Affiliate marketing websites examplesBelow you’ll find a curated list of affiliate marketing websites and how much money they make.

Our criteria for including a site on the list:

  • Earnings must be believable
    In some cases you’ll see screenshot proof of earnings. We’ve also used tools like Ahrefs to check that site traffic correlates with reported earnings.
  • Earnings aren’t supposed to be secret
    Many affiliate site owners prefer to keep their earnings private. So we’ve only listed sites and earnings that have been revealed or confirmed by the owners themselves.
  • A significant chunk of earnings must be affiliate
    Websites can earn money in many ways, but the sites on this list all attribute a significant chunk of their income to affiliate commissions.


Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

What is an affiliate marketing website?

An affiliate marketing website is one that makes money via affiliate or referral programs.

Such websites are sometimes referred to as:

  • Affiliate sites
  • Authority sites
  • Niche sites

They’re all essentially the same thing.

How does an affiliate marketing website make money?

In a nutshell, your affiliate site would make money like this:

How Affiliate marketing works

The above graphic uses the Amazon affiliate program as an example. Many other ecommerce sites also have affiliate programs you can sign up for.

Such as:

  • AliExpress
  • eBay
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Almost every web hosting service (eg Bluehost)

If someone else is selling something online, chances are they have an affiliate program you can sign up for. Then it’s simply a matter of linking to their products and services from your website, and collecting a commission for every sale you refer.

Let’s see some examples of websites doing this…


Succulents and Sunshine – $16,500 per month

The owner of Succulents and Sunshine reported gross revenue of $200,000 in 2018, which works out to about $16,500 per month.

Affiliate Marketing website succulents and sunshine

Cassidy Tuttle, the owner of the site, shared some details in a YouTube video posted in March 2019:

In the video Cassidy notes that site earnings are split pretty evenly between ads, affiliates, and info products.

Swim University – $25,000 per month

The owner of Swim University reports that it makes about $300,000 a year, which works out to $25,000 per month.

Affiliate marketing website swim university

Swim University owner Matt Giovanisci was interviewed on the Niche Pursuits podcast in September 2018 and shared some numbers:

“Right now in 2018–and I have concrete numbers up until August because we’re recording this mid-September–it has done $244,819.00 so far in 2018. Last year in 2017, it did $229,000.00 so it’s significantly–obviously, it’s not the end of the year yet and my latter half of the year is usually slower because it’s a pool industry but I’m assuming it’s going to get up to $300,000.00 by the end of the year.”

Vaporizer Friend – $988 per month

The owner of Vaporizer Friend reported that it had earned $47,440 in affiliate commissions in 4 years, which works out to $988.33 per month.

Affiliate marketing website vaporizer friend

Justin Meister, the owner of the site, revealed his earnings in a September 2019 YouTube video:

Justin clarified via the video comments that the $47,440 in earnings came over a 4-year period.

Camper Report – $8,000 per month

Camper Report earns “slightly over $8,000 per month in very passive income.”

Affiliate marketing website camper report

This site was built by the creators of Income School.

They report:

Slightly over $8,000 per month in very passive income.  Earnings come mostly from ads, followed by Amazon affiliate.  We anticipate an approximately 20% drop to the income during winter months since this niche is slightly seasonal.

You can see the traffic growth for the site from the 1:35 mark of this video:

CrochetKim – $2,606 per month

As per a sale listing on Flippa, CrochetKim was earning revenue of $2,606 per month, with 94% of that being profit.

Affiliate marketing website crochet kim

The asking price for the site on Flippa was $90,000, but it was unsold at the time of this writing.

From the seller’s notes on Flippa:

This incredibly popular, 20-year-old blog is all about crochet and has 375 FREE published crochet patterns — from shawls and scarfs to beanies, baby dresses and blankets.

Crochet Kim also has approximately 70 crochet patterns available for sale and download in easy-to-read, ad-free PDF format for USD$3. The website is monetized via AdThrive, the Amazon Affiliate Program and the sale of crochet patterns transacted via Etsy and Ravelry, a popular yarn and pattern database for knitters and crocheters.

Later in the listing it’s noted that the pattern sales generate $500 per month in revenue, which means display ads and affiliate earnings must account for the other $2,000+ per month.

Thank Your Skin – $6,184 per month

At its peak, Thank Your Skin was earning $6,184 per month over a four-month stretch.

Affiliate marketing website Thank Your Skin
How the site looked in November 2016 (via the Wayback Machine)

This site was interesting because the owner live-blogged his progress as he was building and growing it. You can see a list of updates about the site at

As per this update, it looks like October 2016 to January 2017 was the peak earnings stretch for the site:

Thank Your Skin earnings

However, the final update in the series shows that the site got hit with a Google update in August 2017, and earnings dropped below $3000 that month. – $57,195 per month

Site owner Ryan Robinson publishes monthly income reports and recorded average earnings of $57,195 per month for a four-month period in 2019. affiliate marketing website

Ryan has been reporting his monthly income for quite a while. Here are the reports for the 4-month stretch mentioned above:

Note that Ryan earned most of that income as an affiliate for Bluehost. His monthly income had dipped to $25,280 by September 2019.

Dirt Bike Planet – $2,500 per month

Dirt Bike Planet “is earning about $2,500 per month in passive income.”

Affiliate marketing website dirt bike planet

This site was bought and revamped by the creators of Income School, who now report that it’s earning “about $2,500 per month in passive income.”

In the August 2017 video below – starting at the 6:55 mark – they reveal that:

  • They bought the site for $7,000 earlier in 2017
  • It was earning about $3000 per year when they bought it – sold for $134 million

BBC News reported in 2012 that sold for £87 million – about $134 million at the time – after 9 years of operation.

Affiliate marketing website money saving expert
How the site looked when it was sold in June 2012 (via the Wayback Machine)

From the same BBC News article:

In the 12 months to the end of last October, MoneySavingExpert generated revenues of nearly £16m from 39 million users.

Of this income, about 59% was earned from referral fees paid by MoneySupermarket, which is based in Ewloe, Flintshire.

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

If you’re looking to build your own affiliate marketing website, a good course can help.

Here’s a list of affiliate marketing courses we’ve reviewed to date…

Course Rating Review
Authority Hacker (TASS) 4.5/5 Authority Hacker review
Income School (Project 24) 4/5 Project 24 review
Affilorama tbd in progress
Clickbank University tbd in progress
Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing tbd in progress
Wealthy Affiliate 1/5 Wealthy Affiliate review

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