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eBiz Weekly #94

$400k this year from a new course

This week:

  • Remote Club
  • $1.1 million selling suspenders online
  • Easiest way to build a website?
  • Sarah Cooper’s overnight success
  • $400k this year from a new course
  • VTubers: the next big thing?
  • Remembering James Randi
  • Big Mario Marketing
  • Advice from a young Jeff Bezos
  • High-Level Authority Site Training

Remote Club

Remote Club is a new site for digital nomads and remote workers, helping you figure out which destinations are best for you.

For example, here’s their page for Tbilisi, where I’ve been living most of this year 🇬🇪

You can also compare cities on there: here’s a comparison between Tbilisi and where I was before.

One of my favorite travel bloggers (Wandering Earl) is part of the team building this site so I’m excited to see how it develops.

$1.1 million selling suspenders online

Jackson Cunningham tells the story on Reddit.

Especially interesting because he and his co-founder were very methodical about finding the idea (using keyword research) and building the company. They’ve apparently done similar with theatrical masks and luxury cat furniture 😸

Related: Backlinko has a great starter guide for keyword research that’ll put you ahead of the pack.

Easiest way to build a website?

A service called Nocode lets you turn your Google Docs into a website.

It has good reviews on Product Hunt and looks like a quick, low-cost way to get a basic website up and running.

$12/month for the ad-free version, though I assume you have to buy a domain separately.

If you give it a try, send me a link to your site and I’ll check it out 👍

Sarah Cooper’s overnight success

Sarah Cooper is the comedian who blew up earlier this year with her lip-sync video of Donald Trump (23+ million views) 🚀

Now she has her own Netflix special coming out next week.

Trung Phan researched Sarah extensively and found that her “overnight success” was actually 12 years in the making.

Two key takeaways from his research:

1. Keep experimenting. Gary Vaynerchuk equates social apps and digital tools to “crayons” that can be used to create new types of art. Cooper has experimented with every “crayon” available to find her comedic voice.

2. Work in public. To find success, Cooper says, “You need to do a lot of work. You need to finish a lot of work. You need to share a lot of work.” The lesson here is that you never know who’s reading, watching or listening. If you’re already creating, you might as well put it out there and give your audience a chance to find you.

Also, to get a bit meta: Trung notes in that article that he managed to get it in front of Sarah, she tweeted it, and he got so much traffic his website crashed.

If you’re a content creator, who’s somebody blowing up right now that you could create content about? 🤔

$400k this year from a new course

It’s a course called Effortless Output in Roam by Nat Eliason, created and launched in Jan/Feb.

Roam = Roam Research, “a note-taking tool for networked thought.”

👉 In a recent video, Nat broke down how he validated the idea for the course before building it.

In short, he wrote up an article about how he used Roam, shared it with his audience, and saw that it got way more attention and interaction than his usual content. So he created an outline for a course on the same topic, posted that outline to Twitter, and accepted pre-orders for $50.

More than 25 pre-orders was his green light to actually go build the course.

It helped that Nat had a pretty big following on Twitter, but as he notes in the video, you don’t necessarily need a big audience to pull this off.

VTubers: the next big thing?

BBC.com reports on the rise of virtual YouTubers, aka VTubers, especially in Japan 🇯🇵

The most popular VTuber channel has grown from 200k subs last December to almost 3 million today.

The most watched video on that channel is a music video by a VTuber named Kizuna AI, with 14 million views.

Social Blade estimates the channel is earning as much as $30k/month from YouTube ads alone (though probably more like $15k/month), and they surely make a nice bit more selling music promoted on the channel.

From the BBC article:

Google’s Earnest Pettie says the amount of daily views of VTuber videos this year is quadruple last year’s figure.

Gree, one of Japan’s biggest mobile app developers, plans to invest 10bn yen ($88m) over the next two years into developing virtual talent, creating more live-streaming opportunities, building filming and animation studios, and giving creators resources.

Related: this virtual Instagrammer has 2.8 million followers and the company that created her was valued at $125 million last year 💰

Remembering James Randi

Words from Arthur C. Clarke:

I regard Randi as a national treasure, and perhaps one of the remaining antidotes that may prevent the rotting of the American mind.

Unfortunately, Randi passed away earlier this week, but he remains one of my favorite skeptics and critical thinkers. Whenever I come across a sales page for an online course or some other money-making opportunity, I channel my inner Randi to assess whether or not it’s full of 💩

Now’s a good a time as any to rewatch Randi’s 2007 TED Talk, which he begins by downing 32 sleeping pills.


Big Mario Marketing

The day you understand this framework, is the day you learned marketing.

Strong words there from Shaan Puri, but it is a key marketing concept, best explained with this image I posted to Twitter.

That’s one of twelve “frameworks every entrepreneur should learn” that Shaan shared on a recent episode of the My First Million podcast.

Lots of gold in there 👌

Related: my list of best business podcasts

Advice from a young Jeff Bezos

Here’s a PDF of Jeff Bezos’ 1997 letter to shareholders.

Remarkable how prescient Bezos was, just three years after starting Amazon and four years before the company would have its first profitable quarter.

Two parts of the letter that jump out to me…

Because of our emphasis on the long term, we may make decisions and weigh tradeoffs differently than some companies.

That relentless long-term focus certainly worked out well for Amazon.

What are some short-term pains or sacrifices you can endure to help you win the long game?

It’s not easy to work here (when I interview people I tell them, “You can work long, hard, or smart, but at Amazon.com you can’t choose two out of three”)

This flies in the face of the advice to “work smarter, not harder.”

Someone working 💪 + 🤓 will always achieve more than someone who only works smart.

High-Level Authority Site Training

I’m a big fan of Authority Hacker. It’s mainly their training I have to thank for the success of eBiz Facts so far. I’ve pretty much just followed their process and recommendations the past two years and my site is now pulling in more than $10k/month consistently 💵

(Don’t get me wrong; I also worked my ass off the past two years to make it happen!)

They have a premium course called Authority Hacker Pro that just became available for the first time this year.

The doors close on Monday, so check it out before then if you’d like to get some high-level authority site training. Hopefully they’ll have fixed the typo in my testimonial on the sales page by the time you read this 😜


That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

I aim to pack these emails with the best tips, insights and opportunities for building your online business. Your feedback helps me do that.

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In case you missed em, here are the last three editions of eBiz Weekly:

Until next week, rock on with your legendary self 💪

Niall Doherty – Tbilisi, Georgia
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