If you like working from cafes or coworking spaces, turn all those strangers passing by into potential clients by letting them know what kind of service you provide.


With a simple sticker/decal attached to your laptop.

For example:

Laptop decal: Photographer

Freelancer at Work has dozens of decals like the above, promoting a variety of different services.

More examples:

  • Copywriter At Work
  • Marketing Consultant At Work
  • Social Media Manager At Work
  • SEO Expert At Work
  • Video Editor At Work

Stick one of those on your laptop, go work at a public space, and generate leads for your business effortlessly.

Here’s how one freelancer described the impact of having a decal on his laptop:

“I spend most of my time in coffee shops or coworking offices doing my work. Since I’ve had my decal on my laptop I probably get 2 or 3 people a day asking me for my business card or inquiring about my services, it’s like having a free advert for everyone to see!” — Patrick Brady, developer

Check out Freelancer at Work and see if they have a decal to passively promote your business.