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eBiz Weekly #91

1 Tweet + 6 Days = $116,147

This week:

  • 1 Tweet + 6 Days = $116,147
  • 4 kinds of side hustles
  • The safest way to get what you want
  • $22k in 6 weeks (kind of)
  • High-level content marketing strategy
  • Sales vs Marketing
  • $477,916 for writing a boring book
  • Learn to code: 22 best YouTube channels
  • Steal hours from comfort
  • Momentos

1 Tweet + 6 Days = $116,147

A designer named Traf shares an overnight success story that was 7 years in the making.

In short:

  • Apple recently released iOS 14, which allows you to add custom icons to your home screen.
  • Traf saw this, designed some icons, added them to his phone, and posted a screenshot to his ~5k Twitter followers.
  • That tweet went viral and a few people asked how they could get the icons. So Traf spent 2 hours packaging them up for sale on Gumroad + a Notion website, then tweeted about it.
  • That lead to $6k in sales.
  • Mega-YouTuber MKBHD somehow saw the icons and featured them in a video.
  • “The next thing I knew, I was making $28 what felt like every 28 seconds.” 🤑

In his blog post about it all, Traf writes that publishing often was key to his success:

There’s only so much we can control once pushing something out into the world, but publishing often will increase your odds at finding something that sticks. They say that fortune favors the bold. In the internet age, the bold are those that aren’t afraid to publish their work for the world to see. The internet is a never-ending stream of content, the idea of being annoying or over-sharing is only an idea that you invent to stop you from sharing.

4 kinds of side hustles

Justin Mares is the co-founder and CEO of Kettle and Fire, a multi-million dollar D2C bone broth company.

He writes about the 4 kinds of side hustles:

  1. Buy an existing asset
  2. Launch a product on a marketplace with existing demand
  3. Launch a unique, one of a kind product in a new space where you can buy demand (Adwords, Facebook, etc.)
  4. Arbitrage (Craigslist, Airbnb, trading, Uber)

Justin points to #2 as his favorite, but #1 sounds increasingly to me like a legit “hack” for making money online.

So long as you buy smart, of course 🤓

An example from Justin:

I know one guy who found a watercolor tutorial site with a ton of organic traffic. To monetize, the site was showing Google ads on the sidebar, and using Amazon affiliate links. All told, it was pulling in $500-1000 per month.

My friend then bought the site, developed a paid course around learning to paint watercolor, and was making 10k+ a month in just under 6 months.

You can look for online businesses to buy on marketplaces like Flippa and Empire Flippers.

Related: 40+ ways to come up with a business idea

The safest way to get what you want

Words from billionaire investor Charlie Munger:

“The safest way to get what you want is to deserve what you want. Deliver to the world what you would buy if you were on the other end.”

That’s from his commencement speech at USC. The full thing is well worth your time 👍

$22k in 6 weeks (kind of)

Joshua Tiernan writes that he made $22k in 6 weeks with no outreach and a site built on Bubble.

(Bubble is a platform for building web apps without code.)

Joshua’s site is NoCodeFounders.com and it’s monetized in two ways:

  • Premium community membership – $9k revenue
  • Partnerships with companies who want access to the community – $13k revenue

The “$22k in 6 weeks” headline is a bit misleading, as Joshua notes that he started the website about a year ago. It’s only in the last 6 weeks that his monetization efforts have taken off 🚀

Advice from Joshua:

For anybody looking to replicate something similar, I think the starting point is to develop the community first. This is even true for non-community products such as SaaS tools where if you can build a community around the product, you can develop your product around their needs and actively test the product in a live market. Then, when you come to launch your product, you will already have a loyal fanbase of evangelists see to spread the word, as well as your first paying customers.

High-level content marketing strategy

This article by Grow & Convert details how they helped a client – a concussion treatment center – double their monthly consultations via content marketing.

Several things I like about it:

  • Great example of a case study showcasing the positive results achieved for a client, thereby attracting new clients.
  • They dofollow link to the client’s website several times, further helping that client’s SEO.
  • Strong argument for why you shouldn’t always prioritize high search volume keywords.
  • The “readability index” to decide if long-form, written content makes sense for a business.
  • They got the client’s DR37 site outranking sites like MayoClinic (DR92) for solid keywords.

Definitely worth a read if you’re into SEO or content marketing, and another one of those articles you could take to prospective clients and say, “How about I apply this strategy to your business?”

(If SaaS is more your thing, read this.)

Sales vs Marketing

What’s the difference? 🤔

I like this explanation via Hacker News:

Sales is a conversation, marketing is a broadcast. Marketing gets the phone to ring, sales takes the call and closes the deal.

$477,916 for writing a boring book

Martin Kleppmann spent 2.5 years writing a book called Designing Data-Intensive Applications.

Doesn’t exactly sound like a thrilling read, does it? 😂

And yet he reports that he’s earned almost $500k from the book so far.

Unfortunately, he also reports that “the success of my book is atypical.”


writing a book is really hard, at least if you want to do it well. For me it was about the same level of difficulty as building and selling a startup, that is to say, involving multiple existential crises. The writing process was not good for my mental health.

Learn to code: 22 best YouTube channels

Aside from the list of YouTube channels in this article, you’ll find:

  • The most important skills for computer programming
  • How to become a computer programmer
  • Where to find online coding jobs
  • List of most in-demand programming languages

Related: apparently freelance developers earn about 30% more than freelance designers

Steal hours from comfort

Derek Sivers on how to make things happen:

It takes many hours to make what you want to make. The hours don’t suddenly appear. You have to steal them from comfort. Whatever you were doing before was comfortable. This is not. This will be really uncomfortable.

The few times in my life I’ve made a real change like this, it felt awful on the surface. I wasn’t shallow-happy about it. I wasn’t smiling. I was annoyed and fighting it inside, but on the outside I did the work. And in the end, got the deeper satisfaction of finishing.

What comforts can you steal a few hours from?


My latest batch of personal ramblings are posted on Patreon 👈

That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

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Until next week, rock on with your legendary self 💪

Niall Doherty – Tbilisi, Georgia
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