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Updated: February 13, 2024


Entre Institute Review

12 things to know about Jeff Lerner's entrepreneur training

Entre Institute
2.6/5 2.61
Ruth VegaRoy EverhartCrystal HarrisonPeter BrewerAmy May7 Reviews | Rate This Course

This is the ultimate Entre Institute review.

Entre Institute is an introductory internet marketing course – well, not really, but we’ll get to that in a minute – by Jeff Lerner.

My team and I have spent several hours going through the premium community and training materials.

(Have you taken this course? Add your rating!)

If you want to know…

  • What exactly they teach you in the course
  • How it compares to other affiliate marketing programs
  • What are the common criticisms of Jeff Lerner
  • How to get a refund for Entre Institute
  • Are students getting results?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Entre Institute – Key Points

Jeff Lerner’s mindset heavy training.

💰  Price

$3.95 to start (more info, join now)

😍  Pros

30-day refund policy, solid mindset training for new entrepreneurs.

😩  Cons

Little actionable training, aggressive upsells, lack of significant success stories.


Essentially the first step in a sales funnel for more expensive training.

Overall Rating
2.6/5 2.62

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About the Author

Niall Doherty

Hey, I’m Niall Doherty.

I quit my last 9-to-5 job back in 2010.

Since then, I’ve earned my living online in various ways. Over the last 4 years (through 2023) I’ve earned $842,000 from my laptop, mostly via affiliate marketing.

I’m on a mission to accurately rate and review all the best affiliate marketing courses. My team and I have spent 900+ hours investigating these courses and getting feedback from real students.

All that to say: we know a thing or two about such courses and making money online.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

We’re on a mission to find the best affiliate marketing course, based on our own extensive research plus feedback from real students.

Unfortunately, Entre Institute doesn’t come close to topping our list of the best courses…

🏆 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses 🏆

How does Entre Institute help you make money?

The main goal of Entre Institute as a whole seems to be to help you become a successful entrepreneur.

In their own words…

In the ENTRE experience we take you way from the point where you discover you want to become an ENTREpreneur, to helping you create a personalized plan, teaching you all the knowledge, skills, and habits you’ll need to be successful, and even helping you implement the plan in the real world.

In terms of methodology, it looks like their main ways of helping you achieve this goal is through affiliate marketing, lead generation, and local business marketing.

But the main focus is transforming yourself personally to set you up for success in business.

Affiliate marketing is when you promote other people’s products or services, and collect a commission for every successful referral.

Lead generation is when you find prospective customers (eg. people who need to hire a landscaper) online via paid ads, social media or search engine optimization. You then sell these “leads” to a related business (eg. a local landscaper) for a fee.

Local business marketing involves offering services, like SEO, to small businesses that haven’t totally caught up with the digital world yet.

Entre Institute, however, doesn’t dive deep on either of these topics. Best case scenario, it will just put your mind in the right place, motivate you to be successful, and prime you for some upsells.

So I wouldn’t really consider this to be affiliate marketing training, though it is widely referred to as such online.

Who is Entre Institute for?

As far as I can tell, Entre Institute doesn’t sell itself as a platform for anyone in particular. It doesn’t even seem to address any level of experience with affiliate marketing or business in general.

That leads me to believe that the people behind Entre Institute believe it’s for everyone. Take this claim from their website’s Story section, for instance…

In order to make all of this a reality, we’ve created a system of core values to empower all ENTRE members – from our students, to our staff, to our founders, and everyone in between – to live by on a daily basis.

This might be the case for some of the upsells that Entre Institute offers, but I’m not so sure about Entre Institute. IMO, experienced entrepreneurs are likely to find the mindset lessons within the far too basic.

Does Jeff Lerner have a good reputation?

It’s complicated.

On the plus side, Jeff Lerner has a pretty big YouTube following, with 89,000+ subscribers. He acts as both a business coach and a life coach in his videos.

Here’s a video from Jeff’s channel so you can get a feel for his style…

Now for the flip side 😕

I’ve seen several claims online that Lerner is a scammer. Some folks seem to feel that Jeff’s courses are overhyped and offer little value, or you have to buy expensive upsells to get any serious training from him.

On the one hand, I can see where those critics are coming from given my experience with the upsells for Entre Institute. As I quickly discovered after signing up, Entre Institute is just the first step of a big sales funnel.

That said, you are likely to find far more praise than complaints for Jeff and Entre Institute online.

On the other hand, the course is mainly marketed as the getting started steps and fundamentals of business.

I didn’t see Jeff make wild claims, so it’s possible his marketing is misinterpreted.

Are Entre Institute students getting results?

It’s easy to find people praising Entre Institute, but I had a hard time finding students reporting that they’d achieved significant results from following the training.

IMO, one of the best testimonials is the story of Jessi Smith, which also happens to be featured on the sales page for the training…

“I’ve only been trying to get clients for two weeks… I’ve had three meetings and three closes. I’m not taking one of them but that’s still going to be monthly recurring revenue of $4500 a month and they’re booking for 6 months!” – Jessi Smith

For such a highly-praised and popular course, I would have expected to see far more student earnings proof like Jessi’s during my research. Unfortunately, I didn’t find much for Entre Institute.

