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Updated: January 20, 2023


Entre Institute Blueprint Review

12 things to know about Jeff Lerner's entrepreneur training

Entre Institute Blueprint
1.6/5 1.61
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This is the ultimate Entre Institute Blueprint review.

The Entre Institute Blueprint is an affiliate marketing course – well, not really, but we’ll get to that in a minute – by Jeff Lerner. My team and I have spent several hours going through the premium community and training materials.

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If you want to know…

  • What exactly they teach you in the course
  • How it compares to other affiliate marketing programs
  • What are the common criticisms of Jeff Lerner
  • How to get a refund for Entre Institute Blueprint
  • Are students getting results?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Entre Institute Blueprint – Key Points

Jeff Lerner’s affiliate marketing basic mindset training.

💰  Price

$39 to start (more info)

😍  Pros

30-day refund policy, decent mindset training for new entrepreneurs.

😩  Cons

Little actionable training, aggressive upsells, lack of significant success stories.


Essentially the first step in a sales funnel for more expensive training.

Overall Rating
1.6/5 1.62

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About the Author

Niall Doherty

Hey, I’m Niall Doherty.

I quit my last 9-to-5 job back in 2010.

Since then, I’ve earned my living online in various ways. Over the last 3 years (through 2022) I’ve earned $536,000 from my laptop, mostly via affiliate marketing.

I’m on a mission to accurately rate and review all the best affiliate marketing courses. My team and I have spent 500+ hours investigating these courses and getting feedback from real students.

All that to say: we know a thing or two about affiliate marketing and making money online.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

We’re on a mission to find the best affiliate marketing course, based on our own extensive research plus feedback from real students.

Unfortunately, the Entre Institute Blueprint doesn’t come close to topping our list of the best courses…

🏆 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses 🏆

How does Entre Institute Blueprint help you make money?

The main goal of Entre Institute as a whole seems to be to help you become a successful entrepreneur.

In their own words…

In the ENTRE experience we take you way from the point where you discover you want to become an ENTREpreneur, to helping you create a personalized plan, teaching you all the knowledge, skills, and habits you’ll need to be successful, and even helping you implement the plan in the real world.

It looks like their main ways of helping you achieve this goal is through affiliate marketing and lead generation.

Affiliate marketing is when you promote other people’s products or services, and collect a commission for every successful referral.

Lead generation is when you find prospective customers (eg. people who need to hire a landscaper) online via paid ads, social media or search engine optimization. You then sell these “leads” to a related business (eg. a local landscaper) for a fee.

Entre Institute Blueprint, however, doesn’t dive deep on either of these topics. Best case scenario, it will just put your mind in the right place, motivate you to be successful, and prime you for some upsells.

So I wouldn’t really consider this to be affiliate marketing training, though it is widely referred to as such online.

Who is Entre Institute Blueprint for?

As far as I can tell, Entre Institute doesn’t sell itself as a platform for anyone in particular. It doesn’t even seem to address any level of experience with affiliate marketing or business in general.

That leads me to believe that the people behind Entre Institute believe it’s for everyone. Take this claim from their website’s Story section, for instance…

In order to make all of this a reality, we’ve created a system of core values to empower all ENTRE members – from our students, to our staff, to our founders, and everyone in between – to live by on a daily basis.

This might be the case for some of the upsells that Entre Institute offers, but I’m not so sure about the Entre Institute Blueprint. IMO, experienced entrepreneurs are likely to find the mindset lessons within the Blueprint far too basic.

Does Jeff Lerner have a good reputation?

It’s complicated.

On the plus side, Jeff Lerner has a pretty big YouTube following, with 80,000+ subscribers. He acts as both a business coach and a life coach in his videos.

Here’s a video from Jeff’s channel so you can get a feel for his style…

Now for the flip side 😕

I’ve seen several claims online that Lerner is a scammer. Some folks seem to feel that Jeff’s courses are overhyped and offer little value, or you have to buy expensive upsells to get any serious training from him.

I can see where those critics are coming from given my experience with the upsells for Entre Institute. As I quickly discovered after signing up, the Entre Institute Blueprint is just the first step of a big sales funnel.

That said, you are likely to find far more praise than complaints for Jeff and Entre Institute online. The thing is: much of that praise rings a little hollow…

Are Entre Institute students getting results?

It’s easy to find people praising Entre Institute, but I had a hard time finding students reporting that they’d achieved significant results from following the training.

IMO, one of the best testimonials is the story of Jessi Smith, which also happens to be featured on the sales page for the training…

“I’ve only been trying to get clients for two weeks… I’ve had three meetings and three closes. I’m not taking one of them but that’s still going to be monthly recurring revenue of $4500 a month and they’re booking for 6 months!” – Jessi Smith

For such a highly-praised and popular course, I would have expected to see far more testimonials like Jessi’s during my research. Unfortunately, I found very few of them for Entre Institute.

This leads me to believe that the vast majority of people who sign up for the Blueprint don’t achieve any significant results.

How much does Entre Institute Blueprint cost?

The listed price for the Entre Institute Blueprint is $39.

While the price is seemingly low, the Blueprint only gives you access to a handful of lessons, all of them focused on mindset.

