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MyPoints Review 2020

15 things you should know about MyPoints

This is the definitive MyPoints review for 2020.

We’ve spent 100+ hours researching and testing the best survey sites.

Here’s how MyPoints stacks up…

MyPoints – Key Points
Earnings Per Hour 1
Payment Options

PayPal, Gift cards, Air miles.

Minimum Payout 2

$3 gift card

Platforms 3

Web, Android, iOS.

Survey Quantity 4
Countries Available

USA, Canada.

Referral Program 5

10% of referred person’s earnings (+ extras)

Sign-Up Bonus

$10 Amazon and Visa gift cards (sign up here)

Overall Rating
2.3/5 6

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What is MyPoints?

MyPoints is one of the oldest online survey sites. It offers rewards and cash to people in the US and Canada in exchange for completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, taking polls, and shopping at certain stores. 

Users can do this via MyPoints.com or with the free MyPoints Mobile App on iOS or Android.

If you’re in the US or Canada, you can sign up and start earning.

Surveys homepage at MyPoints.com

This way of making money online is known as GetPaidTo.

How does MyPoints work?

Log in to your MyPoints account at MyPoints.com or through the mobile app. From there you can complete surveys, shop, play games, search for deals, and watch videos in exchange for points.

Source: MyPoints.com

MyPoints doesn’t clearly state how much points are worth, and it seems some rewards are better value than others.

700 points for a $5 gift card seems to be the best-case scenario, and I’ve read that you need about 4000 points before you can claim the minimum $25 payout via PayPal.

Points can also be redeemed for air miles (United MileagePlus). 

Is MyPoints legit or a scam?

I’d definitely say that MyPoints is legit. The platform has been around since 1996 and is owned by the same company as Swagbucks (reviewed here). 

As you can see, they have tons of positive reviews and a very high overall rating on Trustpilot…

MyPoints claims to have 20+ million active members, with 9+ million earning points. It works.

Source: MyPoints.com

So is MyPoints safe?

MyPoints is safe.

You can see several user stories, many who’ve been using the platform for decades, over at the official MyPoints blog. For example:

Also, MyPoints is owned by Prodege, LLC, which holds an A rating from the Better Business Bureau:

Source: BBB.org

How much does MyPoints pay?

  • Paola Poindexter

  • Online Survey Taker at MyPoints
  • $1 – 2 per hour

Paola Poindexter represents a typical person doing online research studies at MyPoints.

As you can see, her earnings are fairly low. (This is typical for survey sites.)

The maximum pay for a single survey is around $6.

The number of surveys you can do on the site per day is also reported to be minimal.

Some users may not qualify for certain surveys. According to one Reddit user however, you’ll still be awarded a small number of points despite not qualifying. 

There’s also a chance to randomly earn points using the platform’s internal search engine, MyPoints Search and Earn (see more below).

MyPoints Redeem: How to Get Paid from MyPoints

Payment Options

PayPal, Gift cards, Air miles.

Minimum Payout 7

$3 gift card

You can select how to redeem your points.

Clicking the redeem points button on their website will take you to a page with your reward options. Options to redeem your points include:

  • Gift cards or e-certificates
  • Cash (via PayPal)
  • Air miles (United MileagePlus)

MyPoints doesn’t state the minimum cash-out value but users report it to be around $3-5 for most gift cards. 

PayPal cash-outs are said to start at $25. (You’ll need a valid PayPal account to redeem your points for cash.)

Users should be aware that there is a redemption limit of two rewards per day. You can choose which partner to redeem your points with. 

MyPoints is partnered with many top retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Kohls, Old Navy, Target and more.

Source: MyPoints.com

I’ve read a few reports of delayed or absent payments, but these seem to be rare. If this happens to you, contact MyPoints Support for help.

MyPoints Sign Up

Sign-Up Bonus

$10 Amazon and Visa gift cards (sign up here)

Countries Available

USA, Canada.

You can sign up for MyPoints by clicking here.

One of the main benefits of the platform is the speed of the sign up process. 

Sign up for an account at MyPoints.com or via the MyPoints mobile app. You only need to enter your email and confirm a password. 

Officially the platform is open to users in the US and Canada only.

Depending on when you sign up, you might also be eligible for a free prize. Right now the platform offers $10 Amazon and Visa gift cards for new sign ups.

MyPoints Hacks

Several users report being able to earn $25 Amazon gift cards every second month by frequently running videos passively in a browser tab. 

Another easy way to amass points via the platform is to complete the daily tasks. These are short activities like opening promotional emails.

For ideas on how you could rack up further points using MyPoints, take a look at our general survey site hacks article.

MyPoints Games

Like Swagbucks, you can earn points with MyPoints by playing paid games. 

Bejeweled 2 and Solitaire Rush are two of the titles offered but you cannot earn points playing free versions of these games. 

MyPoints Point Perks

MyPoints Point Perks are similar to those earned from surveys or watching videos, only they are awarded randomly from the platform while you go about completing activities. 

You can redeem your Point Perks like so:

MyPoints Search and Earn

One nice feature of MyPoints is that it offers the chance to earn random points – sometimes as many as 30 – by using its internal search engine. Powered by Yahoo and Bing, it works just the same way as a normal search engine. 

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee you’ll earn enough points this way to redeem anything worthwhile.

MyPoints Refer-a-Friend Program

Referral Program 8

10% of referred person’s earnings (+ extras)

Refer a friend to MyPoints and you can earn 10% of whatever they earn.

You get 25 points for each friend who signs up. And you can get up to 750 points more if your friend makes a $20 (or more) purchase within 30 days.

Source: MyPoints.com

MyPoints Complaints

According to some MyPoints users the pay-out on the platform is too low compared to its sister platform Swagbucks

The same users also report that both platforms offer the same surveys only for Swagbucks to pay out at a higher rate.

Other complaints include:

  • Slow earnings
  • Few surveys
  • Can only watch a single video at a time.

Is MyPoints worth it?

MyPoints isn’t worth it if you’re looking to earn a living working online. The small payouts and irregular surveys make it tough. (There are much better options for making money online.)

But MyPoints is a decent way to earn a little extra cash if you do a lot of online shopping or regularly use search engines like Bing and Yahoo anyway. 

Just be aware that earning enough points for a decent reward will likely take a month or more.

The MyPoints major advantage is its ease of use. You can sign up for an account and start earning points in a heartbeat. It also offers more unique ways to earn rewards than most other survey sites.

MyPoints Alternatives

🏆 Best Survey Sites 🏆

Best Overall

Respondent, Survey Junkie

Earnings Per Hour

Respondent – $20.56/hour

Survey Quantity


Payment Options


Quick Payout


Mobile App


Outside USA

Respondent, Swagbucks

Affiliate Program

Survey Junkie

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