This leads me to believe that the vast majority of people who sign up for the might not achieve any significant results.

How much does Entre Institute cost?

The listed price for Entre Institute is $39, but you can get it for 1/10th of that (see below).

While the price is seemingly low, the only gives you access to a handful of lessons, all of them focused on mindset.

To get more out of Entre Institute, you’ll need to pay for the upsells…

  • Millionaire Productivity Secrets: $197
  • Knowledge Business Accelerator: $1,997
  • Agency Business Accelerator: $1,997
  • Affiliate Business Accelerator: $1,997
  • Entre Foundations: $297
  • Entre Coaching: Unknown (you need to contact a so-called Entre Specialist first)
  • Implementation Bootcamp: Locked
  • Adskills Traffic Training: Locked

(I found no clear info on how to unlock the Implementation Bootcamp and Adskills Traffic Training courses. My guess is that you need to finish some of the other courses to gain access to those.)

Entre Institute Discount?

You can join Entre Institute for just $3.95 through this link.

Refund Policy

The refund policy page for Entre Institute specifies a 30-day money-back guarantee for most of its products…

We’re so confident this training will change your life that if you’re not satisfied within 30 days, we’ll refund your money and let you keep the $1,491 worth of training and bonuses free as our gift to you.

All other products seem to have a 15 day policy…

All other product purchases including Business Accelerators, Entre Explorer, Entresoft, Coaching, Events may be canceled, without cancellation fee, within 15 days from the date the execution of the purchase agreement unless otherwise specified in the purchase agreement.

How is Entre Institute structured?

Here’s what the training looks like once you’re logged in…

entre institute blueprint review entre institute training courses

With Entre Institute, you only get two small courses:

  • Success Path Masterclass (pictured above)
  • Awesome Life Challenge

The Success Path Masterclass

This “course” consists of only six steps. Most of these come down to videos that are between 30 minutes and 3 hours long. IMO, the videos are full of overblown promises, e.g. that they’ll help you start a successful business in 90 days.

In reality, the videos in this course talk mainly about mindset, and you have to bite on some upsells to get any practical training.

After you watch the first 3 videos – and you have to watch them all the way through; no way to skip ahead, which I found quite annoying – Jeff Lerner recommends applying for the Business Accelerator training, which costs a whopping $3997.

Even if you decline, you’ll need to book a call with an Entre “advisor” to advance. I think it’s safe to assume that this is essentially a sales call, and the advisor will be encouraging you to go for one of the upsells.

The Awesome Life Challenge

This course is also mostly about mindset, but the videos are shorter, more concise. You’ll hear about evergreen subjects like morning routines or creating your perfect day. 

Personally, I found this course to be underwhelming as well, but more worthwhile than The Success Path.

entre institute blueprint review inside the awesome life challenge course
Above: inside the Awesome Life Challenge course

Private Community

ENTRE Nation, the training’s private Facebook group, looks as active as it gets. It has hundreds of new posts every month, but from what I’ve seen most of them are just new members hopping in to say hi.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s because the training prompts you to write social media posts with the #90daychallenge hashtag.

Whatever the case, I would’ve expected more testimonials from such an active group.

entre institute blueprint review facebook community activity

Green Lights 🟢

A few things to like about Entre Institute…

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Affordable price.
  • Decent mindset training for new entrepreneurs.

Red Flags 🚩

A few things to be wary of regarding Entre Institute…

  • Lack of significant success stories from students.
  • Lots of expensive upsells.
  • Complete lack of actionable steps and practical advice.
  • Some skeletons in Jeff Lerner’s closet.
  • Questionable marketing tactics (eg. fake scarcity).
  • Can’t skip through the Success Path videos; forced to watch them all.

Other things you should know

  • Jeff Lerner himself doesn’t only seem to be a business coach and successful entrepreneur, but also a life coach. The fact that Entre Institute is mostly mindset-oriented shouldn’t come as a surprise.
  • You get a chance to talk with an “Entre Specialist” for 30 minutes if you join. Best not to think of this as a valuable coaching session, however. Most likely the person you talk to will be encouraging you to pay up to access the next level of the training.
  • I’ll emphasize again that you can’t skip through the videos in Success Path the first time you watch them. And there are 5+ hours worth of videos. You have to watch them all before you can progress to next steps. I found this incredibly irritating, as most of the info presented was rather basic.

Should you join Entre Institute?

I cannot in good conscience recommend Entre Institute as a reliable way to make money online.

It promises to help you build your own business, but doesn’t back that up at all, IMO.

The training you get access to is short and lacks actionable money-making tactics.

Add in the aggressive upsells that start early into your experience with Entre, and I can only advise that people looking for a tactical how-to training steer clear of this program.

As far as affiliate marketing programs go, this lands on the bottom half of my list.

But if you’re looking for mindset-related material, Entre Intstitute passes as being a valuable investment in my eyes.

It costs just $3.95 and offers a 30-day refund guarantee, so there’s not much risk.

Just don’t expect step-by-step training. Know that the investment you’re making is into a mindset and high-level strategy course, NOT a make money online course.

