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Hubstaff Talent Review 2020

Is Hubstaff Talent good for finding a remote job?

Hubstaff Talent Remote Jobs Site Review

A website for freelance gigs and remote work jobs from Hubstaff, a time tracking software company.

πŸ’°  Price


😍  Pros

50+ full-time remote jobs added each week; and 80+ hourly-based or fixed-price freelance gigs.

😩  Cons

Most jobs are low paid, starting at $2/hour.


Most suitable for those just starting out, and/or based in countries with low cost of living.

Overall Rating

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What is Hubstaff Talent?

A website for freelance gigs and remote work jobs, created by software company Hubstaff.

Hubstaff has thousands of customers that use their time tracking app – these are remote startups, software companies, agencies, e-commerce businesses, etc.

It’s free for Hubstaff customers to post jobs on the platform, so it may often be their first (and perhaps only) stop. However, most jobs seem to be low paid.

Pros of Hubstaff Talent

  • 50+ full-time remote jobs are added each week.
  • 80+ hourly-based contracts or fixed-price freelance gigs added each week.
  • Easy to find the most recent job postings, or to sort by pay rate.
  • You can send customized messages to each employer, which might increase your chances of getting hired.

Cons of Hubstaff Talent

  • The majority of jobs are low paid, starting at $2/hour.
  • The site is less suitable for remote workers than it is for freelancers.
  • You must create a public freelancer profile to apply for any job – even if you’re not a freelancer and you’re looking for a full-time remote job.
  • Your freelancer profile must state a minimum of 1 year of professional experience to get approved. Even if you just want to apply for a $2/hr gig which doesn’t require any experience in the job listing.
  • There are no categories to search by job type (instead, search by specific skills or keywords).
  • No location tags available to quickly grasp if the position is within your region or time zone.

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