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Updated: February 13, 2024


72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint Review

12 things to know about Toyin Omotoso's affiliate marketing training

72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint
2.3/5 2.31
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This is the ultimate 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint review.

72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint is an affiliate marketing course by Toyin Omotoso. You may know him as the founder of the Nigerian affiliate network, Expertnaire.

(Btw, 72IG is short for 72-Hour Income Generator.)

My team and I have signed up for the training and researched it thoroughly.

(Have you taken this course? Add your rating!)

If you want to know…

  • What exactly 72IG teaches
  • How it compares to other courses
  • The pros and cons
  • If Toyin’s training is a scam or legit
  • Are students getting results?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint – Key Points

Toyin Omatoso’s affiliate marketing training.

💰  Price

N65,000 / ~$141 (more info)

😍  Pros

Students seem to rate the course highly, relatively low price, tons of bonuses.

😩  Cons

No refunds, training often feels disjointed and hard to navigate, too MLM-y for my liking, hasn’t been updated recently.


Unlikely to help you build a sustainable affiliate marketing business.

Overall Rating
2.3/5 2.32

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About the Author

Niall Doherty

Hey, I’m Niall Doherty.

I quit my last 9-to-5 job back in 2010.

Since then, I’ve earned my living online in various ways. Over the last 4 years (through 2023) I’ve earned $842,000 from my laptop, mostly via affiliate marketing.

I’m on a mission to accurately rate and review all the best affiliate marketing courses. My team and I have spent 900+ hours investigating these courses and getting feedback from real students.

All that to say: we know a thing or two about such courses and making money online.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

We’re on a mission to find the best affiliate marketing course, based on feedback from real students combined with our own extensive research.

Unfortunately, 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint doesn’t make the top of our list…

🏆 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses 🏆

How does 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint help you make money?

Affiliate marketing is when you promote other people’s products or services, and collect a commission for every successful referral.

72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint mainly teaches you how to promote products from Toyin Omotoso’s own affiliate network (Expertnaire) via WhatsApp.

One of the main products they show you how to promote is 72IG itself.

Toyin Omotoso mentions five main steps for making money from his training on a sales page video…

  1. Sign up as to Expertnaire
  2. Choose an Expertnaire product to promote
  3. Set up a WhatsApp line
  4. Add customer’s contacts to a WhatsApp list
  5. Convert contacts to buyers

For the 4th step above, you are shown first how to promote products to your existing contacts (friends, family, etc.). Then you are shown how to find new contacts via free and paid strategies.

But again, 72IG is the main thing they show you how to promote here. There are even challenges that reward people for promoting 72IG.

That makes the whole thing feel a bit too much like an MLM scheme for my liking 😕

Who is 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint for?

72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint sells itself as a platform for everyone that has a smartphone.

And it seems to be primarily targeted towards the Nigerian market, as all the prices are shown in Nigerian naira.

A headline on the sales page says it all…

Complete newbies are using this NEW smartphone income technique to legally make as much as N750k a month – No Capital Needed.

It’s technically true that no capital is needed to implement the training, but some paid tools are recommended throughout. None of them seem 100% necessary however.

Does Toyin Omatoso have a good reputation?

It seems so, for the most part.

On one hand, I only found praise for Toyin Omatoso and 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint during my research.

Toyin states that he has more than 10 years of experience with affiliate marketing, and that he makes more than 100,000,000 naira (approx. $217,000) per year.

Omatoso has written several books on business, with names like… 

  • How to Turn Yourself Into a Live Breathing Cash Machine
  • How To Make Quick Crazy Cash
  • Where the money is right now & how to get it

Toyin also has a big following on social media, as both his and his affiliate network’s Twitter accounts have well over 100,000 followers.

My main criticism of Toyin however is the products he creates and promotes.

The names of his books above are a great example: for me they come across very sleazy and “get rich quick.”

Toyin’s 72IG training is all about promoting products listed on Toyin’s Expertnaire marketplace, and IMO the vast majority of those products fall into the “get rich quick” category.

Here are a few of the shadier-sounding products I saw listed on there…

  • MLM Instant Recruiting Formula
  • $1000 Per Month NFT Income Template
  • Affiliate profit per minute
  • MLM Six Figure Accelerator Program
  • The Secret of Seduction
  • The 30-Day Natural Weight Loss Challenge
  • 28-Day Body Transformation Program

Sure, some of those products might offer valuable nuggets of wisdom, but the marketing really rubs me the wrong way.

Oh, and within the 72IG training, these are the criteria you are instructed to use to pick a product to promote…

72ig whatsapp income blueprint toyin omotoso review course criteria

A glaring omission there is the most important criteria of all, IMO…

  • Is the product itself actually good?

Unfortunately, Toyin doesn’t seem concerned about the quality of the products listed on his Expertnaire marketplace at all 😕

Here’s an interview with Toyin so you can get a feel for his style…

Are 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint students getting results?

Browse through the official 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint websites and you’ll find no shortage of student testimonials.