  • Learn more about affiliate marketing
Entre Institute – Key Points

Jeff Lerner’s mindset heavy training.

💰  Price

$3.95 to start (more info, join now)

😍  Pros

30-day refund policy, solid mindset training for new entrepreneurs.

😩  Cons

Little actionable training, aggressive upsells, lack of significant success stories.


Essentially the first step in a sales funnel for more expensive training.

Overall Rating
2.6/5 2.63

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Your Thoughts on Entre Institute

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    Add your rating so others can see if it’s worthwhile.
  • Do you have a question about this course?
    Let us know below and we’ll try find the answer.

Student Reviews of Entre Institute

Rate This Course
Ruth Vega
  • Validated Reviewer 1
  • Verified Student 2
  • Review Info 3
February 18, 2024
Earnings 4
none, still new to the course
Following Training 5
for 1 to 2 years

Entre = Great Training, Great Support, and Great Company!

My experience with Entre has been great thus far. The coaches are all amazing humans who are willing to help propel every student who shows up and does the work.

I am learning three different paths and technology is not my strong suit, so I am going through my programs slowly, but I have learned more in my time with Entre than I ever learned in college.

Entre teaches us so much more than just how to ‘make money online’… So if people are just looking for quick money, then Entre isn’t for them.

With Entre, we learn to be professional business people. Entre does not teach any ‘get rich quick schemes’.

They teach their students how to be leaders, how to communicate well, and how to work on themself physically, personally, and professionally.

We all know that success starts in our minds. If we struggle with self-esteem, with limiting beliefs, or with how to even be a boss or work with a team, how can we expect to run a successful company?

Entre teaches its students to do hard things and do them well. They teach us real-life, practical information – how to build a brand and a business or scale a business that was previously established.

Entre offers more value to its students than I originally expected when I signed up because I don’t only have the three curriculums I signed up to learn.

I also have a vault of bonus trainings from the past plus new trainings that are added throughout the year that I can attend live.

Those trainings are on a wide variety of subjects that are geared to help us improve our online business, our online presence, our mission, our writing, our mindset, our mental & physical health, and sales.

And so many other things that I don’t want to give away as well, but that all contribute to us building, scaling, and maintaining a successful business.

The Entre Blueprint course helped me realize that just desiring to improve my life is not enough. Of course, I knew it, but I had not realized, until the Blueprint, that my inaction was indeed my action.

I was doing nothing to improve my life except thinking about it and wishing it would get better.

The Entre Blueprint helped me realize I had work to do on myself because it became evident to me that I was letting fear hold me back from the very things I knew the Lord had been calling me to do.

So, I think it is fantastic that Entre teaches us to improve ourselves not just financially, but they teach us to improve ourselves in every way…physically, personally (emotionally), and professionally.

They help anyone willing to do the hard work, to improve every aspect of themself, which in turn, improves their entire life.

It helps us improve how we think about ourselves and how we perceive others.

It teaches us to communicate better to improve our relationships. Entre also encourages physical improvement because it helps us set and achieve short-term goals and self-discipline.

By improving our physical health we also can focus better, and so much more.

Going through the Entre Blueprint prompted me to purchase the full package (Affiliate, Agency, and Authority Accelerator training paths).

So far, I have completed the Affiliate Accelerator training course. Through it, I have built a brand, a Facebook Fan Page (and grew my following to over 2,500 very quickly), and a website.

I have also designed and created a journal I will be offering for sale very soon and have written a book that I am a little more than halfway through with and plan to offer for sale within the next three to four months.

I just recently started the Agency Accelerator training course and expect to learn how to start my agency so that I will be able to turn my Notary Signing Agent certification into a full business.

Entre is not for anyone who is looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, or for anyone who is not willing to put in a great deal of focused work and effort.

Entre is a full, legitimate training course that teaches (and helps) those willing to do the work to improve themselves overall, thereby improving their whole life.

In my humble opinion, you can’t put a price tag on improving every aspect of your life!

I am proud to be an Entre student. Building the type of business(es) Entre guides us to build is a marathon, not a 100-yard sprint.

Pros and Cons

  • The support from all of the coaches. Entre has a minimum of two live calls every week that any student who wants to can join in on for free...There is no charge for access to the coaches on those two weekly calls.
  • The additional trainings we have access to. Not a single training has been a waste of time. They've all offered a wealth of information.
  • The help Entre's staff provides all of us students. If the person I talk to/email/message does not know the answer they find the answer for us, or put us in contact with the person who does.
  • When I first signed up, I was a little lost on where to get help with my questions, but realized later the info had been emailed to me, I had just not bothered to read the email, so my frustration was my fault.
more ratings
Implementation 6
about what I expected
Presentation 7
Usefulness 8
Community 9
Support 10
Value For Money 11
Roy Everhart
  • Validated Reviewer 12
  • Verified Student 13
  • Review Info 14
February 18, 2024

This reviewer has a business relationship with the course creator or a competitor. Not included in overall ratings. Learn more.

I Owe My Future Success To Jeff Lerner, and Entre!!!

