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eBiz Weekly #67

Goats + Barbers Making Money Online

This week:

  • Best + Free Udemy Courses
  • Top 3 Remote Jobs Sites
  • At the risk of contradicting myself…
  • Goats + Barbers making money online
  • Big guide to teaching English online
  • Amazon just gave affiliates the middle finger
  • Learn to code on YouTube
  • Better Online Events
  • What’s hot right now
  • The YouTube video that earned $97,000
  • Momentos
  • If you need some cheering up…

Best + Free Udemy Courses

I recently spent 40+ hours reviewing the Udemy platform and several Udemy courses.

If you want to know:

💰 The best Udemy courses to help you make money online
⏳ How to save time and money on Udemy
⚖️ How Udemy compares to alternatives
👎 The biggest criticisms of Udemy
⭐️ What overall rating I gave the platform

Then check out my full review here »

Or jump direct to these lists I put together:

Right now Udemy is running another one of their frequent flash sales, so you can get many of their paid courses for about $12 each until tomorrow.

Top 3 Remote Jobs Sites

We’ve spent the last few weeks reviewing a bunch of remote jobs websites and will be publishing the results soon.

The top 3 sites we’ve seen so far for remote job listings:

The latter two are free and FlexJobs costs $15/month.

We paid for FlexJobs and found that it lists 1000+ legit work-from-home jobs every week, which is way more than any other site we’ve reviewed.

If you want to give it a try, you should be able to get a 30% discount if you hover over the exit tab on the subscription page, or use promo code great30 😉

At the risk of contradicting myself…

Remote jobs sites are fine and dandy 👌 but they’re not the only way to find yourself a remote job.

As per a commenter on Reddit:

Remote work pro tip: the best remote jobs aren’t posted on remote job boards, they’re posted on regular job boards and don’t mention that remote work is ok.

The past 3 jobs I’ve had were all remote and none were listed as remote when I applied.

From the same thread:

As someone with a 6 figure spend on Upwork believe me when I tell you that from the 40+ applicants you see applying to the job, 99-100% of those candidates are completely unqualified or unhireable. Don’t let it ever deter you from applying if you have the skillset and the competence.

From my perspective there isn’t a shortage of remote jobs, there’s a shortage of skilled professional remote workers. If you are good, you’ll easily get work.

Related: Here’s what Ivan did to beat 50+ applicants for a job on Upwork

Goats + Barbers making money online

Two new examples added to my list of 35 Surprising Ways People Make Money Online

First is You Probably Need A Haircut ✂️

Barbers and hair stylists can go on there and earn about $30/hour doing remote styling sessions via video call.

Second is Goat 2 Meeting 🐐

That’s a service set up by an animal sanctuary in California. Pay them $100 and they’ll put a real llama, goat, or other farm animal on your next video call. Apparently they’ve had 300 requests the past month, so earnings of up to $30,000.

Related: Marketing Examples has a neat list of the most creative Coronavirus company pivots

Big guide to teaching English online

Courtesy of Side Hustle Nation 👍

They say you can get paid up to $26/hour teaching English online, but $15/hour is a more reasonable expectation when you’re just getting started, IMO.

Amazon just gave affiliates the middle finger

By slashing commission rates by up to 62.5% with only 7 days notice 😭

You might remember that we interviewed Matt Giovanisci recently, about how he earns $35,000/month online. Unfortunately, his business relied heavily on the Amazon affiliate program.

In response to these Amazon changes, he writes:

“my primary business’ affiliate revenue has been cut by about $176,929”


Authority Hacker has a sober analysis of Amazon’s changes here, and what opportunities might arise from them.

Even if you’re not affected by those changes in yourself, it’s worth considering what platforms your business might be overly dependent on, and if there are some things you can do to mitigate the risk 🤔

Learn to code on YouTube

A member of FBB highly recommends this free video series 👈 to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Better Online Events

Another free video series that looks very good: this one from Shane Melaugh of Thrive Themes.

Check it out if you’re thinking to do online classes, meetings or webinars.

Especially if you’re looking to monetize those 🤑

What’s hot right now

Some interesting trends I’ve seen this week:

  • TechCrunch: $23.4 million spent via app stores in Q1 2020, the largest-ever quarter.
  • App Annie: Houseparty downloads globally grew 735x in one week
  • STAT: “potential breakout moment for virtual mental health care”
  • Intelligencer: Marble Racing is the last sport standing
  • Talking Influence: 24% Increase in Twitch Viewership
  • Indie Hackers: “The e-commerce industry is doing well right now for a number of reasons.”
  • NYT: one dancer has earned $18,000 via “Instagram strip clubs,” another $4000.
  • Reddit: Interest in these topics is skyrocketing – loungewear, composting, canned wine, milk baths, and more.

The YouTube video that earned $97,000

Article on Business Insider: 13 YouTube stars break down the videos that earned them the most money, from $4,000 to $97,000 📹💰

There’s a paywall to view that article, so let me save you the trouble – here are the 3 highest-earning videos listed:

(All those earnings are from YouTube ads. As noted a few weeks back, YouTubers can monetize their videos in many ways.)


My latest batch of daily ramblings are on Patreon 📝

If you need some cheering up…

That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

I aim to pack these emails with the best tips, insights and opportunities for building your online business. Your feedback helps me do that.

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In case you missed em, here are the last three editions of eBiz Weekly:

Until next week, stay safe and rock on with your legendary self 💪

Niall Doherty – Tbilisi, Georgia
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