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eBiz Weekly #42

How I built a $1 million online business

This week:

  • How I built a $1 million online business
  • Curated list of remote and freelance job boards
  • Single mom earning $5000/month online
  • Call bullshit on yourself
  • Copywriting made easy
  • Gym software doing $100k/month
  • California law affecting freelance writers
  • What would George Clooney do?
  • The worst affiliate marketing course I’ve seen

How I built a $1 million online business

Here’s the first installment of a new interview series on eBiz Facts.

It’s the story of how Neville Mehra built an online business that has earned more than $1 million to date 💰💰💰

That business, along with freelance consulting work, has enabled Neville to become a digital nomad. We’ve added some nice photos to the interview to give you a taste of his lifestyle.

(Also, Neville’s business is strange enough that I’ve added it to our list of weird ways people make money online.)

Curated list of remote and freelance job boards

Check out Remote Work Hub.

They’ve curated an impressive list of remote and freelance job boards 👍

Single mom earning $5000/month online

One of the most inspiring and insightful posts I’ve ever seen on Reddit.

This weekend, I booked out. I had to decline two people this morning because I just don’t have time for more clients. I put them on a waitlist. But now I’ve secured $5,000/month minimum on retainer clients and I’m building my waitlist.

Read the whole thing, then get to work. No excuses.

Call bullshit on yourself

Trevor McKendrick shares magic words from Noah Kagan (AppSumo, Mint, Facebook) that motivated him to start making money online:

So Noah’s like “dude, make $1 dollar in the next 48 hours or you just gotta call bullshit on yourself.”



I ended up sending an email to my email list offering a paid, live webinar and got 5 people to pay me. It wasn’t spectacular, but I made more progress in 48 hours post-Noah Kagan phone call than I had for a long while before.

The point is this: interacting with 1 person motivated me more than all the other people around me, all the blog posts I’d read, the videos I’d watched, everything. Because he was the right person.

Let me be your Noah and offer the same challenge to you: make $1 dollar in the next 48 hours or you just gotta call bullshit on yourself.

Reply to this email two days from now and share your results 😉

Copywriting made easy

Marketing Examples knocks it out of the park with this short article: 7 practical ways to write copy that converts

It’ll take you two minutes to read and you’ll be a better writer for it.

Gym software doing $100k/month

Many a good takeaway from this interview on Starter Story, but here’s my favorite:

The bottom line is, as a modern data-driven operation, each component of your business will come to need (then rely on) processes to scale.

The Starter Story website is actually a great example of using processes to scale. They now publish 15+ interviews per week on their site 😳

The founder wrote a great series about their process here. The section entitled “The Balance of Process & Automation” is well worth a read.

California law affecting freelance writers

We have more readers from California than anywhere else, so I’d be remiss not to mention Assembly Bill 5, which will come into effect on January 1st.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

If a freelance journalist writes for a magazine, newspaper or other entity whose central mission is to disseminate the news, the law says, that journalist is capped at writing 35 “submissions” per year per “putative employer.” At a time when paid freelance stories can be written for a low end of $25 and high end of $1 per word, some meet that cap in a month just to make end’s meet.

Vox has a nuanced take on the new bill here.

What would George Clooney do?

An excerpt from The Obstacle Is The Way, explaining a perspective shift that helped George Clooney go from struggling actor to global superstar…

George Clooney spent his first years in Hollywood getting rejected at auditions. He wanted the producers and directors to like him, but they didn’t and it hurt and he blamed the system for not seeing how good he was.

This perspective should sound familiar. It’s the dominant viewpoint for the rest of us on job interviews, when we pitch clients, or try to connect with an attractive stranger in a coffee shop. We subconsciously submit to what Seth Godin, author and entrepreneur, refers to as the “tyranny of being picked.”

Everything changed for Clooney when he tried a new perspective. He realized that casting is an obstacle for producers, too—they need to find somebody, and they’re all hoping that the next person to walk in the room is the right somebody. Auditions were a chance to solve their problem, not his.

From Clooney’s new perspective, he was that solution. He wasn’t going to be someone groveling for a shot. He was someone with something special to offer. He was the answer to their prayers, not the other way around. That was what he began projecting in his auditions—not exclusively his acting skills but that he was the man for the job. That he understood what the casting director and producers were looking for in a specific role and that he would deliver it in each and every situation, in preproduction, on camera, and during promotion.

I was reminded of this Clooney story via Reddit. Check the comments there for similar stories about Blake Lively and Edward Norton.

(You can see how this relates to online business, right?)

The worst affiliate marketing course I’ve seen

I thought it couldn’t get worse than Wealthy Affiliate (reviewed here), but I was wrong.

The course I’ve been going through this week – ClickBank University – is so bad it’s a borderline scam.

I get angry thinking about how much money they’re making from such a terrible program 🤬

Next week I’ll publish a full, brutally honest review that will hopefully put a dent in their earnings.

In the meantime, I’ve been posting video clips on Twitter and Facebook that’ll give you a taste of the crappiness.

That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

I aim to pack these emails with the best tips, insights and opportunities for building your online business. Your feedback helps me do that.

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In case you missed em, here are the last three editions of eBiz Weekly:

Until next week, rock on with your legendary self 💪

Niall Doherty – Ubud, Bali
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