To get more out of Entre Institute, you’ll need to pay for the upsells…

  • Millionaire Productivity Secrets: $197
  • Knowledge Business Accelerator: $1,997
  • Agency Business Accelerator: $1,997
  • Affiliate Business Accelerator: $1,997
  • Entre Foundations: $297
  • Entre Coaching: Unknown (you need to contact a so-called Entre Specialist first)
  • Implementation Bootcamp: Locked
  • Adskills Traffic Training: Locked

(I found no clear info on how to unlock the Implementation Bootcamp and Adskills Traffic Training courses. My guess is that you need to finish some of the other courses to gain access to those.)

Entre Institute Blueprint Discount?

I’ve searched high and low for a discount or coupon code but have yet to find mention of one anywhere, and there’s no place to enter a discount code on the Entre Institute Blueprint checkout.

Sorry guys: it’s full-price or nothing.

Refund Policy

The refund policy page for Entre Institute specifies a 30-day money-back guarantee for most of its products…

ENTRE Blueprint, ENTRE Nation, ENTRE Nation Elite and ENTRE Fundamentals purchases may be cancelled without penalty or obligation within 30 days from processing of payment.

However, this page seems a bit outdated, as Entre Nation Elite seems like a former product from the Entre series, and Entre Nation is now the name of the Facebook group.

Also, the refund policy mentioned above does not apply to all of Entre Institute…

All other purchases may be cancelled without penalty or obligation within 72 hours from processing of initial payment/installment.

How is Entre Institute Blueprint structured?

Here’s what the training looks like once you’re logged in…

entre institute blueprint review entre institute training courses

With the Entre Institute Blueprint, you only get two small courses:

  • Success Path (pictured above)
  • Awesome Life Challenge

The Success Path

This “course” consists of only six steps. Most of these come down to videos that are between 30 minutes and 3 hours long. IMO, the videos are full of overblown promises, e.g. that they’ll help you start a successful business in 90 days.

In reality, the videos in this course talk mainly about mindset, and you have to bite on some upsells to get any practical training.

After you watch the first 3 videos – and you have to watch them all the way through; no way to skip ahead, which I found quite annoying – Jeff Lerner recommends applying for the Business Accelerator training, which costs a whopping $3997.

Even if you decline, you’ll need to book a call with an Entre “advisor” to advance. I think it’s safe to assume that this is essentially a sales call, and the advisor will be encouraging you to go for one of the upsells.

The Awesome Life Challenge

This course is also mostly about mindset, but the videos are shorter, more concise. You’ll hear about evergreen subjects like morning routines or creating your perfect day. 

Personally, I found this course to be underwhelming as well, but more worthwhile than The Success Path.

entre institute blueprint review inside the awesome life challenge course
Above: inside the Awesome Life Challenge course

Private Community

ENTRE Nation, the training’s private Facebook group, looks as active as it gets. It has hundreds of new posts every month, but from what I’ve seen most of them are just new members hopping in to say hi.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s because the training prompts you to write social media posts with the #90daychallenge hashtag.

Whatever the case, I would’ve expected more testimonials from such an active group.

entre institute blueprint review facebook community activity

Green Lights 🟢

A few things to like about Entre Institute Blueprint…

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Affordable price.
  • Decent mindset training for new entrepreneurs.

Red Flags 🚩

A few things to be wary of regarding Entre Institute Blueprint…

  • Lack of significant success stories from students.
  • Lots of expensive upsells.
  • Complete lack of actionable steps and practical advice.
  • Some skeletons in Jeff Lerner’s closet.
  • Questionable marketing tactics (eg. fake scarcity).
  • Can’t skip through the Success Path videos; forced to watch them all.

Other things you should know

  • Jeff Lerner himself doesn’t only seem to be a business coach and successful entrepreneur, but also a life coach. The fact that the Entre Institute Blueprint is mostly mindset-oriented shouldn’t come as a surprise.
  • You get a chance to talk with an “Entre Specialist” for 30 minutes if you opt for the Blueprint. Best not to think of this as a valuable coaching session, however. Most likely the person you talk to will be encouraging you to pay up to access the next level of the training.
  • I’ll emphasize again that you can’t skip through the videos in Success Path the first time you watch them. And there are 5+ hours worth of videos. You have to watch them all before you can progress to next steps. I found this incredibly irritating, as most of the info presented was rather basic.

Should you join Entre Institute Blueprint?

I cannot in good conscience recommend Entre Institute Blueprint as a reliable way to make money online.

It promises to help you build your own business, but doesn’t back that up at all, IMO.

The training you get access to is short and lacks actionable advice. Add in the aggressive upsells that start early into your experience with Entre, and I can only advise that people steer clear of this program.

As far as affiliate marketing programs go, this lands on the bottom half of my list.

  • Learn more about affiliate marketing
Entre Institute Blueprint – Key Points

Jeff Lerner’s affiliate marketing basic mindset training.

💰  Price

$39 to start (more info)

😍  Pros

30-day refund policy, decent mindset training for new entrepreneurs.

😩  Cons

Little actionable training, aggressive upsells, lack of significant success stories.


Essentially the first step in a sales funnel for more expensive training.

Overall Rating
1.6/5 1.63

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