For example…

72ig whatsapp income blueprint toyin omotoso review student results
72ig whatsapp income blueprint toyin omotoso review student testimonials
72ig whatsapp income blueprint toyin omotoso review student reviews

There are many more success stories like this, but it seems like all of them are more than a year old. Even the YouTube testimonials on the official website, which should be the newest ones, are more than a year old.

This could mean that either the official webpages haven’t been updated lately, or students aren’t seeing any significant results from following the training lately.

But another concern here is that all these students are apparently making money by promoting products from the Expertnaire marketplace. And as I noted above, many of those products seem quite shady.

How much does 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint cost?

Lifetime access to 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint will cost you 65,000 Naira, which at the time of this writing roughly translates to $141 USD.

According to Toyin, there are no additional costs you need to cover.

However, since you’ll need to start your own website to fully utilize the second part of the training, you may want to put out some extra cash to cover hosting and a domain for your site.

Toyin also recommends some free tools throughout the training (eg. a WhatsApp autoresponder) but encourages students to pay for the premium versions.

72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint Discount?

I’ve scoured everywhere for a discount or coupon code, but it seems none are available.

It appears you’ll have to pay the entire amount for access.

Refund Policy

72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint does not give refunds.

The official word…

At this point, I have to let you know that this product does not have a money back guarantee and the reason is simple.

If you are buying it because you already want to fail and collect your money back, then we will rather prefer that you do not get it.

This program is for people who really want to win and are ready to put in the required efforts to do so.

If that is not you, then don’t get the program.

It is as simple as that.

In general, I don’t like this policy. While I agree you shouldn’t go into a course expecting a refund, there are plenty of legitimate reasons a person might want one after taking the course.

How is 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint structured?

Here’s what the training looks like once you’re logged in…

72ig whatsapp income blueprint toyin omotoso review course page

The core training consists of two main courses:

  • 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator
  • 72IG Implementation Program 2.0

Both of them have 10-15 YouTube video lessons. The video length spans from just a few minutes to over an hour.

I found the training very scattered, especially with the second part seemingly repeating parts of the first one. For example, both parts of the training touch upon paid ads and Facebook ads.

Although the training comes with a whole lot of bonus lessons, templates, spreadsheets, and access to an affiliate network, I found the lessons underwhelming.

From what I’ve seen, most of the lessons consist of a bunch of slides, with the instructor just talking over them, not offering much on top of that. I found it to be far too much theory and not enough practical instruction.

Finally, there’s a Facebook group for 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint, but I get the feeling it’s completely abandoned…

72ig whatsapp income blueprint toyin omotoso review facebook group activity

So don’t expect to be part of a thriving community if you purchase this course!

Green Lights 🟢 

A few things to like about 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint…

  • Students seem to rate the course highly.
  • Low price compared to most other affiliate marketing courses.
  • Tons of bonuses provided.

Red Flags 🚩 

A few things about 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint that might give you pause…

  • No refunds.
  • Training often feels disjointed and hard to navigate.
  • Too MLM-y for my liking.
  • Looks like the core training hasn’t been updated since 2021.
  • No consideration given to the quality of products promoted.

Other things you should know

  • It’s not clear if Toyin has successfully done affiliate marketing via WhatsApp himself. I didn’t see any clear examples of him having done this throughout the training – instead it’s mostly theory. I would have expected him to show screenshots from WhatsApp conversations he has had that made him money.
  • Look forward to finding handy downloads in the training, including things like checklists.
  • If you buy 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint, you’ll also get access to Expertnaire for a year, as well as 50% commission for the 72IG Implementation Program. This is one of those things that makes it all feel a bit too MLM-y for my liking.

Should you join 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint?

Personally, I’d be hesitant to join this course given all the above.

I simply don’t believe it can help you build a sustainable affiliate marketing business. 

Best-case scenario, you can probably make some quick money here by promoting 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint or other questionable Expertnaire products to your family and friends.

But your family and friends will probably end up resenting you for it 😕

If you’re not especially partial to Toyin Omotoso but still want to learn affiliate marketing, I’d recommend starting with some better-rated courses that have solid refund policies (see below).

72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint – Key Points

Toyin Omatoso’s affiliate marketing training.

💰  Price

N65,000 / ~$141 (more info)

😍  Pros

Students seem to rate the course highly, relatively low price, tons of bonuses.

😩  Cons

No refunds, training often feels disjointed and hard to navigate, too MLM-y for my liking, hasn’t been updated recently.


Unlikely to help you build a sustainable affiliate marketing business.

Overall Rating
2.3/5 2.33

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Your Thoughts on 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint

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Student Reviews of 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint

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April 10, 2023

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My Review of 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint

For me, 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint is good because it made me understand the foundation of affiliate marketing. The course also taught me that affiliate marketing is not a Ponzi scheme.

The course is presented both in video and PDF form.

I learned how to get organic and paid traffic even though I did not have money for paid traffic then. With the knowledge obtained through this course, I sold some products as an affiliate marketer.

Pros and Cons

  • Simple to understand.
  • Easy to implement.
  • You need to have money to purchase other items to help you as an affiliate marketer.
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