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PrizeRebel Review 2020

13 things you should know about PrizeRebel

This is the definitive PrizeRebel review for 2020.

We’ve spent 100+ hours researching and testing the best survey sites.

Here’s how PrizeRebel stacks up…

PrizeRebel – Key Points
Dollars Per Hour 1
Payment Options

PayPal or gift cards (Amazon, Visa, iTunes, etc.)

Minimum Payout 2

Starts at $5

Platforms 3

Web only

Survey Quantity 4
Countries Available

Anywhere in the world

Referral Program 5

Available (details here)

Sign-Up Bonus


Overall Rating
3.9/5 6

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What is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is an online survey site that pays you to take surveys, watch videos or complete daily challenges. As you complete such tasks, you earn points. These points can then be redeemed for cash or gift cards from sites like Amazon, iTunes, eBay, PayPal and more (country dependent).

Anyone in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia can complete surveys but those outside these countries can still earn from offer walls, tasks, daily points, and gaining referrals.

No matter where you are in the world, you can sign up and start earning.

There is no mobile app but there is a PrizeRebel Chrome extension. This can keep you up to date with your account in your browser and send new survey notifications.

You have to be 18+ years old (or 16+ with parental consent) to use the site.

This way of making money online is known as GetPaidTo.

How does PrizeRebel work?

PrizeRebel partners with market research companies who are looking for public opinions on their products or services. Completing activities via the website helps them do that. In exchange you get cash rewards…

The best way to earn on PrizeRebel is through surveys. You do this by going to the Earn tab in the menu bar. You’ll see a list of different providers…

PrizeRebel tasks involve things like signing up for mailing lists (offer walls), making targeted searches and making purchases through their retail partners. You can also participate in contests, raffles and lucky number draws.

Is PrizeRebel legit or a scam?

PrizeRebel is definitely legit. It is owned by market research company iAngelic, Inc. It operates out of Las Vegas, US. 

Since starting out in 2007, PrizeRebel claims to have grown to almost 11 million members. It also reports $22 million dollars have been paid out since then.

PrizeRebel has a decent 3.3 rating from 148 reviews on Trustpilot.com…

Although it’s unaccredited over at Better Business Bureau…

Source: BBB.org

Despite this, PrizeRebel generally has a good reputation online. They even have team members respond to questions and complaints on Reddit.

PrizeRebel definitely isn’t a scam.

So is PrizeRebel safe?

PrizeRebel is safe. Member accounts undergo manual security verifications at various stages (cash outs, membership tiers, etc). They also have a zero spam policy.

How much does PrizeRebel pay?

An average pay for someone spending a couple of hours completing surveys tends to be around the $5-10 mark. So it’s best to assume your earnings will be $2 – $5 an hour.

  • Rhonda Rebel

  • Online Survey Taker at PrizeRebel
  • $2 – $5 per hour

Rhonda Rebel represents a typical person doing online research studies at PrizeRebel. As you can see, the earnings are fairly low, but this is typical for survey sites.

PrizeRebel pay works on a point-based system. 

  • 1 point = $0.01
  • 100 points = $1
  • 1,000 points = $10

The number of points available per survey is set by the advertisers themselves. Some pay out more than others. Each survey tells you this beforehand.

Something that also affects pay are PrizeRebel’s Account Levels. Your earning capacity increases as you earn points and advance levels. Bonuses and prize discounts begin at the Gold level (requires 4500 points)…

The number of surveys available on the site is reported to be good, same as for other point earning activities.

There are some reports of issues qualifying however.

How does PrizeRebel pay?

Payment Options

PayPal or gift cards (Amazon, Visa, iTunes, etc.)

Minimum Payout 7

Starts at $5

You can redeem earned points for cash via PayPal or Visa, and for gift vouchers from sites like Amazon, iTunes, eBay, Google Play, PlayStation, and more (country dependent).

Other redeem options are listed in this video…

Additional info:

  • The minimum cash out limits are set by the retailers. Some Reddit users report to be able to cash out for an Amazon gift card at $5. 
  • You can claim your rewards by clicking the Rewards button in the main menu. Electronically delivered items will show on your rewards history page.
  • Processing rewards can take anything up to 24 hours. For Gold members and above redemptions are faster (within 10 minutes). 
  • I haven’t read many reports of payment problems.

PrizeRebel Sign Up

Sign-Up Bonus


Countries Available

Anywhere in the world

You can sign up for PrizeRebel by clicking here.

Sign up only takes a few seconds…

To create an account, you can either sign up via your Facebook account or enter your email, name and choose a password. You’ll then be sent a confirmation email to verify your account.

There is no sign up bonus.

PrizeRebel Promo Codes

PrizeRebel promo codes appear randomly via social media. They offer free redemption points to existing members. Check out these Facebook and Twitter feeds for a chance to find a PrizeRebel promo code.

To redeem your PrizeRebel promo code, log into your account and click on the promo code icon at the top right of the page. Enter the promo code and click “Go!”.

PrizeRebel Hack

I spent some time searching for and testing hacks to help you earn more money on PrizeRebel. Main hacks include:

  • Watching videos across multiple devices (up to three) is a good way to earn points fast. 
  • Another hack includes completing your profile to qualify for better surveys.
  • Be careful not to speed through surveys or use false information too…

For more ideas, check out our general list of 12 survey site hacks to help you maximize your earnings on PrizeRebel and similar sites 😉

PrizeRebel Referral Program

PrizeRebel’s referral program offers another way to earn cash. Recommend PrizeRebel to your friends via your own referral link and you’ll earn points based on their activity. Here’s how it works…

The higher account level you reach, the more points you’ll earn from your referral. The Diamond account level will give you a 30% rate…

PrizeRebel Complaints

Common complaints include:

  • Issues qualifying or being screened out while taking surveys
  • Being sent to repetitive third-party survey sites away from the platform
  • Too many low paying surveys.

Is PrizeRebel worth it?

PrizeRebel, even though the pay isn’t great, could be worth it. However, if you’re looking to earn a living working online, there are much better options for that.

The number of activities available on PrizeRebel to earn points is good. There’s also a lot of choice when it comes to cash outs too.

It maybe falls short when it comes to the account level system. Research suggests the higher you get, the more difficult it becomes to find surveys to qualify for. 

There’s also the issue of being screened out a lot on surveys too.

I’ll give PrizeRebel a 3.9 rating

PrizeRebel Alternatives

🏆 Best Survey Sites 🏆

Best Overall


Dollars Per Hour


Survey Quantity


Payment Options


Quick Payout


Mobile App

QuickThoughts, Swagbucks

Outside USA

PaidViewpoint, PrizeRebel

Referral Program


Sign-Up Bonus

Survey Junkie

We’re on a mission to review all the best survey sites.

Here’s our progress so far…

Survey Site Rating Review
1. PrizeRebel 3.9/5 PrizeRebel review
2. Survey Junkie 3.6/5 Survey Junkie review
3. QuickThoughts 3.1/5 QuickThoughts review
4. Vindale Research 3/5 Vindale Research review
5. OneOpinion 2.9/5 OneOpinion review
6. Swagbucks 2.5/5 Swagbucks review
7. MyPoints 2.3/5 MyPoints review
8. PaidViewpoint 2/5 PaidViewpoint review
9. Pinecone Research 2/5 Pinecone Research review
10. Qmee 2/5 Qmee review
11. Tellwut 1.9/5 Tellwut review
12. Opinion Outpost 1.8/5 Opinion Outpost review
13. InboxDollars 1.5/5 InboxDollars review
14. NeoBux 0.5/5 NeoBux review
Full list of best survey sites »

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