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Updated: August 10, 2023

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Started Travel Blogging 3 Years Ago, Now Earns $50K/Month

  • Shelley Marmor

  • Founder of Travel Mexico Solo
  • $50,000 monthly revenue from travel blogs
  • Published August 10, 2023 by Fardeen Khan
  • Reviewed and edited by Niall Doherty

Shelley Marmor was working in corporate America for 15 years before deciding to pursue her passion for travel blogging in 2020.

She launched her first site, Travel Mexico Solo, after traveling solo in Mexico for a year 🇲🇽

Initially, Shelley wrote about her own travels but wasn’t making much money.

💡 Then she had a big realization…

Nobody cares about me traveling around Mexico. They care about how I can help them travel Mexico.

On advice from other bloggers, Shelley invested in courses to learn SEO and niched down to just Mexico.

Her thinking, via a recent interview

I can’t compete with 15-year-old sites like [popular travel blog] Nomadic Matt’s. But in a niche, I can cut to the front of the line.

Within 3 years, Shelley grew her site – and a few others – into a business consistently earning $50,000+ per month 🤑

She has display ads on her sites from multiple networks, but it sounds like affiliate marketing is her main source of revenue.

From the interview…

“I started making money before I had much traffic. The income came first, then traffic grew over time.” She never had a viral “traffic explosion” moment. Instead, it was many small wins that compounded.

About a year and a half into her journey, Shelley started hiring writers to help create content. She now has a team of 4 writers, an editor, and a blog manager 💪

Along the way she also started additional niche sites that focus on specific Mexican destinations…

The last one earns $5k/month from affiliate marketing on its own 🤯 proving that even a tiny niche travel blog can earn a good income.

(Could you start something like that for your hometown or a place you know well? 🤔)

Shelley says…

Not every site will be a 7-figure business. But you can be happy with a 6-figure site, then replicate it. This means multiple 6-figure sites can equal a 7-figure business.

Her #1 tip…

No one starts perfect. But no one who’s successful didn’t start.

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