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eBiz Weekly #92

Selling onions on the internet

This week:

  • Hacking Apple for $288,500
  • Fakers don’t make it
  • What work should you do online?
  • $5 million a year teaching no code
  • Marketplaces for trending products
  • Paid to Tweet
  • Selling onions on the internet
  • Self-taught coder earning $600k/year
  • Typing practice
  • Nomad Africa
  • September Finance Report

Hacking Apple for $288,500

Sam Curry writes that he and four hacker friends recently spent 3 months working on the Apple bug bounty program 👾

In other words, they got paid to find and report vulnerabilities in Apple’s infrastructure.

And they’ll probably get paid even more:

As of now, October 8th, we have received 32 payments totaling $288,500 for various vulnerabilities.

However, it appears that Apple does payments in batches and will likely pay for more of the issues in the following months.

That works to almost $20k/month per hacker so far 🤑

Related: how a 19-year-old hacker earned $1 million in 3 years

Fakers don’t make it

From a TedX talk by Jordan Watson:

They’ve got that fancy life saying, “Fake it til you make it.” I say, “Make it til you make it.” Fakers don’t make it. You need to show up every day and be the best you possibly can so that new opportunities find you.

Jordan is the guy behind the How To DAD YouTube channel, which has 850k subscribers. He basically makes silly videos about parenting with his young kids.

My favorite: How to teach a toddler to sing 👶

SocialBlade estimates that he could be earning as much as $17.5k per month from YouTube ad revenue, though $5k/month is probably more realistic.

Related: “fake it til you make it” can work, if you know when to use it

What work should you do online?

If you’re having trouble deciding what kind of work to do online, sign up for some highly-rated courses on topics you’re interested in.

This approach has worked well for a member of FBB:

Buying a cheap but well-rated course on subjects like Life Coaching and Web Development has been money well spent in that I’ve discovered that I don’t want to progress in those areas. I’ve got partway through and totally lost the will to live. Whereas courses like Copywriting and Email Marketing have sparked my interest and improved my knowledge and I’ve gained new clients.

Here’s a list of free and highly-rated Udemy courses you can start with 👈

Don’t pressure yourself into figuring out a direction in a hurry. Have fun exploring different options.

$5 million a year teaching no code

I enjoyed this recent interview with Tara Reed on Mixergy.

She’s been running Apps Without Code for a few years now, and says the business earns $5 million a year with a 34% profit margin 💰

Give the interview a listen if you’re not technical but would like to build a website or app.

Related: best business podcasts for online entrepreneurs

Marketplaces for trending products

Two things I’ve seen buzz about recently:

This week I came across marketplaces for both:

No idea what kind of money those sites are making, but something like iOS Icons in particular might be worth emulating in other niches. It was built “overnight” and isn’t a typical marketplace, in that they’ve simply listed iOS icon packs for sale via Gumroad or Etsy and (if possible) affiliate linked to the sales pages 😎

You might get an idea for other products to try this with while browsing Exploding Topics.

See here for more examples of online marketplaces, pros and cons, etc.

And Trends.vc recently published a report about micro-marketplaces.

Paid to Tweet

OnlyTweets is a new way to make money via Twitter. You set up a private Twitter account and people can pay $1/month to access your tweets.

It’s still pretty new, so not many people using it. Basketball analyst Ben Falk looks to be making the most money from it so far at $200/month.

Selling onions on the internet

Pieter Levels tweeted about a guy who buys random domain names and then tries to turn them into businesses.

For example:

The guy’s name is Peter Askew and he wrote about the onion business here 🧅


  • He paid $2,200 for the domain in 2014.
  • “I had no idea what to do with it. Ready, fire, aim.”
  • He eventually found an onion farmer to partner with.
  • The farmer provided the onions, and Peter did everything else.
  • Estimated 50 orders for the first season, ended up with 600+

Apparently the business is still going strong 💪

Self-taught coder earning $600k/year

That’s the aforementioned Pieter Levels, according to a recent profile on No CS Degree.

You might have heard of Pieter’s more famous projects: Nomad List and RemoteOK (reviewed here), both of which apparently pull in $300k/year.

Pieter is well-known for rapidly building and launching businesses.

From the profile:

Pieter adopted his now familiar approach to coding and business – build websites quickly and monetize from the beginning. He only adds more features if there is money coming in and the idea is validated by the market.

Typing practice

Probably the most overlooked productivity hack for working online is learning how to touch type.

I learned at age 30 for free with TIPP10.

Today I came across a neat website that lets you practice by retyping classic novels 📚

Good way to improve your typing speed and finally read Moby-Dick 🤓

(Probably the second-most overlooked productivity hack: increasing your mouse/touchpad to maximum speed. You’ll get used to it quick and those saved milliseconds add up.)

Nomad Africa

Digital Nomad + Africa = Nomad Africa 🌍

That’s a Facebook group run by a friend of mine, almost 1000 members strong now.

Give it a look if you’d like to hear about the company starting a DN community in Zanzibar, the best countries for your first trip to Africa – after COVID, of course – and other topics along those lines.

September Finance Report

Here’s how much my business earned and spent last month 👈

That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

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In case you missed em, here are the last three editions of eBiz Weekly:

Until next week, rock on with your legendary self 💪

Niall Doherty – Tbilisi, Georgia
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