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eBiz Weekly #60

20 years old, traveling the world, $12k/month online

This week:

  • 20 years old, traveling the world, $12k/month online
  • Digital nomad jobs on Facebook
  • Get more jobs on Upwork
  • Million Dollar Brainstorm
  • Instagram Influencers + PLR Products = Profit?
  • $7000 Website Sales Call
  • Here’s how much freelance developers earn
  • Free US tax software
  • Millions of free stock images

20 years old, traveling the world, $12k/month online

That’s the story of Michael Gardiner, and he tells us how he does it in a new interview on eBiz Facts 🎉

Michael got started working online when he was only 15:

Since then I have started 20+ businesses, and have had most fail, some do ok and a few do good, but Nomads with Solutions has always been the leader.

Nomads with Solutions is his digital marketing agency, and Michael says he’d build the same kind of business again if he had to start over from scratch.

Check out the full interview to see his 5-step action plan for building such a business »

Digital nomad jobs on Facebook

Here’s a Facebook group posting regular digital nomad job opportunities.

A few I found from the past week:

  • SEO Specialist & Website Migration expert Wanted for a Kitesurfing Company
  • Graphic Designer · Part-time · €20-€30/hour
  • Social Media & Community Manager Virtual Assistant
  • UI/UX designer – contract remote position with a budget of €3k-€12k
  • Remote Job Opportunity – Java + Spring Programming

It’s a private group but request to join and you should be approved within 24 hours 👍

Get more jobs on Upwork

Two articles on eBiz Facts to give you a boost on Upwork 🚀

Reader comment: “First article about this that is REALLY helpful”

Reader comment: “I have now secured not one but TWO long term contracts due to these templates”

Million Dollar Brainstorm

One of my favorite podcasts – My First Million – is now putting out episodes 3x a week 🎧

Many of them are “brainstorm” episodes where the hosts and sometimes a guest – all successful and experienced entrepreneurs – throw around a bunch of business ideas and anecdotes.

It’s a great listen to get the wheels turning and learn how different businesses work.

Check it out on Acast | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Instagram Influencers + PLR Products = Profit?

A 32-minute YouTube video from a chap named Liam: How To Make Money On Instagram in 2020

He shows you there how he’s generating revenue by getting Instagram Influencers to promote a PLR product.

(PLR = private label rights. You basically buy the rights to a pre-made digital product and then sell it for whatever price you want.)

Liam sets up his PLR product to sell for only $1, but that’s just the start of his funnel.

Unfortunately, Liam doesn’t share what kind of ROI he’s getting overall, and he’s also got some old-school sketchy marketing going on (fake name, fake countdown timer, etc.) 🤔

So I wouldn’t consider the whole thing a great way to make money online, but you might be able to apply some aspects of it to boost your own business.

$7000 Website Sales Call

Also on YouTube, Rob O’Rourke shares a recorded sales call that lands him a $7000 website project 💰

Admittedly, it’s a warm lead and Rob notes that prospects rarely convert to clients so quick and easy, but there are some good lessons in there nonetheless.

In particular, I liked seeing how confidently he dealt with pricing, getting the client to state their budget, specifying a 50% deposit up front, etc.

Here’s how much freelance developers earn

Toptal recently published this handy calculator 🤓 that shows you the average hourly rate of freelancers doing different kinds of dev work.

You can even filter it down by years of experience.

Average hourly rates for a few select specialties:

  • Android – $45
  • AWS – $55
  • Front-End – $50
  • Full-Stack – $50
  • Python – $50
  • Shopify – $45

There’s also a calculator on each specialty page (example), showing you how much you’d earn per year at different rates and workloads.

For example: 25 billable hours per week at $50/hour = $65,000 per year.

Free US tax software

Many of you reading pay taxes in the US 🇺🇸 so this may come in handy.

Kevin Kelly in a recent edition of the Recomendo newsletter:

You can access federal tax filing software for free from the IRS. The IRS Free File webpage is hard to find because paid tax software vendors like Intuit’s TurboTax overwhelm Google with ads for pseudo-free software. Intuit successfully lobbied the US government to prevent the feds from making free tax software widely available, and in a compromise, Intuit offers IRS Free File by Turbotax, free tax prep software for anyone earning less than $36,000 per year.

Millions of free stock images

This week, the Smithsonian released 2.8 million images into the public domain.

You can go ahead and use those in your projects for free if ya like.

I actually have a big list of free stock photo sites in a Google Doc that I plan to turn into an article some day 🤫

Until then, here’s another 15:

(Best double-check the licensing on those sites before using any of their images. Most allowed commercial use last I checked, but things change.)

That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

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In case you missed em, here are the last three editions of eBiz Weekly:

Until next week, rock on with your legendary self 💪

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