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Laptop Decals

Generate Leads While Working In Public Spaces

If you like working from cafes or coworking spaces, turn all those strangers passing by into potential clients by letting them know what kind of service you provide.


With a simple sticker/decal attached to your laptop.

For example:

Laptop decal: Photographer

Freelancer at Work has dozens of decals like the above, promoting a variety of different services.

More examples:

  • Copywriter At Work
  • Marketing Consultant At Work
  • Social Media Manager At Work
  • SEO Expert At Work
  • Video Editor At Work

Stick one of those on your laptop, go work at a public space, and generate leads for your business effortlessly.

Here’s how one freelancer described the impact of having a decal on his laptop:

“I spend most of my time in coffee shops or coworking offices doing my work. Since I’ve had my decal on my laptop I probably get 2 or 3 people a day asking me for my business card or inquiring about my services, it’s like having a free advert for everyone to see!” — Patrick Brady, developer

Check out Freelancer at Work and see if they have a decal to passively promote your business.

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