I am still going through the process but I couldn’t be happier with the amount of success that I have already had in my life, especially with my personal development.

I have a clearer vision of what I’m on this planet to do, and know that Entre will get me there!

Is it hard? No! They show you what you need to accomplish step by step, and you go at your own pace.

Within just a couple of months, I made my first $5.25 sale, which people might scoff at, but just being with the program that long and seeing even this amount astounded me and proved to me that if I do the work, the process does work.

It also showed me that I could do it, and if I did it once, I could do it again. And these were just little test items that I was trying out. I already had another sale a couple of weeks later.

As with anything that you’re learning, you take baby steps and try things out. I’m not even a fraction of the way into my training and I’ve accomplished this. What’s it going to be like when I finish my training and do the bigger dollar items? Huge!

But more than the money is knowing my full purpose and why I’m doing what I’m doing. I really can’t put a number on that at all.

Another thing is that they are constantly adding to the curriculum. I’ve seen two additions since being aboard and I do not doubt that there’s more on the way. The training just continues to get bigger and better.

As the teachers are constantly trying out new things and they get proven successes, they continue to share and grow our curriculum.

We’ll never really be done learning because, as you know, the world and technology as a whole continue to grow at a very rapid pace. Knowing that we will continue to stay ahead of the curve is exciting.

They’re not asking for more money or blocking us from having these new trainings. It’s just added to our platform and it just continues to provide us, the students, with more and more value for what we purchased.

I have never felt like I was in a high-pitched area and/or ever felt like I had to purchase anything. It was always to the contrary! They showed me why this segment or area of business was important and let me make the decision.

Being unemployed at the time of getting involved with Entre, I always appreciated their candor and how they treated me like a person, and not a number. This is what sets Entre apart from other companies.

Do all companies have to sell you on them and their services? Of course! Do you sometimes get the hard sell feeling? I did with other companies, but not with Entre!

They tried to sell me on the coaching program, but after telling them that I was unemployed at the time, they explained the benefits of coaching and how it would certainly propel me and my efforts, but that’s where the pitch stopped!

I was then explained that many people within the Entre aren’t in the coaching program and they showed me other ways to be able to excel without it!

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t partake in their coaching, because I know I’d be much further along if I had it, but I also know that Entre has a No Man Left Behind kind of vibe and I am always in awe of the amount of help, kindness, love, and support that you get as you go through the process!

My advisor let me know that it would always be available in the future, but for now, they didn’t want me to get further in debt which would be a total hindrance to me and my financial well-being! That was huge and spoke volumes to the fact of what Entre is all about, at least to me!

Here’s the thing. Every company is going to try and upsell its program! It’s the name of the game, but with Entre, I got the human aspect of it, and that was what was missing from other companies that I researched and looked at before joining Entre!

Everything that they said rang true to me. It wasn’t hard, but you did have to get your hands dirty and do some work! Delayed gratification! As well it should be!

You can’t begin to tell me that you think someone is going to build you a site with products in it and you’re going to be a millionaire overnight! It’s not real! Entre keeps you grounded, all the while, giving you the support that you need to move forward with your vision!

Was I sold on their events? Yes! I couldn’t afford it at first! Then, I realized that I couldn’t live without it! I’ve only been to one of them so far, and changed my life!

I can’t even begin to tell people about my experience! It was life-changing! Have I ever been to other events and got the rah-rah woo-woo kind of stuff? Of course!

I’ve been involved with many different endeavors over the years! As I mentioned above, I’ve done my homework before coming aboard. I gave other companies a chance and went to their rah-rah-woo-woo stuff, and this one was different!

Again, the big thing is that you’re not there to just sit back and watch it all! You have to step up to the plate. If you just sit back and never get up and share and overcome your fear of really getting out of the event what you need and want, you are doing yourself a real disservice!

I gave it my all! I cried and was broken down to my core, then, they built me back up again, but with a stronger armor and fortitude to venture out into the world and have a burning desire for me!

The people that I’ve met are going to be with me for the rest of my life! This isn’t a drink the Kool-Aid kind of thing but then again, it is!

If you don’t take even a sip and you just continue to watch life happen around you, then that’s what’s going to happen within your life! You’ll constantly be watching from the sidelines and never getting into the game!

I drank the Kool-Aid! Shoot, I took the powder, doubled the strength, and chugged it by the gallon! And that’s what it’s going to take to advance in anything worth advancing in life! Your life! You are worth it and you have to decide that enough is enough and that you are going to do the work and make it happen!

Everyone that I’ve met, at least that I could tell, didn’t have a silver spoon in their mouths! We were all warriors, fighting our way through life, and I’ll be forever grateful for the experience!

If you see negative comments or anything from anyone but positive things to say about Entre, then I invite you to research the commenters and see what else they have going on in their lives!

I kid you not, that they will be the people who didn’t do the work, sat on the sidelines expecting everything to just happen, and when it didn’t, then all they can do is talk smack about how the program is rigged and it doesn’t work!

These are the same people who don’t excel in themselves and dive into any endeavor head-on! Let me guess, they probably didn’t even pick up one book that they were invited to read to develop their personal development!

