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FlexJobs Review 2020

Is FlexJobs worth it? Pros, cons and 67% promo code.

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This is the definitive FlexJobs review for 2020.

If you want to know:

  • Is FlexJobs any good?
  • The pros and cons of the platform
  • What kind of jobs you can find there
  • How to get a big discount on your membership

Then you’ve come to the right place.

FlexJobs review

FlexJobs Key Points


A premium job board with tons of remote, part-time, and other flexible jobs.

💰  Price

Free to view job summaries, premium plans start at $15/mo (67% discount info)

😍  Pros

800+ legit jobs added each week, all career levels, powerful filters for remote work.

😩  Cons

Interface confusing sometimes, not as many jobs from smaller companies and startups.


Well worth the low price, much more efficient than browsing several other websites instead.

Overall Rating

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What is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is a premium job board for remote, part-time, and other flexible jobs. You’ll find tons of verified work-from-home jobs across many different industries.

FlexJobs has been featured by the likes of CNN, Forbes, Time Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NBC and Good Morning America.

FlexJobs Review: FlexJobs homepage screenshot

FlexJobs Price + Discount (67% Off)

Short summaries of all job listings are available for free, but to see full job descriptions and apply for jobs, you’ll need a premium membership.

Plans normally range from $15/month to $50/year.

Each membership plan offers a 30-day refund guarantee. Cancel any time.

Members also get extra features and bonuses.

Black Friday Discount 2020 (Up To 67% Off)

This promo is running from Tuesday, November 24th through Sunday, December 6th.

  • $2.50 for weekly AND $5.00 for a month — up to 67% off!
  • $15.00 for 3 months — 50% off!
  • $25.00 for a year — 50% off!

Use promo code FRIDAY on the billing page to get the discount.

FlexJobs Promo Code (50% Off)

FlexJobs is running a special offer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Try using promo code SAVE50 or JOBS to get as much as 50% off your first payment.

Evergreen FlexJobs Discount (Up To 33% Off)

Use promo code FLEXLIFE on the subscription page to get up to 33% discount offer.

Here are the offers you’ll get using coupon code FLEXLIFE:

  • $4.95 / week
  • $9.95 / month
  • $23.95 / 3 months
  • $44.95 / year

Note that the discount ONLY applies to your first payment. Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the normal rate unless you cancel or expire your account (which you can easily do at any time).

Is FlexJobs legit or a scam?

FlexJobs is definitely legit and not a scam. I’ve been a paying member of the site multiple times with no issues.

FlexJobs is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating…

FlexJobs Better Business Bureau rating

Here’s how FlexJobs started:

FlexJobs was started in 2007 by Sara Sutton, an experienced entrepreneur, because of her own frustrating experience trying to find good, professional jobs that also offered flexible work options.

At the time, Sara was pregnant with her first son and she wanted an opportunity in line with her career that offered work flexibility like remote work or a flexible schedule. She was amazed at the overwhelming number of scams and bogus jobs in the remote job niche, and thought there should be one place where professionals could find legitimate, professional-level remote and flexible jobs all in one place. Sara put the idea into action by founding FlexJobs in 2007. 


You can see from the following video that Sara has appeared on many well-known TV stations and talk shows over the years…

You don’t need to worry about scams on FlexJobs either because they hand-screen and validate every single job and company added to the site.

We do not post positions that we find questionable or anything from companies that do not meet our strict criteria for legitimacy. Our purpose is to help job seekers find legitimate flexible jobs and to make the job search experience a better, safer, and faster one. We do the hard work of researching every single position, so that our subscribers can apply without fear of scams, identity theft, fraud, or other issues.


Here are some people we’ve profiled who found legit jobs via FlexJobs:

  • Kaurie Albert

  • Remote Executive Assistant
  • $35k – $70k estimated annual salary
  • Chris Nolan

  • Remote Accountant
  • $40k – $71k estimated annual salary
  • Art M.

  • Remote Health Coach
  • $32k – $67k estimated annual salary

Pros of FlexJobs

  • 800+ legitimate work-from-home jobs added every week.
  • All jobs hand-screened.
  • 50+ job categories with remote career opportunities.
  • All levels of career, entry-level to executive, part-time to full-time.
  • Powerful filtering options: 100% remote jobs, flexible schedule, willingness to travel, etc.
  • Concise job summaries and company profiles for easy browsing.
  • 50+ new jobs each week are international and can be done from anywhere in the world.

