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Updated: June 13, 2023

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$1.43 Per Hour Catfishing Lonely Dudes

Charlie Chatter
  • Charlie Chatter

  • OnlyFans Chatter
  • $1.43 per hour

Shaan Puri at about the 34-minute mark of a recent podcast episode (video version)…

Do you know what the actual money maker is inside of an OnlyFans account, when these girls say that they’re making like a million dollars a month, do you know what actually drives that?

Apparently the main reason people sign up and pay money to these OnlyFans models, is to chat with them one-on-one and feel like they are in a relationship 🥰

But they’re not actually chatting with the model, as Shaan goes on to explain…

They hire farms of chatters… A lot of the money is made through… customer support… call centers… it’s basically dudes in the Philippines talking to dudes in the US pretending to be the girl.

They have this army of chatters that will chat with these guys and tease them and flirt with them and then upsell them and boom cha-ching, got the sale

I found a few posts online claiming rates of $25-35/hour for such chat jobs.

But those seem to be a scam 🤬

More realistic is this job post on Reddit listing the pay as “80 php an hour, approx 20k a month”

That works out to $1.43 per hour, approx $357 a month.

(Btw, construction workers in the 🇵🇭 Philippines apparently earn $370/month.)

Your responsibilities would include…

– Be able to chat with fans as though you are the model
– Run script to every possible subscriber
– Be authentic and chat like the girl would

Wow 🤯

Imagine working a job like that, pretending to be some hot girl and texting with lonely dudes all day, only to inevitably get replaced by an AI voice chat.


Related to this, Vice has an article from Nov 2021: I Make £41,000 Managing the Inbox Requests of OnlyFans Models

That tells the story of a 🇫🇷 French guy named Marc, who was doing a lot of chatting on behalf of his OF clients…

Over the course of the weekend, I might get 2,000 or so messages… A good 90 percent of my time on OnlyFans is spent replying to messages.

But it sounds like he was mainly getting paid to manage their accounts and social media…

For every contract, for every girl, I have a fixed fee of 2,500 euros (around £2,100) per month. Then I take five percent commission of what they make for every 5,000 euros. So, for example, if they earn 15,000 euros in a month, I take 15 percent, 20 percent for over 20,000 euros and so on. For the most well-known influencers, we’re exceeding 50,000 euros (£41,000).

I bet Marc is still managing such accounts but has outsourced the chatting to someone in the Philippines for $2/hour.

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