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Justin Mueller – Serial Entrepreneur

  • Justin Mueller

  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • $31,224 forex profit in 2 months

How does Justin make money online?

Justin has made money online in various ways.

He’s probably best known as an affiliate marketer and forex trader, having posted many videos on those topics on his YouTube channel.

As an affiliate marketer, Justin recommends products and services to his audience online and collects a commission for every successful referral.

As a forex trader, Justin buys and sells currencies and earns a profit if he can sell a currency for more than he paid for it.

A few other ways Justin has earned money online:

How much money does Justin make?

It’s unclear how much Justin earns per month as an affiliate marketer, but in a July 2018 video he claimed to have already earned more than $100,000 as an affiliate at only 21 years of age…

Judging from the links in the description of his YouTube videos, these are some of the companies he’s an affiliate for:

  • Motor Club of America
  • Morning Brew newsletter
  • OspreyFX

Justin showed in a December 2019 video that he earned $31,224 profit in a little more than two months trading forex

In a June 2019 video, Justin showed that he earned about $183 per month the previous year from YouTube ad revenue

Justin only had about 8.5k subscribers to his channel at the time, according to Social Blade. As of this writing, he has more than 65k subscribers, so he’s surely earning much more from YouTube ads now.

In an October 2018 video, Justin reported earning $1000 dropshipping bracelets that convert to a smartphone charger…

I haven’t seen numbers for Justin’s other income streams, but he lists his consulting fee as $200/hour.

How did Justin get started?

Justin mentions in the affiliate marketing video above that one of his first entrepreneurial ventures was selling iPhone cases to other students at his high school, apparently earning $1000 in his first month.

Sounds like his first big money-maker online was affiliate marketing, but it’s unclear where he learned how to do that.

What type of online business does Justin have?

Justin has tried his hand at many online businesses over the years. 

According to our framework they can be broken down like this:

  • Freelance (Level 2)
    Justin does 1-on-1 consulting calls for a fee.
  • Referral (Level 3)
    I’m guessing that Justin’s affiliate marketing business started off this way.
  • Resale (Level 3)
    The dropshipping business would fit here.
  • Authority (Level 4)
    Justin has built up a significant following on Instagram and YouTube.
  • Digital Products (Level 4)
    Justin has created and sold online courses.
  • Physical Products (Level 5)
    Justin has dabbled in creating merch for his PipsAhoy brand.
  • Cloud Service (Level 5)
    This would be Justin’s Forex Simulator software.
  • Trading (Level X)
    Justin trades forex.

Follow the links above for more info and examples for each type of business.

Other ways to make money online

There are many other ways to make money online, to work from home or anywhere in the world.

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