani character is that he throws himself anywhere to try to get people to buy his SHEIT!

    Be careful people, if anyone sells good quality training services, they don’t have to do all that SHEIT, to get you to buy the SHEIT!

      1. I just checked coffeezilla and quickly checked his 10 fake gurus videos. And he has Tai Lopez right at the front! Well… I had ignored Tai Lopez since 2016/2017 because it was easy to say he’s just another “fake.” I joined wealthy affiliate and blew another $500 on a Stephen Floyd after checking a “scams online” site. Well… even if this guy said bad things about Crestani, I would stay away from him because of obvious reasons! He’s talking bad about Tai Lopez!! 🙂 I checked Tai’s financial advice and also his mentor box, knowledge society. TOP NOTCH courses for PENNIES. $60 a year! $70 a year!! wtf!!!
        The spiritual master I believed in, the whole word talks shit about him and I don’t care! And I was pissed with myself for missing them. Now my financial master is Tai Lopez! Even the guy who taught SEO in Tai’s SMMA Josh Earp I see has the best insights on SEO on planet earth!! I was ignoring the lessons… then 30 minutes of him… gave me 1000 times more information/hacks than 100 hours of expensive courses. Yes, Josh Earp knows more about SEO than Gael Braeton and co of TASS. Then Adrian Morrison for e-commerce… EVERYTHING in there in Tai Lopez!! I don’t care if this is not published because I seem to be CRAZY lover of a “guru” And yes I am! 🙂

          1. I checked your post. And yes, you’re right. 🙂 But whether is he clean or he leases his house or cars… I really don’t care. I found the best value in his courses and found them better than anything online yet. My respect emerges from there. And it won’t change if he is found guilty for something and spends his time in prison for the rest of his life.
            I will be done with all his courses in six months or so. And then find something else. But have a solid foundation now and sad I missed him all these years.
            I am not 100 percent clean, (maybe 100 percent fake like who I admire at the moment! ). But you are not either nor is any other human. Tai at the moment is maybe just a shoe that fit in to in my life or my situation, whatever!
            Yes, I am pretty excited now, and like everything in life, this too will pass. 🙂

        1. Thanks for the wonderful information, but would you mind making a review on ministry of freedom program also

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