These are the glass-half-empty kind of mentality and, sadly, life has broken them down so much that they won’t even give themselves a true shot at life!

I can say one thing with not currently being in the coaching groups, the amount of extra Zoom calls and programs that Entre delivers to all of us is nothing short of amazing!

The amount of value that you get is truly what also sets Entre apart! I would imagine that Entre has thousands of students, who am I to say? But I can tell you, when I go to every free Zoom meeting every week, I don’t see but maybe 15, maybe 20 people on them, and thus I say again, you get out what you put in!

If you’re not even going to show up for the free meetings, how are you going to talk smack about Entre when you aren’t even giving yourself a chance? Can you tell that I’m all in? Lol!

I went to the first event and I’m not one of those people scared to go up to Jeff, shake his hand, and talk to him! He puts his pants on just like we all do, one leg at a time, right?

But when he called me by name without even looking at my name badge, it spoke volumes about the kind of man he is! He told me that he had read some of my posts on the Facebook group and I was astounded.

This man cares! He’s real! He shocked me. Shoot, the second morning, I was working out right next to him in the gym! It was just so surreal to me.

I’m not trying to put him onto a pedestal but to think that a multimillionaire is going to work out right next to a dollaraire is nothing to shake a stick at.

And it’s only now, three weeks after the event, that I know Jeff, and he knows me, and I can tell you this – if I ever needed anything or had a concern, he would be the one right there to address it with me.

Because this is the kind of man he is. We were just talking to one another over Zoom a week ago and I was still awestruck that the man knows me and is invested in my future and well-being and wants to see me succeed!

And I will! I am! I won’t stop at being a dollaraire because I’m following Jeff by stepping up to the plate and swinging for home runs. Entre has changed my life!

Pros and Cons

  • They are in depth! There's a lot to take on! It's not just a small offering! It's extensive.
  • The amount of support, even without being in the coaching program.
  • Everything that I have been able to take advantage of to propel me forward.
  • I really can't say I have anything negative! Everything that I've seen had been top notch.
Crystal Harrison
  • Validated Reviewer 15
  • Verified Student 16
  • Review Info 17
February 11, 2024

This reviewer has a business relationship with the course creator or a competitor. Not included in overall ratings. Learn more.

Best Online Entrepreneurial Education Money Can Buy

Joining Entre Institute’s community and taking their courses has been a game-changer for me both personally and professionally.

Within 6 months of establishing my business, I made my first commissions online. My very first commission was 1.84 from the Amazon Associates program and it wouldn’t have been accomplished without the direction and support of Entre and Jeff Lerner.

I cannot recommend it enough! The guidance and support I received throughout the course, and continue to receive, is exceptional.

The team at Entre Institute truly understands the intricacies of affiliate marketing and personal growth. They provided valuable insights and strategies that have helped me achieve remarkable results.

Not only did the course provide in-depth knowledge of the industry, but it also equipped me with practical skills and techniques to excel in the affiliate marketing world.

The course modules were well-structured, comprehensive, and easy to follow, catering to both beginners and experienced marketers.

What sets Entre Institute apart is the personalized attention and mentorship they offer. The instructors are not only experts in their field but also genuinely care about the success of their students.

They go above and beyond to provide individualized guidance, answering questions promptly and offering valuable feedback.

The community aspect of the course is also worth mentioning. Connecting with like-minded individuals within their private Facebook community who are on the same journey has been invaluable.

The support from fellow students and the opportunity to network with successful entrepreneurs have opened doors I never thought possible.

Since joining the “Entre-verse” as we like to call it, I have witnessed significant growth in my affiliate marketing/digital media business.

The strategies I learned have helped me generate extra income while allowing me to live life on my terms.

I am forever grateful to Entre Institute for their unwavering support and commitment to their students’ success. If you are looking to take your growth game to the next level, Entre Institute’s courses are the way to go.

You have to show up for yourself and do the work. It is not some quick fix and it takes a lot of hard work and effort. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. It is so worth it!

Pros and Cons

  • Self-paced.
  • Affordable.
  • I saw progress within 90 days.
  • Upsells.
  • Intensive time commitment.
  • Software/tech was a bit overwhelming at times.
Peter Brewer
  • Validated Reviewer 18
  • Verified Student 19
  • Review Info 20
February 2, 2024

This reviewer has a business relationship with the course creator or a competitor. Not included in overall ratings. Learn more.

Learning is a process

I am a dentist by trade and had zero online knowledge.

On top of that, I migrated to the US in 2014 as a political refugee. I had to start again!

Became a dental assistant for a little over 2 years, then jumped into a sales/training position on a startup for 4 years.

During COVID-19 I came across Entre Institute… and Jeff Lerner’s video came across as very genuine.

Something clicked for me. The content was great and granulated in a way that was easy to understand.

I learned everything I know about the online world, and simultaneously it opened my mind to new paths that I never even contemplated before.

I owned a business in my country for 14 years and here I failed miserably. Entre Institute also helped me believe in myself again and go out there and take the leap.

Whoever you are that is reading this… you have to understand that success does not happen overnight nor in a short period, it is a compound effect that grows with effort, the time you put into it, and experiences (good and bad ones).

