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OneOpinion Review 2020

12 things you should know about OneOpinion

This is the definitive OneOpinion review for 2020.

We’ve spent 100+ hours researching and testing the best survey sites.

Here’s how OneOpinion stacks up…

OneOpinion – Key Points
Dollars Per Hour 1
Payment Options

PayPal, gift cards.

Minimum Payout 2


Platforms 3

Web only.

Survey Quantity 4
Countries Available


Referral Program 5


Sign-Up Bonus


Overall Rating
2.9/5 6

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What is OneOpinion?

OneOpinion is a website that offers you points for taking surveys and giving your opinions on products. You can then redeem these points for cash or reward vouchers (Amazon, Visa, etc). 

The site is open to users in the US or UK. If you’re in one of these countries, you can sign up and start earning.

OneOpinion homepage

This way of making money online is known as GetPaidTo.

How does OneOpinion work?

The surveys you do on the platform provide feedback for businesses. This is then used to improve their products or services (or develop new ones).

In exchange for your opinions, you get paid

Here’s how OneOpinion explains it…

Is OneOpinion legit or a scam?

I’d say it’s definitely legit.

OneOpinion is run by market insights company Dynata LLC, operating out of Texas, US. The survey site itself has been in operation since 2011.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Dynata LLC scores an A+ rating.

Source: BBB.org

However, Dynata’s customer reviews aren’t as impressive…

Source: BBB.org

The story is similar on Trustpilot…

Aside from these ratings, OneOpinion appears to have a good reputation. Many Reddit users report it being both legit and reliable.

So is OneOpinion safe?

OneOpinion is safe.

The site employs 2-Step Verification to protect its users. They will also send security codes via SMS if required.

The platform takes data privacy seriously too. Here’s what they have to say…

My research didn’t show any security concerns using the site.

How much does OneOpinion pay?

  • Olga Opie

  • Online Survey Taker at OneOpinion
  • $2 – 3 per hour

Olga Opie represents a typical person doing online research studies at OneOpinion. As you can see, her earnings are fairly low. (This is typical for survey sites.)

There’s no official confirmation, but by all accounts, the OneOpinion points system works like this:

  • 10 points = $0.01
  • 100 points = $0.10
  • 1000 points = $1.00

The points you get from each survey vary. Most members of the site report earning 1000 points per survey. This accounts for $1 per 20 minutes (the average survey length). 

Other users claim higher, earning up to 2500 points ($2.50) for a 15-minute survey. OneOpinion themselves don’t provide concrete information about their points system or the average survey pay-out.

The amount of surveys available is reported to be good, although some users report issues qualifying. 

Long-term earnings from OneOpinion differ. One Reddit user claims making up to $2000 over a few years. Another says $25 per month is a more realistic figure.

How does OneOpinion pay?

Payment Options

PayPal, gift cards.

Minimum Payout 7


OneOpinion offers members the chance to exchange points for Amazon eCards, Visa gift cards or cash via PayPal.

The minimum payout amount is 25,000 points, which equals $25. 

Here’s how they explain it…

Some members report problems cashing out. OneOpinion’s 24/7 support service is said to resolve most issues quickly though.

I have seen reports of unnotified account cancellations, but these seem to be rare.

OneOpinion Sign Up

Sign-Up Bonus


Countries Available


You can sign up for OneOpinion by clicking here.

A chatbot will guide you through the process. You’ll have to enter your name, accept their user agreement, and provide an email address.

You’ll also be asked to verify that you’re either in the US or UK.

From there you’ll be sent an email to confirm your sign-up. Clicking that will complete your account registration and you’ll be able to start taking surveys. There is no sign up bonus.

The whole process takes a few minutes

OneOpinion Hacks

It’s worth attempting surveys on OneOpinion even if you feel you may not qualify.

This is because you can still earn points for trying (anything up to 50 points).

Try to be quick with the surveys, but not too quick!

There’s a theory that each survey works on a timer. If you go too fast or take too long your chances of disqualification go up.

Another is if you get a survey that you feel isn’t worth it – both in terms of pay and estimated time – start it, return to OneOpinion’s main page and then refresh your browser. You won’t get the disqualification points here but you might get a better-paying survey.

For more ideas check out our general survey site hacks article.

OneOpinion Referral Program

Referral Program 8


There’s no mention of a referral program.

However, OneOpinion does encourage members of the same household to sign-up and complete activities. Each user will have to sign up for an individual account.

OneOpinion Complaints

The main complaints I’ve read about OneOpinion include:

  • Random account cancellations
  • Limited chat-bot support
  • Survey qualification issues.

Is OneOpinion worth it?

As potential earnings are too low, OneOpinion isn’t ideal if you’re looking to earn a living working online. (There are much better options for that.)

But OneOpinion can be a decent way to earn a little extra cash while you have 20 minutes or so to spare watching Netflix or listening to a podcast.

The major pro of the site is it has a reliable number of surveys. The cons outweigh this however, mainly with the pay-per-survey being quite low.

My score for OneOpinion is 2.9 out of 5.

OneOpinion Alternatives

🏆 Best Survey Sites 🏆

Best Overall


Dollars Per Hour


Survey Quantity


Payment Options


Quick Payout


Mobile App

QuickThoughts, Swagbucks

Outside USA

PaidViewpoint, PrizeRebel

Referral Program


Sign-Up Bonus

Survey Junkie

We’re on a mission to review all the best survey sites.

Here’s our progress so far…

Survey Site Rating Review
1. PrizeRebel 3.9/5 PrizeRebel review
2. Survey Junkie 3.6/5 Survey Junkie review
3. QuickThoughts 3.1/5 QuickThoughts review
4. Vindale Research 3/5 Vindale Research review
5. OneOpinion 2.9/5 OneOpinion review
6. Swagbucks 2.5/5 Swagbucks review
7. MyPoints 2.3/5 MyPoints review
8. PaidViewpoint 2/5 PaidViewpoint review
9. Pinecone Research 2/5 Pinecone Research review
10. Qmee 2/5 Qmee review
11. Tellwut 1.9/5 Tellwut review
12. Opinion Outpost 1.8/5 Opinion Outpost review
13. InboxDollars 1.5/5 InboxDollars review
14. NeoBux 0.5/5 NeoBux review
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