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Glassdoor Review 2020

Is Glassdoor good for finding a remote job?

Glassdoor Remote Jobs Site Review

A general job board that also features company reviews and salary research tools.

πŸ’°  Price


😍  Pros

1,400+ new online jobs each week, with 100+ part-time; easy to find the most recent job postings.

😩  Cons

Not every job tagged as β€œremote” is 100% remote, search experience isn’t smooth, occasional site bugs, sign-up process isn’t customized for remote workers.


An okay site for remote jobs search – if you don’t mind spending extra time and dealing with some inconveniences (check out our time-saving tips).

Overall Rating

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Pros of Glassdoor

  • 1,400+ remote jobs are added every week.
  • Among them, 100+ are part-time and 10+ are entry-level remote jobs.
  • It’s easy to find the most recent job postings.

Cons of Glassdoor

  • The required sign-up process is time-consuming, and the questions aren’t created with remote workers in mind.
  • Some jobs tagged as Work-From-Home or Remote are not 100% remote but require in-person work in remote locations. For example, we’ve seen job listings for freelance hairstylists or makeup artists listed as “remote”.
  • The search function doesn’t work so smoothly.
  • The results page doesn’t always get refreshed once you apply new filters.
  • If you add new keywords in your search, all the previously applied filters will get removed.
  • Using Glassdoor’s job functions won’t always give you the most relevant results, and there’s a big overlap between some industries.

Glassdoor Verdict

Glassdoor isn’t bad for finding a remote job – if you don’t mind spending extra time and dealing with a few inconveniences.

Alternatively, consider investing a few bucks and subscribing to a premium job board. We found remote jobs sites like FlexJobs and Virtual Vocations much easier to use.

Glassdoor Tips

  • Always use the filter WFH or Remote to find the most relevant results.
  • When adding new filters, you might have to refresh the page manually.
  • When adding new keywords, always apply the WFH or Remote filter once again (as it gets removed automatically otherwise).
  • To find remote jobs in your job category, play around between using: 1) different keywords, 2) built-in job functions list, or 3) both at the same time.
  • The tricky part is that the relevancy of your page results will depend on the industry you’re looking in. For example: for remote writing jobs, we were able to find 40+ new weekly positions by using keyword search (keyword: writer), but no relevant results at all by using the existing built-in filters.

Best Sites To Find Remote Jobs

We’re on a mission to review all the best remote jobs websites.

Our top-rated sites by category:

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Virtual Vocations

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Dynamite Jobs

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Best for startup jobs


Our top 5 remote job boards:

Website Rating Review
FlexJobs 4.7/5 FlexJobs review
Dynamite Jobs 4.6/5 Dynamite Jobs review
Virtual Vocations 4.6/5 Virtual Vocations review
AngelList 4.4/5 AngelList review
Remote.co 4.2/5 Remote.co review
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