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eBiz Weekly #98

$3000/month on YouTube with 5k subscribers

This week:

  • Twitter Inspiration Handbook
  • $3000/month on YouTube with 5k subscribers
  • Before you start a YouTube channel…
  • $100k her first year on YouTube
  • Good news for iOS developers
  • Seek out the hard parts
  • 2nd video on TikTok = 5.8 million views
  • Early Black Friday Deals
  • 10 years as a digital nomad
  • Momentos

Twitter Inspiration Handbook

Harry Dry released this a few days ago 👈

All the best “brand tweets” he’s found, grouped into categories. (#8 is my favorite.)

$3000/month on YouTube with 5k subscribers

That’s 21-year-old Matthew Morgan, as shared in a recent video.

His income breaks down like this:

  • $150 from YT ad revenue
  • $1 from Amazon affiliate links
  • $215 from his digital product (Winning Emails via Gumroad)
  • $2826 from his paid course (Copywriting Blueprint)
  • $122 from coaching

His expenses are about $820 per month.

He promotes his course through email and social media as well, so that income isn’t entirely via YouTube, though it sounds like his YT channel is the primary way people find it.

Goes to show that you can make a decent income on YouTube without a ton of subscribers.

Before you start a YouTube channel…

Know that it does take a lot of work 🥵

Matthew only started his channel in April and has already put up 60 videos, most more than 10 minutes long. Plus, I’m sure he had to put in a ton of work to first learn copywriting, then create a solid course on the topic.

Big-time YouTuber MrBeast posted to Twitter last week:

This is how many views I got on YouTube during each year of my life.

22 – 3,487,571,441 (So far)
21 – 3,324,451,660
20 – 2,099,879,911
19 – 464,282,517
18 – 122,441,813
17 – 5,482,596
16 – 202,000
15 – 125,634
14 – 41,148
13 – 7,000
12 – 15,000

If I had to guess, I’d say MrBeast was five years in before he was earning a living from his channel. (He’s now earning an estimated $850,000 per month just from ads.)

That’s why I consider a YouTube channel to be a Level 4 online business: it usually takes quite a bit of time and effort to succeed.

If you want to start earning decent money sooner rather than later, I recommend starting at Level 2 (ie. freelancing or a remote job).

$100k her first year on YouTube

Erika Kullberg is a self-described “lawyer with a YouTube channel,” and in this video she shares how she earned $100k her first year on the platform.

Just from the headline, you might think that contradicts everything above, but consider the details of Erika’s story:

  • She posted a video per week for the first 6 months
  • Worked 20 hours/week on her channel while also working a full-time job
  • Earned $0 her first 3 months
  • Earned the equivalent of $2.06/hour from her channel through the first 5 months

Things picked up in month 6 when she made two topical videos about stimulus checks. It was only then that her channel had enough watch time to qualify for the YT partner program and she could start monetizing with ads. Once she did that, her income shot up: in month 7, she started posting two videos per week and earned $8314 from YouTube ad revenue 💰

But think about those first 5 months for Erika: working her ass off in her spare time to create great content and earning the equivalent of $2 per hour. That’s a gauntlet most YouTubers aren’t willing to endure.

Erika’s words:

The thing with YouTube is a lot of people are going to quit before they even see success on it, before they even get their first viral video. So if you have a YouTube channel, just be patient. You are going to get that opportunity from the YouTube algorithm. You just don’t know if it’s going to be in month 6 or month 8 or month 12.

My takeaways from Erika’s journey:

  • Be willing to post a quality video every week for 6 months without much reward
  • When one of your videos does well, double down and make more videos on the same topic.
  • Make evergreen videos or you’ll be stuck on a content treadmill.
  • For every $1k you earn from ad revenue, you should be able to earn another $1k from affiliates and sponsors.

Good news for iOS developers

Apple announced this week that they’re cutting their fees in half for App Store developers with less than $1 million in annual net sales.

From 30% down to 15%, so it could mean an extra $150k for a business just below the $1 million mark 👌

Seek out the hard parts

Seth Godin writes:

If it were easy… then everyone else would find it easy as well. Which would make it awfully difficult to do important work, work that stands out, work that people would go out of their way to find.

When difficulties arise, it might very well be good news. Because those difficulties may dissuade all the people who aren’t as dedicated as you are.

It pays to seek out the hard parts.

Have you been seeking out the hard parts lately?

2nd video on TikTok = 5.8 million views

The video showcases a joke greeting card 😂

The guy behind it shared his story on Reddit.

He’d tried lots of different sites and platforms to get his product to go viral over the years. Nothing worked as good as TikTok.

He doesn’t share how much revenue he’s generated off the back of this but sounds like his business is set up to make the most of it.

Early Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is next week (Nov 27), but here are a few juicy deals already available:

Any other BF deals you’re excited about?

Hit reply and let me know.

10 years as a digital nomad

I quit my last 9-to-5 job ten years and a day ago, so I’ve now been working for myself online for an entire decade 🎉

Here’s the highlight reel of my first 7 years as a digital nomad, with more than a million views to date.

In hindsight, I was very naive and overly optimistic when I quit my comfortable office job. And I’m very glad I was, because building and running my own business has been an incredible growth experience, one I might have passed on if I’d known how tough it can be at times.

But if I could go back and tell my wannabe entrepreneur self anything, it would be this: forget about passive income and focus on freelancing to start. (More on that here.)

I’d have wasted less time and earned more money if I’d just done that.


My latest batch of diary entry thingies are on Patreon 👈

That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

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In case you missed em, here are the last three editions of eBiz Weekly:

Until next week, rock on with your legendary self 💪

Niall Doherty – Tbilisi, Georgia
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