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eBiz Weekly #61

Sam Ovens Review + February Finance Report

This week:

  • Sam Ovens Review
  • February Finance Report
  • $30 SafetyWing Gift Cards
  • Speaking of Coronavirus…
  • Howdy Stranger
  • Pester Clients for More Work
  • How to Get Rich with Digital Marketing
  • The Metagame of Marketing
  • Momentos

Sam Ovens Review

After 4 weeks and 140+ hours of work, I finally published two in-depth articles about Sam Ovens.

And just for kicks I also threw together a 10-minute video related to all that, but it won’t make much sense unless you’ve seen this other video accusing Sam Ovens of using fake testimonials 😱

February Finance Report

Also published this week: my finance report for February

  • $6,650 income 💰
  • $4,501 expenses 💸

My best month yet for affiliate income ($6,484), though that’s largely because of overdue payments from Dec/Jan that finally came through.

Still, my affiliate income average for the past four months is now $3,818/month, which is nice, considering I only started focusing on it little more than a year ago.

About 64% of my February expenses were business expenses, including the $1,497 spent on that Sam Ovens course.

Check out the full report here »

$30 SafetyWing Gift Cards

SafetyWing is my insurance of choice, been with them for a couple of years now.

I pay about $36 per month and they covered my $4000 hospital bill in Bali last summer when I had dengue fever 🤒

They’ve given me three more $30 gift cards to share, with the following criteria:

Valid for first time customers only, must purchase insurance with auto extension every 28 days (cancel at any time). Receiver can not have USA or Canada citizenship, home country or destination.

Here are the links to get the gift cards: one | two | three

First come, first served!

Related: my article + video about insurance for digital nomads

Oh, and if you’re wondering about SafetyWing’s coverage for coronavirus, see their announcement here.

Basically, they’ll cover you so long as you don’t travel to any location with a Level 3 CDC travel warning.

Right now, that means Italy, Iran, South Korea, China and Venezuela  🇮🇹 🇮🇷 🇰🇷 🇨🇳 🇻🇪

If you happen to be in a country when it receives an L3 warning, you’ll have 10 days to evacuate, and SafetyWing will cover the evacuation.

Speaking of Coronavirus…

If you’re currently working an office job, now would be a great time to ask your boss if you can start working from home.

As per this BuzzFeed article, companies like Microsoft, Twitter, Google and JPMorgan have been encouraging more employees to work from home due to the coronavirus outbreak.

One tech worker in New York, who has social anxiety, said he started working from home ahead of any company policy, looking at this virus as a chance to prove he can do his work outside of the office. “I’m probably jumping the gun, but since most of my job — really pretty much all of my job — can be done remote, I’m taking the opportunity to prove that,” he said.

If you’re going to try this, pitch it to your boss as temporary. Then work your ass off to be way more productive at home so they let you stay once the pandemic dies down 🙏

Two related things:

Howdy Stranger

Natasha Stanley of Careershifters shares how she found her first freelance writing gig:

I landed my first writing job the day I realised I didn’t have to have a client to be a writer. I gave myself permission to self-identify as a writer, even though I’d never been paid a penny to write a single word. I began telling everyone I was a writer, starting with a stranger in a bar. And that stranger ended up being my first freelance client.

Similarly, a member of FBB once shared that their first client was someone they got chatting to at a dog park 🐶

With that in mind, don’t hesitate to strike up conversations with strangers and let them know about your business, even if you’re just getting started.

You never know: they might send some work your way.

Pester Clients for More Work

Here’s another way to land some freelance gigs, via Reddit:

I’ve recently found myself on the otherside of the bar, hiring a freelancer.

This guy messages me every day letting me know when he’s idle, telling me he wants more work, even looking for things he can work on.

In the hirer’s shoes for the first time I’m so impressed. And I’ve given him a lot more work than I would have otherwise.

I’ve taken a leaf out of his book and poked a few clients myself and it’s worked a treat.

Messaging clients every day is probably excessive though 🤔

I prefer this approach mentioned in the comments:

I send all my past clients a message at the beginning of every month asking how they’re doing and to let me know if they have any projects in the pipeline for the coming month so I can set some time aside for them in my schedule. Works for me.

How to Get Rich with Digital Marketing

That’s the title of a recent podcast by Authority Hackeryoutube version here – and it’s good stuff 👍

I’d especially recommend giving that a listen if you’re already making some decent money online, as they talk a lot about how to make the most of your earnings.

Related: my in-depth review of Authority Hacker’s course

The Metagame of Marketing

This article by Cedric Chin is well worth a read, whether you’re a marketer or not: To Get Good, Go After The Metagame


The best marketers play the metagame of marketing.

The metagame of marketing emerges from the fact that all marketing channels decline in efficiency over time. To hear the veterans tell it, Google Adwords in the early 2000s was like shooting fish in a barrel. By the 2010s, Adwords had become prohibitively difficult and expensive — its costs driven up by mainstream adoption and increased competition.

Similar stories have played out in the Facebook-owned ad ecosystem (think: Facebook, then Instagram, then Instagram stories).

The best marketers are therefore the ones who advance the best practices the fastest to keep ahead of the mainstream, or are able to identify and develop playbooks for new channels before the old ones become too inefficient to fight in. The quicker they identify new channels and the longer they keep their playbooks secret, the better the marketing game becomes for them.


My latest batch of personal ramblings can be found on Patreon. Words about work and weather and other happenings in Bali 🇮🇩

That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

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In case you missed em, here are the last three editions of eBiz Weekly:

Until next week, rock on with your legendary self 💪

Niall Doherty – Ubud, Bali
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