Sometimes, the best way to find clients or customers for your online business is to connect with people offline.

A great example of this comes from Max Maher. In the video below, he details a self-assigned challenge to boost his business.

My goal was to in-person cold contact 500 businesses that could potentially refer my business to their clients. This challenge took 142 hrs over 7.5 weeks. The challenge resulted in over $30,000 in increased sales the first month.

Note that Max’s business is a moving company, which obviously can’t be considered an online business.

However, there’s no reason why the same approach wouldn’t work for someone selling an online product or service.

For example, it’s not hard to imagine many businesses in your local area needing help with:

Think about the people and businesses in your local area. Might they have a need for your services?

Go connect with them and find out.