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eBiz Weekly #47

Taking home $16k/month from her graphic design biz

This week:

  • Taking home $16k/month from her graphic design biz
  • Not your typical Black Friday stuff
  • 2 videos to help you build a better website
  • Need an idea for your online business?
  • 8 websites that will pay you $100-400 to write about tech
  • Podcast marketing guide (from a top 100 podcast)
  • Remote job opportunities
  • Millionaire’s Math
  • Coming next week…

Taking home $16k/month from her graphic design biz

A brand spanking 🆕 interview on eBiz Facts: How I quit 9-to-5, built a graphic design business, and 2.5xed my income

That’s the story of Morgan Overholt.

Only two years ago she was working a corporate job, until…

As I expressed my frustrations, my boss looked at me and coolly replied, with a line I will never forget: “I’m sorry, but I just don’t have any sympathy.”

Morgan promptly packed her things and walked out the door.

Now, two years later, she’s taking home $16k/month from her own graphic design agency and says she’s on track to retire in her 40’s.

👉 read the full interview here 👈

Not your typical Black Friday stuff

No doubt you’re getting a lot of Black Friday emails this week.

Miles Beckler tweeted some good advice:

This is a PERFECT time to unsubscribe from all those email lists you haven’t heard from in a year sending Black Friday offers… Using UNSUBSCRIBE aggressively is your way to remove distractions… Remember, your email inbox is other peoples’ to-do list for you! Protect it.

If you’ve come across any Black Friday offers you’re unsure of, forward them to me – niall@ebizfacts.com – and I’ll check em out. I’ve gotten pretty good at spotting shady stuff 🧐

Also, spare a thought for the upcoming Giving Tuesday and consider making a donation to your favorite cause. (If you don’t have one, check out Effective Altruism.)

2 videos to help you build a better website

First: How to write a blog post for SEO

That’s a fascinating article + video from Andy Crestodina at Orbit Media, walking you through his entire process for creating content that ranks 📈

He targeted a KD33 keyword, spent 7.5 hours working on everything, and was ranking fourth in Google three months later.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see his article hit the top spot eventually 🏆

Second: Affiliate website audit by Matt Diggity

In that 24-minute video, Matt looks around an affiliate site and highlights areas for improvement 🛠

Really insightful stuff that you can apply to your own projects, or you can make similar recommendations for clients’ websites.

Need an idea for your online business?

Road to Scale has curated list of renowned articles to help you with that ✅

Top of the list is a classic essay from Paul Graham.

It begins:

The way to get startup ideas is not to try to think of startup ideas. It’s to look for problems, preferably problems you have yourself.

8 websites that will pay you $100-400 to write about tech

Courtesy of WebEmployed ✍️💰

Related post on Reddit: the 3 kinds of freelancers you want to AVOID

Solid advice there from someone who’s hired 100+ freelance contractors. Strive to be the opposite of the crappy freelancers he describes, and you’ll do just fine 😎

Podcast marketing guide (from a top 100 podcast)

Some great tips in this article from Matt Giovanisci of Listen Money Matters.

For example:

Google, “best [your niche] podcasts.” Create a spreadsheet listing every single post you can find that your podcast is not a part of but should be. Then, send a simple email to the blog owners asking if they would add your show to the list.

Remote job opportunities

First, via Reddit:

Dotdash who owns 11 publications including Ivestopedia and ThoughtCo is hiring writers, editors, researchers, sales and marketing people, and developers. The lowest level of experience required is 2 years. The lowest pay listed is $25/hr. Most of the positions are remote and many are on freelance basis. https://www.dotdash.com/careers/?p=jobs&nl=1

Note that all those positions appear to be US-only, and I’ve seen at least one that starts at $15/hr.

Second, loads of remote jobs posted on these boards:

(Remote workers in Ireland should also check out Grow Remote. Impressive how many chapters they’ve opened up already.)

Millionaire’s Math

This classic article on Forever Jobless will change the way you make decisions 🤔


In the long term, someone consistently making +EV plays is going to make all the money. It’s mathematically impossible for them not to.

[…] Even if I lost money on this deal, it was the right decision to pull the trigger. It has very little to do with the end result of the investment, and mostly everything to do with the decisions that led you to that result. The final outcome is usually irrelevant. In the long term, everything works itself out if you are putting the work in and consistently making +EV decisions.

[…] Most people would think about the option of getting a job vs. starting a store like this: “well, if I get the job I’ll make $50k (theoretical number), but if I start a store I could maybe make more, but I could also make less too, and that’s risky.” That’s a ridiculous thought process, but that’s really how people think. This way of thinking doesn’t help them come to any decisions that allow them a chance to be +EV over the long run.


Coming next week…

An in-depth review of yet another crappy affiliate marketing course!

Yesterday I asked my co-reviewer how she’d describe this latest course and she replied with a meme so perfect I had to post it to Twitter 😂

(btw, you can see all the affiliate marketing courses I’ve reviewed so far on this page)

That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

I aim to pack these emails with the best tips, insights and opportunities for building your online business. Your feedback helps me do that.

Also: feel free to forward this email to a friend, or you can direct them to the online version here: https://ebizfacts.com/ebiz-weekly-47/

In case you missed em, here are the last three editions of eBiz Weekly:

Until next week, rock on with your legendary self 💪

Niall Doherty – Ubud, Bali
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