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eBiz Weekly #80

11 Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

This week:

  • 11 Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games
  • Gold Farming
  • Paid gaming buddy
  • Up to $44 per hour teaching English online
  • $3K/Month Online Coworking
  • How To Blog & Drive Massive Traffic
  • How Big Tech Makes Their Billions
  • SEO Jobs Report
  • Social Impact for Digital Nomads
  • Never Forget: Skills Pay the Bills
  • Momentos

11 Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

Looks like this article is a couple of years old but it might still give you some ideas 🎮

Number one on the list is to become a video game tester, which they claim pays an average of $67k per year in the USA but the Business Insider article they link to says to expect a rate of $10/hour starting off.

FlexJobs (reviewed here) seems to have the biggest list of remote video game tester jobs.

Many of the other ideas from that article would likely take a lot of time and effort before earning you a living, but with some you could start earning $10-20 per hour pretty quick.

Gold Farming

This was also included in the aforementioned article as another way to earn money playing video games.

I don’t recommend you do it, but it’s fascinating to learn about.

As per Wikipedia:

Gold farming is the practice of playing a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) to acquire in-game currency later selling it for real-world money.

Similar but different is Power Leveling:

Power-leveling is using the help of another, stronger player to level a character more quickly than is possible alone.

Sounds kinda cool: people who are money-rich and time-poor will pay you to earn them accolades in video games 🏆

The downside is that the work is mostly boring and the pay incredibly low 😢

According to a 2016 article on Cracked.com, Chinese prisoners are required to gold mine as part of their sentence, and even free folk who do this kind of thing seem to earn about $6/hour at best.

Oh, and many game developers forbid gold farming, so it’s a bit shady in that respect, too.

Paid gaming buddy

While researching the above I found a site called epal.gg.

Go on there and you’ll see a list of people willing to play video games with you for a fee. No surprise that the majority of best sellers seem to be young and female 🧐

@NicoleHuntington is the biggest earner I found. She’s been on there for about 3 months charging $10 per game and has “served” 437 gamers, so that’s max earnings of $4370 (no tipping functionality, afaik).

Up to $44 per hour teaching English online

Given that the aforementioned @NicoleHuntington apparently speaks English 🇬🇧 Spanish 🇪🇸 and Portuguese 🇵🇹 she’d probably be able to earn more money as a community tutor on iTalki.

Although, granted, teaching English to strangers is probably not as much fun as playing video games with strangers.

Regardless, I recently analyzed 220 profiles of community tutors on iTalki – ie. teachers who don’t have any formal teaching qualifications – and found them earning an average of $9.79 per hour, some as much as $25 per hour.

If you do have a teaching qualification (like TEFL), you can sign up as a professional teacher on iTalki. I analyzed 237 profiles of pro teachers on there and found that they earn an average of $15.73 per hour.

The highest hourly rate I’ve seen for a pro English teacher on iTalki is $44.

Starting off, you should expect to earn a bit less than the averages I listed.

$3K/Month Online Coworking

An interview with Bosco Soler, the founder of SinOficina, “the first online coworking for the Spanish speaking community of freelancers and entrepreneurs.”

It’s basically a premium online community for a niche market. Membership costs $20 per month.

There are surely opportunities out there to create similar for other niches. Perhaps even the same concept for different countries/languages?

How To Blog & Drive Massive Traffic

This is another premium training from Miles Beckler that you can now watch free on YouTube 😎

As usual, it’s great stuff. No hype, just what works.

(Btw, if you watch a lot of video online, try speeding up playback to 1.5 or 2x. You’ll save time without losing comprehension. You can use the built-in speed controls on YouTube or this free plugin for Chrome/Firefox.)

How Big Tech Makes Their Billions

Fascinating article and graphics detailing how “the big five” tech companies – Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook – make their billions.


  • Only 50% of Amazon’s revenue comes from its online store
  • 55% of Apple’s revenue is due to iPhone
  • Google makes 70% of its revenue from advertising
  • Facebook relies on ads for 98.5% of its revenue
  • The biggest chunk of Microsoft’s revenue comes from Azure
  • “Big Tech’s earnings would make it the #18 largest country by GDP, ahead of Saudi Arabia and just behind the Netherlands”

SEO Jobs Report

Backlinko analyzed 7,051 job postings on Glassdoor and LinkedIn to better understand the current SEO job market.

Given what they found, you should consider SEO if you’re still on the hunt for a profitable skill to learn 🎯

Key findings from the report:

The mean salary for a US-based SEO professional is $60,548 per year.

64.3% [of SEO job postings] don’t have any degree requirements at all.

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t slow down the number of SEO job postings. In fact, postings for SEO positions seemed to slightly increase during the height of the crisis.

Better yet, you can also use SEO skills to pick up freelance gigs or drive traffic to your own projects. For example, about 90% of traffic to eBiz Facts is organic, which means SEO is responsible for most of our revenue ($9k last month).

If you’re interested to learn more about SEO, this free Neil Patel course I shared recently proved popular.

Social Impact for Digital Nomads

This article from Conor Walsh is an excellent guide to how we can make a positive difference in the world, and avoid letting “good intentions” lead us astray 🤔

Never Forget: Skills Pay the Bills

Recently I’ve been getting emails from readers along these lines:

I don’t have any skills to freelance therefore I plan to start a far more complex business that requires way more skill and experience to succeed.

One person told me they weren’t skilled enough to freelance so they were looking at doing e-commerce instead 🤦‍♂️

Fact is, if you don’t have the skills to earn a living online as a freelancer, your chances of earning a living doing something like e-commerce or affiliate marketing or SaaS are approximately 0.01%.

Freelancing is great for getting started because it requires only two skills: the skill of doing the work (eg. SEO, writing, web design) and the skill of finding the work (eg. submitting great proposals).

Meanwhile, businesses like e-commerce, affiliate marketing or SaaS require a whole array of complex skills.

You can definitely learn those skills, but it’s going to take a while. Quite often, the best way to learn them is as a freelancer, because you can earn as you learn.

Take some free courses, then start charging $5-20 an hour for your service. Increase your rate as you increase your skill and experience. Offer a more complex (and expensive) service as you learn and layer on more skills.

Eventually you’ll know enough to take a crack at more advanced types of online business, and actually stand a fair chance of success.


My latest batch of personal ramblings are here, including another threat of legal action 🙄

That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

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Until next week, rock on with your legendary self 💪

Niall Doherty – Tbilisi, Georgia
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