If you expect to find a course that is going to make you rich quickly… I wish you the best of luck.

I spent years to become a dentist, with many long nights, hospital shifts… I know and understand this is a process.

Now I see opportunities where before I just saw failure.

This course has helped me achieve knowledge on affiliate marketing, how to build websites and funnels, create automations just to name a few.

This allowed me to take action and find clients that otherwise I wouldn’t have dared to approach.

This platform gave me the tools I needed to quit my job in corporate America and find something that excites me to do every day.

I was able to double my income and I’m happy but still working to increase and be better than what I was yesterday.

Now, I own my future. What are you doing to own yours?

Pros and Cons

  • Simplicity of teaching.
  • Content.
  • Community and platform support.
  • The first appointment on the blueprint. It was in a group and it was uncomfortable being vulnerable to strangers.
Amy May
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  • Verified Student 22
  • Review Info 23
February 2, 2024

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Entre Institute has positively changed my life in a number of ways.

I began my journey on the affiliate path.

I learned a lot and went from not knowing how to copy-paste and being terrified that I would destroy my computer.

Now I build out my websites, funnels, blogs, workflows, social media, and all I need for my digital business.

I also am building out some of those things for one of my clients. I regularly post on social media on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

I am an Affiliate for Entre Institute, Amanda Frances, Optimal Bot Solutions, and Amazon Associate, and I have a couple of other things in the works.

I have multiple email lists, two Facebook groups that are my assets, as well as two others that I am an admin for.

Before Entre Institute – I had none of this.

My life took some windy turns and I let the affiliate training go dormant for a bit and leaned onto the authority training.

My daughter and I created a live speaking event, brought in speakers, and also took the stage ourselves.

Then I moved into some confidence coaching.

After some time, I revived my affiliate training and began pursuing that alongside coaching and speaking.

I am writing a book and have courses in the works. I am implementing all that I have learned in Entre with each of those ventures – so my digital real estate is growing by leaps and bounds.

My first commission with a comma in it made me cry. I realized that this was only the beginning.

The first time I went to pay a bill, and found out that commissions from another product I promote had built up and had covered half of my bill – I busted out laughing.

Going from being an empty nester-at-home mom to being able to pay my car payment and other bills monthly, because of my time spent online has been exciting.

I choose when I work. I choose where I work. I choose who I work with. I choose what I promote. I am so grateful for Entre.

A few years ago I tried online college to learn Affiliate Marketing – $11,000 later I was still dealing with most of the ‘fluff’ that is needed when beginning college, and had barely learned even any terms associated with affiliate marketing.

At this point – since I knew I wasn’t interested in the degree as much as the results – I dropped out of school.

A few months later, I clicked on and read Entre’s book and I learned more about affiliate marketing and online business than I had in my whole college experience. This encouraged me to give it a try.

I got access to the Success Path, and connection to an implementation specialist, and all the beginning basic things for the $39.00. I don’t recall if the Awesome Life Challenge was included there or later on.

The initial $3.95 or $39 (depending on how you get it) isn’t an affiliate marketing course.

It is an overview of digital real estate assets melded with some personal development and glazed with the three P’s – Personal, Physical, and Professional. That is perfect for someone who is brand new to all of this and doesn’t know which way to go.

Perfect for someone who wants to be an entrepreneur but doesn’t know a lot about it.

Perfect for someone who has been kicked while they are down and thinks they are looking at this to make money and finds out that their life is worth living again.

For someone who already knows all about affiliate marketing? They can just become an affiliate without purchasing it, or they can go through this course open-minded and maybe learn something they didn’t know and see the value their customers receive.

The next step is to choose your path or paths. Those you pay for.

If you are only interested in one – you choose that, or like me – choose the bundle.

I believe one huge benefit is that you get access at $39 (or $3.95) to see exactly what this looks like.

How do you access the program? Does it work on your computer? Can you understand the lessons? Are you engaged? Do you like what you are hearing and seeing so far?

If most of those answers are yes, then you can feel more confident in choosing a course and investing your time and money into it.

I tell people that the Success Path is sort of the test drive, but it lets you walk away with some great value. It isn’t for everyone – but there is something there for everyone that is looking.

Is it a step-by-step program? Yes, and no. Everything is laid out step by step with intention – which is why things are locked until you go through it.

Once you purchase the path – you will follow it step by step on how to build it all out.

But will they hold your hand and remind you to get off of Netflix and work on your course and your business? Nope.

You will get all of the support you need and want – if you take the initiative.

If you are looking for a cut-and-dry course with no human connection – I don’t feel this is the place for you.

If you want to jump around in the courses and do it your way – you might not like it here.

But, if you are looking for an ecosystem where you can follow a proven system that is constantly adjusting to the market, that offers support from peers and instructors alike, and that celebrates your victories with you? Welcome to Entre Institute.

What has been my experience? Well, the connection I made with everyone from the get-go has been authentic.

I still have periodic contact with Bill and Kevin – they were both a part of my initial connection to Entre.

Poor Kevin had to deal with my suspicions and my lack of trust! I remember him contacting me about attending a group session online and me stopping him in his tracks asking – what’s it gonna cost?

