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eBiz Weekly #64

40+ Coronavirus Deals

This week:

  • 40+ Coronavirus Deals
  • Virtual Assistant earning $7k/month online
  • Marketing Right Now Is #$%*ing Hard
  • A good time to start an FBA business?
  • Digital Marketing In A Pandemic
  • 9 ways COVID-19 will affect online business
  • Commission Hero review
  • Reminder: focus on what you can control
  • #SomeGoodNews
  • How is your online business doing?

40+ Coronavirus Deals

So many of these now that I’m putting them all in one place: 40+ Coronavirus Deals For Your Online Business

My favorites from the list:

Check out the full list here »

(And let me know if you find any others I can add)

Virtual Assistant earning $7k/month online

Our latest interview on eBiz Facts is with a VA named Fiona Wong, who writes:

I’m clinically diagnosed with schizo-bipolar, BPD, and PTSD.

These days, I bring in roughly $6,000-$7,000 per month.

She’s also a single mom to two young kids, used to work as a dominatrix, and earned her first $100 online labeling porn 🙈

Lots of great takeaways in this one, including:

  • Why clients pay Fiona $50/hour to answer emails
  • What she posted on Facebook every day to attract clients
  • Why she recommends NOT picking a niche when you’re just starting out

Check out the full interview here »

Marketing Right Now Is #$%*ing Hard

Rand Fishkin predicts that we’re going to see three big waves of shifting activity in the coming months:

  • First Wave: Nothing But Covid
  • Second Wave: Transitioning to Life Online
  • Third Wave: Back to a New Normal

Key excerpt:

Strategy — not just marketing strategy, but who your business serves, how you serve them, where, why, and with what — will be crucial to thriving in this recession. My previous company, Moz, grew 100% year-over-year from 2007-2014, through the worst recession in 30 years because (unintentionally, if I’m being honest) we helped people in the right way at the right time.

This I can guarantee: if you’re not willing or able to adapt your strategy, times are going to be far rougher than if you do.

Prime example of a business adapting their strategy: a strip club turned food delivery service called Boober Eats 😂

A good time to start an FBA business?

A subscriber asked this during the week. They’d been seeing promos saying now was an amazing time to start an FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) business.

Of course, those promos were selling a course on how to do it.

I didn’t see anything wrong with the course itself, but I’d be hesitant to start a physical product business right now ✋

Jungle Scout writes:

In the era of coronavirus, we’re seeing drastic changes to both supply and demand for products on Amazon, and we’re seeing Amazon respond to both. These changes are affecting both consumers AND Amazon’s third-party sellers in unprecedented ways.

Those drastic changes could well lead to some big opportunities, but methinks it’d be hard to identify and capitalize on those opportunities if you don’t already have a lot of experience with that particular business model.

If you’re just starting out making money online, I still think your best bet is to look for freelance gigs or a remote job. More on that here.

Digital Marketing In A Pandemic

Some good, sober advice from Gareth Cartman about digital marketing in a pandemic:

Among all the problems the virus has caused, there is one gift, and that is time. The short-term, quick ROI campaigns might have to take a back seat, but those longer-burn efforts that require serious planning and hard work are ideal right now.

Related: some interesting data in this article about email open rates during the pandemic and what words work best in subject lines

9 ways COVID-19 will affect online business

🎧 In their latest podcast, the guys from Authority Hacker run through 9 ways the coronavirus crisis is likely to affect online business.

My main takeaway from the episode is that many businesses will suffer in the short term but those that can weather the storm are likely to do very well afterwards.

Commission Hero review

I reviewed another affiliate marketing course.

The one is called Commission Hero and it costs $997 🤑

It has some significant flaws – eg. hidden costs – but it’s still the best affiliate marketing course I’ve seen for paid traffic.

See all my affiliate marketing course reviews here (including best free training).

Reminder: focus on what you can control

A commenter put it well on this Facebook thread:

There’s a 1000 piece puzzle. On one side is a map of the world, on the other is a picture of you. Trying to solve the puzzle for the world is almost impossible. Solving the puzzle for you is simpler, and achievable. By solving the puzzle for you, the world’s solution also comes through.


In case you’re feeling down, check out this thread started by John Krasinski (of The Office fame), who put out a call for some good news on Twitter.

If nothing else, watch the first video:

#SomeGoodNews my daughter, Coco, finished her final chemo treatment yesterday and our friends had a surprise social distancing welcome home parade for her!

Related: a website that only reports positive news about COVID-19

How is your online business doing?

Many businesses are hurting right now, but a good few are thriving through the crisis.

How are things going for you?

Are you finding it easier or harder to earn money online, find new clients, keep existing clients, etc?

Hit reply and let me know.

That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

I aim to pack these emails with the best tips, insights and opportunities for building your online business. Your feedback helps me do that.

Also, feel free to forward this email to a friend, or you can direct them to the online version here: https://ebizfacts.com/ebiz-weekly-64/

In case you missed em, here are the last three editions of eBiz Weekly:

Until next week, rock on with your legendary self 💪

Niall Doherty – Tbilisi, Georgia
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