Cons of FlexJobs

  • Filters can be overwhelming and confusing to navigate.
  • Many job listings from big corporations, not so many from small companies or startups.

Is FlexJobs worth it?

If you’re short on time, FlexJobs is well worth the low price.

With so many legitimate jobs added each week, using FlexJobs alone is much more efficient than browsing several other websites instead. FlexJobs’ team of researchers does most of the legwork for you.

You should join FlexJobs if…

  • You want access to a massive selection of verified remote jobs.
  • You want to save time looking for a remote or home job.

Avoid FlexJobs if…

  • You can’t afford the membership fee.
  • You’re happy to spend extra time looking through (often unverified) remote job listings on free sites.

FlexJobs Tips

  • Browse the free version of the site first to make sure there’s a good number of appealing job postings in your industry and/or location.
  • To quickly find work-from-anywhere jobs, use the advanced job search options here. They’ll save you a ton of time. (For example, choose 100% Remote Work for Remote Work Level to see online-only jobs.)
  • Save your favorite advanced searches and set up email notifications so you get alerts about new jobs that fit your criteria.
  • If you find your resume falling short, you might want to invest in a FlexJobs Resume Review. They’ll have an expert revamp your resume to improve your chances of landing that dream job. The service has solid reviews and you’ll get a discount as a member.
  • Until you land a paid gig, treat your search as a job in itself. Clock in every day and put your best work into applying for positions you like the sound of. Do this consistently and it’s likely you won’t need to keep your FlexJobs subscription beyond a month or two.
  • Remember: finding a new job – online or off – is always something of a numbers game. When it comes to your applications, try to strike a balance of quality and quantity.
  • Check out their list of Top 100 Companies with Remote Jobs in 2020.

What kind of jobs are on FlexJobs?

You’ll find almost every kind of job you can imagine.

Popular categories include:

If you need to brush up on your skills before applying for jobs, see my tips for rapid skill building.

Which is better: FlexJobs or Virtual Vocations?

It’s a heavyweight contest: FlexJobs vs Virtual Vocations.

Both sites offer a similar service, helping you to find a legit remote or flexible job. We’ve reviewed both in-depth and you can’t really go wrong with either.

But we do like FlexJobs just a little more.

FlexJobs is better than Virtual Vocations if you want to become a digital nomad or if you live outside the US.

FlexJobs will also be cheaper than Virtual Vocations if you buy a longer-term subscription (3 months or more), assuming you use an evergreen FlexJobs discount.

Why does FlexJobs charge a membership fee?

They do this simply to cover their expenses and operate as a profitable business.

The website isn’t covered in ads, making it nicer to use. They also allow free job posting, resulting in more job opportunities for members.

It’s thanks to paid memberships that FlexJobs are able to put this kind of time and effort into their offering:

We work with thousands of companies who post flexible jobs directly to our site, but our “super powers” really come from our team of excellent, educated, trained researchers who scour hundreds of online job resources every day (including industry blogs, employer sites, reliable job boards, and more)… so you don’t have to! When they find a job listing that appears promising, they dig in for more critical evaluations. If it passes that phase, then the researchers find the most direct way for you to apply to that job (ideally on the employer’s site, but not always). Only then is the job added to our site, along with staff-written job summaries, company descriptions, company headquarters, and other useful information.


How do I cancel my subscription to FlexJobs?

To cancel your account, select the Subscription tab on the Account Details page and then select Cancel.

You also have the option to pause your membership for up to 30 days. Select the Subscription tab on the Account Details page, then select Pause.

I’ve both paused and canceled my own FlexJobs account at various times and it’s quite straightforward.

Is there a FlexJobs free trial?

No, FlexJobs doesn’t offer a free trial. Sorry!

But you can get access at a nice discount using one of the promo codes above.

FlexJobs free alternative?

We’ve reviewed many job boards here at eBiz Facts, and there are several free alternatives to FlexJobs that we’re happy to recommend.

Is there a FlexJobs app?

There is no FlexJobs app, but you should be able to use the site easily enough from the browser on your phone or tablet.

Does FlexJobs offer a guarantee?

They don’t guarantee that you will find a job via their platform – nobody can guarantee that.

But FlexJobs does offer the following Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with the quality of our service for any reason, simply cancel your subscription and request a refund (by phone, email, or our Client Service virtual chat) within 30 days of creating or renewing a subscription. We will quickly and promptly process your refund. The bottom line is that we want you to be happy with our service, and we’ll do whatever we can to make that happen.


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