He gently explained that it was included – which blew my mind – as I was expecting it to be an additional cost if there was any value.

Since then, because of the availability of live sessions, groups, and events – I have had the opportunity to be able to get to know almost all of the instructors, coaches, VIPCs, and even Jeff Lerner.

The caliber of people involved in making Entre Institute what it is makes me feel secure that it is here to stay, and this will be a very long-term relationship for me!

When I signed on with Entre Institute, I purchased the ‘bundle’ which was the Affiliate course, the Agency course, and the Authority course.

I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up and I wanted access to all three so I could not only choose what I wanted – but that once I finished one, I could start on another if I wanted to.

I did not purchase the coaching, it wasn’t in my budget and I figured while it may take me longer without it – I was determined and wouldn’t give up.

Let me tell you though, I attended anything and everything related to the course that I could get access to with what I did purchase!

While I did see others go faster because of the assist – there isn’t any different treatment.

When the offer came for me to purchase the add-on for Entre Explorer – I had no qualms and jumped on board immediately.

It was a bonus that my Entresoft (GHL) was included in.

What value does it offer? There are multiple Zoom and Facebook sessions – many things to connect and learn from and meet other entrepreneurs on the same journey.

There are groups of people that meet weekly to share wins, answer questions, and just work together, not just to learn the programs, but also on life skills, and social media updates and patterns.

I attend live mastery classes weekly even today. I can ask the instructors questions. I also joined the Hot Seat and got feedback and technical help.

I have learned everything from the value of consistency and authenticity to keyword research, SEO optimization, hooks and story brands, how to increase engagement and following, how to create a lead magnet, build funnels, how and utilize email marketing, and more.

I invest my time in building my brand, my business, and my life.

I also attended the insight event – that was a personal growth event like none I have ever attended.

After attending, I came back again and did a re-audit, with my daughter.

Entre and Personal Growth Entre Institute isn’t an institute as in a clinical unfeeling education system.

It is an entire ecosystem that works together to help you create a better life for yourself in an environment of support.

In my opinion – as an entrepreneur – your business is only going to develop and last if you are there to nurture it, grow it, and grow with it.

Entre teaches how to become the successful character that you want to be by providing personal growth information intertwined with each path.

Is Entre Institute perfect? Nope. Can’t say that it is.

I have been here to see some of the changes that have been made and am anticipating more changes down the road. As with any new company – there are growing pains.

When I joined the affiliate marketing program – they were teaching about Facebook Ads and Facebook groups.

We all started heading in that direction strongly, and then anyone who uses Facebook, especially as a business, knows that Facebook makes changes like the wind at times.

In Entre, the coaches and instructors who create the courses are actually in the field as well – they all own their businesses outside of Entre – so they teach what is working now.

Because of this – a whole new course was created with new information.

I have been a serial entrepreneur for 30 years – I have never been associated with a company that makes changes as quickly once they receive reliable intel as Entre Institute.

While that on the one hand is incredible – on the other – people want the easy way.

And while you don’t pay anything more for new current updated courses that are being added to the modules, or replacing modules – not everyone is happy that what they were learning is changing.

With the advancement of AI, this is going to be happening even faster everywhere and people will have to learn to adjust.

Does This Work? Only if you work it.

Every student at Entre is assigned to a VIPC a ‘concierge’ who is there to assist with questions.

If you can’t get answers – email the VIPC. If you don’t know your VIPC – contact the support team – via email.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart, the lazy, or for someone who doesn’t expect things to be challenging.

The saying that you get what you pay for? That isn’t true with Entre – if you apply yourself and show up – you get way more than what you invested out of it.

I am 55 years old. I started looking to be an affiliate marketer, and now have built my brand.

The support, encouragement, and guidance from everyone at Entre Institute has helped me become the person that I am today and is helping me build the multiple streams of income of my dreams.

Do I recommend the Entre Institute? I do. Every day – to friends, family, fans, followers, and even strangers.

Pros and Cons

  • The support - technical and personal.
  • The clarity of trainings - exactly what to do.
  • The live meetings available that complemented the video trainings.
  • The newer Zoom format with registration needing done for each live session.
  • No longer having facilitation sessions - or similar.
  • Not having a calendar in the dashboard of all available sessions.
L.A. Morris
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September 28, 2023
Earnings 27
way less than expected
Following Training 28
for less than 1 month

Don't fall for the ENTRE program's hype

Like everyone else, I have been seeking a way to earn passive income. I have been following the “Law of Attraction” concept and clicked on a link to the ENTRE program.

On 9/2/23, I signed up for the ENTRE Success Path Masterclass for $39. It seemed to promise an easy way to cash in on the internet money-making craze. On the same day, I purchased the ENTRE Foundations – Success Secrets course for $297.

Since they are always upselling students to the next most-expensive offering, on 9/5/23, I fell for the ENTRE Digital Bundle and paid $3,997. The cut-off period/deadline for refunds was mentioned nowhere on my receipt.

I listened to the videos of Jeff Lerner talking about the importance of mindset and the need to think like an entrepreneur rather than an employee. This is good information, but it’s nothing new; it is the type of information you will see and hear in any book, video or course about entrepreneurship.

