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Mr. Money Mustache – Investor with Betterment

  • Mr. Money Mustache

  • Do-It-Yourself Investor with Betterment
  • $40,944 5-year earnings on $167k deposits

How does Mr. Money Mustache make money online?

Mr. Money Mustache makes money online in many ways, but for the purposes of this profile I’m just focusing on the money he’s earned off investing with a robo advisor called Betterment.

He wrote about putting $100,000 into Betterment back in late 2014:

In the years since, he’s added to that investment – $1000/month deposited in the account automatically – and seen some solid earnings.

How much money has Mr. Money Mustache earned from Betterment?

He posts quarterly updates on this page.

Results as of May 31st, 2020:

As you can see there, in about 5.5 years he’s earned $40,944 from total deposits of $167,000.

That’s a 24.5% return on investment.

Be sure to read the full page for more info, pros and cons of this investment strategy, etc.

How did Mr. Money Mustache get started?

Mr. Money Mustache is a popular blogger in the personal finance space, famous for retiring at age 30 thanks mainly to frugal living, savings and investments.

See here for his full story.

But you don’t need to be as frugal or as financially-savvy as Mr. Money Mustache to emulate his Betterment investment strategy.

Anyone in the USA can sign up for a Betterment account here.

What type of online business does Mr. Money Mustache have?

Mr. Money Mustache runs a multifaceted online business.

But if we just take the Betterment aspect, then according to our framework this would fall into the Investing category, and we’d consider it a Level X online business.

Other ways to make money online

There are many other ways to make money online, to work from home or anywhere in the world.

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