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eBiz Weekly #65

1589 remote jobs from 100+ companies

This week:

  • 1589 remote jobs from 100+ companies
  • 6 ways to start making money online
  • Business opportunities appearing in the crisis
  • Ads are dirt cheap right now
  • “VAs are currently in a strong position”
  • 130+ free online courses
  • How I built a $25k/month SEO agency
  • A newsletter with 1.5 million subscribers
  • 3 things to listen to…
  • Seth Godin’s Freelancer Workshop
  • Six Figure Mentors review
  • Momentos + Finance Report

1589 remote jobs from 100+ companies

They’re all in this Google Sheet 👈

You’ll even find some remote jobs in there for attorneys, finance directors, HR specialists, etc.

6 ways to start making money online

Neville Mehra writes:

These opportunities are kind of like the online equivalent of driving for Uber — basic jobs to make money using skills that most people already have. And unlike many of the more advanced ways to make money online, these opportunities do not require you to spend time building a brand or an audience before you can get started.

See the full list here »

Business opportunities appearing in the crisis

This 20-minute video from Shane Melaugh is well worth a watch 👀 

I especially like his points about inside knowledge, paying attention to friction, and his examples of piggyback businesses.

Related to the friction point, Painland is a website listing problems you might be able to solve with a business.

Also, via Yahoo Finance:

“I think the next generation of amazing companies will be invested as we come out of this,” Mark Cuban, billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks wrote us in an email. “Someone will have a unique and compelling vision of what the world on the other side can look like that will make us all wonder ‘why didn’t I think of that?’”

Ads are dirt cheap right now

Speaking of opportunities, Brian Dean from Backlinko share this in an email to his list a few days ago:

last week a friend told me that Facebook CPMs are down 75%. He also said that Google Adwords is 50% cheaper than a few weeks ago.

The flip side is that people aren’t buying like they normally would.

But they DO want content. In fact, content demand has probably 5x’d in the last few weeks.

Which means that now is a great time to build your audience and email list with ads.

In other words: sign ‘em up for content. And sell to those folks later when things settle down.

I’m tripling down on Facebook ads right now. And I’m seeing dirt cheap CPMs.

One estimate sees Facebook and Google losing a combined $44 billion in ad revenue this year due to coronavirus 📉 and Twitter’s ad revenue is down about 20% despite the platform seeing a 23% increase in daily usage.

Businesses that runs ads for clients are feeling the pain, as this commenter on Reddit attests to:

“My business specialises in PPC and SEO (search engine marketing, specifically for Google) 90% of our income has been dropped.”

But like Brian Dean pointed out, if you have the budget for it, now is likely a very good time to invest in building your audience 📈 especially via paid ads.

(If you’re new to paid advertising, I’ve listed some free courses in the digital marketing section here)

“VAs are currently in a strong position”

So says Joanne Munro in this article, while sharing dozens of reports from virtual assistants who are seeing an uptick in business at the moment 🎉

Worth reading to hear what kind of services those VAs are offering their clients. You could likely offer similar right now or with a bit of training.

Speaking of which…

130+ free online courses

If you’re looking for more free courses to fill your days, Startup Stash has a big list here.

And I’ve added a few more to my list of Coronavirus Deals.

How I built a $25k/month SEO agency

A new interview on eBiz Facts: How I built a $25k/month SEO agency that I can run from anywhere

Leslie Gilmour is an Irishman 🇮🇪 living in Prague 🇨🇿 and we interviewed him before the coronavirus crisis, so keep that in mind while reading.

Perhaps the part of the interview still most relevant to you is how Leslie found his first clients: all through tapping his existing network and asking for referrals.

That’s something still worth doing in the time of COVID-19, but you might want to use a gentler approach than normal. Some good thoughts along those lines in this Reddit thread.

A newsletter with 1.5 million subscribers

The newsletter is Morning Brew.

Growth.Design have a nifty interactive case study showing you some of the techniques MB uses to boost their open rates and keep their subscribers engaged.

Related: in a recent edition of Morning Brew, they included a quick at-home workout instruction:

Do the following circuit 3x: 20 jumping jacks, take the heaviest thing out of your fridge and do 15 squats, 15 pushups, 30-second wall sit, 10 tricep dips, and a 30-second plank.

I did one circuit of that earlier while listening to this 😜

3 things to listen to

If Bonnie Tyler isn’t your cup of tea, give these podcasts a try 🎧

  • Andrew Warner is interviewing “recession proof” businesses on Mixergy
  • Weathering the Storm: an interview with SEO expert Travis Jamison
  • An interview with Matt Mullenweg – founder of Automattic, a fully remote company with 1,172 employees in 75 countries – about the new future of work

Seth Godin’s Freelancer Workshop

Seth Godin writes

We considered canceling this scheduled session of our online workshop, but for many, this is a good moment to take a breath, settle in and level up. These are perilous times, and it’s easy to get pessimistic and stuck. Let’s learn together instead.

You can sign up for the workshop here.

The price is listed as $295 but click the purple circle below the “join now” button and you’ll get a $50 discount.

I haven’t taken the course myself but I suspect it’s very good.

Six Figure Mentors review

This week I reviewed yet another affiliate marketing course.

It’s called Six Figure Mentors and it seems the only way students make money from it is by recruiting other students.

So I made sure to mention MLMs and pyramid schemes in the review, gave the course a very bad rating, and sent the link to the course creators for feedback.

Still waiting for their response 🙈

If you’re interested in building an affiliate marketing business, see here for better options.

Momentos + Finance Report

And finally:

That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

I aim to pack these emails with the best tips, insights and opportunities for building your online business. Your feedback helps me do that.

Also, feel free to forward this email to a friend, or you can direct them to the online version here: https://ebizfacts.com/ebiz-weekly-65/

In case you missed em, here are the last three editions of eBiz Weekly:

Until next week, stay safe and rock on with your legendary self 💪

Niall Doherty – Tbilisi, Georgia
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  1. Always enjoy the updates Niall, who’d have thought we’d see times like these eh!? Are you planning to stay in Tbilisi for long or just see what happens like the rest of us?

    One thing’s for sure – I’ll be doing a LOT more travelling once this passes!