Then came the two-week “boot camp”. This consisted of more videos and the edict to listen to two brief videos daily on Facebook. These videos were excruciating. It takes the “Implementation Specialist” several minutes to get into the topic after telling people how to get to that set of videos (unnecessarily because we were already there) and saying hello to people.

In the beginning, ENTRE promises that you will launch a new online business within 90 days. They promise to educate students on three business models: affiliate marketing, agency and knowledge/courses. Yet they never explain how to start these businesses during the two-week bootcamp.

After I’ve watched all the mediocre bootcamp videos, it was time to turn in my “two-week implementation plan.” I had no idea how to write an implementation plan for an unknown business model.

During my only one-on-one call with the same Implementation Specialist who produces the highly unprofessional Facebook videos, I asked how to write an implementation plan without knowing what type of business I was implementing. I also told him I had thought of a business idea and asked if I could talk to him about it. He showed zero interest, telling me: “We will discuss that tomorrow.”

Now, during the entire bootcamp, we were subjected to aggressive upsells. They were trying to get us to sign up for 12 months of coaching and one or three live events. These packages ranged in price from $36,000 (for 12 months of coaching) to $72,000 (for 12 months of coaching plus three live events).

The Implementation Specialist ensured we received information via email from his assistant about financing from True Heroes, LLC, which offers small-business loans. I was thinking about signing up for the counseling. The True Heroes rep told me via text that I could easily get as much financing as I wanted (to be paid directly to ENTRE) because I had excellent credit. My gut/intuition had been screaming loudly during the entire bootcamp.

I took copious notes during all the videos on my computer. Throughout my notes, I have typed several times: “Here we go with the upsells again.” They spent much more time upselling students to more expensive offerings than they did telling us how to start a business.

When the Implementation Specialist refused to discuss a business model with me, I knew this program was either a scam or at least a poor excuse for a training program.

At 2:30 on 9/21/23, I filled out the online form on ENTRE’s website to request a refund. On that form, they do not say that you must request a refund for the ENTRE Digital Bundle within 15 days of purchase. I didn’t hear back, so I sent a follow-up email two days later.

The person who responded told me they could not refund my money because refunds had to be requested within 15 days. I had asked for a refund 15 days and 17 hours from the moment I made the purchase. This person went on to include BS in her email about how they care about their students.

I managed to receive a full refund only after I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

During the bootcamp, in one of our small-group Zoom calls, I asked about an exercise the Implementation Specialist asked us to do called the “Seven Layers Deep” exercise. I raised my hand after we were done with the exercise to ask a question, but the Implementation Specialist did not answer it.

I emailed him the next day and politely told him I felt like he did not answer my question. He wrote back, striking a rather defensive mode, saying, “I am surprised that you feel I didn’t answer your question because I did.” He offered to have his assistant set up a one-on-one call with me, but I declined. I knew it would be a futile effort to get further on it.

If you want to try this program, please be careful. Decide how much value you get from it before you reach that magic 15-day cutoff period that isn’t mentioned anywhere. You will want to be sure to get your money back. This has been an incredibly frustrating, disappointing and upsetting experience.

Pros and Cons

  • n/a
  • The lack of strategic guidance.
  • The constant upselling.
  • The lack of professionalism.
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Implementation 29
about what I expected
Presentation 30
Usefulness 31
Community 32
Support 33
Value For Money 34
Kurt Frulla
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  • Review Info 37
August 29, 2023
Earnings 38
way less than expected
Following Training 39
for less than 1 month

5+ hours of time wasted

I signed up for the $39 introduction for the Entre Institute Blueprint. It was a complete waste of time.

First off, you watch a 30-minute video of Jeff. Then, they point you to have a personalized call with your advisor, which is not true. It is a Zoom call with several other students, and provides minimal information about what you are embrarking on.

Next comes a 3-hour video that definitely excites you about the potential of earning big $$$, but makes you think what’s the catch.

Once you finish the 3-hour video, you must watch a 2-hour video that Entre claims is a personalized roadmap to start your business plan. This last video is a 2-hour sales funnel video of them trying to sell you a $3,997 package to complete the course.

I will say that again – $3,997 to complete a course with minimal success stories, if any. I searched all over the internet and couldn’t find any success stories from Entre students who coughed up $4k dollars for this course.

I spent 6 hours watching useless videos and wasted $39 of my money. This looks like a serious cash grab. They claim they have 200k students… I did the math on this. If 200k people paid the $39, that is 7.8 million dollars to produce 6 hours of worthless videos only geared towards spending $4k to get the info needed for launching a business…

It felt like a scam, and I am certainly not forking $4k to a company where I can’t see positive results. I would stay away from this company. Please don’t waste 6 hours of your life on their useless videos.

Pros and Cons

  • Good intro to the online world.
  • Possibilities for an online business.
  • No real information was given.
  • No steps provided.
  • Lots of unanswered questions.
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Implementation 40
about what I expected
Presentation 41
Usefulness 42
Community 43

haven't experienced it yet

Support 44
Value For Money 45
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