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eBiz Weekly #46

How to get Tom Hanks on your podcast

This week:

  • 100+ genius content marketing examples
  • 3 things about remote work
  • The End Of Jobs
  • Teach yourself SEO (for free)
  • How to pitch (for freelance writers)
  • F*cking with the magic
  • How to get Tom Hanks on your podcast
  • Kickstarter’s a long shot
  • Clever idea for finding clients
  • Momentos

100+ Genius Content Marketing Examples

Put the kettle on: this one might take you a while ☕️

It’s a mega-collection of content marketing examples and ideas from Growth Badger.

I especially liked this one:

Every year, Cards Against Humanity does something different for Black Friday.

Something REALLY different.

Once, they simply raised their prices for the day.

Another time, they took their storefront offline and accepted $5 payments for nothing. (And made $71,145.)

And another time, they sold all sorts of ridiculous items completely unrelated to their product for 99% off: a $20 bill for $0.20, a $9,750 car for $97.50, and so on.

As Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Temkin told The Verge:

“Black Friday probably represents the worst things about our culture. It’s this really repulsive consumerist frenzy right after a day about being thankful for what you have. So it’s always seemed like a really good subject for parody to us.”

Other favorites:

  • Domino’s “Paving for Pizza” 🍕
  • Hijacking #FirstWorldProblems
  • Legal-Ade
  • Librairie Mollat’s Instagram
  • Pee On This Ad
  • Starter Story’s Automated Social Sharing
  • The New York Public Library’s Insta Novels

Have a skim through the full list to get your creative juices flowing, whether for your own projects or for client work.

3 things about remote work

The End Of Jobs

I’ve been reading and enjoying Taylor Pearson’s book, The End Of Jobs (amazon.com).

Taylor’s a fairly well-known online entrepreneur 😎 and shares in the book how it all began for him:

Apprenticing was how I got started in entrepreneurship. I taught myself a bit of Search Engine Optimization using Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO, a free guide online. I paid $20 to get a hosting account from GoDaddy.com and built a website outside my job at the time, as an English teacher. I cold-emailed a handful of marketing agencies and used those sites as proof of my skills. That turned into a part-time internship, and eventually a full-time job where I learned a lot about internet marketing, project management, and technology.

That’s actually something I wish I’d done when I quit my day job back in 2010: apprenticed for an online business and learned the ropes through them – while getting paid – instead of trying to figure it all out for myself 🙈

Teach yourself SEO (for free)…

…with these resources 👍

How to pitch (for freelance writers)

Last week I referred a freelance writer ✍️ to three free resources for finding and pitching prospective clients.

They found this 4-part series by Kat Boogaard to be the most helpful.

F*cking with the magic

This lengthy piece from The Correspondent, about the (in)effectiveness of digital advertising, might have you killing your Facebook ads ☠️

An excerpt:

Economists at Facebook conducted 15 experiments that showed the enormous impact of selection effects. A large retailer launched a Facebook campaign. Initially it was assumed that the retailer’s ad would only have to be shown 1,490 times before one person actually bought something. But the experiment revealed that many of those people would have shopped there anyway; only one in 14,300 found the webshop because of the ad. In other words, the selection effects were almost 10 times stronger than the advertising effect alone!

[…] In seven of the 15 Facebook experiments, advertising effects without selection effects were so small as to be statistically indistinguishable from zero.

Definitely read the full thing if you buy or sell any kind of online advertising.

How to get Tom Hanks on your podcast

Marketing Examples lays out the steps:

  • Buy a vintage 1934 Smith Corona typewriter
  • Type out the podcast invitation on said typewriter
  • Mail both the invitation and the typewriter to Tom Hanks 📦
  • Wait four days
  • Receive a typed acceptance letter from Tom Hanks


Kickstarter’s a long shot

Seth Godin writes:

Kickstarter is powerful when used as intended. But it’s not very good at creating ‘hits’. It turns out that while 17,000,000 users have, in total, funded 173,000 projects, that’s only about a third of the total. 290,000 projects haven’t succeeded in being funded at all. And only 400 projects raised more than a million dollars each. That means your chances of creating a viral hit that reaches strangers who will engage with your work is about one in a thousand.

According to ESPN, those are the same odds of catching a foul ball at any given MLB game ⚾️

Of course, the odds can shift greatly depending on where you position yourself 😉

Clever idea for finding clients

I haven’t yet listened to this episode of the Side Hustle Nation podcast 🎧 but I like what I’m seeing in the show notes:

[Josh] started a podcast called The Thoughtful Entrepreneur for the purpose of inviting his ideal prospects on to talk about their businesses and share their stories. It’s an interview, but it’s also in many ways an exploratory sales call.

Apparently this approach is working well:

It’s a win-win, and with streamlined processes in place, Josh is seeing a return of around $4,000 for every $200 he spends on producing his show.


You can read my latest batch of random musings 🤔 over on Patreon.

That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

I aim to pack these emails with the best tips, insights and opportunities for building your online business. Your feedback helps me do that.

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In case you missed em, here are the last three editions of eBiz Weekly:

Until next week, rock on with your legendary self 💪

Niall Doherty – Ubud, Bali
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