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Updated: July 29, 2023


Mug Moguls Review

12 things to know about Mug Moguls’ print on demand course

Mug Moguls
2.2/5 2.21
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This is the definitive Mug Moguls review.

Mug Moguls is a beginner e-commerce course by Brock Hamilton. My team and I have spent several hours researching the training – and Brock himself – to see if it lives up to the hype.

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If you’re eager to learn…

  • If selling mugs on Etsy can make you money
  • If the whole thing is legit or a scam
  • The pros and cons

Then definitely keep reading.

Mug Moguls – Key Points

A step by step training for selling mugs on Etsy using print on demand.

💰  Price

$37 (more info)

😍  Pros

In depth, step by step, over the shoulder, taught by a proven Etsy print on demand seller.

😩  Cons

Questionable marketing tactics, missing proof of customer success, doesn’t set practical expectations.


Helpful for those willing to put in the work selling print on demand mugs on Etsy.

Overall Rating
2.2/5 2.22

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About the Author

Niall Doherty

Hey, I’m Niall Doherty.

I quit my last 9-to-5 job back in 2010.

Since then, I’ve earned my living online in various ways. Over the last 3 years (through 2022) I’ve earned $536,000 from my laptop.

I’m on a mission to accurately rate and review all the best online business courses. My team and I are spending many hours investigating these courses and getting feedback from real students.

All that to say: we know a thing or two about such courses and making money online.

The Best E-Commerce Course?

We’re on a mission to review all the popular e-commerce courses, based on our own extensive research plus feedback from real students.

Mug Moguls seems like a decent course, but it doesn’t make the top of our list…

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How does Mug Moguls help you make money?

Mug Moguls aims to help you make money by teaching how to sell coffee mugs with unique designs and quotes on Etsy.

The course focuses on using print on demand services, also called POD, which means you don’t need to hold inventory or ship the mugs yourself.

Each mug is made one at a time.

When an order comes in, the print on demand provider will use the design you upload to create the mug and ship it directly to your customer for you. You keep the difference between your price and the product cost plus Etsy fees.

The course instructor explains more in this video…

It should be noted that the course does not teach Amazon POD despite featuring Amazon earnings proof.

See the screenshot from the sales video below…

mug moguls review screenshot from the sales video

While Amazon is not taught, Mug Moguls still covers Etsy print on demand process in depth.

Topics range from creating and sourcing designs to setting up and managing your Etsy store to Etsy Ads management.

Who is Mug Moguls for?

Mug Moguls targets beginners who want to make money from home.

It could also be helpful for intermediate print on demand sellers wanting to sell on Etsy.

This screenshot directly from the sales page explains it clearly…

mug moguls review who for

They say you can do it without any experience, and I believe there’s truth to that.

I do consider the model to be a legitimate way to make money online, but it’s almost certainly not as easy as advertised.

For example, it’s unrealistic to only spend an hour per day like they claim on the sales page…

“[Spend] 30 mins to an hour a day managing your business and watch the sales roll in.”

Etsy POD takes time and effort to make even a fraction of the amount of money advertised in Mug Moguls.

Does Brock Hamilton have a good reputation?

I couldn’t find much talk about Brock Hamilton online.

Good news is it appears he actively sells on Etsy, and his shop has very positive reviews.

Here’s a store of his below (shop name hidden for privacy)…

mug moguls review brock hamilton etsy store

So Brock definitely seems to know what he’s talking about with POD.

Are Mug Moguls students getting results?

It looks like some Mug Moguls students are getting sales, but the lack of personal success stories and student reviews makes it difficult to measure the extent of their success.

And sales page reviews are a bit vague…

mug moguls review sales page reviews

I wonder why these students wouldn’t provide more proof of their success if they were so happy with the results.

In my opinion, it’s unclear if these reviews are real given the other questionable marketing tactics.

How much does Mug Moguls cost?

The course is advertised as usually costing $495 but being available for $37 today only.

A screenshot from the sales page…

mug moguls review price discount

From what I can tell:

  • The offer is not available for just a day.
  • It was likely never sold for $495.
  • I doubt it’s limited to 100 people.

For example, the offer was the same when I visited the sales page a week apart.

It’s a shame too because I was impressed by the quality of the training compared to what initially seemed like a scammy course.

Also, unless you’re able/willing to create mug designs yourself, you’ll have to pay designers to create them.

A design tends to range from $5-$10. Recommended designers are provided in the course which can save you from some trial and error.

When it comes to upsells, the mug designs they offer are not worth the money, IMO.

Reuploading already existing designs doesn’t seem to be an effective way to succeed with this business as a beginner.

Even Brock mentions in the course to always make designs a bit different or better.

I’d definitely feel better about buying and recommending a course like this if the marketing were more honest.

Mug Moguls Discount?

I searched online for a discount or coupon code for Mug Moguls but have yet to find mention of one anywhere. There is also no place to enter a discount code at checkout.

So it looks like you’ll have to pay full price if you want access.

Refund Policy

The sales and legal pages don’t mention anything about a refund, and information on Google appears to be for an older version of the course.

SO I wouldn’t count on being able to get a refund for this.

How is Mug Moguls structured?

The course is broken into different modules containing step-by-step, over-the-shoulder videos.

There are currently 47 videos averaging 6 minutes each, and it takes about 5 hours to watch everything.

You can see the topics covered in this image of the member’s portal…

mug moguls review course page

An issue I had with the structure was that there are no text versions of modules available to search through.

Some lessons also have the same name, making it time consuming to go back and find specific videos.

Green Lights 🟢 

Some positive points for Mug Moguls…

  • Surprisingly comprehensive core training.
  • Practical and step-by-step.
  • Regularly updated, with free updates for existing students.
  • Brock Hamilton walks his talk.

Red Flags 🚩 

A few things about Mug Moguls that might give you pause…

  • No refunds
  • Lack of significant success stories from students.
  • Generic section names make it somewhat difficult to navigate.
  • Questionable marketing tactics (fake scarcity, fake discount.)
  • Claims selling mugs on Etsy is an easy and quick way to make money online.

Other things you should know

  • Despite what feels like dishonest marketing, the course material itself is pretty valuable for the price. You’ll also get a copy and paste template for your descriptions which is a helpful little bonus.
  • You can make real money selling print on demand products on marketplaces like Etsy. However, it is by no means easy, fast, or foolproof.

Should you join Mug Moguls?

Mug moguls is a decent course if you want to learn how to sell mugs on Etsy.

Keep in mind that selling mugs is very competitive. It requires serious effort and patience.

You’ll want to find a way to stand out to really succeed. Personalization, as mentioned in the course, is an excellent way to do so.

There are also many other print on demand products that can be sold besides mugs which could be worth looking into.

Regardless of what print on demand products you choose, the concepts in this course can help if your ultimate goal is to sell on Etsy.

Mug Moguls – Key Points

A step by step training for selling mugs on Etsy using print on demand.

💰  Price

$37 (more info)

😍  Pros

In depth, step by step, over the shoulder, taught by a proven Etsy print on demand seller.

😩  Cons

Questionable marketing tactics, missing proof of customer success, doesn’t set practical expectations.


Helpful for those willing to put in the work selling print on demand mugs on Etsy.

Overall Rating
2.2/5 2.23

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