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Adventure In You

Bloggers Earn $95,614 In 6 Months While Traveling The World

Tom and Anna from Adventure In YouTom and Anna have been traveling full time since 2014 and blogging full time since 2015 at AdventureInYou.com.

This case study is mostly based on a report they published detailing their earnings in the first 6 months of 2018.

Business Breakdown
Average Revenue 26
Average Profit 27
Time In Business 28
36 months
$0 → $1k/month 29
6 months
Starting Capital 30
Workload 31
unknown hours/week
eBiz Purity 32
Passivity 33
CENTS Score 34
Business Model 35


Lead Generation 36

SEO, social media

Monetization 37

advertising, affiliate marketing, one-time sale

Niche 38


Skills 39

blogging, SEO, 6 more…

Tools 40


Info mostly pulled from this AIY income report.
Workload and $ numbers are per owner/partner in the business.
Case study published March 14, 2019.

Revenue, Profit, Monetization

Average Revenue 41
Average Profit 42
Monetization 43

advertising, affiliate marketing, one-time sale

Those are per person averages for the first six months of 2018 only.

Month by month, Tom and Anna’s total blogging income looked like this:

  • January: $12,782
  • February: $12,703
  • March: $12,621
  • April: $15,174
  • May: $23,120
  • June: $19,233

Tom reports that their income for those six months breaks down like so:

Image via Adventure In You.

Display ads are handled by Mediavine (though Tom and Anna recommend Media.net for blogs with traffic of less than 25k/month; see their full review here).

Affiliate partners include Booking.com, Bluehost, ConvertKit and World Nomads, but they don’t specify how much they earn from each.

Products and services include:

Expenses were relatively low, at only $12,324 total, or approximately $2,000 per month.

Listed expenses include Facebook ads, ConvertKit, and ClickFunnels, though no specific amount is given for each.

$0 → $1k/month

$0 → $1k/month 44
6 months

This is an estimate based on Tom and Anna’s income report:

After a few months of working hard, we quickly made our first $500 and then what happened next blew us away. It changed how we viewed making money.

By the end of our first year, our travel blog started to bring in $2000 a month. The year after, we started bringing in $5000, $8000 and soon after, we hit $15,000.

Time In Business

Time In Business 45
36 months

Tom and Anna started blogging full time in 2015, and published their $95,614 income report in mid-2018. Their business would have been approximately 3 years old at the time.

Their fast success got some attention:

we were making over 6 figures a year from Adventure In You and a lot of people were asking us how we did it so fast (ie. within 2 years of starting a blog).

Starting Capital

Starting Capital 46

We’re not sure how much starting capital Tom and Anna had, but our best guess is not much.

Starting a travel blog is not usually an expensive undertaking. All you really need is a domain, hosting and perhaps an email autoresponder.

Adventure In You is hosted on Bluehost and uses ConvertKit for email marketing.


Workload 47
unknown hours/week

At the 2019 Nomad Summit conference in Chiang Mai, when asked about the workload on Adventure In You, Tom replied that he and Anna worked on the site 24/7 for the first 18 months, then more like 40 hours per week.

However, it seems they’ve had stretches where they’ve taken off work completely as well:

We love it when we climbed Everest Base Camp, don’t work for three weeks, yet still managed to make over $12,000.

Given all that, it’s difficult to estimate their average workload.

eBiz Purity

Full marks here. As full time travel bloggers, Tom and Anna have perfected working from anywhere.

Since we started our travel blog we have been able to train hop around Europe, trek through jungles in Indonesia, dive with whale sharks in the Philippines, jump out of a plane in Switzerland, venture into the Amazon rainforest and more.

I am so so proud to say, that in Q1 and Q2 we:

  • Launched a free course to help people start a blog and learn how to make money (over 6000 people have taken it so far!)
  • Grew our Blogging Facebook group to over 2000 members.
  • Launched Pitch Like a Pro Templates and Training (over 100 people have enrolled)
  • Launched the Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator 7 week course (Pre-sale sold out in 2 hours!)
  • Provided 1 on 1 coaching via Google Hangouts to over 10 people
  • Tested Facebook bots (which didn’t work for us)
  • Launched multiple funnels to promote our e-book travel guides
  • Grew our traffic to HALF a MILLION views a month

We did all this while:

  • Climbing to Everest Base Camp
  • Traveling around the Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, the UK, Portugal, Poland, and now, Spain.


  • Control – 1/1
    Tom and Anna’s income streams are well diversified, and they’ve started focusing more on creating and selling their own products.
  • Entry – 0.5/1
    Barriers to entry are notoriously low in the blogging world, but few bloggers get to Tom and Anna’s level. They’re now very well established and have built a respectable “moat” around their business, making it hard for newbies to compete.
  • Need – 1/1
    Adventure In You provides a ton of value to readers, both via their free and premium offerings. The primary needs they solve are the need to travel, and the need to make money blogging.
  • Time – 0.5/1
    Tom and Anna still seem to put a lot of hours into their business, but approximately 70% of their income is now passive (see below).
  • Scalability – 1/1
    There’s no obvious ceiling on the scaleability of Adventure In You. Traffic and profit can continue to increase steadily.


Tom and Anna chart passive vs. active income. It looks like this:

Image via Adventure In You.

It looks like approximately 70% of their income throughout the six months was passive.

We are building our blogging business as a lifestyle businesses. Meaning, we want it to generate serious money on autopilot and not be too dependent on our time.

We love it when we climbed Everest Base Camp, don’t work for three weeks, yet still managed to make over $12,000.

Key Skills

Here are some of the key skills Tom and Anna needed to develop (or outsource) to build and run their business:

  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Email marketing
  • Photography
  • Project management
  • SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Web development

Want To Follow In Their Footsteps?

Tom says now is a great time to do it:

Truth is, there was limited opportunity to make money blogging 10 years ago unless you had a huge following.

Today though, brands are a lot more willing to work with bloggers, good ad networks have come out and the affiliate opportunities are endless.

Not to mention the social network platforms that are now available to you for free to grow an audience on. The time to get started is now and we couldn’t be more excited to be in the industry!

If you’d like to build a travel blog like Adventure In You, check out these resources:

Below is a February 2018 podcast interview with Tom and Anna, where they talk about how they build their business.

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