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eBiz Weekly #69

John Crestani cannot be trusted

This week:

  • John Crestani cannot be trusted
  • Know Your Enemy
  • Free email marketing course
  • How to earn $63,000 on Instagram
  • Can you really get paid to do that?
  • Doing Hours
  • How to get a job at a startup
  • Underpricing by $14,700
  • 5 guys making big money on YouTube
  • Momentos

John Crestani cannot be trusted

My latest article on eBiz Facts was supposed to be a review of yet another affiliate marketing course.

Instead, after spending 10+ hours researching the course and its creator, I ended up writing more of a John Crestani scam warning ⚠️

There are 20 examples in the article showing why that man can’t be trusted.

People seem to like example #4 the most, revealing that one of JC’s so-called successful students is actually a fictional character from a Marvel movie 🙄

Know Your Enemy

When it comes to building a legit online business, people like John Crestani are the enemy. They pose as helpful experts while lying their asses off and ultimately wasting your time and money 😡

It can be helpful to learn how these guys operate so you’re less likely to fall for their scams.

There are two YouTube channels that are especially good at exposing shady marketers and their tactics.

The first is Coffeezilla. A good video of his to start with: Making $100,000 in 30 min with Amazon Kindle: A Scam Reviewed

The second is Mike Winnet. His most popular video: The Contrepreneur Formula Remastered

Free email marketing course

This epic article by Andre Chaperon looks good.

Read it a couple of times, spend a few hours practicing with software like Mailchimp or ConvertKit, and you could probably start charging people for basic email marketing services 👍

How to earn $63,000 on Instagram

According to the NYT, this is how one social media marketing agency (Social Stance) does it:

  • They find a popular influencer on Instagram
  • They offer that influencer $5000 to give away to their followers
  • To enter the giveaway, followers are instructed to follow ~70 other Instagram accounts
  • Social Stance charges $900 for a slot on the follow list

For that particular campaign, Social Stance spent $5000 and earned about $63,000 🤑

Pretty genius in a way, since nobody seems to lose out: the influencer looks generous, one of their followers gets $5k, those 70 accounts get lots of exposure, and Social Stance makes a very nice profit.

But the NYT also reports that Facebook (ie. Instagram’s daddy) may put a stop to this kind of thing soon:

A Facebook company spokesperson said that many cash giveaways could be in violation of the company’s community guidelines. “This isn’t the kind of experience we want to create on Instagram,” the spokesperson said by email. Additionally, according to Robert Freund, an attorney who offers a legal training course for influencers, many of these cash giveaways could violate state sweepstakes laws.

Can you really get paid to do that?

If you’re not sure which skill to choose as an aspiring freelancer or remote worker, here’s a handy process you can emulate to narrow down your options and ensure it’s something people will actually pay you to do.

Doing Hours

This sounds like a good way to overcome procrastination and get work done.

Basically, you message a buddy and say…

A: Hey, want to do ‘hours’?
B: Sure. This hour I’ll read over the Smith contract and try to get it sent off.
A: OK, In this hour I’ll fix the bug where there’s trash html in the email field sometimes.
B: OK, it’s 11:23 my time, see you at 12:23

Then, after an hour:

A (or B): Hey, ding ding ding, time’s up, how’d you do?

How to get a job at a startup

This article has good advice on the topic.

Here at eBiz Facts, we’ve been busy reviewing dozens of remote jobs websites and AngelList is the best we’ve found for startup jobs 👌

I took a look on there today and found 1981 remote job openings that pay at least $75k per year.

It’s free to sign up and apply.

Underpricing by $14,700

If you struggle to charge a good price for your work, click here, scroll about 40% down the page, and read the section titled, Pricing Your Consulting Services Cheaply Does Your Customer No Favors

In brief: the guy thought his service was only worth $300, but the client would have happily paid $15,000 for it 😱

5 people making big money on YouTube

Sean Ogle runs through them in this video.

There’s a car enthusiast, a photographer, a video gamer, a cocktail fanatic, and a food vlogger… all doing what they love 😍 and earning good money from it 💰

Unclear how much money they’re making exactly, but given their subscriber numbers you can bet they’re doing pretty well off ad revenue alone.

Related: definitely watch this video before you go start a business around one of your passions.


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That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

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In case you missed em, here are the last three editions of eBiz Weekly:

Until next week, stay safe and rock on with your legendary self 💪

Niall Doherty – Tbilisi, Georgia
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