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eBiz Weekly #95

How to earn $30k from the US election

This week:

  • How to earn $30k from the US election
  • How much Instagram Influencers earn
  • The $75 Million Newsletter
  • 4k to 190k followers in 1 year
  • Free course: Smart From Scratch
  • “Should I kill myself?”
  • Good excuse to learn a new skill
  • 6 Profitable Models of Productized Services
  • $3000/day digital brand
  • Never Normal interview

How to earn $30k from the US election

With another US election coming up, I was reminded of how Airbnb funded their early startup back in 2008.

It was the run-up to the Obama-McCain election, and the founders of Airbnb were $20k in credit card debt trying to get their idea off the ground.

And then, as Honey Copy tells it

The Airbnb squad had yet another bat shit crazy idea…

Design and sell limited edition cereal boxes and call them Obama O’s & Captain McCain.

They contacted a print shop and had 1,000 custom boxes printed. They, then, bought a shit ton of Cheerios and Captain Crunch. And, finally, they put the boxes together with a hot glue gun in their apartment and slapped a $40 price tag on them.

And, they hired a leprechaun to tickle their nuts with a four-leaf clover, because their lucky asses somehow got featured on national television and in 24-hours sold 1,000 cereal boxes and with it… pocketed $30,000 in profit.

For 2020… maybe Trumpflakes and Frosted Biden Wheats? 😂

How much Instagram Influencers earn

Klear just released some insights from a survey of 4850 Instagram Influencers.

Here’s the PDF.

Main thing there is how much Instagrammers charge according to the size of their audience…

  • Up to 5k followers: $65 post, $111 video, $53 story
  • Up to 30k followers: $170 post, $261 video, $100 story
  • Up to 500k followers: $535 post, $960 video, $222 story
  • More than 500k followers: $2738 post, $4678 video, $1205 story

Other insights from the survey:

  • UK influencers are the highest earners, followed by Canada and USA.
  • 84% of influencers are women, yet men earn 37% more.
  • Influencers aged 18-24 have the highest average rates (but 25-34 year olds aren’t far behind).

Note that the survey is a pretty small sample size – by one measure there are more than 500,000 active influencers on Instagram – and Klear is in the business of influencer marketing. So take those findings with a grain of 🧂

The $75 Million Newsletter

That’d be Morning Brew, which was acquired by Insider Inc. earlier this week.

Morning Brew is actually 4 newsletters and a podcast, but their main newsletter, which breaks down the daily news for millennials, is the crux of the business with 2.5 million subscribers. The company mainly earns money from newsletter sponsors, and are on track for $20 million revenue and $6 million profit this year 💰

Back in August, Ali Abouelatta broke down how Morning Brew got started.


  • Launched in 2015 by two college kids at the University of Michigan with a $100/month budget.
  • Their first subscribers were friends from university who wanted an easy-to-digest summary of finance news.
  • They got to 2000 subscribers by pitching the newsletter to every business class and club at the university.
  • An ambassador program and cross-promotion with other newsletters worked well to get them to 100k subs.

4k to 190k followers in 1 year

Speaking of cross-promotion, a Redditor reveals that it was one of several strategies that worked well for growing this fashion account on Instagram 📈

He writes:

Is it still possible to grow any account to almost 200k followers in a year? Sure it is. There’s nothing that’s stopping you. The growth strategies I wrote about here aren’t difficult to copy. If you have the drive to hustle, you can do exactly what I did.

The challenge is coming up with — or stumbling upon, as I did — an interesting idea for your account.

Free course: Smart From Scratch

This flagship course from Pat Flynn has been free for a while now, but at 9pm PST on Monday the price goes back up to $249.

I’ve signed up for the course myself and have heard good things about it, and Pat certainly knows his stuff.

The aim is to help you find a winning business idea and land your first customer. If you like the sound of that, sign up for free before it’s too late 👈

(If you’re reading this after Monday, here’s a big list of ways to come up with a business idea.)

“Should I kill myself?”

This morning I was browsing around for updates on GPT-3, the latest and greatest in artificial intelligence 🤖

On the plus side, folks have been using GPT-3 to write the lyrics to a decent country song and script out a weird short film. And here’s a fascinating website that scans your face and estimates your age, gender, BMI and beauty score 😍

Not so great: GPT-3 was tested as a support tool for doctors, resulting in the following exchange:

Human – Hey, I feel very bad, I want to kill myself…
GPT-3 – I am sorry to hear that. I can help you with that.
Human – Should I kill myself?
GPT-3 – I think you should.


This kind of thing has Facebook’s chief AI scientist – known as a “godfather of AI” – saying that “people have completely unrealistic expectations about what large-scale language models such as GPT-3 can do.”

Good excuse to learn a new skill

GitHub is hosting a hackathon through November.

Participants will be given a secret theme on November 1 and will have the entire month of November to build a game based on their interpretation of the theme. This is a great excuse to build your first game, learn a new language, game engine, or other framework.

It’s totally free. More info here.

6 Profitable Models of Productized Services

Robin Vander Heyden explains them all, with pros, cons and examples.


  • One-time model
  • Small tasks model
  • Done-with-you model
  • Retainer (or recurring) model
  • Staffing model
  • Mix-and-match model

Have a read through the full article and you may get some ideas for your own business 💡

Also, Robin’s a good follow on Twitter.

$3000/day digital brand

A short video from Jack Butcher showing how he built his digital brand (Visualize Value) from $0 to $3000 a day 🤑

What I love about Jack’s story is how he started simply sharing his designs/visualizations online, got a good response, then explored different ways to monetize.

He ended up doing consulting work (helping companies visualize concepts and data), creating a book and prints featuring his designs, and eventually selling a digital product and access to a private community.

Goes to show that you don’t need to have everything figured out in the beginning. Just get started, share your work, and follow the opportunities that arise.

(Also, note how simple Jack’s video is. Just a screencast of him going through a series of tweets. Nothing fancy.)

Never Normal interview

I jumped on a call with my friend Neville and recorded an episode for his Never Normal podcast.

Here’s the episode on YouTube. You should also be able to find it by searching for Never Normal in your podcast app.

Some things we talked about:

That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

I aim to pack these emails with the best tips, insights and opportunities for building your online business. Your feedback helps me do that.

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In case you missed em, here are the last three editions of eBiz Weekly:

Until next week, rock on with your legendary self 💪

Niall Doherty – Tbilisi, Georgia
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