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Matt Basta – Founder of Pinecast

  • Matt Basta

  • Founder of Pinecast
  • $13,000 Pinecast monthly revenue

How does Matt make money online?

Matt is the founder of Pinecast, a premium podcast hosting service.

The service basically makes it easier for people to start a podcast, get it listed on various platforms, track growth, etc.

How much money does Matt make?

Matt has his Stripe account for Pinecast hooked up to Indie Hackers so you can see the revenue growth.

As of this writing, revenue is at $13,000 per month:

As per the Pinecast homepage, the service uses a freemium model with a $10/month starter plan plus add-ons:

Best I can tell, Pinecast is Matt’s one-man project, though he does hire contractors to help out as needed.

How did Matt get started?

According to this post on Indie Hackers, Pinecast was started in 2015:

Matt’s profile on Medium says he works on “Stripe by day, Pinecast by night” and his Twitter profile says he writes JavaScript at Stripe, so he’s clearly an experienced developer.

What type of online business does Matt have?

According to our framework Matt has a cloud service business, which would be considered a Level 5 online business.

Other ways to make money online

There are many other ways to make money online, to work from home or anywhere in the world.

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