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Jason Fieber – Investor and Entrepreneur

  • Jason Fieber

  • Investor and Entrepreneur
  • $1,500+ monthly dividend income

How does Jason make money online?

Jason makes money online in various ways, but he’s best known for earning enough dividend income from his investments to retire from regular employment at only 33 years of age.

Jason’s words in a March 2019 interview:

I earn dividends from the shares I own in over 100 different world-class businesses. Most pay dividends quarterly. Some monthly or bi-annually.

I also earn money from various online businesses, but I don’t consider any of that income passive. Dividend income is truly passive because I get paid without any action on my part. And since I invest in companies that grow their profit and dividends, my passive dividend income continues to grow and compound fairly quickly.

Other ways Jason makes money online include:

  • eBooks
    Jason has written two books which he sells via Amazon.
  • Affiliate Marketing
    Jason occasionally recommends third-party products and services on his website and YouTube channel and gets paid a commission for successful referrals.
  • Advertising
    Jason generates revenue from ads on his website and YouTube channel.
  • Patreon
    Jason shares exclusive content with supporters paying $8/month on Patreon.

How much money does Jason make?

We only have numbers for Jason’s dividend income.

In a July 2020 video, Jason revealed that he earned $1,670 in dividend income the previous month

That was up from $1,594 in dividend income for the same month the previous year, and from $1,137 monthly dividend income reported earlier in 2019.

In that same 2019 report, the worth of Jason’s portfolio was noted as $386,263.

So it’s quite a lot of capital that’s generating his dividend income each month.

How did Jason get started?

Jason details his origin story on his website.

Some highlights:

  • He had a tough childhood, growing up poor in Detroit. His father left the family when he was 8 and Jason’s drug-addicted mother gave him up for adoption when he was 11.
  • When he was 21 he dropped out of college, his mother committed suicide, and he inherited $60,000 from his grandmother.
  • He blew through the $60k in two years, spending the month on nothing in particular.
  • He was earning $40k a year working as a service advisor in the automotive industry, but had no savings and lost his job in the 2008-2009 recession.
  • That was the turning point for Jason. He moved to Florida, found a new job, educated himself financially, started living below his means, saving and investing as much as he could.
  • Within four years his savings and investments amounted to more than $100,000.
  • “I achieved financial freedom in early 2016, just before turning 34 years old.”

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What type of online business does Jason have?

Jason runs a multifaceted online business. 

According to our framework it can be broken down like this:

  • Digital Products (Level 4)
    Justin has two ebooks for sale on Amazon.
  • Authority (Level 4)
    Jason is considered by many to be an expert on finance and investing, as evidenced by his popular blog and growing social media channels.
  • Investing (Level X)
    Jason was able to retire from regular employment thanks for dividend income from his investments.

Follow the links above for more info and examples for each type of business.

Other ways to make money online

There are many other ways to make money online, to work from home or anywhere in the world.

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